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(What's in this: pregnancy expansion, cumflation, overeating, explicit sex)

Rex was a pretty damn good fetish producer, if he did say so himself. But even the best creators could hit a wall. The well of inspiration can be drained if not given a chance to replenish, and even if one had obligations to work on you could only get so far by forcing yourself. If you weren’t in the mood, you just weren’t in the mood.

Not everyone understood this, though.

“Come ooooooooooon! Give me a story.”

The voice belonged to Trixie. She had given herself the name, Rex being too distracted with other, non-fetish chores to conjure her as anything more than a vaguely defined woman of youth and above average physical attractiveness. There were many such ‘people’ in Rex’s domain, men and women waiting to be summoned to play a role in fetish story.

Most were patient, but when Rex had commissions to work on or a special occasion was on the horizon, it was not unusual for some to get vocal. Rex needed them to act out his stories, and they needed him to achieve the best form of existence they could, so he rolled with it.

But right now he just wasn’t feeling it, and this could not happen at a worse time. May-ternity was more than half over and all Rex had to show for it was two quickies. His plans for a meta work referencing several of his previous pregnancy-related stories had to be scuttled as the month had worn on and he had been unable to summon the energy or will to write for more than an hour or two a day. And he still had four pregnancy-related obligations to take care of.

It would have been nice to get them out this month, when they were thematically appropriate, but with a week and a half left to go it didn’t look like he would clean the slate. Maybe he could get two done, three if he was lucky and found inspiration, but deep down Rex was already writing the month off.

Trixie wasn’t having it, though.

“If you can’t get in the mood for the stories you have to do, you could at least do something for yourself,” she said. Rex, pulling weeds out of his garden (needing to work on something else was always a good motivator to take care of chores), just shrugged, not even looking back at her.

“Nothing speaks to me. Even the ideas I have jotted down are too much trouble.”

Trixie rolled her eyes. Looked like she was going to have to take things into her own hands.

“Look,” she said, walking around in front of Rex. “See these?”

She ran her hands up and down her breasts. She had a pleasantly large chest, ripe E-cup breasts covered in a white blouse that molded to her curves. And the ruffles running down the middle of her torso accented the fullness of her chest.

“Feel them.”

Rex didn’t fight back as Trixie took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Firm but yielding. The feeling was delightful, and he wasn’t so inured that he didn’t start to get hard.

“There we go,” Trixie, attuned to her creator, could feel he was getting excited. She began to come into focus the more Rex concentrated on her; the fullness of her breasts was paired with the thickness of her ass, the symmetry of her facial features, the luster of her hair. She was designed to be fucked. “And now...”

She slid one of his hands down to her skirt and under it. Slipped his fingers into her panties, to the moistness of her cooch.

He didn’t need to be guided beyond that. Trixie was so eager she almost forced him past any foreplay, pulling him back into the wet dirt so he was on top of her. She pulled her panties off and threw them aside, and Rex tore her blouse open to suck on her nipples, but other than that she remained clothed.

Being a player in his own fantasies, even the ones he didn’t take part in, Rex was as well-endowed as Trixie was enticing. 10 inches long when hard, he filled her almost to the point of pain, but she only held tight as he gyrated. When he came it was more than half a cup of spunk, and Trixie cried out in ecstatic fire.

“There...” she panted. “How was that?”

“Satisfying enough,” Rex said. He was still tingling with pleasure, but Trixie could see he wasn’t feeling any more inspired. “But other than a quick fuck, what have we done? There’s no story there.”

Trixie groaned. Rolling over and getting to her feet, she tried to come up with an answer.

“How about the obvious next step?” she asked. “Now that we’ve fucked, I’m pregnant. And not just with one baby.”

As she turned around to face Rex again, her body began to inflate with fertile abundance. Her belly swelled out like an egg, her breasts grew heavy with milk, and her hips widened.

“We could make this an Eros Tonic story,” referring to a ‘verse Rex had created where women grew pregnant immediately after being fucked, and could reach gargantuan proportions with multiple sexings. Rex still needed to come up with a name for that series.

