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(What's in this: vore (soft, oral, F/multi), overeating and extreme weight gain)

“Do I have to?”

“You’ve had your chance to back out. You want to go to Rollins, this was our agreement.”

Haley’s mother nodded at the doctor. The 750-pound medical practitioner leaned over her belly, all her flesh pressing against the reed-like teen as she stuck the needle in the young lady’s shoulder.

“Give it a couple hours to get to work, maybe half a day,” she said, sticking a Band-Aid over the needlemark. “She won’t be eating a family-sized bucket of chicken right away, but you can expect to be hungrier more often.”

“And how long will this last?” Haley asked.

“Just a couple weeks, give or take. Plenty of time to pack on some pounds, if you work at it.”

“She’ll be using that time to the fullest,” Haley’s mother promised. Weighing 500 pounds and change herself, she was considered robust by Midwestern standards. All the women in her family were, even in a place where it was taken for granted that you didn’t reach adulthood without packing on plenty of weight to signal to other women ‘This meal would be more of a fight than you probably want.’

But Haley hadn’t taken after her mother. Her appetite never blossomed, and with her metabolism being particularly high neither did her body. High school had been a stressful time at first, until the thin but agile teenager developed an almost second sight that helped her avoid ravenous (or just greedy) peers.

Her mother had fretted for her even after Haley herself felt at ease with her established order, unable to persuade her to get a metabolic inhibitor to help her grow to at least average size. But when Haley expressed a desire to go to Rollins University, a moderate but famous liberal arts school in New York, she had to put her foot down. The Big Apple was no place for small-timers, and Haley’s mother wouldn’t let her go unless she more than tripled her weight.

“It’d be better if you got as big as Doctor Liu,” she said as they drove home, where an overflowing pantry was waiting for the soon-to-be starving teen. “There’s no protection like size.”

“In a couple weeks? How am I supposed to move when I’m as big as you, never mind her? You’ve had a lifetime to get used to your size.”

“Your muscles will develop as you get fatter. Besides, when you get big enough you won’t have to be dodging people; they’ll avoid you. Size and force are better than speed and agility, I think you’ll find.”

Haley was dubious, but the die had been cast. Already the inhibitor was going to work on her body, though she wouldn’t feel its effects until dinner. When she sat down she started with a plate of chicken and green beans as if nothing was different, but she discovered quickly that wouldn’t be enough.

She ate almost as much as her mother that night, her belly swelling round and taut. When she was finally full she almost kept eating out of habit, not so much desire. That would come later.

For a couple days Haley stuck around home, filling her stomach with groceries her mother had delivered morning and night. As the doctor said, she was constantly hungry but not exceptionally gluttonous. She’d spend hours sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating.

It took a couple days for the gains to appear, but when they did the sight warmed her mother’s heart. Haley was gaining weight steadily, her body first softening and then thickening. Her clothing became tight, replaced by stretchy garments her mother provided; not that she was concerned with showing off too much skin in the privacy of their house.

A few days passed like this, Haley growing to over 220 pound, about twice her starting weight. After staying cooped up for so long she had to get out, her mother’s fears (Haley would appear only more tempting to another woman right now, being so plump) allayed by the presence of Haley’s childhood friend Ramona. 400 pounds and ever protective of Haley, she was sure to keep the growing girl out of anyone else’s mouth.

Ramona did more than just protect Haley, though.

“I’ve never seen someone get so fat so fast. Except, you know, when one of our teachers went hog wild on a detention period.”

“Thanks,” Haley said, tossing another drumstick into her mouth and swallowing. She had a family-sized bucket clutched to her chest; the doctor’s words came back to her and made her chuckle, “I’m really enjoying this. I never knew eating would be so much fun, and my fat feels even better than I would have thought.”

“Girl, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until this bad girl,” she patted Haley’s belly, starting to fold down over her waistband even when mostly empty, “is sagging down over your thighs. Or better yet, when your thighs are pressing against each other all the time. If you shift your legs just right you can get yourself wet without anyone else’s help.”

“Is that why you’re always so happy?” Haley joked.

“It’s a big reason. I just love being a fatty, though. A full belly, a quaking ass, all my blubber jiggling. It’s more erotic than I can describe.”

