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(What's in this: overeating, extreme weight gain and SSBBWs)

“Give me a hug, honey.”

Lucy turned around and jogged back to her mother, who was slowly bending down to scoop her daughter up in her arms. Helena gave the young girl a big bear hug, Lucy disappearing into her mother’s pillowy upper arms and broad chest. Lucy squealed in delight, returning the hug as best she could.

“Have fun, you hear? I’ll see you later.”

After depositing Lucy back on the ground Helena was about to head back to her car, but she spun around too quickly. Her belly, the broadest, roundest part of her 300 pounds, swung around and smacked into another mother dropping her daughter off for her first day at school.

“Oh! I am so sorry,” Helena said, instantly embarrassed. She was used to apologizing for her girth – while not hampered by her weight she was far from agile – though she was never sorry for being fat. But even as she tried to atone the other woman was waving off her concern.

“Don’t worry yourself,” the other woman said, “I’m used to people bumping into me.”

And then she let out a booming laugh.

“There is a lot of me, after all!”

For she was as distant from the runway models of Milan as Helena was, matching her pound for pound but carrying more in the rear than the apple-shaped blonde did. If she were smaller she might have been knocked on that fat butt when Helena bumped into her; instead she held her ground, possibly the only woman around who could do that.

“I’m Vivian. You can just call me ‘V.’”

She had jet black hair made up like Bettie Page to Helena’s blonde, curly locks, and wore tight jeggings and a midriff-exposing t-shirt that contrasted with Helena’s modest sundress. But even with her boisterous laugh signaling an advantage in charisma, Helena quickly dropped her apologetic tone and opened up herself.

“Pleasure, V. I’m Helena. I guess I’m more used to doing the bumping, usually.”

“I’m a danger myself,” V said as she slapped her butt cheeks with both hands. “Whenever I get on the dance floor people learn to give me space. Sometimes it’s the easy way, sometimes it’s the hard way!” Another deep laugh.

A few feet away Lucy and another girl watched the two fast friends chat and laugh. After a moment of waiting to be recognized the other girl yelled

“I’m going in, Mom! Bye!”

“Huh?” V acted as if she had forgotten her daughter was there. “Oh, right. Have fun, Jesse! Learns lots of stuff!”

And then she turned back to her conversation with Helena.

“Is she your momma?” Lucy asked. Jesse, already heading towards the school entrance, looked back over her shoulder.


“That’s my momma over there.” She hurried to catch up to Jesse. “I’m Lucy.”


While the mothers quickly found a common wavelength, it took longer for the daughters to become friends. Lucy was congenial like her mom, but Jesse was so used to her mother’s dominating personality filling every room that it took longer for her to open up to anyone. It was not until the end of the week that she and Lucy were friends, and eventually best friends.

They were helped along in this by their mothers becoming best friends almost at once, hanging out almost every day after dropping their daughters off at school and, invariably, going to this or that eatery and spending an hour noshing and chatting.


“Baby, if you don’t go easy on the fries you can’t go swimming again.”

“It’s OK, Mom. I’ll just sit here with you and V.”

Lucy, like most 10 year olds, had been ecstatic at the thought of coming to the water park; when the four had arrived she had Jesse had run off for the biggest slide in the park, vanishing until it was lunchtime.

But like her mother she had an equal excitement for junk food of all kinds. After finishing her burger and fries she had asked her mother for a chocolate malt, and when that was gone she started picking fries from her mother’s extra generous helpings.

“Oh, you don’t want that, Lucy. Auntie V and I are just talking about boring adult stuff. Don’t you want to go on more slides?”

Lucy, chewing another mouthful of fries, shrugged her shoulders.

“We’ve already gone on everything.”

Across the table where Helena and V had been sitting (and eating) all morning, the bottom-heavy mother was taking the opposite tact with her daughter.

“Come on, Jess. You sure you’re not hungry? That burger couldn’t have been enough.”

She was holding a chili dog out for Jesse, one of a half a dozen she had on the tray sitting on her belly. Either she was ignorant of or ignoring that her daughter had already had a burger, fries and most of a box of doughnut holes. Jesse shook her head.

“I’m already full, Mom.”

“You sure you got enough to eat?” V asked. “We’ve got other stuff here. Chips, fries, chocolate-covered strawberries.”

“I’m sure. Can we go back to the slides?”

“I don’t want to go swimming again yet,” Lucy said, joining the conversation.

“Can we go to the arcade, then?” When Jesse’s mother got like this, pushing food on her, her reaction was to go somewhere else. She just didn’t have the taste for junk food – much less the bottomless capacity – her mother did. Fortunately for her, V never one to tie the apron strings too tightly.

“Sure. Here’s some money.” She fished out a couple bills and handed them to Jesse. Then she pulled out a couple more. “And if you girls want a snack later.”

“Be back by 5,” Helena said, “We’re going to Pizza Safari for dinner.”

The young girls went off to the arcade, leaving their mothers to continue their relaxed (and prolonged) meal.

