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Just so people know, the Mallory donation drive still stands at $9 raised, $42 to go for the next chapter.

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(What's in this: vore (soft, oral, F/?) and extreme weight gain)

“To cut back on costs, the school has decided to consolidate the... less populated classes. Instead of wasting electricity on science classes with only five or six students at a time we’ll now have a single class each day.”

The teacher, a 1,300-pound ball of fat, waddled from the classroom door (which she had just closed) to her desk on the other side of the room. The students, 42 people crowded into 35 desks, were all sitting quiet and anxious.

“For those who haven’t had me before, understand that I run a tight ship. When you are in my class you will stay silent unless called upon. And when I call on you I expect you to be able to answer promptly and correctly. Failure to meet these very expectations will result in detent-”

She stopped short. In the back left corner one of the girls sharing a desktop had gotten into an argument with another, and the noise they made had grown loud enough to attract the teacher’s attention.

All eyes turned on the two offending students, many wide with fear. Realizing they had become the center of attention the two looked up to see the teacher grinning maliciously at them.

She inhaled slowly, her fat belly and heaving breasts swelling out.


She said it forcefully, but also simply. The teacher would brook no argument, and she would not repeat herself.

The two girls gasped, one looking around at her fellow students. Who only looked away, not wanting to be swept up in her fate.

Watching the scene play out, Gina licked her lips along with the teacher. The two girls were plump morsels begging to be eaten, one having breasts big enough to cover half the desktop (this was probably what started the argument) and the other so fat in the belly it was pressing incessantly into the table.

Like all the students they looked a little too old to be in high school. Just a little. It was standard for movies and TV, what with child labor laws; people under 18 could be on set for a limited amount of time.

It was a similar rule for binge videos. Minors couldn’t consent to be eaten, so producers had to find 18 and ups to act as fodder.

“Gina? You home?”

Gina almost jumped in her seat. Mercy was right inside her door.

Scrambling to close the browser window, Gina scolded herself for forgetting to shut her door. Since her mom had left the scene she had grown complacent, indulging in vore videos with her door open and the sound turned up. Her dad was always at work until the evening, and she wasn’t sure he would care if his daughter was looking up this stuff to begin with.

But last week his dad had remarried, after what to Gina had been a very quick romance, and she hadn’t gotten used to Mercy’s moving in yet.

It was hard to not be aware of her stepmother’s presence, though. Weighing over half a ton, wide in the hips and broad in the belly, Mercy announced her movement with a hundred little tells ranging from floorboards creaking to hips brushing against the sides of a hallway.

How into the video had Gina been to not hear her stepmother approaching?

She managed to close the window, but not in time, it seemed.

“Hey!” Mercy said, her face lighting up, “Was that Wanda?”


“Bring that back up,” Mercy was squeezing herself into Gina’s room, “I think I know that girl.”

Her face turning bright red, Gina complied. Her stepmother was still an unknown quantity, and between potentially angering her by refusing or dealing with what the video would reveal about the young teen, Gina chose the latter.

She opened the video again. It started from the beginning, showing the packed seating arrangement of the class before the camera cut to the teacher standing in front of the door, blocking it in a none-too-subtle act of foreboding.

“That is her!” Mercy squealed. “Wow, she’s really bulked up.”

“You know her?” Gina asked, embarrassment at being caught watching a binge video being replaced with a new interest in her stepmother.

“Knew her at college. We were both in the drama program. She wasn’t that big back then, though.”

It took her a while to get over the pleasant surprise of seeing her old friend before Mercy started to take in the rest of the video.

“What’s this about? Is it a TV show or something?”

“No, it’s...” Gina swallowed, trying to get some saliva flowing. “It’s a binge video.”

“Uh? Oh. Ooooooh.”

Realization dawning, Mercy looked at the younger woman, then back at the video.

“Wouldn’t have thought you’d be into something like this.” Gina didn’t look like someone who gave in to her appetite, weighing a healthy amount for her age but not being more than plump. So that left one other explanation, “Do you want to get eaten?”

“No!” Gina jerked away from Mercy. Not that the other woman was making a move to devour her, but she was uncomfortably close right now. Being so huge, she didn’t need to get too close to be intimidating. “No! I- I... want to...”

Her last words were a mumble.