The two reached the shopping mall, Haley’s goal being the acquisition of clothing more fashionable than what her mom had picked out. But before that, something more pressing came to mind.

“Want to hit the food court? I could go for a couple burgers.”

“Just a couple?” Ramona laughed. Then she saw just the thing. “How about a real meal?”

She pulled Haley close and pointed. A mother, 250 pounds, was leading a young boy 7 or 8 down the hallway to the restrooms.

“What?” Haley tensed up. “I can’t eat her. She’s bigger than I am.”

“I’ll eat the mother. You take the kid. He’s got to be bigger than any meal you’ve had.”

“Still... Eating someone?”

“Don’t act so timid. You’re no wilting violet, Haley. There’s a beast in this belly waiting to be woken up. Come on. Haven’t you ever wanted to flick your uvula?”

Haley hemmed and hawed a second, but it was performative. She had first thought about eating someone a couple days ago; the logistics of it, how to catch someone off-guard, how to expand her mouth big enough. And what it felt like to feel someone sliding down her throat, her belly stuffed tighter than ever.

She already knew she wanted it, and now that it was practically being handed to her she wouldn’t turn it down.

Haley let Ramona take the lead, experience going first. They found the mother standing outside the door to the men’s room, not reacting to the approach of the two teens. Haley had seen Ramona vore before, so she wasn’t surprised how swift she struck. Instead she was anxious to think soon that would be her.

Yet when the young boy came out of the restroom she didn’t hesitate, didn’t choke (figuratively or literally). She swept the boy up in her hands, expanded her mouth as wide as it would go, and shoved him in. Almost faster than she realized her hands were empty and her belly was protruding bigger than ever.

“That’s it!” Ramona said, slapping Haley on a shoulder. “How’d he taste?”

“Meaty, I guess. I think he went down too fast.”

“No worries. When you work your way up to full adults it’ll take longer. You can savor the taste.”

A massive weight was taken off her mother’s shoulders when Haley related eating the boy. Not only did her weight take a leap upward, shooting her past 250 pounds and sending her on the way to 300, but she knew her daughter wasn’t going to be one of those ‘sanctity of life’ holy-rollers who would rather be eaten than eat.

It only took a couple days for this point to be hammered home; Haley would leave in the morning to go to the mall or pool with Ramona, the latter giving her (increasingly superfluous) word to watch out for the growing girl, and in the afternoon Haley would waddle in bearing a belly that rivaled the rest of her body, squirming the telltale squirm of one or two people sacrificed to her hunger. Then her mother would load up the table with massive portions of meat and starches and carbs, cooing over her daughter’s healthy appetite.

The gains weren’t as wild, proportionally speaking, in the second week as they were the first. Haley’s body was already adapting to the inhibitor, her metabolism stabilizing again. It would never go back to her pre-drug speed, she was too fat for that, but she would have more trouble gaining weight than someone like Ramona.

If this bothered her, she was taking steps to work around it. Eating other people was becoming a daily occurrence for Haley, the thrill of the power it gave her electrifying her and encouraging her gluttony.

When the drug’s effects wore off (a turn that went unnoticed, as the young lady was habitually overeating by this point) Haley was over 400 pounds. 426 to be precise, almost as big as her friend, who had gained another 50 pounds hanging out with the awakening glutton. Haley ended up being more pear-shaped than her belly-centric friend, but she had discovered that having twin wrecking balls behind her had certain advantages. Being able to trap people in front of her without having to lean across her belly, for one, and she became quickly adept at hipchecking smaller people to send them sprawling or slamming into a wall. It made them easy pickings that way.

“If we’d just met I would have thought you’ve been doing this for years,” Ramona commented one day after seeing Haley demonstrate that latter ability. Her friend had one teen boy pinned against a wall and another hugged tight against her belly.

“I was watching some pred tip vidoes on YouTube the other day.” Haley ate the boy in her arm. “There’s all sorts of tricks and special methods for big booty girls like me.”

She slapped her ass, twin planetoids as big as her belly was now with the first boy inside it. Ramona ate the boys’ father before replying.

“Still, I didn’t think you’d take to this so readily. Or is that the drug’s fault?”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure that wore off already. I haven’t been feeling constantly hungry anymore, just regularly hungry when I haven’t eaten for a while.” She ate the boy’s brother, then stroked her packed belly.

