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Right up front as I personally welcome all of you to digitalBRILLIANCE, ladies and gentlemen ( :wave: !! ), in order for me to kick off this VERY special anti-bulling guide right here that I want to splendidly share with all of you, let me point you directly to this resplendently outstanding piece of photomanipulation work by Teddy-Cube entitled “Compass”, which he truly dedicated to me personally (and I just thank him so splendidly very much for that, quite handsomely!!!  :manhug: :thumbsup: :+favlove: !!! ):

Compass by Teddy-Cube

...where this very artwork most genuinely plain inspires each and every single one of us such ever-phenomenally amazing support and encouragement that you and I need in order for us to just pick ourselves back up and lead each other in the right direction, all towards us successfully becoming more and more spiritually prosperous beings as we ever-continually learn more and more to brilliantly enlighten ourselves quite rather handsomely in more modest and most positive ways of truly respecting people more than ever, building and even strengthening great rock-solid trust in us all.  As wholly such, I have some greatly wonderful pointers of advice to personally share with you and all of our own entire deviantART community in how to successfully conquer all types of bullying, and come out truly and richly victorious as you actually become a much, MUCH better person in the process.  And I am so proud to give them all to you right from the very, very bottom of my most deepest plain heart, too.  :aww: :heart: !!

Here now are my recommended steps that you should DEFINITELY want to pay some serious, vitally important attention to right here:

    :bulletgreen: Try to maintain an overall positive atmosphere by learning to respect other people’s opinions, even if it is not to one’s own liking at first.  :floating: :star:

    :bulletgreen: Take a really deep breath, keep calm, think positive, and say to yourself constantly on a day-to-day basis: “I will learn to be a much better and better person towards myself and others, whether I feel like it or not!”  Be determined and stick with it at all times; you can do it!!!  :D :rose:

These two handsomely very important pieces of advice can be really, *really* challenging sometimes and tough to master at first, but keep practicing and practicing every single day until you get it all jotted down thoroughly in your mind, heart, and most especially in your own spirit as well.  They will most seriously help you out along the way, and also especially so in your own life as well.  :aww:

And do not forget, ladies and gentlemen, whenever any people give you negative, non-constructive comments on dA and constantly harass you nonstop, I’d simply plain block them as a wonderful first-line of defense against them.  In quite serious fact, come and let me most handsomely point you to this amazingly important how-to article on dA about how effectively to block any of those who threaten you indeed, and what blocking actually does to them in order to give you a most valuable, powerful advantage over them when done right (and quite carefully, at that!).  :D  In fact, it is available right here by our very awesome GinkgoWerkstatt for you to read and inspire yourself with right now at once if not rather sooner, so PLEASE do not even miss it: this gives you such outstanding 3-point advice and the amazing little ins-and-outs about what happens when you do block a person on dA... and come to think of it, I was even totally rather surprised myself personally to find out that the harassers cannot even send you any notes anymore once you block them in this art community, too!!  Amazing, as I cannot even begin to tell you how remarkably most effective this is as yet another powerfully important tool to help you out richly, amongst everything else here!!!  :hug:

Now, I would like to share with you a few personal things that I am actually learning about myself online in general that even I did not know about at all until very, very recently at the time of this writing ( :wow: !! ), just to inspire you even further on this main topic right here.

For one thing, while it is perfectly alright for me to stand-up properly against bullying (especially whenever it does happen to me at any time, too, online or not!), it is completely NOT okay for me to harshly expose in public the direct names of the people who bullied me online indeed at all in the form of any name-calling, insults, slandering, persecution, scandals, or worse.  And by the exact same token, it is *also not* okay at all for me to make any selfish vendettas on the internet against somebody who I think has wronged me, claim or not.  Ever.  :nod:  Instead, I learn to simply ignore them instead, and just move on forward.  Period, final, done.  :huggle: :rose:

And here on deviantART as well, of course, if I do indeed come across a deviation/artwork right here that I do not even like or find too disturbing for my personal tastes, all I just simply do is to just skip the picture without even talking/commenting about it at all, and just move on to another and much better art piece to enjoy instead... that is what I do as part of me bettering my life in addition, really.  :floating:  The same is even true as well for even Daily Deviation (DD) features throughout all of dA indeed, so do check out FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature? right here for more detailed information about that, please.

Look, even though I can quite well-understand how horribly plain crippling and painful being bullied actually is from directly within many points in my life at the time (wayyyy before I had first joined deviantART on November 2006!!  :omg: ), even I myself have made some *truly* plain stupid-ass mistakes from time to time... for example, there were even times over the more recent years where I did let my own no-good, selfish ego get in the way and even allowed my anger to directly control me from time to time as well without even knowing or realizing it... wow, I sure won’t do that again, as that is absolutely not a good way for me to go through life period in general whatsoever, let’s get that right to be sure!!  :oops:  HOWEVER, I most seriously learn to correct myself more thoroughly in order for me to get a lot, lot better as a human being.  And you know what, I am just getting seriously started on getting better with myself right now.  :nod:  This is where self-control really and most majorly comes into sheer play, after all, which is QUITE IMMENSELY excellent for helping you to successfully overcome online bullying as well when utilized the right way, I gotta rather say!!!  :peace: !!

