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You Are a Sacred Work of Art.


(WARNING: this design and the comments in this one are *definitely* for mature audiences 18 years of age or over ONLY!! If you are under 18, then PLEASE stay away from this one right now... you have been warned!!! :) )
________________________________________ _____

A grandly, grandly so magnificent hello to you on deviantART once more, my most awesome ladies and gentlemen, as I will show you something rather totally unique and special in honor of my 25,000+ pageviews that I have in this art community right now over just about the past three (3) years that I have been in this fantastic, fantastic place indeed!!!

Art resembles imagination.

Art resembles greatness.

Art resembles passion.

Art resembles creativity.

Art resembles inspiration, not imitation.

And, art resembles great sensuality and such blossoming erotic poignance as well. :floating: !!

All of such is no doubt the case with my very first digital painting of my current new 2009/2010 season on dA which is entitled “You Are a Sacred Work of Art” ( あなたは神聖な美術品です。 )... and it is quite fittingly named for such a piece like this, you know what I am saying!? :thumbsup: :heart: !!

I am most personally presenting this powerful brand-new original work of mine as a rather special artwork gift to these following quite amazing artists in this community that have really touched my heart and inspired me much, MUCH greatly over the years:

   :iconmoonbeam13: $Moonbeam13
   :iconmombeam: =mombeam (the amazingly wonderful mom of dA admin $Moonbeam13)
   :iconjunkbyjen: ^JunkbyJen
   :iconlilyas: `Lilyas
   :iconhellobaby: `hellobaby
   :iconimaginedmoments: `imaginedmoments
   :iconjenepooh: `jenepooh
   :iconoibyrd: `oibyrd
   :icondarkermusings: *darkermusings
   :iconkaanamoonshadow: *KaanaMoonshadow
   :iconinobras: *inObrAS
   :icongenzoman: *GENZOMAN
   :iconrainfeatherpearl: =RainfeatherPearl
   :iconbakanekonei: `Bakanekonei
   :iconkissmypixels: *kissmypixels
   :iconwen-m: `Wen-M
   :icondianar87: *dianar87
   :iconmytharcana: ~MythArcana
   :iconsophquest: `Sophquest
   :iconiardacil: *Iardacil

...and also dedicated to these following people who are so extremely devoted, passionate fans of my work:

   :icontbonetony: ~TBoneTony
   :iconxicos-chan: ~Xicos-chan
   :iconbillie-bonce: ~Billie-Bonce
   :iconraidium: ~Raidium

...and last but rather not least at all, I especially devote this artwork to:

   :iconpurpelblur: ^PurpelBlur
   :iconmmebuterfly: =mmebuterfly

...who QUITE GENUINELY supported me so wonderfully and then some in this art community with all of their very own hearts, as they are truly two of the damn best people that I have ever had the pleasure of having on dA... period!!!  :nod: :peace:

And so, this artwork here is my personal special way of saying THANK YOU SO GRANDLY MUCH for all of that fantastic support to me on deviantART and for the sheer encouragement and artwork inspirations that you all have truly given me since I have first joined this community on November 28, 2006. I could not have even done it all without you!!! :huggle: :thumbsup: !!!

This original digital painting design promises to ever-poignantly embody art, paint, beauty, and eroticism in such magical and rather strangely captivating new ways and combine them all into such a strongest and most sacredly powerful image unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen before! And here, this piece is actually set in Heaven in the afterlife, where the adult male painter/artist of Seguido Zeguardé is personally invited and so insatiably allured by his own wife named Artissiana Zeguardé, an adult female painter who is so ever-magnificently reincarnated in Heaven as the most indescribably beautiful and ohhhhh-so-seductively voluptuous Melted Paint Goddess, whose sticky yet quite so silky soft body is literally made out of the purest and most gooiest multicolored paint that is STILL wet and so highly viscous for all of eternity, her voice an utterly captivating siren’s song of such indescribable passion and deepest untamed sensuality... she is so insatiably monogamous to her only husband/lover Seguido and him alone rather intimately, after all. :aww: :rose:

According to this picture, both Seguido and the goddess Artissiana — completely naked of all clothing, naturally — are alone together in her very own private and grandest painted realms that she has personally invited him to within all of Heaven alone, and they have just reached the rim of an incredibly immense mountain-top volcano in the sky... but unlike your typical everyday volcano where it just spews out molten lava, this inactive yet very special one actually has a monstrous-sized crater that is filled with such deep and taffy-like melted paint, its strange and magically soothing rainbow-swirled quicksands of such a slow-melted tar-like substance more viscous than even the richest honey itself (especially when heated)... and yet, it flows so easily and rather silkily like a massive mass that is neither water nor solid on its own — but rather halfway in-between the two together. Thus, this tarry goop is *quite* immensely a whole lot smoother and more unusually soothing than any mud period. And, it is rather most extremely gentle on even human skin, as well as completely cures all wounds and scars that this beautiful-looking slime touches, making the paint MUCH more unusually damn precious than even the purest gold itself!!! :D

Also, Seguido has brought his very special magic paintbrush with him to the volcano, since he always dreamt of painting Artissiana nude so consensually and making her even more sacred to him than ever before, too.

So, he gave the paintbrush to her and lifted the elegantly curvy body of the ever-living Paint Goddess up into his arms, to which he then looked her directly in the face and smiled ever so ravishingly at her, enamoured even more by the slime-like, silkiest touch of her bare skin indeed while the feel and weight of her is exactly like that of a tall and slender human woman — somewhere in her late 20s or so. She looked him straight in the eye, craving him so, so sexually... wanting to become one with him in the melted gooiest central part of its giant volcanic crater... truly, madly, and MOST consensually, too. :floating:

Those curves. That incredibly sensual softness. That feel of natural melted paint all over you from within! That insatiably damn alluring rainbow skin, drawing me ever to you even more like a great moth so seduced all of a sudden by a burning, dancing flame that shines and flickers brilliantly in the fullest moon!!”, he gasped, so *totally* blown away and extremely turned on all at once with such utterly rapt delight of having felt Artissiana’s nude and Heavenly-resurrected multicolored body indeed. Then, as he smiled rather amorously at her, he continued, “Ohhhhh my wife Artissiana, you are even more madly attactive than ever, and I want to be with you forever, my painted wife... my rapturous eternal siren of a goddess!!! May I?”.

Yes, my ever-handsome artistic god Seguido!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you have completely come to such colossal life AT LAST!!!!”, she exclaimed rather passionately with such a deep and wickedly slinky smile, blushing with such great arousal towards him quite deeply. Then, as her voice began to flow much, much smoother than even the thickest melted oil itself, she purred, “Take all of me right now as we melt ourselves fully and deeply into this tarry swirl of paint together. I WANT you!!!”. :love: !!

And from there, Seguido carried his Goddess wife right onto the mouth of that Heavenly volcano, where the rainbow-swirled surface started to get a bit warm and slightly yielding underfoot like fine jelly as he walked her... until, they were suddenly in the center and melted part of the crater, where he began to slowly sink and sink into this thick tarry melted paint. Without hesitation, it began to warm and warm him immediately upon contact, its shiny and many-colored bubbles rising and rising gradually to the surface, staying there for several seconds, and then popping right out of sight with a loud blupping sound... one right after the other, creating quite a hauntingly beautiful symphony of the most strangest kind coming from that very crater indeed. As Seguido and Artissiana started to feel themselves sinking a bit faster, this stickiest yet readily yielding liquefied morass of such healing slime began to deeply cling to him so gently and rather wonderfully like a second skin indeed, curing his wounds entirely and slowly wrapping him in such a deeply, deeply soothing heat. It *really* started to comfort him; it did NOT burn his skin at all. The Goddess smiled even more blissfully.

Put me down. I want to sink and bathe in that beautiful volcanic melted paint right next to you, and the better for me to make love to you in it indeed, too.”, the Paint Goddess Artissiana so fetchingly cooed and consented to her husband.

Seguido happily, happily accepted.