“You can’t complain it didn’t do its job, though. You look ready for NYC.”

“Yeah, but that’s still a month away. No reason I have to stop eating.”

“Are you still hungry?” Ramona almost laughed.

“Not just yet,” Haley put a hand to her mouth and belched. Those boys were kicking up a storm. “But by the time we get out of the movie I’ll want to fill up again.”

“I hope I don’t sound like a hypocrite, Hal, but maybe you should cut back. You’re practically asking for an indecent exposure citation.”

Ramona pointed to Haley’s short-shorts. Like the rest of her clothing it was all made to stretch – the shop owners jokingly referred to them as ‘training clothes,’ meant for teen girls coming into their own as supersized preds – but in trying to stretch over Haley’s titanic rear they were out of their depth. The black fabric had ridden up into Haley’s crack, her bottoms resembling a thong more than a pair of shorts.

The pink tank top she had chosen this morning wasn’t doing as bad, but that was only because Haley had long ago made her only priority above the waist covering her breasts. Each bigger than her head, it took plenty of fabric to hide her watermelons, but she loved to leave her doughy belly hanging free in front of her.

‘The way I eat I couldn’t keep my belly covered for long anyway,’ she reasoned to herself. Aloud she replied

“I’ll be fine. It’s summer, it’s hot, everyone’s showing skin.”

“If you insist...”

Haley did insist, but not forcefully. Somewhere along her growth the dynamic between the two had changed. No longer was Ramona the more dominant personality, Haley quick to please or tag along. Now the smaller girl was only smaller in slight comparison, and she had not missed the chance to step out of her friend’s shadow. Haley was her own woman now, and it had not taken long to discover what, precisely, that meant.

It meant no apologies for her size or appetite. It meant she answered to her hunger more than she did social expectations. Having reached the ‘average’ size range for women her age (and then some), Haley could have curbed her eating habits and carried on as just one face out of the millions in their city.

But discovering how pleasing a full belly was, how sensual her massive thighs and rear were, just how damn good it was to not see a supersized woman and go cold at the fear of being eaten – more than that, to look at random people and see that fear in their eyes instead of hers – Haley wanted more.

And giving that she had taking to voring on a regular basis, more is what she got. The more she ate, the fatter she got. The fatter she got, the more she could eat. The cycle was known to everyone, but Haley had never thought she would find herself so pleased to be trapped in it.

The final month before leaving for college started, the days counting down, but Haley’s thoughts were always in the here and now. How hungry was she right now, where could she get enough food to satisfy herself?

If Ramona grew concerned about her friend’s unchecked gluttony she held her tongue. When Haley first got the shot she thought it would be fun to gorge together. But then Haley kept gorging. Like, all the time, always pushing her limits and seeing just how much she could eat at once. And Ramona discovered she herself wasn’t as big on overeating like she had thought. But she wasn’t going to rain on her friend’s parade. She did have to chide Haley about smacking her with her massive ass now and then, but for the most part things were cool between them.

Haley’s mother, though, didn’t have a moment’s doubt about her daughter’s growth. She was over the moon to see Haley become a ‘real’ woman, her pride swelling even as her daughter grew bigger than her and kept getting fatter. Even the day-to-day issues like buying more groceries or increasingly larger clothes for Haley didn’t dim her eagerness to please.

“Mom! Did you call the renovator about the door?”

“They’ll be here tomorrow, honey. Why, is the door too small?”

“Yeah. Just- Nff. Just give me a moment.”

The sound of wood splintering and cracking rang out. Haley’s mom came to the front hall to see her daughter pulling herself inside, the doorway broken open as Haley had widened it by force to admit her.

“Are you hurt, dear?”

“I’m fine. This thing is pretty resilient.” She wiggled her ass, which sent it slamming into a wall; cracks in the plaster appeared.

The broken door wasn’t the first bit of damage Haley had inflicted on the house. At 840 pounds now Haley was wider than she was tall, her ass and hips and thighs carrying almost two-thirds her weight. And right now her belly was stuffed so full it could almost challenge the trio for supremacy. She had to have at least four grown adults in her belly, with a few children on top. Her gut sagged down to brush the floor, rolling ahead of Haley further than her arms could reach.