And let’s seriously face it: I am really not a perfect person myself either.  And yes, very admittedly, I am also a slightly autistic person as well... but at least I am a pretty quick learner myself, so as for me to actually learn whole a lot better than ever.   Even from all within the entire internet, too, including right here on deviantART, of course!!  :hug: !!

And hey, at least I most truly and genuinely try to be a MUCH better man and even learn from my mistakes the right and proper way myself, which is at least better than none, indeed!!  That is for sure, and that’s a most serious guaranteed promise, also... you can count on it!!!  :D :thumbsup:

With everything said throughout this entire anti-bullying piece on :icondigitalbrilliance:, I am most, most glad to be able to share some surefire solutions with all of you on how to successfully conquer bullying... and get better and better as an awesome person that you are truly designed to be in the first place!!  It is my deepest pleasure having you here, and I thank you so much for taking the thoroughly wonderful time to read this to the very end... and with that, ladies and gents, please enjoy this whole entire article and be sure let it so greatly encourage, empower, and more seriously inspire you and a lot of others as well quite richly indeed.  :dalove: :bow: :star: !!!

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MOST  SPECTACULAR  HELLO  TO  ALL  OF  YOU ( :wave: :hug: !! ) and welcome in 2014 to The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, where I so deeply and most wholeheartedly want to reach out most personally from the bottom of my purest, deepest heart entirely to this very rather utterly special lady on deviantART named Lilyas:

Lovely Lily by Lilyas

...who  quite  urgently  needs our help and an amazing ton of support just in order to encourage and successfully empower her to overcome this disastrously awful legal battle that she is most seriously in right now, where if she loses this ever-all-important case, she could very well lose not only her home and workplace, but also *literally* everything as well on top, too!!!  :wow: !!!  And considering that Lily is such a most grandly FANTASTIC person on deviantART with such countless many incredible works as these that she has done over the many years in this art community:

...and also considering even further that she has most successfully earned the highest honor of the ever-coveted Deviousness Award for March 2014 on dA as well as the truth that she is such a most resplendently  OUTSTANDING person on my entire digitalBRILLIANCE administration staff ( :floating: :thumbsup: :blackrose: !!! ), she *really* deserves a grand ton of major support from all of us to help her win this whole legal battle indeed.  Let me paraphrase her true story here regarding her current situation now (as originally first posted on Saturday, March 29, 2014 by Lilyas right here:… ):

Since a few years I live and work in a house together with a few other people in a living community. Now the landlord wants to get rid of us and filed a lawsuit. It's not that we have done anything wrong, we always paid the rent and kept the house in order. Maybe just not the way the owner has imagined? Now found a flaw in the lease contract and uses it in court. He claims that he hasn't given permission to sublease the rooms and unfortunately the lease contract doesn't say otherwise. But sublease was the base of the agreement and the common practice from the beginning: I am the main tenant and all other housemates are subtenants. Why would I rent a big house with 8 rooms for me alone? But the law says I need a written permission and the landlord never handed one over. Though there is proof enough that the owner agreed on sublease I lost the lawsuit in the first instance. If I don't appeal to the next higher authority I am about to lose my home, my workplace (my office is at home), my whole existence in the next weeks and I have to pay all cost for the lawsuit and the involved lawyers because I am the only person in charge.
—  Lilyas ( :iconlilyas: )

Wow.  JUST  WOW.  I mean, it just truly, truly, utterly plain breaks my very heart in two to see this most amazing, amazing lady suffer horribly like this, and SHE DOES NOT EVEN DESERVE to be forced though this ever-needless hell by that landlord there who just blatantly acted like an utter fucking big-time atrocious asshole throughout this entire case, telling from what happened to her just most recently.  You know what, let’s truly kick that landlord’s sorry ass and severely put him in his place by supporting our Lilyas in the most spectacularly and amazingly grandest way possible in order for ALL OF US TOGETHER to extend a serious hand of phenomenal support to her and especially save her all-important home, her local community, her entire workplace where she does her utterly and most wildly gorgeously captivating artworks on dA, and everything that she has in her already huge home indeed, too!!!  In quite rather fact...
Let’s rally indeed!!!

Help Lily to Save Her Home by Lilyas

To begin your amazing support to our dearest Lilyas, you are TRULY HANDSOMELY welcome to go at once to her  official  YouCaring  donation  page, read a lot more about her there, and just openly give your very best donation to her towards her main goal of at least €2,000 (which closely translates to approximately $2,752.60 in U.S. dollars as her main target indeed!  :aww: ) that she and really most rather genuinely deserves out of the absolute goodness of all our hearts... even while she is in the midst of this horrible situation that she is facing even right now as you and I are speaking here.  Another way to support her in the midst of this most terrible crisis is to buy her amazing art prints from dA right here to have in your home immediately, too!!  :D  But whatever you do, please pitch in as much splendid and most magnificently powerful encouragement to her as quite seriously, seriously, seriously possible... she would *really* appreciate that and your most sincerest honesty in actually doing so with a kind and most respectful heart indeed, because it certainly helps her a rather ton, I gotta tell you right now, my most dearest and most flatly awesome ladies and gentlemen!!!  :hug: :bow: :cuddle: :thumbsup: :heart: !!!