And so, he positioned his most loveliest wife Artissiana into a standing positition right intimately next to her in the closest possible position, and placed her gently down into that same melted part of the volcanic crater feet first, where she too began to sink into that tarry warmth, its silkiest painted mud sticking quite deeply and most soothingly to her skin as well just like it did his.

As he starts to paint her now with the multicolored mud from the volcano itself using his magic paintbrush, they are suddenly up to their bare waists and sinking deeper and deeper now into this unusually beautiful bath nude together, its softest and slowly-quaking bottom rather a lot like such hungry and extremely starving quagmire, its consistency actually becoming more and more taffy-like yet utterly even more strangely comforting for them both!! And most oddly enough, as they feel the mire grow more and more stretchier around their legs, Artissiana began to make such wildest and most insatiably torrid love to her own husband Seguido in this quaking, pulsating, and most ever-so-sensually damn beautiful rainbow-swirled slime of melted paint ever so smolderingly, and him with her... all in ways that they have literally NEVER imagined possible!!! :heart: :love: :heart: !!

And right from the moment the copulation in the volcanic quicksand between the goddess and her husband began, the paintbrush suddenly began the work of painting her even more elegantly for him on its own, making her quite a lot artistically and quite stunningly more sensual than ever before.

Meanwhile, the volcano’s delicate inner mass continues to grow much more softer and softer than ever before and yielding to such great, great pressure ever more, swallowing them both so slowly yet deeply into its silkiest miry mouth. This was not just any quicksand at all. No. Rather, it is more of an unfathomably bottomless crater of such gooiest, most indescribably soothing and healing hot melted paint that is quite pleasantly heated slowly and thoroughly at absolutely no more than somewhere between 102 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit, its softest and ever-shifting miry mass turning much more insatiably creamier and creamier the deeper they sink ever more passionately as it just grips them both in such an extremely strong, yet so extraordinarily gentle vise-like grip.

Speaking of which, the melted mass of such rainbow-swirled gluey paint is just sultrily caressing and silkily flowing around every single nook and crevice of their naked bodies, its intense touch just totally causing their sheer sexual heat to so rapidly and rapidly rise right to the boiling point of their ever-endless passion for one another — slowly, steadily, deeply... and SO RATHER DAMN NICELY, too -- right to where they completely exploded into such indescribably unforgettable sexual heaven with one another indeed... art and sexuality have never been quite more magnificently erotic than this!!! :rose: :floating: :rose: !!!

In the afterglow of their most wildly loveliest climax with each other in Heaven, Artissiana the goddess opened her eyelids and looked directly at her husband Seguido once more, his eyes slowly opening as well... only to see her face-to-face with that intense ball-and-chain look in her own eyes so madly seductively on the throes of such erotically smoldering sacredness with him, in which she then whispered in his ear in such a quite wickedly seductive manner, “Now is the time, my Seguido. Merge with me, my deepest deepest eternal beloved!!!”.

In the matter of the next couple of minutes, Seguido and his Melted Paint Goddess Artissiana were both up to their necks and chins in this stretchy and bubbly tar-like slime, floating... and even while their feet felt bottomless softest mud beneath, it caused their naked bodies to be pressed and weightlessly held together even more in such suspended, suspended animation with each other in the most wildest, most explosively intimate of forms. Also, even though they felt a bouncy yet rather so gentle waterbed-like sensation as the magical tarry morass shifted and weaved very slowly around them this way and that while only their flushed and amorously smiling faces remain above its gooiest surface, they are not sinking any further at all. Ever. :heart: !!

Seguido rested his head deeply against Artissiana’s right shoulder, and suddenly, he felt himself literally starting to become one with the natural paint essence from within her, so thoroughly and effortlessly... slowly and permanently transforming him into a real and ever-living Melted Paint God, forever fated as her only, only artistically sacred lover... and for her, one eternally with him for all time.