“What’s that?”

“I want to eat people,” Gina said, eyes downcast.

Why she should be ashamed to confess that to a woman who clearly indulged regularly Mercy didn’t understand.

Then again, she didn’t know much about Gina, the two only being polite to one another so far into their newly established familial relationship. Gina hadn’t reacted negatively to her father remarrying so soon after her mother’s disappearance, but Mercy had been afraid to upset her by trying to replace the missing woman. Especially when the age difference between them was so slight, Mercy being barely a decade older than her stepdaughter.

But this may be just the thing to establish at least a friendlier rapport between them. If there was one thing Mercy knew it was eating; food or people or both.

Plus, her curiosity had to be sated. She had to know

“Why haven’t you, then?”

“My mom was always against it. She thought it was immoral to eat anyone, even in self-defense or in overcrowded populations.”

“Ooh...” Mercy knew there were people like that out there. “Well, not to be callous, but your mom isn’t around anymore, is she?”

Gina’s head whipped up, and for a moment Mercy’s blood ran cold. Had she said the wrong thing?

“Can I ask you something?” Gina asked. “And I won’t be mad if you say ‘yes,’ but... Did you eat my mom?”

Mercy’s breath caught in her throat. How did she...?

She sighed.

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I wasn’t sure. I just thought it was suspicious Dad would start dating you and marry you so quickly after she was gone. I’ve heard stories like this before. … Did he put you up to it?”

“No. He knows, I guess. I think I’d raised the idea of doing it once or twice, but...” She breathed in, exhaled. “Your dad and I have known each other for a while. We met at work and grew close early on. I wasn’t looking to break up your home, I don’t like drama. But he wasn’t happy with your mother, I don’t know if you knew, and I really do love him.”

Gina nodded, hesitantly saying

“Yeah. I know they weren’t happy. He stayed out a lot, saying it was work. She probably suspected.”

“He says she knew, but he didn’t think she would give him a divorce. And I...” Mercy shrugged. “I didn’t want to be ‘the other woman.’ I didn’t want to have him only when he could get away from her. So I made it happen.”

“He is happier now,” Gina said. “So it did work out.

“I just don’t know... I don’t know, my mom’s talk about voring is still in my head. You did the wrong thing, she would say, even if it was for good reason.

“But I don’t really agree with her? About voring? I don’t see how it’s evil. It’s just the way of the world. And it’s not like she was a vegan or anything. She ate meat. Why is it OK to eat animals but not people? Especially when there’s so many?”

Mercy didn’t answer. It seemed like Gina was trying to work out the problem on her own. Of course she wanted to encourage her to see things her way, but she couldn’t force it.

“Like you said, my mom isn’t around anymore. There’s nobody to tell me ‘No.’”

She went silent for a second. The video, forgotten by both, had reached the point where the class was dismissed, except for the several students the teacher had singled out for detention. Gina’s eyes swung lazily to the screen, to the image of the teacher’s buttondown shirt blowing open as she ate student after student.

“Could you teach me how to do it?” she asked Mercy, looking at her stepmother.

“There’s not much to teach. You just grab the person, open your mouth, and eat. It’s instinctive.” She looked at the clock; still a couple hours before she had to make dinner. “You want to go try it now?”

“What, now?”

“No reason not to.” She smiled, “There’s nothing like your first time, but there’s no reason to make it a special occasion or anything. When you’re doing it regularly you’ll just wonder why you didn’t start earlier.”

She got to her feet, her belly still resting on Gina’s lap.

“Come on. The Slurp N’ Go down the street is perfect for grabbing someone unawares. The aisle layout makes it easy to sneak around, and two people can hunt better than one. I’ll block someone going down an aisle and you can come from behind.”

“OK,” Gina said. “I just want to see what it’s like. I don’t know if it’ll be for me, but at least I’ll know.”


The front door opened and the sound of grunting could be heard.

“That you, Gina?”

“Yeah. Just gotta... get through the... door.”

With an audible ‘pop’ Gina forced her way through the front door.

“I keep telling your dad to widen the door,” Mercy said, waddling into the living room.

“I think he’s gotten tired of doing it so many times, though.”

“We aren’t making it easy on him, are we?” Mercy grinned, looking her stepdaughter up and down.