“Jesse’s not a big eater, is she?” Helena asked, scooping another bite of chili-covered fries into her mouth.

“Nah. One of the things she didn’t get from me. But I wasn’t a big girl when I was her age. Maybe she has to grow into it.” She shoved half a hot dog covered in mustard and relish into her mouth, chewed a couple times, then said “Lucy is definitely your daughter, though. If you don’t watch out she’s going to end up bigger than you.”

“Oh, she’ll be fine. Big eaters run in the family, so I know she’ll be healthy. I just hope she’ll be happy as well.”

“If I had you for a mother I’d be happy. Always quick to buy her treats.” V finished her hot dog. “What say you get the next round? I could go for some ice cream, and they got those sundaes that come in those plastic buckets.”

“I got the last round, V. It’s your turn.”

“Pwease?” V curled her lip out and made her eyes big and moist.

“Nothing doing. If I had to pay your grocery bills I’d be bankrupt in a week.”

“As if you’re not eating well yourself,” V said teasingly.

This prompted a belly laugh from Helena. ‘Eating well’ was a good euphemism for the gluttonous intake of both women. Since their first meeting they had become, as Helena put it, ‘belly buddies,’ going out to eat five or six times a week.

At first it had been mundane snacks or meals, but very quickly they each decided that if you couldn’t be open about your appetite with a fellow fat girl, you couldn’t be open with anyone. And it wasn’t in V’s nature to be guilty about anything, nor did Helena believe in trying to be something you’re not.

So before long the two were ordering multiple entrees at lunch, with appetizers and desserts. When one hosted the other at their house they prepared enough food for six or eight people, with leftovers a rarity. There was an unspoken agreement that each would enable the other’s overeating, encouraging another helping or course as they themselves indulged.

The result was obvious: both women started gaining weight and, to date, they hadn’t stopped. At close to 550 pounds each they were not only the fattest women among the parents of their daughter’s class, they were the fattest parents at the school. It was questionable how many people in the city were fatter than them; there had to be some, surely, but at their favorite restaurants, at the movie theater, at the mall, and now today at the water park there wasn’t anyone in sight who fit that bill.

V took pride in this, with her bench-smothering butt threatening to turn her leopard print bikini into a thong if she moved around too much, while Helena in her black one-piece took a passive ‘this is just how things are’ approach. Neither was ashamed of their girth, and neither was even close to considering maybe taking a break in their eating.

Besides, when you’re too fat to go down the water slides what else were you supposed to do except maybe test the limits of your stomach? With so much good food available, and your belly serving as a convenient table, the water park was just another place to get your chow on.


Lucy and Jesse were only two out of the thirty members of the school choir on the stage, invisible in the crowd. But while their mothers were just two members of the audience, two out of hundreds, they stood out from the crowd in a way their daughters absolutely did not.

Weighing 900 pounds apiece, Helena and V had claimed a sizable section of the audience seating right near the front of the auditorium. They could have gone to the handicapped-accessible area halfway back in the stands, but with V’s impeccable logic that as neither of them needed a mobility scooter or other special aid in walking, they were not officially ‘handicapped.’

Thus they were free to grab the best seats not yet claimed, front and center, so they could enjoy their daughters’ performance in the winter choir recital. It was their first recital in high school, a fact that meant nothing to Jesse and not much more to Lucy, but Helena’s weepy joy over her daughter ‘growing up so fast’ and V’s support for what she took to be Jesse’s pursuit of a music career (‘Hopefully something loud and aggressive,’ she thought to herself, recalling the all-girl punk band she had belonged to in college) made this night mean more to them than it did the two who were actually on stage.

“Girls, that was wonderful!” Helena said after the performance. They were now standing in a yard outside the auditorium, the mothers forming a wall of flesh Jesse gladly hid behind, out of sight of the other students and their family members drifting out into the night air.

She didn’t need to worry about embarrassment. Helena and V were a familiar sight to pretty much everyone there; most of her fellow classmates and their parents had seen the two women triple their size over the past decade, any shock or surprise at their immensity long since dulled.

“You rocked it, kiddo,” V said, hip-bumping her daughter.

“I was just one person up there,” Jesse rubbed an arm, wishing she could retreat further from this scene.

“You both did excellently,” Helena said. “Who wants a post-show snack?”

Said ‘snack’ turned out to be a trip to Polyburger, arguably the mothers’ choice numero uno for fast food (or at least their top pick for burgers and fries). The place was almost entirely empty tonight, the prices and oversized portions making the place too niche for most of the neighborhood, and that suited the women just fine.

“Hey, Lori!” V called out as she waddled through the double-doors, grabbing the attention of the manager on duty. The brunette was giving a mandatory lesson on how to clean different types of spills, but when V’s voice filled the restaurant she had to stop mid-sentence. “We’re here to give your crew their nightly workout. Start with the bacon-heavy burgers and work your way through the menu.”

Helena and Lucy were heading to a table close to the order counter, but before V turned to join them she noticed that one of the burger-slingers behind the counter was an unfamiliar face.

