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Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass

By AdigunPolack

NOTE: A VERY special step-by-step digital painting process of how I made this entire piece painstakingly is now available for you right here on dA as a Flash animation, so view it here pronto, please: [link]

Overall Combined Time: 90hrs., 46mins. total
Software Used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7
Total Layers: ALL 100 layers!!
Tools Used: Mouse only; ABSOLUTELY NO drawing tablet whatsoever!!! :D !!
References Used: NONE.

S P E C I A L   I M P O R T A N T   N O T E :

During the full developing of this VERY NEWEST digital painting work, there was something rather quite serious that literally happened that could well-have easily impacted my own physical body in a traumatic, potentially fatal way... and it exactly took place from between 12:00am midnight and 12:45am on the Monday morning of November 26, 2012, I was taking my hot bath in the bathtub to wash myself up (in water, of course!)... where when I was done, I used the big, long, quite sturdy horizontal shower bar to help me get out of the tub... only that I accidentally broke it — shower curtain and everything that was attached to there!!! ( :omfg: !!! ) I seriously tripped and nearly rather fell, BUT, touched handsomely by the spectacularly and most immortally-sacred truest hand of God Almighty, I successfully managed to get right back up in seconds... AMAZINGLY WITHOUT ANY SERIOUS INJURIES whatsoever; just a few minor small scrapes, and nothing more than that. I count myself rather immensely blessed to be truly, *TRULY* alive and living on this Earth in one single piece with you right now especially, because the back of my head could literally have split open and I could also have bled profusely out of that — causing a potentially fatal head trauma as well as some other serious injuries on top — had I fully fell as hard as I quite potentially could have right there. Yes, it could have very easily, easily been catastrophically worse on that, but if it were not for Almighty God causing me such spectacularly resplendent good fortune in recovering myself successfully and rather quickly when this accident had just happened that day, this very digitally-painted artwork (and potentially quite possibly my whole entire 2012/2013 dA artwork season as well as my overall art-designing know-how, also!!) could NEVER have been made at all. Period, final, the end. My mom was extremely shocked, but is so utterly, utterly damn happy and most ecstatically blessed for me to be fully alive and whole in one rock-solid, full-built piece indeed... AS AM I. :floating: :blackrose: !!!!

That said, my enormously magnificent ladies and gentlemen, please especially enjoy and appreciate this artwork picture that quite almost did not make it to deviantART at all due to such near-deadly circumstances... but was finally made possible to you in the light of what happened from during that recent bathtub accident of mine and how I got back up successfully indeed.


A MOST MERRIEST CHRISTMAS OF 2012 AND A RATHER SPECTACULAR 2013 NEW YEAR ESPECIALLY, everyone!!! :santa: :cookie: :holly: :hug: !!!

This brand-newest 2012 artwork of mine FINALLY marks my 2012-2013 dA Artworks Season Premiere... and albeit it is rather damn plain late and then some — in fact, my season there was SUPPOSED to start on late September/early October 2012 with a brand-new work, as would have been originally intended — I so deeply apologize for the serious, serious delays. That said, let the new season commence most rather brilliantly... let’s just do this!!! :D

First and rather foremost, “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass” is my personal Christmas 2012 gift to these following incredibly resplendent people on dA:

...for showing me this lovely picture entitled “...Derzi real first Xmas...” as a wonderful little artwork gift to me and some good number of others in this art community as well:

...and for that, let me give you this brand-new artwork of mine of “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass” as a special THANK-YOU Christmas 2012 gift from me from the bottom of my rather heart;

...who is a rather phenomenal Gallery Moderator/Community Volunteer for our main Photomanipulation galleries in this art community, and also an equally quite outstanding admin with me on my #digitalBRILLIANCE group right here on dA as well... I had to wholeheartedly dedicate this newest piece of mine to her personally in honor of her birthday (which so happens to be on Halloween day, October 31, by the way!! :aww: ) and also in this case as my special Christmas present to her also;

...who during this very month of December 2012 had *just* turned the BIG-time 18 years of age on her birthday, which is why I am giving her special access to this picture of mine as I dedicate it wonderfully to her as my Christmas gift to her as well;

...for being a quite spectacular Gallery Moderator/Community Volunteer for our main Digital Art galleries with ^laserbeast, and also for fully supporting me where my overall improvements of my own digital artworks are concerned, and THAT is why I am most thoroughly dedicating this artwork to him as my Christmas present indeed; and finally, to: a VERY special way of me wishing them all a phenomenal Christmas with this work as my personal Christmas present to them as well, too!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!!