Like the women of those stories, Trixie reached the natural proportions of a full-term woman in seconds, and continued to grow. Her belly grew larger than the circumference of her arms, her breasts became bigger than her head, and her hips and butt grew so fat they folded down, thick shadows darkening the tops of her thighs.

At the end Trixie was a cartoonish exaggeration of pregnancy, her measurements 60-90-72. It was a good size for Rex’s preggo works, but not unique. He’d done much bigger before.

Maybe that was why Rex just sort of shrugged, even as Trixie stroked her belly and cupped a breast enticingly.

“Still need a hook for the story,” he said. Because the Eros Tonic stories were so straightforward he always got hung up on finding something to make each one special. Just writing about a woman being fucked again and again could get stale quickly.

Trixie didn’t let her frustration show.

“OK, how about this? Instead of the sex it’s just the growth. Let’s say I’m in my second trimester right now, but because of all these babies I become a real glutton?”

Around them the scene changed, from the garden outside of Rex’s house to an interior. A living room in a modest suburban home, with Trixie now sitting heavily on a couch. Large bags of fast food and pink boxes of doughnuts and other pastries appeared, piled up around her or on top of her belly. A half-eaten double-burger with bacon and cheese appeared in her hand, and she took a bite before continuing.

“My appetite just explodes, I’m constantly eating, and I just get fatter and fatter.”

And she began to inflate again, except instead of the taut roundness of her belly it was a layer of flab appearing all over her body. Her calves and forearms were the most noticeable change, and her face grew rounder, with a second chin descending to wobble as she gobbled up her food. But she didn’t lose her beauty; it transitioned from ‘bloom of youth’ to ‘fullness of life,’ and she remained as attractive as before.

Rex watched her gorge herself for a few minutes, her body thickening all over until the rest of her had caught up with her oversized belly. It was fun to watch her grow to about 500 or 600 pounds, but there was an obvious problem:

“I just did a story about a fat woman getting pregnant,” he said. “And I wasn’t entirely satisfied with that, either.”

“Ugh!” Trixie groaned, shoving an entire doughnut into her mouth. “What if we do the opposite here? I start thin and then become obese?”

“Still too similar.”

“OK, let’s try something extremely different then. It’s a post-apocalypse and I need to birth dozens of babies to repopulate the world.”

The house shifted into a crumbling but still structurally intact domicile, and the scene outside the window changed to a desolate landscape with only the blackened husks of trees and piles of rubble breaking up the bleak barrenness.

“I’m really not in the mood for post-apocalypse. It’s too bleak, and it’ll just remind me that still have to do that Fallout-themed FMG story I came up with a couple years ago.”

“An alien world!” Trixie, still eating, was tearing into her food angrily now, “The colony needs to be established. Women are pressed into birthing huge litters.”

The charred house became a sterile white housing pod, the brown exterior now purple rock and a twilight sky.

“Or how about a tropical paradise? The news out of Hawaii hasn’t ruined your love of Polynesian shit.”

Now they were in a bamboo hut, the open door letting in the smell of salt water and the rhythmic sound of the ocean. The pizza in Trixie’s hand had become a bowl of coconut sherbert, and in her other hand was a non-alcoholic Bahama Mama.

“I still don’t know... There’s nothing really happening. It’s just a setting, not a story,” Rex said, and Trixie almost chomped down on her own tongue. He was still raging hard, his erection pointing at her belly, but the damn ‘artist’ had to be so picky!

“Is this too passive? Fine!”

And the brightly lit tropical paradise became a darkened industrial metal club. Trixie’s seat became a black throne raised on top of a stage at the front of the dance floor, the still-gorging pregnant woman (her food now all red meat dripping juices down her chins) looking down over her looming belly.

Her clothing had been swapped out for leather and pointy metal studs, her hair now black and slicked back to make her look more aggressive and commanding. The spotlights on the stage could only stab through the shadows, they could not dispel them. Rex was aware of people standing around the edges of the dance floor, but he could not make out their features.

