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This is it, my most handsomely fantastic ladies and gentlemen.  The very rather moment you all have quite truly been waiting for; my 100TH OFFICIAL DEVIATION on The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack right here on :devart: is up and ready at long, long last... and it is, as promised, a remake of my very, VERY first design of "Hericorn of the Heavenly Night".

To show you how much I have utterly and most tremendously improved overtime in my overall art quality in the past 5½ years, here was the original 1998 piece of this that I had first uploaded on November 28, 2006 (which was the *exact* day that I had first signed on to this very community, by the way!!!  :floating: !! )

...and now, feast your very eyes upon my first-ever, full-on digital-painting remake here as now DEVIATION #100, entitled:

...and just look at how so much damned better this thing is now, as it simply, simply consummates my proud history of how much I have massively, massively improved over those past quite several years I have been on deviantART!!!  :wow: !!!

In-between deviations #1 and #100, "Hericorn of the Heavenly Night" provided the key, key blueprint in leading me squarely and flatly to create something so utterly and MOST unusually fascinating indeed like no one has ever, ever seen before... most especially including my own personal implementations of thick, bottomless shifting mud and quicksand (and such viscous substances like that) solely to actually represent such *incredible* beauty in many unusual new ways like never, EVER before... as completely opposed to a stereotypical, hackneyed, and blatantly tired-ass TV/movie-based cliché where helplessly panicked people and most especially women as well are being sucked down towards their own demise (or very close to it!) like I have seen way too many damn times these days in such many other quicksand-related artworks in this art community that are found under the word "quicksand" on the dA search bar (as I had thoroughly discovered and found out myself from within 2009-2011; more information on that can be found for you on my 2011 digitalBRILLIANCE blog entitled "Like Quicksand for Pure Artistic Beauty" that you are truly welcome to check out: digitalbrilliance.deviantart.c…).  In other words, I do not do what is even popular at all, and I absolutely do not do it for some sick, twisted, and most rather ghastly internet-porn fetish that is largely built around those clichés period either.  Just no.  :no:  I very, very seriously create my own highest-quality artworks mainly FOR PUREST ART AND SHEER ORIGINALITIES' SAKE in terms of me producing something strangely and utterly both fascinating and captivating all at once in many magnificent, fresh, and positive new ways beyond your own imaginations possible, and that's it.  :floating: :+favlove: !!

To show you exactly what I mean, my very first artistic use of quicksand ever was fully birthed on deviantART back on December 7, 2006 entitled "Healing Morass, Fiery Passion", which involved a Native American husband-and-wife couple only who bathed deeply in a swamp of such thick, gooey, softest, tar-like, soothingly warming, and healing medicinal red quicksand rather intimately with each other and weightlessly floating quite happily indeed even though they feel no bottom to this slowly-quaking mud under their bare feet whatsoever:

...and this was alone the very first picture that I had done at all where it uses bottomless quicksand to truly symbolize such sheer smoldering love and total sexual sacredness between husband and wife alone with each other, *without* turning into either a stupidly pointless quicksand peril or a degradingly vile quicksand porno fetish/bondage period.  Look, this type of thing that I am talking about was ABSOLUTELY RATHER NEVER been executed specifically like this before on deviantART (if not completely unheard of altogether!!!  :wow: ), but only I on my own had clearly and most purposefully coined the idea of using bottomless quicksand, deep mud, tar pits, melted chocolate, viscous sap, quickhoney, and such other substances in this art community to symbolize such great sexual love and such wildly untamed intimate beauty both between husband and wife alone in an artistically positive way that is nothing less than resplendently original... especially since I had been using it constantly and constantly from time to time as shown in my certain later artworks, again showing that I had improved artistically in concept, design, and overall execution dramatically as I went along from 2006 right up 'till February 2012, in this order:

...and furthermore, I had experimented other fascinatingly phenomenal new artistic uses for creating quicksand in my own artworks on my own, which translated into such breathtaking masterful brilliances in their own right, such as with these following digital painting pieces of mine right here that I also did over the years:

...and check out those works and read their individual descriptions in their full entirety just to see how much I have innovated artistically like no one had ever, ever done before on deviantART period.