“New hire?” she asked the manager. “Must be, she’s almost invisible standing behind you.”

Lori smiled gamely, inhaling (her 400-pound body straining her manager’s uniform) and replying

“Yasmine just started today. I guess this will be what you call a trial by fire, V.”

“Trial by belly, more like.” V laughed enough for the three of them. “If you want to snag some fries or a spare burger from my tray, thin stuff, you go right ahead. You’re gonna to have to take on the ‘Polyburger look’ sooner or later, right, Lori?”

The manager barely nodded. Considering Yasmine had been hired to replace a woman now too fat to drive her own car, she had been looking for a less brutal way of warning her what happened to Polyburger staff.

Yasmine, though, was right there in the customer service zone. Stepping up to a register, she asked

“Do you know what you’d like to order, ma’am?”

This prompted an even louder laugh from V, her butt and hips wobbling like an earthquake.

“I don’t do it that way, hon. You just tell the kitchen crew to start working on my meal and they know what to do. Keep bringing me more food until I cry ‘Uncle.’ But that won’t be for an hour or two.

“You’ll know I’m full when my belly button turns into an outie!” she guffawed, holding up her bare belly and showing off her innie to illustrate her point.

Standing behind her, mortified into a statue, Jesse looked down, letting her hair hide most of her stoplight-red face.

“Could I just walk home?” she asked V as her mother slid her way into one of the benches with a retractable table attached.

“Oh don’t be like that, Jesse. This is in celebration of you girls. Order whatever you want, there’ll be plenty of food.”

That wasn’t what Jesse was worried about, but teaching her mother she did not have an inner glutton waiting to be let out was proving to be a slow and arduous process.

“If there’s anything special you want,” Helena added, “just tell the server when they bring our food.”

It didn’t help that Helena was like a second, albeit less boisterous, V. Jesse sighed and pulled a chair across from Lucy. The mothers were facing each other, their bellies mashing together into a single tabletop. When the first trays of food were brought out they each took one, but were trading burgers and types of fries like children trading baseball cards.

Lucy grabbed a few burgers for herself. While a wisp compared to her mother, Helena’s influence was beginning to show on her. She was pretty stout, almost barrel-shaped, but with a mother racing to quadruple-digits nobody in their class gave her a hard time about it. The adults in the community almost expected she would become a butterball.

If she wasn’t working at it, she was at least making it easy for her genes to set her destiny. Lucy put away five burgers and four orders of fries, along with three shakes and two slices of pie. When Helena and V were properly stuffed – it did indeed take almost two hours, true to V’s prediction – she was sporting a taut, bloated belly just like the mothers.

Jesse, for her part, did more silent sighing than eating. Every time her mother called out another order to the kitchen, or handed food to the skinny Yasmine and prompted her to eat, or tried to talk while in the middle of chewing, Jesse had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. Helena was eating just as much as her mom, but at least she could politely say ‘Thank you’ every time more food was brought out.

But she didn’t spend the entire time sulking. The food was appetizing, and there was always enough that she could take whatever she wanted without someone complaining. And, she rationalized to herself, joining the feast would help keep her mother off her back. As Lucy had begun porking up V had started to express doubts that Jesse was getting enough to eat, and the last thing she wanted was a daughter with an eating disorder.

She didn’t stuff herself like a goose for Christmas dinner, but her sense of restraint allowed for two mondo-stacked burgers and two servings of cheese and bacon fries, with a couple shakes to wash it down.


“I’m so happy!”

Helena tried to pull Lucy into a bearhug, but between her belly big enough to settle on the ground and Lucy’s own beanbag-sized middle it was more accurate to say the two clasped their arms together and pressed as close together as they could.

“Yeah. (mmmf) You girls should be proud of yourselves.”

V didn’t try to pull Jesse into a hug herself, since her hands were full polishing off the last pizza she had ordered. It was unorthodox for people to come to a graduation ceremony with food, much less order more in the middle of the handing out of diplomas, but an 1800-pound woman was unorthodox in so many other ways.

Hell, Jesse mused, her mother stuffing her face was far from unorthodox; it was the most consistent thing about her.

That and her gaining even more weight. Since she and Helena had grown too fat to walk around on their own – that they had stayed independently mobile to the thousand pound mark was some sort of absurdist comedy piece – their gains had picked up speed. Specially-made mobility scooters allowed them to continue going out to eat three or four times a day, and now without all that pesky straining, huffing and calorie-burning.

The result was Jesse’s mother growing so fat her ass rode up as high as the back of her neck, her belly cascading around the handlebar support. Helena, on the other hand, had made almost all of her scooter disappear with her more evenly distributed fat.

After posing for photos of the two daughters in their graduation gowns the four retired to – what else – a celebratory dinner. Which turned into a celebratory restaurant crawl after Taco Pit had to close its doors early due to a lack of food. Polyburger was able to handle the three rumbling bellies (Lucy had become a budding gluttonous in her own right, almost like a little sister tagging along and trying to keep up with her big sister and friends now), but just barely.

