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Neravilla's Palette Meme by adimetro00
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Irfan Adi Pratama
Hey guys! I'm from indonesia.
I like designing characters but i can't draw to save my life.
That's why i've been using Kisekae to design my characters.

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Guys, check out this girl's request:
Guys. I've gotta tell you.
I've been obsessed with this anime called Simoun. It's a yuri anime where girls fly airships and do girly things.
Yeah. So obsessed that i've made a kisekae version of every main girl in Simoun. Check it:
Sibylla of Chor Tempest: Simoun Recreated by adimetro00


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Neravilla's Palette Meme
Holy shit. My Palette thing has suddenly become a meme! All thanks to :iconegoselfishnot: and :iconkyotypp:! In order to repay their kindness and bringing them more attention, i decided to do the meme with Neravilla.

1. Original
2. Air Force colors
3. Neviril (Simoun): She's basically an expy of Neviril in everything but personality, as it's taken from...
4. Aer (Simoun): ...This character. She's basically two characters rolled into one person. She's Neviril if she isn't gloomy all the time and likes flying more than anything. 
5. Revolver Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid): Obvious. They both have revolvers and they like to perform tricks.
6. Zero Two (DARLING in the FRANXX): I heard the anime was a spiritual successor of Simoun. I have to include this palette somehow.
7. Rarity (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls): I was about to use Pinkie Pie as the base but it would be too identical to her original palette. I decided to use Rarity because of her background and some part of her personality.
8. Hong Meiling (Touhou Project): Obligatory green palette. Thinking of using Chopper from Ace Combat but he seems too plain for the job.
9. Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica): It's because of her strange hairstyle and i have to include a yellow-based palette.

I recommend :iconschoko-lade: and everyone to do this meme!
Wew, guys. My job here's done. See ya next pic!
Revolver Commander Neravilla
Decided to give the Sibylla squadron more care. And what's better than put them in a spec-ops thing?

Here's Neravilla as the Commanding Officer for the squad. She can do tricks with that revolver like spinning and stuff.
Yeah. No need to point out she looks like Ocelot.
Sibylla of the Skies
Cum historia mutat valde
Razgriz revelat ipsum:
Primum daemon scelestus est.

Cum potentia sua
Daemon fundet mortem in terram:
Deinde moritur.

Cum somnus finit,
Razgriz surget iterum:
Magnus heros est.

Hello, guys! Back again with another Bunch of OCs there. I was inspired by Simoun (A yuri anime about weird-looking aircraft that starts by kissing. And apparently, everyone is born female and have to choose their gender in some holy springs. the aircraft can only be piloted by girls who haven't decided on their gender I guess the aircraft got turned on by the kissing) and Ace Combat(A series of video games about fighters duking it out and carrying way more missiles than realistically possible. Takes place in some world that looks like our earth but not really. That's where the name Strangereal comes from) so why not make some OCs? These girls are basically The Sibyllae from Simoun if they could fit as a squadron of fighters from Ace Combat. They even look like the main characters! Man, these took me several hours both designing the OCs and writing the story, so enjoy! :D

These girls live in the future of the Fantasyverse where technology and magic mix together to form one unity. Civilizations advance rapidly from those two forces and they're now equivalent to our world's technology. The mix allows vehicles that wouldn't function otherwise, like huge flying carriers and other larger-than-life creations. Said unity also allowed aircraft to carry way more weaponry and perform way trickier stuff than they can realistically do. It also brings detachable cockpits.

The Democratic Federation of Dracheria had declared war on the Republic of Solnalia. With Dracheria's overwhelming force, Solnalia were getting pushed back. Following a devastating attack on an airbase, A feisty woman, a sarcastic tomboy, a peace-loving lady, and a quiet girl
has to work together to drive back the invaders and take the fight into their home.

(You know what, i'm remaking the story. It's not as good as i thought it was)

Sibylla 1: Mimosa Muellerta (Hasta)
Age: 22
Hometown: Rhodorsae
Plane of Choice: AR-44 Stratus

A cold and rational woman who can keep her calm even at the worst of situations. Granddaughter of a famous ace named Amadeo Muellerta and the descendant of Wysteria Miltencia, she came from a middle-class family and had a normal childhood. Both her grandfather and Wysteria's visit inspired her to be a fighter pilot.  

Sibylla 2: Neravilla Casettine (Securis)
Age: 26
Hometown: Camellia
Plane of Choice: AR-48 Ventus

A religious woman who takes pride in her piloting skills and an outgoing woman. She's the daugher of Halcyon Casettine, a colonel of the Air Force and the CO of the wing the Tempest squadron was in.

Sibylla 3: Geoline Sarmifa Morphyy (Sagitta)
Age: 21
Hometown: Sophylae
Plane of Choice: AR-48 Ventus

A shy rich girl from a lineage of pilots. She was an only child and her parents wanted her to be a pilot. However, she doesn't really want to be a pilot because she wanted to be a singer instead. Her parents kept demanding her to be a pilot until she eventually gave in and enrolled in the academy at 12 one year after Mimosa.

Sibylla 4: Palietta Ognardi (Pugio)
Age: 26
Hometown: Camellia
Plane of Choice: NF-57 Argentum

Also known as the Storm of Victory and Formerly Tempest 3. Neravilla's childhood friend and fellow stunt pilot. A daughter of a farmer who lived close to the Camellia airbase. A sarcastic tomboy who likes racing and playing games.

Fun Facts:
- Here's a list of references:

Mimosa Muellerta:

Hair Down Mimosa:

Neravilla Casettine:

Reborn Neravilla (Undead):

Geoline Sarmifa Morphyy:

Palietta Ognardi:



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The Moirai of the Skies by adimetro00
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