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61RL5 N 6UN5 - 9

practice practice practice... :XD:

Another "a girl and a gun" sketch ideas.. 5 hours done in photoshop cs + wacom graphire4

girls=guns=dangerous! :nod:

Download for bigger view, Thanks for viewing & have a nice day :thanks:
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hey did you see the ad from blood and jade that took this? it looks good wish they didnt take it
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This was Definitely Sol Bad Guy
inspired!!!! I think I spot
a guilty gear fann!!! :D

Are you?
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hair like axel
xXNieWiernaXx's avatar
arsenalgearxx's avatar
I really like your coloring style! Loose yet very eye-catching! Great job. :)
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Incredibly inspiring piece for one of our characters.
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Amazing as aways!!
zevl's avatar
Good work, i like red-haired characters.
Lomebririon's avatar
An awesome combo awesomely done! =P
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Oh, those grenade-launching beartrap-headband ninja chicks. They're crazy. And awesome. Crazy awesome.
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Reminds me of sol....
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It kind of reminds me of a girl-version of Renji. :/ In a good way, I guess.
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cool design, you should do more works about her^^
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"Don't tell me, it is all about the guns and roses!"
this is the most sexiest and epic thing rolled into 1 ive ever seen,
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girl + gun = deadly +hot + sexy :XD:
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Don't mess with her, she'll throw her head robot at you and it will eat off your nose and fingers.
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Laugh now, but soon the head robots will be upon us.
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Its all cool and all, BUT:

As I see, she has double edged sword. It looks like really thick peace of steel, therefore heavy one. So could she really put it easly on her shoulder without cutting her arm off? ^^;
aditya777's avatar
i didn't think of that one.. :lmao:
Imrooniel's avatar
well, I'm the type of guy, that even such abstract thing as magic could bring to physics, so these type of details keep my attention x) On other words: I'm annoying :lol:
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