And that is only just the beginning of their sacredly erotic journey of passion in artistic painting that comes within this most splendid Heavenly couple, as they become more and more monogamous so sexually and emotionally to one another in their beautiful marriage, thus becoming two most captivating works of art to each other as they honor their own bodies and consentually give themselves rather sensually to one another together, while absolutely NEVER allowing another being to partake of their sexual relationship with one another at all. Period, totally no exceptions or compromises whatsoever... and that is just definitely final. :nod: :thumbsup: !!!

This is the most wildly exciting sexual odyssey of this ever-sacred marital uniting between man and woman, which is the perhaps greatest and most cherished form of art of all time... as well as the most brilliantly damn fascinating of all, too!!!

That is just why this piece is called “You are a Sacred Work of Art”, after all. :flame: :blackrose:

Using an overall grand total of just 56 layers exclusively in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 alone, I believe I really went full-force into stepping up and stepping up my overall artwork quality into something as even more unusual and so splendidly even more fascinating as ever in my own original creations here in this art community... and that is just the beginning of something GREAT indeed, you know? :hug:

And about the background Heavenly sky in this picture, it is *not* photomanipulated at all. Rather, it has been authentically custom-created using Paint Shop Pro 7 as well in the process of which this artwork painting original was developed. As for the rest of the picture (including the bottomless melted paint inside that Heavenly mud volcano that resembles a healing tar-like quicksand that is stickier than honey, stretchier than even hot melted molasses, and yet flows like water in such slowest and quite undulating motion), I created and painted it all myself, alone. And the emotional value between the two Heavenly lovers of this picture is really gonna add such sparkling, combustible eroticism that will go off the chain even greater than the fireworks on the 4th of July in New York City, you get what I am saying now? :love:

Also, do notice the comet coming from around the top-right corner of this artwork design, which adds a special little touch to this already sensual ethereal atmosphere. And especially check out the paintbrush that is located near the bottom-center of this painting original here, as it takes its time and so slowly glides and magically paints her hair into such many an array of colorful, sexiest rainbow shine and beauty indeed!! You do not want to miss that as well, I am sure!!! :hug: !

Alright. Even though this entire picture took me around 18 days on and off to create, you might as well just say that I have really put in a great helluva lot of steam into making this whole thing come alive in such dazzling, enthralling magic and beauty unlike any you have ever experienced before in my own artworks on dA... and I am quite certainly damn proud of creating this complete piece of digital art from start to finish!!! :thumbsup: !!

That said, if you are 18 years of age or over, then do quite enjoy this most attractively splendid celebration of art, paint, sensuality, and sexuality in its truest, purest form in this entire, entire artwork digital painting. Bye for now, and thank you all so much on such a successful 25,000+ hits on The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack ([link]) on deviantART!!! :salute: :star:

:spotlight-left: :clap: :clap: :w00t!: :bow: :rose: :hug: :blackrose: :smooch: :rose: :bow: :w00t!: :clap: :clap: :spotlight-right:

©2009 Adigun Azikiwe Polack.  All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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vagepaul's avatar
buteful colors
Rafaxx's avatar
you are brilliant!

amazing colors!
AdigunPolack's avatar
Truly, I have to say an enormous THANK YOU especially for that most fantastic comment on “You Are a Sacred Work of Art”, Rafaxx my man, and rather an amazing pleasure to meet you on deviantART, too!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!
Rafaxx's avatar
a pleasure to meet you, by the way,you write in a very sprcial way also, great artist!
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
Hi There :wave:
I have featured your work in my recent journal showcasing favs from my art account :) You can view this feature at the link below:


I hope my little spotlight brings you some new fans!
Warm Regards
Sandi :heart:
aka `oibyrd
AdigunPolack's avatar
What a rather, RATHER pleasure for you to spotlight my own 2009 digital painting work of “You Are a Sacred Work of Art” into your latest and quite excellent journal piece indeed, and what a damn handsome honor it is, also!! Thank you ever so very much from the bottom of my heart for that, oibyrd my absolutely most wonderful dearest on dA... I MEAN THAT!!! :cuddle: :thumbsup: !!!
MattSpire's avatar
Your use of color is wonderful. Though I consider color a personal strong point I find myself in awe of your mastery over it. Truly breathtaking.
AdigunPolack's avatar
Great, great comment from you on that, MattSpire, and I really must thank you here... and with such an artwork like “You Are a Sacred Work of Art” that I did successfully, I deserve that truly, you know? :D :thumbsup: !!