Bu like her mother had promised her weeks ago, she was strong enough to carry all that weight. It was slow going, but once Haley built up some momentum she could walk around a mall or park almost effortlessly.

“Why don’t you relax on the couch, and I’ll bring dinner out to you?”

“Sounds great, Mom.”

The couch was the typical piece of furniture you would find in any suburban home. It had no hope against Haley’s bubbilicious tank of an ass. The sound of breakage and crunching was muffled by the young lady’s rear, but the heavy thumping of her dropping down to the floor reverberated throughout the house.

“I thought we were going to have to replace a few items around the house,” her mother said, carrying in a full deep-fried turkey, the first of several she had in the kitchen. “I had hoped to see you off to school before redecorating everything, though.”

“It’s fine,” Haley said, shoving the entire turkey into her mouth. “I think I’ll just sleep here for the next couple nights. I don’t see myself fitting in my room right now.”

“As long as you’re comfortable. Do you have any plans for your last days before school?”

“Oh yeah!” Haley said happily, licking her lips. “I’ve got a going-away feast planned for the night before.”

“Really?” Her mother liked the sound of that. “You and Ramona hitting a water park or the county fair?”

“No, it’s something a little more... private. It’ll be filling, though.”

Haley could have told her mother the details, but after four years of keeping this private she decided to end it the same way. Her mother would be thrilled to see how huge she was going to get, but she didn’t need to know the specifics.

Of course Haley’s mother had worried about her daughter being bullied. Some young women, when they got their first taste of predation, developed the tendencies of a cat toying with a mouse before eating them. The older woman had known a couple classmates from her high school days who would pick out boys or skinny women to tease, torment or boss around for a few weeks, a couple months, only to eat them as soon as they got bored.

If her mother had known there was one particular girl making her schools days hell, Haley would never have heard the end of it. She would have been forced to get the inhibitor drug years ago, fattened up against her will. So Haley kept it to herself.

It helped that her bully, Clara Underwood, had to be pulled from school in their senior year. The fact that the young woman had gotten so goddamned fat made her not so much a threat as an existential terror, but she was out of Haley’s life. And her underlings, Stella and Ashanti, while huge (as big as Haley was now, the last time she had seen them) were not as innately cruel as their leader. When Clara left the picture Haley’s days became much better.

But Haley wasn’t interested in leaving for the Big Apple with her days of being bullied unresolved. Moving to a true metropolis would allow her to start a new chapter of her life, but she couldn’t escape her past. If she was going to make a splash there, she needed to first assert herself here.

She had been thinking about it for weeks now, planning and fantasizing about how she would do it. Stella first, then Ashanti, she decided. Going off their Instagrams the blonde girl was 50 pounds lighter than her Indian-American friend. Haley had no doubt she could eat either without much difficulty, but working her way up to bigger sizes had a psychological benefit. She didn’t know how big Clara was, but she knew she was at least a full ton. There was going to be a form of leveling up no matter how she looked at it.

When the next day came, the now-940 pound Haley broke through the front door (it had grown smaller again compliments of her previous day’s gorgings) and headed for Stella’s house.

Her fantasies about sneaking into the house and finding Stella unawares failed to take into account how lumbering and noticeable she had become. Tiptoeing wasn’t exactly possible when she had to keep tilting forward to not be pulled back by her behind.

But the summer of growth had helped her adjust her outlook. Arriving at the house late enough that there was no car in the driveway (did both of Stella’s parents work, Haley had wondered; would she find both gone or just one) but early enough that the corpulent teen was probably still asleep, Haley knocked on the door and waited.

A 14-year old boy answered the door, barely reacting when he saw Haley on the other side. Small wonder; living with a titanic sister and knowing her friends, it would probably take a lot more to shock him.

“Is your sister here?” Haley asked.

“She’s in her room.” He pointed down the hall, then stepped aside to let her in.

The house was clearly remodeled for people of Haley or Stella’s size, so there was no stuckage or crashing this time. This meant Haley came to Stella’s room to find the belly-heavy blonde fast asleep.

While she had thought about announcing her arrival and giving some kind of prepared speech about how Stella deserved this, the rumbling in her belly led Haley to get down to business without preamble. Grabbing her by her meaty shoulders and lifting her head up, Haley threw her mouth over Stella’s head and began eating her.

