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October 31, 2005
mirror, mirror on the wall... Evil never looked so good. A deviation by ~belldandies
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mirror, mirror

By adisTM
she's simply known as the Queen or sometimes the Witch from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. i'm not really a big fan of the movie, but i always admire disney's potrayal of an evil witch/ woman, especially in their golden age movies (it's all about the joan crawford eyebrows...)

related work: maleficent

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Captures the Queen's character very well. Love it!
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I just used you design on a tattoo on my wife today. Beautiful work. Thanks and Congrats.

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+Thumbs Up Like.

Never thought my work would be tattoo material. That's awesome! Will it be shaded as well?
micaeltattoo's avatar
Thanks man.
I will do it with a dark old school tattoo shading, leaving a breathing halo between line and shading.
It's on my wife's arm, and we are thinking of a blue and purple pastel sky in the background.
And the inner part of the arm will be you Malleficent.

I'll keep you posted.

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:D Your work is featured here: [link] :iconlovesplz:
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She looks goood, um, evil I mean!!
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It's interesting to see how very evil the bad guys were in the old disney movies... Villians aren't what they used to be...
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A really stunning peice of work!
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i really don't like disney but this is awesome, now remake the whole cartoon in this style. go on, chop chop.
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can you please do ursula? :heart:
veeeeeeeeeeeeeryyy gooood
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:wave: Hi There!
I have featured your work in my recent journal dedicated to my favorite vector art (you can find yours in the 'Popular Deviations' section!) The link for this feature is below:


I hope this little spotlight of mine brings you some new fans! :hug:
Warm Regards,
aka `oibyrd
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these are SO cool! will you be doing any more of these?
coloradogirl86's avatar
Subtle and powerful.
rainbowangst101's avatar
Love the contrast and expression.
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Heck yes for those Joan Crawford eyebrows! This is a wonderful, VERY elegant interpretation of my favourite character ever. Classy as HELL.
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Very attractive somehow...
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