“Good thing you didn’t eat all the food yourselves,” V joked, throwing her comment at the former manager Lori, now 1,200 pounds and perpetually wedged in a booth, glutting herself on the same food that turned her into the turgid mass she was, and new manager Yasmine, the 800-pound bottom heavy co-ed who abused the free food benefit so often she was always breathing heavily whenever she had to lumber around the kitchen.

The two had nothing on Helena and V, though. In two hours and a half hours the two put away more food than Lori’s all-day binge had involved, and then they asked for more. Lucy herself was rivaling Yasmine’s constant chowing down, despite weighing half as much as her.

“Gets her appetite from her mother,” V said later that night, when the party had moved to Penguin Palace.

Jesse, along for the ride out of habit (she would joke it was the gravitational force of the two tons of women near her, except it would make her mother laugh uproariously and slap her belly with pride; and she did not want to give V another opportunity to play up her girth and/or appetite), sat by and watched the show as she had thousands of times before. She grabbed some food at first when she was hungry, and then periodically out of boredom or because a particular treat she loved turned up, but she never even thought of trying to join in the way Lucy had.

Three months later there was a similar party, a going away party for Jesse the day before she drove off to college. Lucy would stay in the city, still living with her mother as she attended the local community college.

“You sure you don’t want to stay home for a couple years?” she had asked Jesse, sad to see her best friend leave. “You could take care of your general ed requirements without paying too much.”

“No, I need to go somewhere quiet and peaceful if I’m going to be serious about my academics. I can’t study when Siouxsie and the Banshees is blaring throughout the house.”

“Better watch out for that Freshman 15, girl!” V said, bumping her hip against her daughter’s chair. “Though for you it might be Freshman 300!”

That was the other reason to go to college out of state. Jesse wanted to get far, far away from her mother’s indulging influence. Even while fighting against her pushing to have another serving or have some more dessert, Jesse was well above the average weight for a young woman. 240 pounds, she carried it in a seat-smothering butt and hips that brushed every doorway she walked through (though that was just her imagination).

Once she was away from the cornucopia of junk food that was V’s kitchen, and the constant trips to fast food restaurants that specialized in high-calorie, plate-sized portions, she hoped to shed some weight.


‘I’m home. Are you out right now?’

V’s reply was not in the least surprising.

‘We’re out at AFT. The one by the Barnes and Noble. Come join us, Lucy and Helena want to see you.’

Of course they were eating, but why that restaurant?

“I would have thought you would go to the one on Archer,” Jesse said after joining the other three in the dining area. “It’s closer to the house.”

“We started there,” Helena said, daintily holding a fried turkey drumstick. “But they ran out of gravy and your mom didn’t want to wait for them to make a new batch.”

“You know how I feel about AFT’s gravy,” V smiled. And then she drank a quarter of a carton of gravy, a normal thing for her.

“At least they didn’t run out of turkey, right?” Jesse tried to joke, but when the other three laughed knowingly she wondered if that hadn’t been a concern of theirs.

It was hard to tell how much bigger V and Helena had gotten. They were clearly fatter, both over a ton now (V had excitedly called Jesse in the middle of the night to announce the milestone), but after a certain point a few dozen new pounds disappeared into the mountain already built.

It was easier to spot Lucy’s growth. Jesse’s friend had kept in contact with her the entire school year, keeping mum about her own expanding frame other than to comment on buying new clothing to replace what she had outgrown. Maybe she didn’t think it was worth mentioning the specific numbers on her scale (which she had assuredly outgrown as well), but when Jesse spotted the younger blonde woman weighing at least 800 pounds now even she was surprised.

The rest of the meal deflated that surprise, as Lucy was matching her mother almost bite for bite for most of the meal. And in the coming days and weeks, as Jesse tagged along on more outings – there weren’t many old classmates she wanted to visit over the summer – she got to see that Lucy was becoming one of the gang in other respects besides size. She disinterestedly mentioned her 2.6 GPA, a sign that college was of secondary importance to satisfying her hunger at every opportunity, and she had grown a lot bolder about calling out orders the way V did at their more usual stops.

Jesse, meanwhile had kept her weight level. Which was a victory in that she hadn’t gained anything, but her hopes of slimming down (made doubly desirable when she showed up at the school outweighing almost everyone else in the incoming freshmen class) had come to nothing. Working visits to the on-campus gym into her schedule was harder than she expected; just keeping up with the coursework was a nightmare.

A nightmare she had endured, at least. Yes, college was the no-nonsense, weed out the weak gauntlet she had heard it would be, but now that she knew how punishing it could get she was prepared for her sophomore year.


“Have some more mac and cheese bites, Jes. You love those.”

She did love them. She had already had four baskets of them. She wasn’t even sick of them yet, but she didn’t have room for them.

She also didn’t have any appetite. Celebrating her return home (‘To stay this time,’ V said contentedly at the outset of the meal) ran contrary to what she was feeling.