She was halfway down the blonde’s belly before her victim woke up, too late for Stella to do anything except wiggle and scream futilely. Haley worked this to her advantage, moving in sync with Stella so the latter’s kicking against the bed shoved her in deeper.

For a week Haley had been practicing for this moment, stuffing herself with as many people as needed to match Stella pound for pound. She had underestimated her first target’s size – Stella had porked up to 900 pounds since school got out – but she was more than ready for this day. While there was a struggle in getting all that flesh down her throat, capacity was hardly an issue.

She still felt delightfully stuffed at the end, drifting into a post-meal haze as she rested on her Stella-filled belly. Her ass almost brushed the ceiling, but as she digested and converted the teen into more fat she sank lower. Her belly deflated, while her hips and ass spread out rounder and wider.

Hours passed, Haley falling asleep at one point and waking up reduced enough that she could roll backwards and take a seat on the floor. Her belly still rose above her head, even with her higher sitting; it boded well for many more pounds to come.

She passed the time by snatching Stella’s phone and trying to crack it. It took two tries to discover ‘Stella’ was the password.

‘A blonde to the end,’ Haley sighed, scrolling through her victim’s emails and messages. She had originally planned to save Ashanti for the next day, to give her enough time to fully digest and convert Stella, but with how swift her belly was deflating (maybe it was her imagination, but she thought she could already feel the emptiness of hunger starting to gnaw at her) Haley decided to go for two in one day.

That afternoon, when Haley’s belly was down to a fifth full (at most), she sent a text from Stella’s phone:

‘U wanna come by and have my bro feed us?’

Because apparently it was common practice for the two to enthrall Stella’s younger brother. That would explain his earlier subservience.

Haley had tried to think of how to respond to any negative response, but Ashanti was no challenge to convince.

‘B right over.’ And then some smiley emojis.

It took half an hour, enough time for the emptiness in Haley’s belly to become impossible to ignore. The aggressive pred spent that time getting to her feet and waddling as much behind the door to Stella’s room as she could. It wasn’t the greatest act of stealth; at over 1,500 pounds now Haley’s ass came down behind her ankles and rose halfway up her back, pushing her away from the closet walls for five feet. Until Haley pushed back, breaking the sliding doors inward enough that could scooch back just out of sight for when Ashanti opened the door. She entered belly first; clearly she had grabbed a snack for the road before coming over.

“Stel? Where are you?”

As the Indian-American turned to Haley’s position, the intruder stepped forward and swung her butt with all her might. Ashanti was half-in and half-out of the room, the door blocking her butt cheeks. Like Haley she was pear-shaped to the extreme, so she was still partly in the hallway even when she had stepped into the room proper.

It was enough to be caught in Haley’s attack, though. The white girl slammed butt and door into the new arrival with enough force that it sent her target reeling back. Stumbling, Ashanti instinctively leaned forward to keep her balance. As her butt bounced off the extra-wide doorway, she took a couple steps further inside, leaning forward almost until she was facing the floor as she fought to stay upright.

Just the opening Haley needed. Reaching down and slipping her hands under Ashanti’s armpits, she heaved her target up and began to gobble her head-first just as she had Stella.

It was a little disappointing that Ashanti went down almost as easily (though with more squirming and fighting back) as Stella. Haley had hoped to have more of a challenge, to demonstrate the full extent of her growth and acquired might before she put them down.

‘Is Clara going to be this easy?’ she asked herself as she watched Ashanti’s tree trunk calves and bread loaf feet slide up to her lips.

Ashanti had been bigger than Stella, weighing 990 pounds. It wasn’t common to see pears who ran that big, and Haley had to respect her quarry a bit for getting so huge even when her mobility had become a bit impaired.

‘But I’m going to show people what real size is,’ she promised herself, sitting back to let the digestion process begin.

More sleeping. One moment the sun outside was setting on the other side of the house, the next light was streaming inside from Stella’s window.

When Haley woke up she almost gasped at how huge she was. Guesstimating her size, she had to be at least 2,300 pounds. Her ass was outgrowing superlatives like ‘massive’ or ‘gargantuan.’ When she got to her feet she could feel its shadow against the back of her head. When she turned to look left or right she saw a wall of naked flesh hiding whatever may be behind her.