And finally, in fullest honor of Lilyas as my total and most unprecedentedly quite special way of congratulating her on her official dA Deviousness Award from March 2014, I have  finally  made my grandest return to this art community of deviantART ( :love: :dalogo: !!! ) to fully genuinely give my very, VERY best-quality new artwork gift to her in which my rather first brand-new artwork deviation of 2014 uses exquisitely honey-like, softest, and most viscous bottomless active quicksand to fully symbolize and encapsulate the great, powerfully ever-intimate erotic love and amazingly sacred sexual purity most poignantly between the Elemental God of Flowing Water named Aseldrik (a living male being made of water) and the supreme High-Goddess of the Sands and Salts named Oasia (a living feminine being made entirely out of the purest fine-grained sand herself, body and all!!) as specifically part of their gloriously grandest bountiful sheer creation together — all without even turning into either a hackneyed, copycat, and most fatally obsolete “TV/movie”-based peril or a slightest porn-fetish at all.  EVER.  This new piece I personally dedicate to Lilyas as an incredible piece of powerful, powerful support to her is called:

The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits by AdigunPolack
Like the most sacredest sinking sands for such utterly purest high-artistic beauty,
its extremely viscous, silkiest, ever-weaving bottomless marsh so moist, active, welcoming, and most insatiably honey-like,
it enthralls the ever-resplendent and magnanimously untainted erotic sexual purity between husband and wife...
as quite gloriously the High-God and High-Goddess of Purest Flowing Water and Finest Desert Sand,
respectively known as the eternal and supreme elemental beings of Aseldrik and Oasia,
who are forever and ever married in such holiest matrimony to one another in such miry and slowly-quaking bliss divine,
coiled together immortally in such an intertwining, wildly passionate love that transcends even the very quicksands of time itself.

Meticulously created right from start to complete entire finish using  ONLY  a  single  mouse  alone  with flatly no drawing tablet whatsoever, “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” is my truly my rather, rather first brand-newest artwork that I had created in WELL OVER A SINGLE ENTIRE YEAR — especially because of the hundreds and thousands of live bedbugs (and their horrible blood-sucking bites!) that me and my mom severely suffered from in our own home for the past two years before we eventually and most finally got rid of them all at long last, and *also* because I had been truly quite physically sick throughout the months of January/February 2014 due to so many serious personal health/emotional issues as a result of all those deplorably unsanitary insects indeed.  So yes, I had suffered and suffered severely and even most profusely indeed from mainly all last year or so that I actually had a MOST INSANELY HORRIBLE 2013 year... yes, really:omfg: !!!  Wow, I was so catastrophically quite extremely enraged by that so much ( :x !! ), that I just fully wanted on-purpose to come back to dA and actually create a “Daily Deviation”-quality artwork as my first newest piece for 2014, just to show how much I have truly and most genuinely improved in my overall art quality in terms of sheer originality, art technique, custom-colored lighting, design, details, concept, and overall execution since my original 2008 version of this was entitled:

Mature Content

Quicksand Spirits of the Salt by AdigunPolack

...and when you especially think about the incredible improvements I have actually made to this 2014 artwork remake indeed, shown for you in clearest detail as strikingly absolute proof right here:

Quicksand Spirits (2014 Remake) Close-Up by AdigunPolack
Quicksand Spirits (2014 Remake) Art Improvements by AdigunPolack

...and when you *also* factor in the fact that that current newest picture of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”, is so criminally, CRIMINALLY underrated with only 253 views and 20 favs ( :+fav: ) from its opening release date of 3-02-2014 to the start of 4-03-2014 so far, this remake surely deserves some dead-serious supportive attention on dA as a resplendent widespread inspiration of not only how well I have really and most genuinely improved most artistically, creatively, and dramatically over my past seven-plus (7+) years on deviantART as an absolutely honestly as ever, but also that I truly and very plain honestly deserve such serious widespread recognition as a most positive example of how superior-quality artworks are made to have such uncharted newest originality and creativity done right... which reminds me of this important saying that I have recently coined up myself from just this 2014 year alone:

Make art such a GRANDEST joy and inner beauty, without even the slightest porn whatsoever.  :deviation: :peace:

And that is in fullest reality why I only plainly wanted, *wanted* to make “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” as flatly damn brilliant in its own sheer creativity using quicksand not as a cataclysmically overused, torpedoed-to-death TV/movie/anime/media/video-game peril or some jawdroppingly pointless vile-ass porn fetish at all, but rather the use of quicksand as utterly freshest, unusually fascinating, and ever-challenging newest creativity to artistically and most masterfully symbolize the eternally passionate love, intimate matrimony, and sacred erotic purity between a husband and his own wife alone together (all WITHOUT  ever turning pornographic or ‘fetishy’ at all, period!!  :aww: ), such as in these works of mine that I had done previously using ONLY a single mouse with no drawing tablet whatsoever at all, for example:

Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass by AdigunPolack

Mature Content

Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay by AdigunPolack

...and on top of that, I had *also* used quicksand, bottomless thick quaking mud, and even bottomless viscous tar swamps to artistically symbolize the absolutely glorious and resplendent resurrection of women in such wholly positive ways, as is portrayed brilliantly at least FOUR (4) times in these artworks that I had done on dA so far from over the years, too:

Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku by AdigunPolack
La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision by AdigunPolack

Controlling the Quicksands by AdigunPolack  The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia by AdigunPolack

...which goes to flat-out show you why when it comes to the viscous substance of quicksand and stuff like that, I INNOVATE, not follow or maintain the status-quo.  :floating: :thumbsup: !!!  I mean, fuck the entire insidiously gaudy and utterly pathetic old-as-hell quicksand peril crap for all time; I came here to create masterfully spectacular artistic originality, not clichés or any bullshit stereotype quicksand-danger scenes/tropes that were vehemently imitated in so many countless ways from world TV, movies, video games, cartoons, anime, art-house film, books, comics, radio, internet, YouTube, and the media as well for well-over the past 100+ years nonstop, year after year after year after every single year (even to this very rather day, believe it or not!!!  :omg: !! ).  At all.  Total period, flatly plain final, and that is *utterly* plain it.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.  :nod:

And I wholly dedicate this entire journal piece to my most utter dearest sweetie Lily A. Seidel (aka Lilyas) on deviantART, to help spread the WIDESPREAD word throughout this whole entire art site about her very utterly serious situation that she is facing right now.  God, I hope she wins this *entire* legal battle against her current landlord, so that she could finally have her house, her workplace, and her local community and everything else back.  And  it  would  be  my  most  ALL-OUT  GRANDEST  PLEASURE  PERSONALLY  to  see  Lily  totally  win  it  all  back  indeed,  let’s  get  that  undeniably  right  quite  handsomely,  too!!!   :love: :hug: :cuddle: :+favlove: !!!

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My fantastic ladies and gentlemen, to The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack here on :devart: for the very, very first time in 2013... and did you all *truly* miss me, hmmmm?  WOW, it has been just about a half-a-year since my 2012-2013 dA artworks season had first began rather late last year on Christmas Day 2012 (or, December 25, 2012) where I debuted this Season 7 of mine here with my splendidly most well-improved digital painting artwork so far of:

Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass by AdigunPolack

...which artistically uses a deep, fathomless, and most softest viscous quicksand of such gooey, gooey rich molasses to actually symbolize such amazingly sexual beauty and stunningly resplendent erotic love between husband and wife like you have never seen before in more beautiful, poignant ways.  :love: :rose:  It was unfortunately the *only* artwork that I had managed to create in this art community myself at the start of my current 2012-2013 season.  Just that one!  :(  Because you see, me and my mom had MASSIVELY been suffering from quite some serious bedbug problems for nearly a whole year since really this past Summer of 2012, and since then, me and my mom indeed had been fighting hard and a whole lot smarter in getting rid of perhaps hundreds of many bedbugs throughout... all to the point where they are all completely killed and gone from our lives!!!  :D !!  For more on that now, please take a listen to this quite interesting little message exchange between Lilyas and I that took place on my humble dA-artworks abode from the 6th all the way to the 18th of May 2013:

:iconlilyas: Lilyas
Hello, Adigun! I am just stopping by to say hi.... Kisses, Lily :iconredbullglompplz:

:iconadigunpolack: AdigunPolack

And kisses right back to you, Lily my fantastic rather ever-dearest ( :kiss: :heart: !! )... and welcome back to deviantART in full swing, too!!! :floating: :thumbsup: !!!

What happened to me took place from over almost the past year alone throughout: my mom and I have suffered from serious, serious blood-sucking bedbugs and fleas (mostly bedbugs!) since this past Summer of 2012... so much so that I had ended up with some serious, PLAIN SERIOUS insomnia issues that lasted for several months in a row straight in the wake of me having to deal with hundreds and hundreds of those rather nasty little unsanitary pests around my bed, the walls, around my mom's front and back rooms. If you have ever heard of a bedbug or have dealt with those things yourself at some point in your life, then I am sure you will understand what I am talking about... and boy, I HAVE suffered big time on this, considering that I had never, ever, ever, ever had had even encountered a slightest single bedbug in my life at all. Period. Please, do bear with me here, because that is the reason I did not even have a ghost of a chance of launching my *very* first new artwork of 2013 since that new year first began at all, due to that quite massive problem I've severely suffered indeed. :( !! I mean, you know how vastly painful for me it is to have my sanity, body, and life eaten away continually and rather literally by constant, multiplying bedbugs and their eggs — especially if you do not get rid of them all fast through a lot of tea-tree oil and possibly some excellent pest-patrol people that specially excel in cleaning out bedbugs, fleas, that kind of thing. :wow:

The only actual slightest, slightest good I have gotten out of this near-totally-disastrous situation in terms of pulling out a new artwork created by me was the one that took place *exactly* on the Christmas Day of 2012 which was a digital painting work entitled "Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass", where I have actually brushed up and improved my overall digital painting techniques to get myself ready for 2013. Please, be sure to read my entire description for this artwork as you view it, as I had also suffered yet miraculously survived a near-death bathtub accident that would DEFINITELY have prevented me permanently from presenting this piece to you here on deviantART today. :omg: !! Please, review and full-view this entire artwork on this art deviation page that houses the work of mine itself (the "Critiques" box is open for you there in case you want to see more closely how well I have improved on my art style, concept, and overall execution that resonates with the art viewers in general so far, by the way!! :aww: ):…

As well, after all the horrible bugs that my mom and I had suffered all throughout nearly a single year straight (and, after we sprayed plenty of tea-tree oil, lavender oil, spreaded diatomaceous earth, and other well-effective methods on the many, many bedbugs' hiding spots which include our bed crevices, the walls, the hidden holes and wall crevices, and even very carefully within the certain electrical outlets that they like to hide in as well, plus the fact that they and tend to die off completely in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit as successfully happened this past Winter by exposing the house and my room to such extremely cold temperatures and then some, day by every single day!! :nod: ), in the most recentest of days thereafter from during now these current months of April/May 2013, my resplendent sweetie, I am EXTREMELY rather happy that the bedbugs are nearly most completely gone so far. G-O-N-E indeed, as I have noticed that have NO bedbug bites on me now, considering how utterly diligent most seriously that my mom and I had day-by-day in getting rid of those repulsive little insects ever since one of my mom's cats accidentally went out in a severe, weed-choked backyard (behind the house) for a WHOLE DAY straight which might have in one way or another harbored those pests and brought them in when that cat there came back home a few days later. :omg: That was where the long-term problem first began and the reason why I had massively suffered eventually from serious insomnia issues where I just could not even sleep in bed for straight days, weeks, and even months period without getting bit and eaten alive by bedbugs. But now, that very whole problem has just about been entirely eradicated so far, and with a bit more work from my mom and I in preventing the bedbugs and fleas from ever coming back here again, they will be gone and wiped out forever to the point where she and I can enjoy and brilliantly enhance our lives in entirely full again (and remember, my mom had ABSOLUTELY NEVER had either fleas or bedbugs in her apartment period that I am in, and never had that problem indeed for over 7 years straight all the way since she first moved in wayyyy before me, too!!).

That said, Lily, I can FINALLY GET BACK to working on my brand-new artworks at long, long last... speaking of which, I am in the process right now of actually creating my very first artwork of 2013 that had been severely stuck in the planning stages since the start of the year, January 2013. And I hope to get the entire new design done and ready on deviantART as a digital painting work... and I will dedicate it to you personally, of course ( :huggle: :rose: !!! ), considering that my 36th birthday is in just 22 days from the time of me writing this reply to you *and* that I had unfairly suffered and suffered and suffered through those horribly crappy, no-good, stinkily unsanitary bedbugs which deliberately prevented me from going forward with my rather newest 2013 creation indeed, too.

Please, do pray for me and my mom especially. :pray: :hug:

:iconlilyas: Lilyas

I am very sorry to hear that you suffered a severe bedbug plague. Yes, I have heard of them. Just recently I suspected to have them myself because on my body there were itchy spots and welts that looked like bug bites. But fortunately it was "just" an urticaria. I am glad you got rid of the nasty beasts. :hug:

:iconadigunpolack: AdigunPolack

Indeed, and I SERIOUSLY thank you especially with all of my deepest, deepest heart. :smooch: :thumbsup: !!!

And, since the Summer of 2013 is coming right up, Lily, I RATHER seriously plan on pumping up my artwork quality on deviantART even more than ever all throughout. In addition, my mom can *finally* get back to her front-room to enjoy some of her DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, as well as watch some full-length movies on YouTube, bedbug-free... she can sleep quite a little safer, let us just brilliantly say for the record now. Me and my mom are continuing to be on our guard together with the tea-tree/lavender oils every day, though. :D !!

And my wonderful honey Lily, when I do get my newest digital painting work done and ready on dA as my very first art piece of 2013 indeed, you will be one of the rather first to know, I promise!!! :cuddle: :+favlove: !!

:iconlilyas: Lilyas

Aw, thank you, dear Adigun! :hug: Looking forward to it...