Jesse had been so sure she could do it. The start of her college career had hit her hard, but she had risen to the occasion, kept her GPA up to keep her scholarship, and she had returned for her second year knowing what to expect.

And she had botched it. She hadn’t kept up, her GPA had slipped, goodbye scholarship.

Staying out-of-state was feasible – money wasn’t an issue for Jesse and her mother – but her mother had diplomatically (for her) suggested that if she was struggling so much at the school maybe it wasn’t worth the expense and stress.

Jesse agreed, allowing that to serve as her excuse to return home and keeping her other reasons private. There was no purpose in being completely open, not when she could imagine how the conversation would play out.

‘I don’t like how I’m the fattest girl there, Mom. I’m almost 300 pounds thanks to all the nervous snacking I did. And those ‘care packages’ of yours didn’t help. Gift cards for Polyburger or Taco Pit?’

‘What’s wrong with Polyburger? A little fast food never did any harm. And you’re not fat. Just look at Lucy. She’s over 1,400 pounds now, and she’s healthy as a horse. You’re not even a fraction as big as I am.’

‘But you and aunt Helena aren’t normal, Mom. Normal people don’t go to a truck stop to get weighed.’

And V would say something about body-shaming or loving yourself no matter your weight, except it would be a lot more selfish in tone. ‘Enjoy life to its fullest,’ or something.

So Jesse was back home, a cause for celebration that become a six-hour binge enjoyed by three women and tolerated by one.


“Did you register for classes yet?” Jesse asked. Across the table (though her belly fat rolled across most of the surface area, intruding on Jesse’s tray) Lucy shook her head.

“I forgot to tell you this, but I didn’t apply to State for this semester.”

“What? I thought we were going together. Moral support, you know.”

“I know,” Lucy said, her tone doleful and almost childish in a way that belied her immensity. She was so wide her torso spread across the width of the table, her fat side-rolls oozing into the space between their table and the neighboring ones. That such a behemoth could feel tiny was laughable. “But I only barely squeaked by last semester, and I’m not even sure what I want to major in. And my mom said, why enroll in classes I might not need?”

Jesse rolled her eyes, biting down on her frustration. But was she really surprised? Lucy had become as much an eating machine as their mothers, possessing no ambition greater than keeping her belly full.

“I can still help you study, though! We can do study sessions, I can quiz you on stuff.”


“OK, who had the double bacon-blaster?”

“I did,” Lucy reached out and took the plate.

“And the glazed fritter bites?”

“Me.” Lucy again.

And the cheddar-jalapeno omelet, the blackberry lemonade pancakes, the pumpkin spice waffles, and everything else the waitress had carted over.

“And did you have anything?” the waitress asked Jesse.

“I’m still working on this,” she pointed to the Philly cheesesteak omelet, her third entree of this visit.

“OK. Would you like a refill on your drink?”

“Um, sure. Strawberry banana shake.”

“I’ll be right back with that.”

As Lucy tore into her food, her chins and cheeks wobbling happily as she scarfed it down, Jesse took another bite of her omelet. It was distressing that even after her chicken and gravy platter and the pumpkin spice pancakes she wasn’t full yet; the only reason she was eating slower was that she was concentrating on her physics textbook, not her food.

But at 400 pounds and change it stood to reason she could eat so much and not feel full yet. She could fight against V’s influence (and of Helena and even Lucy, at that), but she couldn’t stop her genes from going to work. As her body swelled bigger her appetite grew as well. The amount of food she needed just to keep herself sated ticked up, and as desperate as she was to slim down she was not so far gone as to try starving herself.

She just had to keep her intake restricted to what she needed, nothing more.

She could do it. If she could get a handle on her studies – as she was at State, her GPA rising as high as 3.4 by her estimates – she could get a handle on her eating.

“Say, Jess (chawmp), when are we going to Penguin Palace. I want to try their pumpkin cheesecake sundae.”

“You just got a new round of food.”

“Yeah, but I’m going to be done with this before long. And you know it takes a while for me to get anywhere now.” Now that she was using a scooter, a birthday gift from her mother, her mobility was technically regained, but at the cost of speed.

“Let me finish going over this chapter and then we can go.”

Ice cream did sound good right now.

No, stop, Jesse. You just had a jumbo shake and a new one is coming. You don’t need any more sweets.

But when her second shake came and she started drinking it, all she could think of was the pumpkin spice shake Penguin Palace was offering, and how much better that would taste.


“You want any spending money, Jess?”

“Sure, I’ll take some.”

Her mother didn’t act surprised or ask her daughter if she was serious. She just took out a roll of twenties and peeled several off Jesse.

“There’s more if you want any. You have my phone number.”

And V motored off, Jesse watching her for a second before going in the opposite direction.

The two were at the Lakeside Mall to get their Christmas shopping done, but first (naturally) V had come to the winter street festival happening right outside the shopping complex. Dozens of kiosks and tents run by local businesses or independent vendors filled the boardwalk, all selling arts and crafts or collectibles or, of course, holiday-themed goodies.

This is what brought V here, and this was Jesse’s focus today.