“Instead of lying back and being fucked, I’ll be the one in control,” Trixie proclaimed. “I’m a dark sorceress building a cult of followers with my magic. I’ll birth dozens of children to serve me faithfully, and my cultists will bear children to swell our numbers. The more followers I have the more power I’ll have, and I’ll use the dark arts to enslave the world and make myself queen!

“I’ll make everything look like a heavy metal cover, with me the fattest, most pregnant woman sitting atop the largest throne ever conceived under a blood red sky! All will bow to me, humans and monsters, the beginning of a millennia-long empire!”

It was too similar to Rex’s story Draena the Fecund and the Earth-based sequel he had done, but before he could protest Trixie was starting the scene, not waiting for his approval.

“You’ll play the part of one of my studs, men pressed into service fucking me and my female minions. You’ll be overly endowed,” Rex’s erection grew another three inches, its girth swelling to the size of a soda can, “and loaded with sperm.” His testicles grew to the size of tangerines, hanging low between his thighs.

“Bring out the first cow!” she commanded, and two large men led a short, thin Asian woman onto the dance floor. Though naked as the day she was born, she didn’t look ashamed or embarrassed. She was timid, but that could be explained as her being fretful about pleasing her dark queen.

Playing along – because there could be a story here, after all – Rex was about to grab the woman by the shoulders and pull her close. But then Trixie spoke again.

“Hold it! This woman is too frail to bear enough young for my cause. She needs to be fattened up first. Feed her before you seed her.”

She directed this at Rex, and he was about to ask what she meant when understanding came to him.

‘As a follower I already know her desires, as well as her methods,’ he reasoned.

The Asian woman nodded and got down on her knees, Rex remaining standing. She put her tiny mouth around his engorged member, his erection looking even larger as it filled her mouth with meat to spare.

She wasn’t an expert at fellatio, but her eagerness to serve her dark queen made up for her initial fumbling. Rex grabbed her head and held it in place, his arousal already spiking. Running her tongue around his head, one hand stroking the part of the shaft that wasn’t in her mouth, the woman’s ministrations brought Rex to the point of orgasm. He held back for a brief second, readying himself for one massive discharge.

The force of his explosion was so strong it forced the woman’s head back, sticky white fluid coating her face and running down her chest. Rex came at least twice as much as he had when he had knocked up Trixie.

The Asian woman sputtered and gagged, but once she had recovered herself she quickly began lapping up the semen. She used her fingers to wipe it off her cheeks, her breasts, her chin, sucking it off and swallowing it.

Before she was done cleaning herself off the cum had gone to work. Before the eyes of Rex, Trixie, and the shadow-hidden assemblage the skinny Asian woman plumped up. At first she grew in an hourglass fashion, her breasts and hips becoming thicker and heavier, but after she attained the dimensions of a porn star her belly started to fill in. A flabby pooch swelled out and sagged down, not covering her sex but hanging with a telltale softness.

She was almost a hundred pounds heavier at the end, her short stature making her look properly obese rather than just stout. Neither properly pear-shaped nor apple-shaped, she was evenly fat in the belly and below the waist. There was an unavoidable chunkiness to her butt and belly; it wasn’t the smooth ripeness Trixie enjoyed.

It was good enough, though.

“Now fill her other hole,” Trixie commanded.

There was something taboo about doing this in front of all the passive, almost eerily silent spectators, to say nothing of Trixie’s wicked delight in her plans coming to fruition. But after cumming twice today, and after watching Trixie and this nameless woman inflate with food or semen, Rex was too aroused to be timid.

And the woman across from him had gotten over her own doubts. Walking up to him, she seized his member and guided it into her. She had to stand on her tiptoes, so Rex picked her up by her hips and held her as they fucked. She wrapped her legs around him for support and held him by the neck.

