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2016 Summary! by adirosa 2016 Summary! by adirosa
I still have no idea where I'm going with my art, oh well. I'll try to sum it up?

Jan: I was in Korea which meant no sitting down and drawing, tbh. I got my fountain pens and drew in my sketchbook.
Feb: I was in China and I had a lot of time. This picture was fun. It's also pretty much my only Feb picture. (I was doing some background commissions, now that I think about it.)
March: University started! I also took part in Nanoreno, so I was making sprites and backgrounds. And food art. Game still being developed!
April: Deadlines for uni were coming up, I watched Tales of the Abyss, and drew this in between lectures. (I also kept working on the game.)
May: More gamework, though I have a few illusts this time! Drawn between lectures and homework.
June: I went to America! The two pictures I did end up drawing were for Kiznaiver, mostly before the America trip.
July: This was the bulk of the America trip. Not much time to draw.
August: I was going to say I genuinely didn't remember why I didn't draw much in August, but now I do! I was working on a big set of Persona 5 chibis (which... are still a work in progress...) + uni work + MOVING!!! There was a period of time where I didn't have a house ha ha.
September: Getting settled into the new house was quite time consuming, + uni hit like a freight train!
October: I started working on a new game?? (I'm still working on this one too!! Pretty close to completion.) I got to draw cute girls and super detailed hair. It was great.
November: Continued work on that game and started working on commissions.
December: That month's still going. Hopefully I'll do lots of art since it's the holidays?? And for once I'm actually in front of a computer??? Bless.

Onto 2017. Please make next years politics less tumultuous and give me the power to finish All The Games.
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