Because she had realized something recently: all her effort trying to stop eating so much, trying to not eat the sweet or salty or greasy, was the wrong approach to take.

What she needed to do was break herself of the habit of overeating by overdoing it. She needed to make herself sick of fast food and junk food and anything richer than a boiled carrot.

And a boardwalk filled with vendors selling gingerbread men, hot cocoa, cookies, cakes, pies, egg nog shakes and special desserts from Europe was the perfect place to do it. The 700-pound raven-haired co-ed waddled to the nearest food stand and bought half the menu, her first round in what was planned to be a day long binge.

Food in hand, she found an empty bench – her voluminous rear preventing anyone else from sitting down – and gobbled it all up. Then she rolled herself forward so she could stand up, her lap-filling belly pushing her breasts into her face as she did, and she waddled to the next stand.

She repeated the cycle again and again, her belly growing round and taut but still wobbling just like her hips and butt did. She didn’t always stop on a bench, sometimes she kept waddling and simply ate faster. She always ordered two or three different items from every vendor, even if they were just different types of cocoa. When she reached one end of the street fair she went into the nearest restroom to wash up – powdered sugar and drops of cocoa marked her chins – and then she went into a nearby bakery to load up on more reasonably priced confections.

She had started back for where she and her mother had parted ways when she got a text from V.

‘I’m at Taco Pit in the food court. Come meet me when you can and we can start out shopping.’

Which meant they would start shopping after V had her fill, which could take another hour at least. So Jesse retracted her steps down the boardwalk, again grabbing food from every vendor and gobbling it all up with determination. When she got to the vendors she had not visited yet she ordered more than she had been, stopping to sit on a bench or lean against the railing overlooking the lake.

It was easier than expected to force herself to eat constantly. Part of her could see why V, Helena and Lucy did so constantly; unless you were so stuffed you were almost sick it felt great to indulge like this. All the food was so good, and her appetite was more expansive than even she knew.

When she got to the mall food court she found her mom on her fourth tray of food, showing no signs of being full. Jesse wondered if her mother even got full at this point. She was over 2,700 pounds now, her growth slowing down but her hunger never diminishing.

Not that she herself was full yet.

“I’m going to grab something from Reverend Chuck’s,” she told her mother, referring to the BBQ sandwich chain. V smiled and gave a thumbs up. She really was excited to see her daughter stop with all that ‘Don’t make such a pig of yourself’ nonsense.

By the time V was satisfied Jesse was beyond done. Her belly was forcing itself out between her sweater and now-buttonless pants, her breathing labored as she sat weighted down with however many dozens of pounds of food.

She was full, completely and utterly stuffed, and for the first time in however long V didn’t ask if she was sure she didn’t have room for anything else.

Jesse had to smile despite the discomfort of her fullness and the exhaustion that came when they started shopping. She had done it. She had made herself sick with food. Surely this was the beginning of the end of her wild appetite.


“Jesse! You coming?”

“I’m... coming.”

Her arms held out for balance, her butt and belly squeezed as she went down the hall, Jesse forced herself to waddle step by step, inch by inch.

How V and Helena had kept their mobility after they passed the 1,000 pound mark was a question Jesse asked herself constantly. Maybe they had spent so long as normally obese, just 300 pounds, that they had built up enough muscles and agility to service them even at four times their weight.

Jesse, on the other hand, had gained 800 pounds in less than a year. 1,200 pounds and it wasn’t even March yet. That was too fast for her body to keep up, it turned out.

V watched Jesse squeeze her way into the dining room, where a tableload of breakfast goodies was already waiting. V had started on her own (first) morning meal, but that still left a buffet of food for her daughter to choose from.

There was always food in the house. That was once a fact of life Jesse took for granted, but now it was like a rule. A precept for existence for mother and daughter: there would always be food on hand, or there would always be money to get food.

And that suited Jesse, because while her plan to break her appetite through excessive eating had not yet borne fruit, she was still adamantly convinced it would any day now.

It couldn’t keep up, could it? There had to be a limit to how much one woman could eat in a day, how much weight a body could accumulate or maintain.

More and more she was enjoying finding out what that limit was. Some days she ate herself stupid simply because she enjoyed all the good, bad-for-you food. Occasionally the joy would suddenly snap, she would realize how much fatter she had gotten, and she would lament how much more she would have to go to lose all this weight when she finally was past the breaking point.

But then she would decide that worrying about tomorrow would make it harder to enjoy today, and giving in to her gluttony now was the only way she could ever defeat that hydra. She had to overwhelm it, and it was easier to do so out of pleasure than a sense of obligation.

“Aren’t you going to use your scooter, Jess?”

Her daughter finished eating the giant breakfast burrito she had in her hands before answering.

“I’m still mobile, Mom. I don’t want to start getting lazy.”

V shook her head. She had bought Jesse a mobility scooter like she, Helena and Lucy used a couple months ago, but she had stubbornly refused to use it. Even when walking from her bedroom to the dining room had her breaking out in sweat, she was just too proud.

