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PS brushes

digital brushes for PS wub wub
wub #1 and #2 is best for smudge tool
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thank you for sharing <3

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Thank you for sharing ^^
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Just found these and I am in love - thank you so much :)
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Thanks a lot!! great works!!
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thank you very much!
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looks good thanks and thanks for not requiring explicit credit
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Thank you for the wubs! :'D
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How the heck do you install the brushes?!!
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DL the file >>
Go into photoshop, look for 'load brushes'
Check where your photoshop loads them from
mines from AppData/Roaming rather than Program Files(x86)grrr for having to look more!

Then, as this is .abr already, drag and drop the file into the brushes folder(under presets in the photoshop folder)
Then re-open photoshop and taadaa, it should come up as a little folder in your brushes :p
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You are awesome to share!
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thank you very much :)
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I'm listening to dubstep right now, so I laughed when I saw all th e'wub wub wub' brush names xD
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only one problem, she photoshops them with...wubs "[link]"

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I bet the base will drop when you use these dubstep brushes. :iconteheplz:
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Oh thanks I needed some dubstep brushes!
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Thanks for sharing the WUB.
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Oh, how I wub you for wubbing these wubs!
The bass musthave dropped as you wer-*wub wubwub WUBWUB wub wubwub*
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also known as a dubstep brush. HA! I kill me lol
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did the base drop when you made these?
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