And flatly plain YES, I am rather definitely personally getting back finally to creating my brand-new digital painting artworks on deviantART.  In fact now, I am currently hard at work on the processes of making indeed my very first artwork of 2013 already... that which'll be even more resplendent and much powerfully so beautiful to behold than ever, ever before!!!  I promise you that, let's get that right to be sure!!!  :hug: :peace: :thumbsup: !!!

On top of all of that...
I have just turned 36 YEARS OLD TODAY!!!

:spotlight-left: :cake: :rose: :bow: :rose: :cake: :spotlight-right:

I just personally wanted to share all of that quite happily with you in this quite important new journal piece of mine, even as you are so graciously welcoming me back in full swing already now; what an ABSOLUTE pleasure to have you indeed ever-more right here... it has been quite a fricking long time coming, let me tell you!!!  :aww: :heart: !!!

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:spotlight-left: :cake: :rose: :bow: :rose: :cake: :spotlight-right:

My fantastic ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you all once more to The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack here on :devart:... where this time, TODAY IS MY 35th BIRTHDAY indeed (since this is May 28, 2012 at the time of this writing!)... I may be older, mind you, but I *am sure* getting wiser and better on dA where I am headed in the continuation of my overall creation of my artworks right here in this very art community!!!  :hug: :thumbsup: !!!

Speaking about which, just a few short weeks before my newest 35th birthday, I had decided to do something surprisingly and most utterly unexpected: create a brand-new 2012 digital-painting remake based on my rather best-loved 2008 work of "Brea Woman Awakening":

Based exclusively on my own personal inspirations of having thoroughly learned and ever-sacredly studied about an utterly damn amazing and most rarest 1914 find of the *only* prehistoric human being that had successfully been unearthed from the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits in California, USA, "Brea Woman Awakening" not only began as my very first-ever prehistoric digital fantasy painting artwork that I had ever, ever created in my entire life period since its official release in this whole world-wide art community of deviantART on September 26, 2008, but it did something so rather unprecedented and quite stunningly groundbreaking in its own design, premise, originality, and execution: having the sacred spirit of La Brea Woman rise and rise slowly out of the bottomless, well-hidden, and ever so vast oozing quicksand-like swamps of such quite pleasantly warm, oily, active, softest, ever-yielding, and ohhhh-so-gooiest melted pitch in a far-distant prehistoric era with her head deeply tilted back so rather happily, which strongly symbolized and represented such an immensely incredible honor, glory, strength, and truest resurrection of woman in rather an unusual and extraordinarily more captivating way unlike anything you have ever seen in ancient history.  :floating: :heart:  Furthermore, out of my entire dA gallery (which you are welcome to see here:…), "Brea Woman Awakening" was my first and ONLY deviation ever that had successfully reached the magic number of 10,000 views just a few months ago in 2012 (after having already been released for over 3+ years!!!  :wow: !! ), with currently just about 150 faves ( :+fav: ) and at least 80 comments, too.

Now, comes the all-new 2012 remake of this that was first released on dA on May 16, 2012 in honor of my 35th birthday indeed, entitled:

...and if you compare these two works together side by side, I think that you will undoubtedly agree that this newer version represents just how much I have vastly, VASTLY improved on my overall art quality from all those years since 2006 when I had first signed on to dA.  Just look at all the differences and see for yourself!!!  :floating: !!

The one thing that *really* bothered me though since the initial release of "La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision" was the mountains and how they looked... this was seriously my very FIRST TIME painting them all customly from scratch, to be honest!!  :wow:

Here was how it came out in the first release (May 16, 2012):

As you can see in this "before" shot, the mountains were quite a bit unpolished and underdeveloped all at once, plus the large dark cloud mass (coming from the left behind the mountains) had some inconsistencies... they did not look right and ended up looking goofy.  I found that out two days later (May 18, 2012), wherein I had to make some very important fixes to both the clouds and mountains themselves indeed to make them much more convincing, as you will see in this coming "after" shot:

Look at them closely.  The difference is clear.

Not bad for my first crack at painting the mountains, huh!?  :aww: :peace: !!

And, there are even more improvements to come right now between my 2008 original and my 2012 remake of this that I want all of you to see right here as a culmination of just how much I had hugely improved as an over-5-year Digital Art Visionary on dA, entitled "La Brea Woman Awakening (The Overall Improvements)":

As for "La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision" and all the improvements that I have made in this piece... well, it is just further damn proof of the sheer undeniable fact that I do create personally in my own unique yet splendidly quite attractive art style and vastly improve on it in my own specific way while stepping up my overall art quality in design, concept, and overall execution and impact — all without imitating another artists' style.  And yes, I *do* create something more and more phenomenally original and actually implement it into my artworks to represent unusual and perhaps such rather resplendent new beauty that ABSOLUTELY no one has ever, ever seen before period.  At least, I am continually learning right here, which is part of this whole journey in which the rewards can be quite richly massive if you just play your cards right, so to speak.  :cuddle: :heart: !!