As with Trixie there was no foreplay or hints of romanticism here. It was pure animal rutting, spirited grinding until Rex was cumming again. The woman clenched her thighs tight, afraid to let any seed escape her; she relaxed only after he was done and starting to pull her off.

Like the Eros Tonic stories the growth happened at once, the woman’s breasts growing fatter and then her belly swelling out from her body. She widened her stance as her thighs grew fatter and she couldn’t keep her legs together as well, and when her belly grew bigger than the rest of her upper body she half-lowered herself, half-fell forward until she was leaning on the shiny gravid dome of her middle. She continued growing even when immobilized by herself like this, her breasts falling down either side of her belly and her butt reaching back to her ankles in her kneeling state.

She looked overburdened by her state, too pregnant to stand or walk on her own. But the joy she felt for serving her dark queen so well overrode any dismay that might have come from this. She was happy to be breeding stock, and she was elated to be used so efficiently.

“Bring him another one!” Trixie commanded. Then she looked down at Rex, “You’re job isn’t done yet.”

She held up a hand and made a magical sign. Dark purple energy appeared around the hand before shooting down at Rex. Within seconds he could feel himself being rejuvenated, his testicles filling up with more sperm and his softening penis growing fully erect once more.

The second woman brought out was fleshier than the first, but she was far from fat. Trixie wasn’t satisfied with this.

“Fat cows give the best milk,” she declared, and she ordered Rex to fatten her up before fucking her, just like the first woman.

The second woman was more ready for the massive load he delivered than her predecessor, but even she couldn’t take it all in at once. She had to cup her hands under her chin to catch the dribbling spunk as she greedily gulped the first mouthfuls.

This woman was much heavier in the belly after her cumflation, her fat middle so thick that instead of taking her from the front Rex decided to turn her around and go at it doggy-style. Her belly rocked back and forth as she knelt down, slapping against her thighs in time with Rex’s thrusts.

After he came she remained kneeling on the floor, knowing full well she was going to grow so huge she’d end up down there anyway.

Despite having cum four times before impregnating her, Rex’s load was just as large as ever, and this woman grew to proportions comparable to the Asian woman’s final size. If she looked smaller it was only because she was half a foot taller than the first woman; not enough to not be overburdened by her fertile bounty when all was said and done, but just a little less outclassed by her own body.

There were seven other women to be fattened and impregnated before Trixie called an end to the night’s work. After each woman she used her magic to revitalize Rex, so that even the last woman to be bedded ended up as large as the others, her belly greater than her standing height at 82 inches.

“Do you see my power?” Trixie roared, sweeping her eyes across the men and women still standing around the edge of the dance floor. “Do you see that with my mastery of the dark arts nothing is beyond me? You will all be my vessels of the new order. Your seeds and your wombs will bear me hundreds of children, thousands, even as more followers are drawn to me. Our numbers will rise, my power will grow, and the world will be mine!”

“And as for you,” she looked back at Rex, “There’s your story.”

He didn’t hear her, though. He was lying back on the dance floor, dozing. Spent.

“Damn it,” she muttered.
I do have obligations to work on, and I have been going through a period whre I wasn't inspired or motivated to write. I came up with this to try to jumpstart my creative engine and keep busy while I took care of other stuff.
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RequiemBlockerHL Featured By Owner May 20, 2018
With this meta-story I have to wonder: do you actually garden to distract yourself?

But yes, this was a fun one. I like the over-narrative because it gives us a peek into you, as an artist, but also the setup that Trixie started to conjure—half-way between a Slaaneshi chaos cult and Genestealer cult.
Adipose-Rex Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
No, I don’t garden.

I had to look up what those two cults are.

But thanks. I’m glad you liked the story.
DickKickem Featured By Owner May 19, 2018
It's nice to see more of your perspective on your mayternity issue.
Adipose-Rex Featured By Owner May 19, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
IdBeAshamed Featured By Owner May 19, 2018
I dig this meta-narrative thing you have going about your writing process
Adipose-Rex Featured By Owner May 19, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
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