Her belly, even when empty, sagged to her knees, and her breasts would have fallen to her navel before she began to grow. Her neck was gone, replaced by three chins, and her elbows had been swallowed by her upper arms.

There was a lot of groaning and moaning as she took her first post-growth steps, but her body adapted as it always had. A few minutes of walking in a short circle and she had the leg muscles to carry herself out of the room.

The door didn’t grant her unhindered passage, but she had enough might to make her own exit.

‘I should probably call Mom and tell her to expand the front door again,’ she thought to herself, smiling as felt the wood break away. Even while walking down the hall she filled all available space in either direction, casting a dark shadow down the remaining length.

Stella’s mother, a 400-pounder who looked like an older, less firm version of her daughter, came to inspect the noise, to her doom. Haley’s belly was rumbling so loud she wondered if she wasn’t tripping seismographs across town; as soon as food appeared she pounced, swallowing the rotund matron in two greedy gulps.

“A nice appetizer,” she commented, crashing out the front door.

People outside gawked at her nudity, giving her a wide berth. Haley reveled in their terror, knowing she could put it to good use.

“You!” she called out, pointing to a man in paint-splattered shirt and jeans. She looked at the truck he was pulling equipment from. “I need a ride.”

“I...” The man started to protest, until he saw that he had no escape route. Haley was too close, penning him in with her fence-like hips and rear. “OK.”

Haley climbed into the truck bed, painting equipment cracking under her tonnage. Her hips rolled off the edges of the bed, her butt pressed against the cabin and no doubt fractured the windows, but the man complied. Driving as fast as the truck could manage, he followed Haley’s directions to Underwood manor in the wealthy part of town.

Like Stella’s brother, the servants at the manor were unperturbed to see a ton-plus, buck naked woman waddling her way up the driveway. A gray-haired butler came out to meet her at the front steps.

“Are you a friend of Ms. Clara’s?”

“Acquaintance more than friend. I have business with her.”

“Follow me.”

‘Probably doesn’t want to oppose me. I should have checked to see if this place has any kind of anti-pred security,’ Haley thought as she entered the manse.

But her trek to where Clara was splayed out turned up nothing one wouldn’t expect to see in the house of the ultra-wealthy. Everything was scaled up for the most ultra-sized woman, all of it immaculate and somewhat homey.

Clara was in her room, her yards of flab radiating out from her like a pool of flesh. She was bigger than Haley had even imagined, bigger than she herself was now.

But her initial startled reaction died on the vine, as Haley realized that Clara was pinned down by her fat. Her arms were held out straight from her body, motionless as the overfed princess sucked down some sort of sluice being pumped to a mask covering her mouth. Haley needed only one look to see that Clara’s muscles were either atrophied or just too puny to move her around. A theory confirmed when she noticed the motor casing sitting behind the brunette; she was sitting on a mobile platform. It took other people to move her around.

“Someone to see you, Ms. Clara. I didn’t get her name.”

Still slurping up the food being pumped to her, Clara lazily turned her face and cast her piggy eyes on the new arrival. Recognition was slow; she was more surprised at Haley’s size than the realization that this the twig she used to bellyslam or sit on.

But when Haley said

“She knows who I am.”

something in Clara’s head clicked. And from there it was a hop, skip and a jump to understanding why Haley was here.

It was the most reaction Haley got from the trio that had once made her life hell, and were now carrying her to heavenly proportions. Clara’s stubby arms flailed pathetically, and she tried to scream through her mouth mask. It came out too muffled to understand the words; all that could be understood was the panic in her tone.

Haley wasted no time digging in. Picking up a roll of belly fat the size of a monster truck tire, she shoved the malleable flesh into her mouth and began to swallow.

The butler stood by and watched, completely placid. Maybe he didn’t think Haley could pull this off, she thought.

But when she had made it a third of the way down Clara’s belly – which was almost the size of Stella entirely – it should have been clear to anyone that this was not a case of Haley’s eyes being bigger than her stomach. She was gulping steadily, resting on her own belly on the floor, making more of Clara vanish with every swallow.

