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Ancient - The beginning

A story which is only exist in my imagination.. done in photoshop cs.. :iconfacepalmplz:

steps: Character portrait:

Just for fun..but thanks for looking.. :icondoublefacepalmplz:
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This is Truly an inspiring masterpiece!
The contrast from the wonderfully done red cloak, to the beautiful blue woman creates a powerful image.
The mysterious red figure has a powerful, mystical feel, the blue women gives more of a calm gentle feeling.
I love it.
The blue cube looks truly mystifying, and i like how it is blue, because it draws my eyes from the blue women to where it is.Giving a connection between the two.
The Picture is very powerful screaming to have some story to reveal its secrets.
I can Imagine...A deep enchanted forest.A water Nymph. And a mysterious figure in red with wings that prehaps gave life to the water spirit using the cube?
It really gets my mind going.Truly Mystrious and Interesting.
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This is a true show of Breath Taking style, color, and effect!! I love the hue of this almost Crimson red cloak with its gold trim design shrouded with silhouettes of shadowy creases to her stunning glow of blue earthly wonder!

It fills you with curiosity as to what is unfolding before us, what possible dark ritual is being put upon this captured soul of nature. Then there's the cube ominously floating as this woman of the forests energy is being drawn from her for purposes yet to be unveiled to create a story without even a word being spoken Brilliant!!!

The there's the might trunk of the tree behind them Wow such a grand presence almost overshadowed by the characters but still a captured witness to what is transpiring in its home Powerful scene and atmosphere to it all a true Beauty of a piece worthy of being mounted on a wall!!!!
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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This is a stunning piece which really focuses our attention and almost tells a story.

(Critique and comments are of the image alone and not the description provided with it.)

My eye was automatically drawn to the red as it is the boldest colour on the image, and in this I see the details in the robe. My eye is drawn up towards the intricate design of the hood. A really nice gold stands out against the red. The point of the hood took my eye out to the floating cute which again makes me want to look closer into the details. From this, I look down to see the elf / nymph that's in the pool. Is she receiving power? is it being absorbed and taken. She doesn't seem in pain or displeased yet the lack of a discernible face on the cube barer gives a menacing appearance which is backed by the dark and almost claw-like fingers.

I really like this peace and the different colour schemes involved and how they work so seamlessly together. There is a story here, I really wish to find out what.
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That's so cool! So are the cool texture stuff some sort of brush or what?
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The fellow in the robe makes me think of the greek character Prometheus.
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Stilll very much full of awsome:)
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very cool and creative! good work dude! :)
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