On that note, a brand-new Adigun Azikiwe Polack artwork in this art community *meant* something completely damn special in that regard... with something even better and better than the last piece before it!!!  :cuddle: :heart: !!

Speaking of all of that, that brings me to an ADDITIONAL 101st deviation: another all-newest digital painting art original that I have *also* created myself (as a simultaneous double-bill with the new "Hericorn of the Heavenly Night - the HD Digital"), and it — as the true official sequel to my first-ever surreal work of "Semiliquid Passion" — quite undeniably promises to be the penultimate quicksand-related artwork of all time on deviantART in terms of such grand and masterfully resplendent new originality that is fully and rather fruitfully cultivated as a result of my five-and-a-half years so far of my art creations in this art community, and this newest work that I am talking about is ever-handsomely entitled:

...and believe me, it utterly blows all of the tired and mechanically overblown quicksand-peril junk completely out of the water and then some, as the title of this revolutionary new digital-painting experiment just speaks quite truly for its own wonderful-darling self!!!  :floating: :thumbsup: !!!

You know why?  Because, as you can see all throughout "Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay" (and I recommend you see it in its FULLEST-possible view on dA, especially!!!  :D !! ), every single grain of sand and clay has been carefully crafted and meticulously painted at their very highest quality for this entire picture in its rather high original resolution of 2304x4096, and yet the two different ever-shifting mires — one of tar-like, reddish quickclay on the left; the other of softest, honey-thick quicksand on the right — actually flow like such ever-beautiful liquid in such slowest and ever-yielding motion, their fluidity an unforgettable dance of such absolute divine beauty that is as hypnotic as it is so hauntingly alluring!!  Add to that the fact that the Celestial Quicksand Goddess is a sacred supreme female deity made entirely out of quicksand on the right, and her Divine Dragon Husband of Clay is a purest and ever-incorruptible male dragon deity made of quickclay on the left, and you got an epic spectacular for the many ages, full of deep passionate intimacy and ever-sensual bliss so immortally poignant and unforgettable between the two amourous eternally-married lovers like you have NEVER, ever seen before period... you can count on that!!!  :heart: :peace: !!

And to make this whole unusual yet intensely most beautiful sacred piece worth your ultimate while quite magnificently indeed, where you rotate this picture just 90-degrees sideways from its original vertical view (by either turning your head a little bit or temporarily rotating your monitor to its side) will indicate the many fascinating new interpretations that both represent and symbolize such strongest desire that these two main characters have in their deepest, deepest love for each other (please check out my full description of this artwork for more details on all of that).

Oh... by the way, seriously everything in this work is done entirely is done using ONLY a mouse and NO DRAWING TABLET whatsoever while done exclusively in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 (10th Anniversary Edition) alone, which is a *very* old digital-paint program that I still have today ever since around 2002.   No Photoshop, no Corel Painter, no GIMP, and absolutely no references used period either, which should be a most gigantic achievement personally for me among everything else in this entire new quicksand-related painting indeed, really!!  :thumbsup: :rose: !!!

Besides, I just want to make this, my second-ever surreal piece of "Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay" even more spectacular in sheer epicness and scope in terms of originality than even "Hericorn of the Heavenly Night - the HD Digital".  After all, I am here to just shut up and step up the overall art quality to such captivating new heights that just 20 million deviants in this art community need to look at simultaneously at once, because I want to inspire all of them indeed and then rather some... just in a most phenomenally damn good way, no less!!!  :hug: :+favlove: !!

That is clearly why I started my own successfully-popular dA digital-art group called digitalBRILLIANCE back on December 2009 with PurpelBlur, archanN, and Lilyas, after all.

With all of that, I am a TRUE digital-art visionary quite gorgeously indeed!!!
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And it is such a resplendently most deepest pleasure with all of my heart for me to share my own personal, personal artistic vision with all of you and also with each and *every* single one of my own watchers on deviantART as well, and yes, I will continue improving ever-indeed for the rather better!!!!  :star: :love: :star: !!!


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