After two hours filling her belly taut, Jesse forced herself to her feet and headed for the front door. She only had one class today, part of her reduced schedule for this semester when the battle between time spent eating and time spent studying forced her to make a choice, but it was still going to take a couple hours to get to her car, drive to campus, and load up on more food to make sure she made it through the day’s lecture without getting distracted.

A week later she would end up late for class on two consecutive days. It was enough to push her to finally use the mobility scooter. Just to get to class on time, she said, but once she started using it she never stopped.

It made it easier to plan her trips to school, which then made it easier to work in more time eating each day. And so she got fatter.


“Can I get another three buckets of extra-crispy?” Jesse asked. She felt like such a pig ordering just one bucket of food, let alone three, let alone this being her 12-14th buckets of the day.

The rotund guy bringing more food to the quartet and taking away their empty trays and buckets nodded, keeping his thoughts to himself.

But V was there to speak for everyone else.

“Don’t order so little, Jesse! We’re here for the long haul, three buckets isn’t going to do it.”

“Look, I’m not as big as you girls. I don’t have your appetite,” Jesse said defensively.

Strictly speaking she was correct, but as the spring semester had wrapped up and summer began – and with it the day-long binges that had become part of Jesse’s day-to-day life just as it had long been for her mother, best friend and friend’s mother – Jesse’s weight had stopped being measured in fractions of the other women’s weights and merely by the number of hundreds of pounds it lagged behind.

A number always shrinking, despite the continued, unmitigated gluttony of the other three. V and Helena had grown to over 3,300 pounds, outgrowing their original mobility scooters and upgrading to elite models that eschewed manual control and followed prepogrammed routes input by touchscreen. Lucy was headed for such an upgrade herself, her ballooning frame rising to 2,600 pounds and still growing strong.

But at some point Jesse’s determination to consume as much as she could, as often as she could, had spiked her rate of gaining. She weighed 1,900 pounds now; still a significant distance from catching up to Lucy, but she was gaining faster than the young blonde woman and everyone could see that by summer’s end they would be neck and neck. Or chins and chins, as it were.

Everyone except Jesse. When she took to her mobility scooter she quickly forget any hardship that came with walking, and with it an awareness of just how heavy she was. When she had to order all her clothing online, made in the stretchiest material that did nothing but cover up her naughtiest bits, she stopped tracking how much fatter she was getting through each additional X on her labels. And when she was spending all day, every day in the company of women still vastly bigger than her, she lost all sense of comparison to the majority of people around her, people who weighed a 10th, if that, of her.

This all made it easy to delude herself into thinking she had hit some sort of plateau, her weight leveling off even as her appetite most decidedly did not. Yes, she was still eating all the time, but it wasn’t doing anything to her body. She was still the skinny one in the group, the first to throw in the towel during any meal.

Except even that was no longer the case. Just yesterday Jesse had outdone Lucy during their Penguin Palace run, finishing two whole sundaes more than her friend. If V had been there she probably would have been mentioned this, and maybe shaken Jesse’s delusion. As it was the black-haired binger saw it as just another day.

Just as her ordering her food bit by bit today prevented anyone from realizing she did it again, outeating Lucy. The other women just sat back and let more food be brought to them regularly, no one keeping track (except the cashier ringing them up). The new normal, Jesse outdoing Lucy, set in without any recognition.


“I forgot to ask you, Jess,” V said one evening late in August. “When does school start again?”

Jesse was currently fishing inside a greasy paper bag for any last French fries, so she didn’t answer right away. Satisfied she had gotten everything out of it, she crumpled it up, tossed it onto the pile of trash that had built up during her afternoon and evening gorge, and grabbed another sack filled with take-out.

“Oh, I’m not going back this semester. I want to get my eating under control and then slim down before I have to concentrate on my classes again.”

“That sounds like a plan,” her mother said, pleased to see her daughter calling it quits on the trying, stressful college life. It hadn’t brought her any pleasure to begin with.

Their dinner continued for another hour, the mounds of trashing growing bigger as they ate, ate, ate more, more, more. A maid would come in the morning to clean everything up, though she would never get the smell of kitchen grease out of the house. It had seeped into the walls and curtains a while ago.

Jesse had fallen out of habit of ordering food course by course; like her mother she just ordered ‘Food’ and allowed massive quantities to be brought to her. This made it easy to order delivery on those days when the two didn’t feel like going out, such as today. Some days it took so long to get full that by the time she was satisfied she just wanted to sit back and sleep the meal off.

Tonight, she first wanted to open the windows and let some cool night air in. Reaching forward, straining past her packed belly to grab the handlebars of her scooter, the 3,000 pound whale began to back up before she circled around to reach the window.

She didn’t get there. After moving four feet there was a loud groaning noise (muffled by her belly smothering the front of the scooter) and then a SNAP! Jesse tilted forward, her belly avalanching onto the floor and her butt rising even higher over the back of her head.

“What happened?” V asked, concerned.

“I think my scooter broke. Cheap piece of crap.”