All that said, please, do thoroughly enjoy this one, and all the utter absolute best of such spendid good fortune and success as we head into 2013... let us LOCK AND LOAD!!! :floating: !!

    Once upon a most loveliest full moonlight in this endlessly vast sea of strangely edible fine sands known as the Great Cane Sugar Desert,
    there lived a quite powerful yet certainly most beautiful Witch-Goddess of these very dunes whose name is none other than Ramhleeké,
    her tall slender figure, magnificent curves, and especially her plump strawberry lips all a most resplendent sight of absolute voluptuousness,
    and just married to her in such grandly sacred matrimony is her new and only husband who goes by the name of Ohlmis,
    a 19-year old exiled Crown Prince whose own kingdom of Kelazi had been utterly destroyed through years of severe discord and blatant injustice.

    Here, the cunning Witch-Goddess Ramhleeké lures him so rather quite seductively into an enormous and ever-hungry quickmolasses desert bog,
    a very active and most softest shifting tarry brew that was first created through many, many springs that bubbled up all the way through miles of cane-sugar sands,
    into which Ohlmis plummets quickly to his waist with a loud “PLUP!!” before she immediately joins him in it, embracing him most fetchingly.

    Already nude, the two then wistfully stare deeply into each other’s eyes,
    just smiling like crazy as they now started to weave and bob in this exceptionally sticky, insatiably slimy sugary quicksand...

    ...where they began to ever-consensually copulate one another,
    as they joyously danced and danced quite erotically in this slowest, ever-writhing sexual tango made just for two.

    Meanwhile, the immeasurably fathomless quaking morass gradually pulled them deeper and deeper down a bit quicker with each lovemaking thrust-stroke,
    its very thick, shiny gooiest ripples slowly undulating one after another all around the ever-intimate pair outwardly like huge gaping lips,
    its bubbles slowly rising and bursting like great bullfrogs,
    its grip growing so tighter and tighter,
    its suction getting stronger and stronger...

         ...and yet literally so, SOOOOOOO gently on all counts...

    ...right to the point where this melted, rich molasses quickmire actually squeezed their entire naked bodies together face to face,
    causing them both to be filled and filled to the absolute brim,
    all the way to where they finally exploded simultaneously in such savagely passionate sexual heaven...
    one that they will never,
    EVER quite forget with each other rather romantically for a long, long time indeed!!!

    Before long, the strangely caressing vast boghole all of a sudden became quite very soothingly hot and even stickier than rather the purest melted chocolate itself,
    and yet with a temperature of nothing more than right up to a maximum of just 104 degrees Fahrenheit,
    it oddly
    did not even burn the bare skins of both Ramhleeké the Witch-Goddess and Ohlmis the Crown Prince at all... no.

    It just fully cradled them both in its own deep and gentle heat that radiates within its unusually most wonderful sweet semi-liquid gooeyness.

    Once they eventually descended to their shoulders and necks in this smoothest and most creamiest velvety tarry goo,
    they began to most weightlessly float blissfully in it...
    even though their feet still have not touched a bottom yet.

    As the ultimate crescendo to this magnificently ever-erotic intimacy,
    they fully consummated their own passion with a deep wet kiss full on the lips.

    The silken viscid quickmolasses hot-spring in the Great Cane Sugar Desert had now became the most ever-natural glue that well-cemented their perfect love for one another.

    The two slept in such deepest serenity, not sinking any further.

    Heaven sweet heaven indeed...

                                                       :bulletred::bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletyellow: :flame: :blackrose: :flame: :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletred:

Just when you thought it was even safe to create a quicksand-peril artwork on deviantART at all... I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack, AM FINALLY BACK FOR MY MOST SPECTACULAR AND ALL-NEWEST 2012-2013 dA ARTWORKS SEASON that will just completely blow your rather ass away sky high in such *absolutely* resplendent new awe like never, ever before!!! Flat-out, no exceptions. :nod:

And continuing my own grand, grand original artistic tradition on quicksand and other viscous liquids to symbolize such amazing, stunning creative beauty/originality that has already been well-established and cultivated on my own alone since I had first signed on to dA back on November 28, 2006, I now am quite, quite happy to most ever-handsomely present to you my VERY first brand-new artwork of my 2012-2013 dA art season that is now underway... and it is a rather sultrily special and quite delectably damn delicious digital-painting original so magnificently entitled “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass” (泥沼糖蜜の中の彼等の天の単なるデザート). I promise you, you are *truly* gonna love and enjoy this one especially as now as my season-premiere work indeed... and it is also my final official newly-created artwork of 2012 before we move into the New Year!!! :D :rose: !!!