In just a few months Gina had exploded as only a dedicated predator could. Her weight doubling and then doubling again, she had blown out in every direction but up, turning into the same kind of fat-all-over blob as her favorite binge video stars. Her arms were held at an angle by the rolls of fat on her sides, and her butt rose up behind her even as it rolled down the back of her thighs and back far enough to serve as a makeshift writing desk for someone.

Mercy herself had gone through an adulthood growth spurt, her appetite rekindled thanks to outings with her stepdaughter, but her weight wasn’t rising as fast as Gina’s. Not only was she not going to be surprised if Gina surpassed her within another few months, she was almost expecting it.

Especially if the younger woman continued to eat like she was. Her belly right now was so taut her skin was shiny, the telltale bumps of people struggling inside her stomach evidence of yet another school-based gorge.

“You have room for more?” Mercy asked. “I just ordered pizza.”

“Maybe in a little while,” Gina said, waddling over to the second sofa in the living room. “Want to digest some of this first.”

“Anything interesting happen in school?”

“I had lunch with Paul again.”

“That boy you like?”

“Yeah, Candace’s brother.”

“He still shy around you?”

“He’s shy all the time. But I find that cute. I’m not the only one, it seems. I had to eat another girl yesterday, a senior. She was eying him up, pressing her belly against him as she took some napkins from our table.”

“Maybe she wanted to eat him. Some girls like to toy with their food.”

“Maybe. Either way, she’s out of the picture.”

“Good work. You got to watch out for-”

Before Mercy could finish the front door opened again. It was her husband, Gina’s father. He stopped inside the doorway, examining the splintering pieces of door jamb.

“Guess I have to widen this again.”

“I told you last week you did,” Mercy said, struggling to get up.

“I guess I didn’t know how badly it was needed. Come here, sweetie.”

Mercy grabbed him in a tight hug, his arms disappearing into her flab rolls as he pulled himself forward for a kiss.

“Why are you home early?”

“There was an incident at work. I was thinking we could go out to eat.” He looked at Gina, noticed her belly, then added “That is, if you two are hungry.”

“We don’t have to leave just yet,” Mercy said. “Besides, Gina and I were discussing some things.”

“Oh? What kind of stuff?”

“Just girl stuff, Daddy,” Gina said.

“Ah. Well, I’ll be in the den for a while. Let me know when you two are hungry and we can go to Chichi’s.”

“We will.”

He passed through the living room, then stopped and turned back.

“I just want to say, I’m glad to see you two getting along so well.”
New Mommy Prettier Than Old Mommy
I started writing Gina Loves Paul years ago, and never finished. Maybe bringing the character back here will spur me to go back and finish that story.
Finally resumed writing today. Got a non-vore idea I want to play with first, but I’ll be getting to the vore quickies ASAP.
Nope. Trip to Disneyland is off.

Just heard from my friend he won’t be able to fly in. My plans were contingent on splitting a room with him, so the trip is off for both of us.
Mallory update: $9 raised for chapter two. $42 to go.


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Since August is vore month, and since I am a shameless, filthy whore, I'm doing a donation drive for this month.

It's pretty simple: at the end of The Binge Mallory, my new vore OC du jour, was 14 feet tall and weighed 25 tons. And she had just consumed an enhanced version of the chemical that turned her into a massively obese giantess in the first place, so she was looking to get even fatter, even taller, even more dominating as she goes on to become the biggest media sensation on the planet.

So this drive will focus on her quest to get fat enough to match her greed. Which is more or less limitless. There will be more giantess growth, more absurd surges of weight gain, and increasingly massive amounts of vore.

And it'll all be fueled by donations to my Ko-Fi. For every $51 total I will write a new chapter in Mallory's saga and commission a pic of her from :iconsaxxon: to accompany the scene. I've already commissioned pictures for The Binge Eve and at the end of The Binge to get things started (out of my own wallet, to make it clear) and I'm hoping to get lots more to make this a true sequence.

There is no minimum of what you can donate to help Mallory, other than the increments of 3 thing Ko-Fi operates by. Just make sure to mention that this is for her specifically.

One last thing: money for quickies can not also go to this drive. These are two separate things.


Frankenstein/ghoul girl has second stomach implanted surgically, leading to bigger hunger and weight gain. 

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