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Justice!!! :dummy:

What is Justice?? :dummy:


image preview is only 25% from the original file, my internet is much slower these day =(

1 hour, photoshop cs, wacom graphire4, thanks for viewing, thanks for the comment & have a nice day.
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Blind justice system clever
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I looove you work is so amazing!
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aditya -
Lady justice - awesome representation - I love it. I was wondering, if you would share your work with the world on our facebook page? We recently started a new movement on facebook, wanted to gather as many artists as I could to join because you have an important voice. I would love to have this posted on the page.

All the information -
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justice, like love, is blind
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I like it.

Justice is blind.
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You've been featured in Korina's premium feature #10 !

Congrats :aww:
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"What do you want for dinner ?"

-sneaks up behind-

"JUSTICE !!!" :D
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Very beautiful lines and shapes
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soo lovely - plz i have sent you email about this picture - waiting fir reply :D
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amazing painting!
nice concept!
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Nice image,I like the pose and the flowing cloth. You chose really sick colors don't you think?
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oh my. i'm am a ... doofus. i wrote two messages! oh well. at least you know i care! :P
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:XD: Thanks for sharing, Veronica ^^
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you're welcome! i'm glad it resonated well with you ^_^
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hey there. oh man, i just spent a lot of time writing a comment to you and it didn't save. BUMMER.

i noticed your art while perusing for art that tickles my fancy. there's this art show,, that is happening in LA and they're looking for submissions to their art contest, and submissions can come from anywhere in the USA.

i've always love deviant artists, so i decided to come here to find art that i love and would like to invite to participate.

the contest is being judged by:
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Shepard Fairey (Artist)
Annie Philbin (Dir. Hammer Museum)
Franklin Sirmans (Curator Contemporary Art, LACMA)
Ed Ruscha (Artist)
Lisa Love (Senior WC Editor, Vogue)
Edgar Arceneaux (Director, Watts House Project)
Rick Jacobs (Founder, Courage Campaign)
David Pagel (Art Critic, LA Times)
Lari Pittman (Artist)

anyway, hope i didn't take up too much of you're time. hope you're swell! ^_^
oh, and more details here! [link]
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wow i really like this piece. i really love the colors and the way that her hair is blowing. she looks calm. it makes me think of myself actually, and how sometimes i feel the strongest when i have no idea what is going on.

anyway, i'm commenting because i like your art and i'm helping organize this event [link] . I'm sure it's kind of weird to submit art for a contest, but take a look at the judges below, it's a really quality and progressive thing we have going on.

let me know. would love to see your work as one of the entries ^_^


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Shepard Fairey (Artist), Annie Philbin (Dir. Hammer Museum), Franklin Sirmans (Curator Contemporary Art, LACMA), Ed Ruscha (Artist), Lisa Love (Senior WC Editor, Vogue), Edgar Arceneaux (Director, Watts House Project), Rick Jacobs (Founder, Courage Campaign), David Pagel (Art Critic, LA Times), Lari Pittman (Artist)
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Can I Use This For A Header Of A Page?
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Absolutely enchanting!!
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I really like how your draw your lines, makes everything look alive.
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Nice one, congrats!
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