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La Dulcis Succubus

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I could not deny the skills of digital painting, it is the most notable part of the piece and important part of the lower part is hidden by the layout. It doesn't make justice to the artwork.

I don't know if you chosen the font for the identity of the beverage, but i think that an interlocked surfer font is not the right choise for a thing called "La Dulcis Succubus" with a fantasy-style illustration. In that matter you are not making the thinks belong to the same context. The same happens if tou compare the glossy finish of the neck label with the matte of the body.

An area like beverage label design, is probably the hardest area to propose something actually new and stunning, it's an area that had been really exploded in any way. So you have to chose if you want to opt to fancy subtleness or stunning efectism. With an illustration like that in the behind i would opt the second one. But offering a regular squarish label was not a wise choise.
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I love design concepts, especially when illustration is involved. The Concept artwork for the bottle is strong, however i feel that it lacks a full punch to the eyes when you see it. Something like this the girl demon should have been much larger. Mind you i do not know whether or not you were constrained to that size dimension so you may feel I am out on that point. If you were to stand maybe six to seven people away you may not recognize the label so easily because of the visual and the brand label. It is not distinguishable from a distance, if there was a logo or brand trademark that shared a notable space with the illustration, i think even that would have a greater assault on the eyes when people buy or choose something. With all that said it is gorgeous to look at.
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Thank you for the critique :D
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Anytime, i saw something of yours in someones favorites and started to pa-rouse through your stuff and saw the request. I am an illustrator who has worked far too long in design and want to return to illustration permanently eventually. But that is why i felt i should say something. :headbang:

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Would love to drink one of those ;]