I will promise you this personally once and for all... there will come a time when I FINALLY deserve a brand-new Daily Deviation (DD) feature so long as I keep improving and improving phenomenally with my newer and forthcoming digital-painting works the way I do.  I do not know when that's gonna be, that is for sure, but as long as I keep my personal artistic vision riding high and so magnificently, that day will soon come.  Until then, I am currently a massively-underrated, rather rare digital-art visionary that deserves the real acclaim and recognition in the long run rather than in bits and spurts.  Don't you agree about that?

Ultimately, at the end of the day, my purposeful motive is crystal-clear: as an almost-six-year digital artist on deviantART, I personally learn to get better and better and BETTER in concept, design, and overall execution in much splendidly creative new ways (regardless of how many DDs I even have at all).  I am not a perfect artist; I am only human after all, and I can only do so, so much.  That is all.

In the meantime as you wish me a happy 35th birthday and talk to me about the differences between "Brea Woman Awakening" from 2008 and "La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision" from 2012 in your comments on this dA journal piece, I got a brand-new digital painting in the works for this upcoming June 2012... and it will be ENTIRELY ALL-NEW, not a remake.  My, if there is just something I want to kick off this Summer of 2012 with, this would damn be it.  And so, I had better get crackin' on that on the double!!!  :love: :star: !!

While I do that, please, do enjoy my birthday with all of my heart as I wish you all a TOTALLY SPECTACULAR upcoming summer with all of my heart... see you quite excellent ladies and gentlemen with a brand-new artwork from Adigun Azikiwe Polack on dA soon, too!!!  :huggle: :+favlove: !!!

:party: :sun: :relax:


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This is it, my most handsomely fantastic ladies and gentlemen.  The very rather moment you all have quite truly been waiting for; my 100TH OFFICIAL DEVIATION on The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack right here on :devart: is up and ready at long, long last... and it is, as promised, a remake of my very, VERY first design of "Hericorn of the Heavenly Night".

To show you how much I have utterly and most tremendously improved overtime in my overall art quality in the past 5½ years, here was the original 1998 piece of this that I had first uploaded on November 28, 2006 (which was the *exact* day that I had first signed on to this very community, by the way!!!  :floating: !! )

...and now, feast your very eyes upon my first-ever, full-on digital-painting remake here as now DEVIATION #100, entitled:

...and just look at how so much damned better this thing is now, as it simply, simply consummates my proud history of how much I have massively, massively improved over those past quite several years I have been on deviantART!!!  :wow: !!!

In-between deviations #1 and #100, "Hericorn of the Heavenly Night" provided the key, key blueprint in leading me squarely and flatly to create something so utterly and MOST unusually fascinating indeed like no one has ever, ever seen before... most especially including my own personal implementations of thick, bottomless shifting mud and quicksand (and such viscous substances like that) solely to actually represent such *incredible* beauty in many unusual new ways like never, EVER before... as completely opposed to a stereotypical, hackneyed, and blatantly tired-ass TV/movie-based cliché where helplessly panicked people and most especially women as well are being sucked down towards their own demise (or very close to it!) like I have seen way too many damn times these days in such many other quicksand-related artworks in this art community that are found under the word "quicksand" on the dA search bar (as I had thoroughly discovered and found out myself from within 2009-2011; more information on that can be found for you on my 2011 digitalBRILLIANCE blog entitled "Like Quicksand for Pure Artistic Beauty" that you are truly welcome to check out: digitalbrilliance.deviantart.c…).  In other words, I do not do what is even popular at all, and I absolutely do not do it for some sick, twisted, and most rather ghastly internet-porn fetish that is largely built around those clichés period either.  Just no.  :no:  I very, very seriously create my own highest-quality artworks mainly FOR PUREST ART AND SHEER ORIGINALITIES' SAKE in terms of me producing something strangely and utterly both fascinating and captivating all at once in many magnificent, fresh, and positive new ways beyond your own imaginations possible, and that's it.  :floating: :+favlove: !!

To show you exactly what I mean, my very first artistic use of quicksand ever was fully birthed on deviantART back on December 7, 2006 entitled "Healing Morass, Fiery Passion", which involved a Native American husband-and-wife couple only who bathed deeply in a swamp of such thick, gooey, softest, tar-like, soothingly warming, and healing medicinal red quicksand rather intimately with each other and weightlessly floating quite happily indeed even though they feel no bottom to this slowly-quaking mud under their bare feet whatsoever:

...and this was alone the very first picture that I had done at all where it uses bottomless quicksand to truly symbolize such sheer smoldering love and total sexual sacredness between husband and wife alone with each other, *without* turning into either a stupidly pointless quicksand peril or a degradingly vile quicksand porno fetish/bondage period.  Look, this type of thing that I am talking about was ABSOLUTELY RATHER NEVER been executed specifically like this before on deviantART (if not completely unheard of altogether!!!  :wow: ), but only I on my own had clearly and most purposefully coined the idea of using bottomless quicksand, deep mud, tar pits, melted chocolate, viscous sap, quickhoney, and such other substances in this art community to symbolize such great sexual love and such wildly untamed intimate beauty both between husband and wife alone in an artistically positive way that is nothing less than resplendently original... especially since I had been using it constantly and constantly from time to time as shown in my certain later artworks, again showing that I had improved artistically in concept, design, and overall execution dramatically as I went along from 2006 right up 'till February 2012, in this order:

