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Something.. random.. 5 hours in photoshop cs
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I love the colors that you choose for this, it creates the her personality. The red makes it feel like she's a queen of a kingdom or something.

You did a great job with the details on the vale of of her horns and on her armor, it all fits with the concept of the artwork. The little ball of lights look like stars falling down from the sky and it makes it more unique like she's the star of her kingdom.

Overall, you did a great job with the choosing of the color red and detail artwork. Great job!
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So glad I found this! At first I thought it looked a helluva lot like some of the concept art from Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword for the PS3 platform, but then I started thinking how great Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender would look wearing that headpiece. Takes me back to that finale when she's about to get crowned Fire-lord! :3
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keren desain costume nya gan!
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It's really great...not to mention that you've spend only 5 h with it.
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Such a great design!
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This is really nice! :heart:
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You are most welcome :D
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this gave me an impression of FFTA Judges mixed with Ragnarök online! I like itXD
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random?? Randomly awesome then!
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Something about this screams Warlord Queen. Would definitely like to see works more in this style.
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i love every thing about this, it is most beautiful and deep. i think that design should be in a movie or game or something, it would do well. and how fast you did it, amazing. you did a wonderful job.
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Nice. I really like your style, it's dynamic and create great thinks with a little. I hope I expressed it correctly :), well just way to go. I'm looking forward for your next pic.

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Amazing and spectacular !!
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Your beautiful work is featured in Action-Portraits...
If you don't mind...
You are welcome in Action-Portraits...!!![link]
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very nice gan...
keren dah ehehehe..
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Ow wow, really amazing vibe, the colour palet stands out well :)
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I want my something-randoms to look like that. :love:
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