Actually, that the scooter had been able to still work even when she was 200 pounds above the weight limit was admirable.

“It’s too late to order a new one,” V said. “Do you think you’ll be all right like this?”

“I think...” Jesse began to shake her upper body. It was almost comical, her head and upper arms and breasts wobbling while the acres of flab from her torso down to her ass did not move, “I think I can roll myself off.”

It took a few minutes just to build up momentum, to where her whole body was weaving back and forth, and then a few more of that before she finally, with a great surge, rolled onto a hip and pivoted away from her broken scooter.

She fell back onto the empty floor, her hips and side-rolls still resting on the scooter but the rest of her level on the ground. She was drenched in sweat now, but at least she was merely swaddled in fat on all sides, not resting on her mattress-like belly or in danger of being crushed under her own ass.

“I almost... want to say it’d be better... to stay here like this,” she panted.


Jesse did not stay immobilized on the dining room floor, though. V ordered her a new bigger and stronger mobility scooter, and once her daughter didn’t need to worry about manually driving herself anywhere she adapted to the easier life yet again.

Some days she programmed a route that would take her to her favorite restaurants in succession, and some days she went to one and stayed there all day, stuffing herself by going through the entire menu ten or twelve times. And some days she just stayed at home and let the delivery people come to her.

Like a goldfish growing to fit its tank, Jesse’s appetite exploded again when the mobility question was resolved. From matching Lucy in size she shot ahead, a fact nobody except she herself missed.

She was aware that she was eating more than Lucy now, but with V and Helena still setting the bar for overindulgence she was able to dismiss this fact as not portending anything bigger.

It was impossible to understand how she thought she had control when she was eating from dawn until midnight, but in her own mind Jesse was still the object of restraint compared to the rest of her circle. She ate more, ate longer than anyone else, but if you asked her she would say she was only eating until she had her fill. Except on those days when she was trying to eat herself sick, a stark impossibility now but still the last straw she was clutching.

By the middle of October Jesse was on the same level as V and Helena, all three weighing over 3,700 pounds. Maybe Jesse was blinded by how much fat was around her own frame now, or maybe she could take in only parts of her mother or Helena at once, preventing her from seeing what mirror opposites they were to her. Especially her mother, as both women had rears that fell off the sides of even their specially-designed scooters.

Whatever the self-deception was now, Jesse was free to maintain her own delusion, as V was so ecstatic to see her daughter give in to her appetite that the last thing she would do is somehow bring her weight to her attention.

There was a close call when Jesse reached two full tons, putting her well ahead of Helena and V and, more worringly, reaching the max on her upgraded scooter. When this device suffered the same fate as its predecessor, Jesse decided she rather liked staying in one place now. Don’t bother ordering another scooter, Mom.

This cut the number of gorging get-togethers down, though Lucy didn’t mind coming over to the house to spend time with her bestie so long as there was enough delivery on hand.

It made Thanksgiving that year a sight. V and Helena were up to 3,900 pounds; it was questionable if they would reach 4,000 pounds themselves, as their gains had slowed to a crawl despite their appetites still being as hearty as ever. Lucy was gearing up to surpass them, though, with her belly-heavy body weighing 3,500 pounds and getting fatter every week.

But Jesse was the queen fatty of the bunch, outshining all of them as they were gathered around her. Moved into the living room, which had all its furniture stripped out so she had room to stretch out and continuing growing, she was over 4,700 pounds on Thanksgiving day. Her butt covered most of the wall behind her, her belly reached out almost as far as the opposite wall, and the rest of her fat flowed out like lava covering an island.

A crude pulley system had been set up so sacks of food could be swung over her hill-like hips and side-rolls. More often than not Jesse would have piles of food stacked up on her breasts, her belly, around her chins. It actually comforted her to have so much food on hand all the time, right in reach.

At several times during the day you couldn’t see her face, the food was piled too high. But the sounds of eating and groans of pleasure let them all know that she was still with them, enjoying the holiday like nobody else could.

It was well past midnight, the others having reached their limits, and Jesse was still eating. She was about to finally finish her dinner, the last of 20 deep-fried turkeys picked clean and the final gallons of gravy slurped up, which meant it was time for dessert.

“Do you want to start with the pies or the ice cream?” V asked.

“I’ll have some pie. Not a lot, just two. Oh! Wait! Is there any cheesecake?”

“Of course, sweetie. I know it’s your favorite. There’s an entire fridge out in the garage filled with cheesecake.”

“OK, I’ll have some. But not all of it. Maybe all of it, if it’s chocolate and caramel swirled.”

As V motored off to get the first batch of supersized cheesecakes, Jesse continued talking to herself.

“But just because it’s Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I’ll probably be sick of food, and I can start losing some weight. It’d be nice to get mobile again before Christmas...

“Or maybe I can go all out in the holidays, and come January I’ll start to diet. It would make sense, start of a new year and all...”

When V came back, the first words out of Jesse’s mouth were

“And I’ll take the pies as well. A la mode.”
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