...and furthermore, I had experimented other fascinatingly phenomenal new artistic uses for creating quicksand in my own artworks on my own, which translated into such breathtaking masterful brilliances in their own right, such as with these following digital painting pieces of mine right here that I also did over the years:

...and check out those works and read their individual descriptions in their full entirety just to see how much I have innovated artistically like no one had ever, ever done before on deviantART period.

On that note, a brand-new Adigun Azikiwe Polack artwork in this art community *meant* something completely damn special in that regard... with something even better and better than the last piece before it!!!  :cuddle: :heart: !!

Speaking of all of that, that brings me to an ADDITIONAL 101st deviation: another all-newest digital painting art original that I have *also* created myself (as a simultaneous double-bill with the new "Hericorn of the Heavenly Night - the HD Digital"), and it — as the true official sequel to my first-ever surreal work of "Semiliquid Passion" — quite undeniably promises to be the penultimate quicksand-related artwork of all time on deviantART in terms of such grand and masterfully resplendent new originality that is fully and rather fruitfully cultivated as a result of my five-and-a-half years so far of my art creations in this art community, and this newest work that I am talking about is ever-handsomely entitled:

...and believe me, it utterly blows all of the tired and mechanically overblown quicksand-peril junk completely out of the water and then some, as the title of this revolutionary new digital-painting experiment just speaks quite truly for its own wonderful-darling self!!!  :floating: :thumbsup: !!!

You know why?  Because, as you can see all throughout "Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay" (and I recommend you see it in its FULLEST-possible view on dA, especially!!!  :D !! ), every single grain of sand and clay has been carefully crafted and meticulously painted at their very highest quality for this entire picture in its rather high original resolution of 2304x4096, and yet the two different ever-shifting mires — one of tar-like, reddish quickclay on the left; the other of softest, honey-thick quicksand on the right — actually flow like such ever-beautiful liquid in such slowest and ever-yielding motion, their fluidity an unforgettable dance of such absolute divine beauty that is as hypnotic as it is so hauntingly alluring!!  Add to that the fact that the Celestial Quicksand Goddess is a sacred supreme female deity made entirely out of quicksand on the right, and her Divine Dragon Husband of Clay is a purest and ever-incorruptible male dragon deity made of quickclay on the left, and you got an epic spectacular for the many ages, full of deep passionate intimacy and ever-sensual bliss so immortally poignant and unforgettable between the two amourous eternally-married lovers like you have NEVER, ever seen before period... you can count on that!!!  :heart: :peace: !!

And to make this whole unusual yet intensely most beautiful sacred piece worth your ultimate while quite magnificently indeed, where you rotate this picture just 90-degrees sideways from its original vertical view (by either turning your head a little bit or temporarily rotating your monitor to its side) will indicate the many fascinating new interpretations that both represent and symbolize such strongest desire that these two main characters have in their deepest, deepest love for each other (please check out my full description of this artwork for more details on all of that).

Oh... by the way, seriously everything in this work is done entirely is done using ONLY a mouse and NO DRAWING TABLET whatsoever while done exclusively in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 (10th Anniversary Edition) alone, which is a *very* old digital-paint program that I still have today ever since around 2002.   No Photoshop, no Corel Painter, no GIMP, and absolutely no references used period either, which should be a most gigantic achievement personally for me among everything else in this entire new quicksand-related painting indeed, really!!  :thumbsup: :rose: !!!

Besides, I just want to make this, my second-ever surreal piece of "Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay" even more spectacular in sheer epicness and scope in terms of originality than even "Hericorn of the Heavenly Night - the HD Digital".  After all, I am here to just shut up and step up the overall art quality to such captivating new heights that just 20 million deviants in this art community need to look at simultaneously at once, because I want to inspire all of them indeed and then rather some... just in a most phenomenally damn good way, no less!!!  :hug: :+favlove: !!

That is clearly why I started my own successfully-popular dA digital-art group called digitalBRILLIANCE back on December 2009 with PurpelBlur, archanN, and Lilyas, after all.

With all of that, I am a TRUE digital-art visionary quite gorgeously indeed!!!
:spotlight-left: :clap: :clap: :clap: :star: :w00t!: :deviation: :salute: :cake: :salute: :rose: :bow: :star: :clap: :clap: :clap: :spotlight-right:

And it is such a resplendently most deepest pleasure with all of my heart for me to share my own personal, personal artistic vision with all of you and also with each and *every* single one of my own watchers on deviantART as well, and yes, I will continue improving ever-indeed for the rather better!!!!  :star: :love: :star: !!!


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