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NiGHTS' Comeback

(I couldn't think of a better title, lol.)

Ahaha, how to explain this...go here? XD


Don't worry, I still tolerate Big the Cat(lol!). I'm just disappointed he was chosen over NiGHTS(and other potential candidates) for Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing. Oh well, we got him as Flagman now, which is as equally as important as the racers. And us NiGHTS' fans are the ones who put him in this special position! Win~

So, whats going on in this pic? Nightmaren are vengeful creatures, and NiGHTS now has a way to go about getting it. With a sharp, pointy flagpole! Oh SEGA, you just gave me so much fodder to work

This pic is dedicated to :iconimagni: for rallying their fanbase for this most important cause(important to us anyway), TRiPPY for wanting to draw SexyFlagBabe!NiGHTS and encouraging this along with Zero-Shift, :iconryukodragon: for giving me this idea too in someway and every NiGHTS fan out there that fought to put him in this game. You guys are awesome! (dude, i just realized this is my first art submission...)

NiGHTS (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
Big the Cat (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
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They compensated for not making him a playable character by giving him a nice long pointy poke them with! XD Yes. That is indeed what it is for.

Freakin Big the Cat. >.> Why?!
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I was confused for minute about what NiGHTS had.
I didn't see anything until I looked at the flag! XXXXD
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I'm glad he's flagman, but i'm kind of sad he's not a playable character D8
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We've got to keep on hoping! They have the skeleton and animation for NiGHTS now in ASR, so there is always a chance he could be download able content. :3
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