And yes, a whole lot of sheer determination, dedication, and absolute heart were all poured out from me into this complete entire piece that you see here, as it truly celebrates and honors the total beauty of art and melted paint in an unusually captivating manner indeed. And since I do specialize personally in creating such unusually fascinating artworks on a regular basis on deviantART, yeah, it is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY... ohhhhh and how!!! :hug: :peace: !!!
Garret-B's avatar
Wow beautiful piece and story behind it! The water looks amazing i love all those colors looks so dreamy! and that comet adds a nice touch definately! Beautiful work!! :D
AdigunPolack's avatar
Why thank you quite, QUITE so much for such a most excellent comment here on “You Are a Sacred Work of Art.”, Garret-B my wonderful man... and my awesome pleasure indeed for that, too!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !!

And by the way, that is not really water you are looking at in this picture, but rather such thick and healing and ohhhh-so-pleasurably warming melted paint that is even stickier, smoother, and more yielding than even honey itself... yet even MUCH more gentle on even human skin. Yet, even in its quicksand-based, tar-like consistency in that unusually beautiful Heavenly mud volcano that the couple of Seguido and Artissiana Zeguardé are bathing so deeply and rather quite intimately in with each other as husband and wife in the afterlife, Garret-B, they are indeed floating weightlessly up to their necks and chins — never to sink any further period, even though there is just no fathomable bottom to this utterly soothing melted paint alone! Truly damn amazing, isn’t it now!? :love: :rose: !!

And did you notice the magic paintbrush closely while looking at this picture? That was the most, MOST important thing that I am so glad I have added to this picture to make it really damn special indeed, I must say, especially in the overall creation of this digital painting piece of mine right here on dA, not to mention the story in relation to what this very work was about and the way they do connect hand-in-hand, too!!! :D :heart:

So overall, I have had such, such an amazing time creating this picture; I wanted to get some SERIOUS originality going right in especially on deviantART, and it just richly shows, let me tell you right here and now!!! :salute: :peace: !!

Thank you so very, very much once again for that splendid comment indeed, Garret-B!!! :floating: :+favlove: !!
Garret-B's avatar
You are very welcome it is a wonderful piece!! :D :hug: So sorry for the late reply, my internet went out for a lil and then got way behind on everything.

Oo yea that is so amazing though, you really give such a beautiful description of it! It is like something out of a dream, makes me really want to go there! Oo and yea that paintbrush was such a beautiful touch!! I really love the way everything fits together in this piece, you put a lot of effort in this and it really shows! Truly amazing job!! :glomp: :love:
AdigunPolack's avatar
And I gotta, gotta thank you once again indeed for that and more, Garret-B... not a damn, damn problem at all, really!!! :D :thumbsup: !!!

Another thing, I am sorry your internet had gone out for a bit of a while... I mean, it is just so PLAIN hard to catch up on everything all at once once you miss a few days of the ‘net straight, you know!? :(

I can well-understand why, especially since I do run a dA group called #digitalBRILLIANCE in the first place. Yeah. And that I why I gotta keep up so that I cannot miss a beat. :floating: !

Thank you so, so much once again for such AWESOME praises on this artwork right here indeed!!! :glomp: :+favlove: !!
Garret-B's avatar
You are so welcome!! :tighthug: Haha yea it's the worst though you get behind so fast and then it seems so much harder to catch up afterwards. Oo yea I bet though, #digitalBRILLIANCE is such a great group I bet it must take so much time with all the submissions and everything! I just run a smaller fractal group and it gets me so much extra farther behind lol :D And you're welcome, very well deserved!! :dance:
AdigunPolack's avatar
And my absolute, absolute pleasure to you right here, Garret-B. Without a shadow of a doubt, too!!! :floating: :peace: !!
IgnoreMyExistence's avatar
I love the clors and I think it is awsome you devoted this work to so many people that have helped you it wonderfully when the artist gives credit to the muses very wonderfully done
ImaginedMoments's avatar
Very beautiful and thank you :blowkiss:
Sophquest's avatar
:heart: Aw, thanks so much!
This is absolutely beautiful.