Clara’s screams had become so frantic certain words were becoming audible. ‘Help’ being the most common. As Haley reached the halfway mark of her victim’s belly, the butler finally spoke up

“You remember your mother’s words, Ms. Clara. An Underwood can only count on herself to not end up someone else’s meal.”

There was no way to make out what Clara’s response was precisely, but the butler knew her well enough to take a guess.

“You were not critical of this rule when it allowed you to eliminate your siblings as rivals.”

This signaled the beginning of the end of Clara’s protests, her garbled cries for help collapsing into blubbery whimpers. Haley, finding the conversation curious but unimportant, continued to eat.

And eat. And eat. When only a quarter of Clara’s belly was still outside Haley’s gullet she began to roll forward under the tug of Haley’s inhalations. The devourer shoved one of the devourees breasts into her maw, which slowed down her disappearance for a moment. When Clara’s head came within reach Haley pulled the mouth mask off, granting her a few seconds of Clara’s pleading and sobbing before her head disappeared.

This began the latter part of Haley’s meal, the butler still watching silently as she crammed the other breast into her mouth, and then worked her way down Clara’s torso, to her waist and below it.

When she swallowed the last parts of Clara Underwood, her belly actually exceeded her ass, the first such instance in months. But Haley still had enough meat behind her that she was able to rock back and forth a couple times and then roll onto her plush rear. The crash almost made the house shake, but all Haley could think of was how almost all of her field of vision was filled with her butt and her belly. She had been wet since she started to eat Stella the day before, but now she was practically gushing.

She started to wonder if Clara’s mother was going to give her shit, before she remembered the conversation with the butler. When Mrs. Underwood did turn up, Haley just a fraction into digesting the ton-plus princess, she asked with genuine interest about how Haley had gotten so big. She congratulated the young lady for being so industrious, even complimenting her for having the will to strike back at her tormentors instead of running with her tail between her legs.

“This does cause one problem for me,” the matronly half-ton woman said, “Clara was my last child. With her gone the Underwood lineage will pass to my sister and her children, in accordance with our customs.”

“Sorry,” Haley said, somewhat sympathetic. It’s not like she knew that would be an effect of her going after Clara.

“Don’t be. I knew Clara was becoming a problem child years ago. I just didn’t have the will to force my ideals on my children the way my mother did me. If I had been more hands-on I could have groomed her sister Yolanda for the position of my heir. She wasn’t half as spoiled.

“But there are other solutions.” She patted Haley’s belly, admiring the young woman’s girth, “Few women would turn down the promise to inherit a fortune, especially ones proven as greedy as you.”

Haley raised an eyebrow. Now Mrs. Underwood had her attention.


“But you’re still going to college?” her mother had asked after Haley gave her the full story, ending with Mrs. Underwood adopting Haley as her designated heir. With the Underwood fortune measured in the billions, and Mrs. Underwood offering a sizable trust fund for Haley to live off of until she took over the estate and business concerns, everything else seemed less important.

“Yeah. I’m going to study business and financing instead of literature. Just because I’ll have money doesn’t mean I’ll know how to make it work for me. Mrs. Underwood agreed. Said she’s making the right choice.

“Plus I still want to go to New York, see how I stack up compared to the women there.’

Haley’s mother burst out laughing.

“Sweetie, there isn’t anyone like you.”

It was a ‘mom thing’ to say, but it wasn’t empty pablum. After digesting Clara, and then enjoying Mrs. Underwood’s hospitality for a full day, Haley had grown to over 4,200 pound of pear-shaped glutton. Her butt rolled along the ground as she waddled around, her hips covered two lanes of open road, and her belly could rise higher than her head before she started to feel sated. Even empty it was bigger than her mother entirely, hanging down over the ground.

If she hadn’t gotten in Mrs. Underwood’s good graces it was debatable she would have been able to leave the city in her current... condition, but with a fortune to call upon her transportation had been arranged. She was being towed on a truckbed normally meant for houses; she got a kick out of the ‘Wide Load’ banner pulled around her belly.

As the truck came to life her mother climbed up her hip to give her a kiss goodbye.

“Take a bite out of the Big Apple for me, sweetie.”

“Just a bite? Do you want me to starve?”
It was supposed to be a quickie. It wasn't, exactly. But enjoy, nonetheless.
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