:rose: Sophquest
AdigunPolack's avatar
You are MOST extraordinarily welcome indeed, Sophquest my quite beloved dearest on dA!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !!

Keeping in sheer sacredness regarding the uncompromised spirit, beauty, and perhaps erotic sensuality of art and painting in this picture, this digital artwork is really my personal expression of just how truly sacred paint can be, especially in the lovemaking aspect between Seguido and his own wife Artissiana in this very design, too. I mean, when giving you such an artwork gift, I had to make sure it is every damn bit as beautiful as beautiful can fully get... in a rather quite special way indeed!!! :floating: :heart: !!!

Thank you especially so much for such an excellent comment, sweetie!!! :kiss: :+favlove:
PurpelBlur's avatar
What a beautiful and unique piece! The details are very exquisite.

Thank you so very much for the special dedication, never in my wildest dreams did I expect such. :hug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
Well I am utterly very happy that I have certainly made your dreams come true on this original digital painting picture of “You Are a Sacred Work of Art”, PurpelBlur, and that it just spoke to you personally when it came to the sheer exploration of such vast richnesses of how fresh, cutting-edge, innovative, captivating, beautiful, and even more passionate and quite damn brilliantly poignant the nature and intimacies of art can ACTUALLY be in its purest, untamed form (even on a much more emotional human level as well!!)... and in the case of such marvelous melted paint and seduction in Heaven between the handsome adult male painter and the Melted Paint Goddess as his only wife in this picture, that definitely speaks for itself and then some, my most awesome, awesome guy on deviantART!!! :floating: :+favlove: !!!

Hey, I may be a bit of an under-appreciated artist these days on dA (where *much* more wider-spread audiences in this art community are concerned, in general), BUT, at least I am actually growing and growing into something a lot better and also as an art visionary, where I actually envision something more and more innovative and/or so unusually fascinating and create it as brilliantly as ever in artwork form — high quality and all. Now THAT is how artists are especially made in this art community, you know that!? :D :thumbsup: !!

PurpelBlur, I must THANK YOU so much for your outstanding comments on this newest artwork dedication right here that I gave to you; you plain deserve every last bit of it as such an honor to this deviantART community in its complete 100% entirety and what the whole sacred beauty and intimacies of art is fully all about in such truest, more blossoming form!!!! :love: :peace: !!!
oibyrd's avatar
I am truly honored to be amongst the folks who have touched your beautiful artistic expression - thank you for including me :hug:!
AdigunPolack's avatar
And you are MOST rather handsomely welcome as well, oibyrd my precious one on dA!! :heart: I mean, I did not want to leave you out as well here, especially since this painting original of “You Are a Sacred Work of Art” has such an outstanding rendition of such a sacredly damn beautiful use of paint and seduction in Heaven between the adult male painter and his own wife who had just been reincarnated as the Melted Paint Goddess... especially according to the way I have designed this very art piece, you know what I am saying now? :huggle: :thumbsup: !!!
mmebuterfly's avatar
Wonderful colors,the scene is magical the lights is wonderful my dearest!! Another master piece,very,very emotional,intense!
:worship: Thank u very,very much for lovely dedication my dear and talented friend!!:glomp:
AdigunPolack's avatar
You are so, so welcome as well as most splendidly as ever, mmebuterfly my *dearest* dearest one... and since today is your birthday at the time of me writing this reply (I most recently saw about it in your latest dA journal entry right here: [link]), do consider this art piece of “You Are a Sacred Work of Art” as my special artwork birthday present from me to you personally on deviantART. A most HAPPIEST birthday to you indeed!!!! :D :thumbsup: !!!

:spotlight-left: :party: :hug: :cake: :highfive: :party: :spotlight-right:
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