Just look at all the details in this picture!!

This work was originally supposed to be created, ready, and released to deviantART in its entirety for Halloween 2012. However, because of some *serious* blood-sucking bedbug problems that me and my mom had to deal with from over this past Summer of 2012 as a result of one of her cats accidently being outside in the choked-up backyard at a time when I was alone and my mom was at work (and yes, we got rid of a rather lot of those rather unsanitary little insects and even their many eggs so far over the entire course of the later months using diatomaceous earth and plenty PLENTY of Tea Tree oil, too!! :nod: :thumbsup: !! ), my 2012-2013 dA artworks season was severely, massively delayed. And between my previously-created work of “Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku”:

...and this rather newest piece from me entitled “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass” that is right here on this very page on dA, it seems as though I had brushed up and improved my digital painting style while stepping up the quality by me implementing some serious brand-new digital painting techniques. I just want to work better, as the first of many of my serious improvements towards becoming a professional digital artist right now on dA in my own right. :aww: !!

And yes, I will most definitely continue to revolutionize and change the very face of quicksand and such deepest, softest, creamiest viscous bogs like that forever, continuing to completely fucking annihilate the systematically stereotype, mechanical, threadbare, and even rather quite needlessly-fetishized “quicksand-sucks-‘ya-under” movie crap and mainly the hyped-up ‘fear’ thereof — including the all-too-popularized, most excruciatingly false and inaccurate portrayal of people struggling and reaching and/or yelling for help just to try and get out of the quaking mire in a sudden race against time before they are completely swallowed alive, never to be seen or heard from again (this is what is called the so-called ‘Curse of the Killer Quicksand’ syndrome, by the way!) — that has been blatantly shopsoiled and copycat over and over and over from within so many films, TV programs, video games, anime, literature, comics, manga, YouTube, the internet, and most unfortunately as well in WAY too many, many quicksand-related artworks in this very art community and on Fur Affinity, too... all collectively over the many, many, many decades straight, even to this day as I speak!! In fact, if you look up either the words “quicksand” or “quicksand peril” on dA’s search bar right now and go through quite a several or so pages of either of these results, you shall soon clearly see what I mean about it, I gotta promise you... including the fact that this art community usually gets one or several new “women-in-danger”-based quicksand artworks every ongoing new week, as one example of this that tends to touch upon the same exact familiarity and overall blandness in both originality and execution, regardless of all sorts of different set-ups and plots — no matter what type of quicksand being used at all! Been there, seen it, had enough frankly to last me an entire lifetime, personally. :no: Because fantasy or not, sequence or not, tentacles or not, that mawkishly overblown, repetitive, and therefore irrevocably pea-brained peril cliché is all just total catastrophic horseshit on a broken record compared most seriously to the way that I continue to artistically create bottomless quicksand and such thick, insatiably slimy semi-liquid bogs like that to amazingly symbolize the sheer erotic love and deep sexual sacredness at its absolute, absolute utmost purest between a man and a woman who are deeply, actually married to one another in such ever-intimate wedlock as husband and wife only (without turning either ‘porno’, ‘fetishy’, ‘pervy’, or even ‘rape-based’ whatsoever period!), all while making the quicksand’s physics/density as pure and unadulterated in its natural buoyancy as the real thing — in which one *can* surely float a lot better in that deep miry goo than in water alone (and not as a pathetic two-faced joke the way the movies, shows, book novels, and popular belief make it out to be, ever! :aww: :thumbsup: !! ). Just look at my entire dA gallery for example, and you will surely find out why my art style here sets apart so wonderfully on its own two damn feet in a most unusually fascinating new light (for main artistic’s sake in terms of originality on my overall gallery alone while I am improving on my overall digital-art quality simultaneously): [link]

To this end, the wildly banal, stagnantly old-fashioned, and most extremely overworked so-called ‘peril’ and ‘danger’/‘deadliness’ of quicksand (most including the fear of getting sucked to his/her own death in it thereof, mainly!) has got to just utterly fucking stop — creative license or not. It reeks of such severe, brain-dead preposterousness and such stinky overhype and feels so rather desperately, painfully plain forced and then too much; in other words, it just won’t work going into the year 2013 and beyond. Ever. End of rather story; that’s it. And this is *truly* where I come in quite indeed, in order to give quicksand and all semi-liquids like that the complete hard-reset it undeniably plain needs, such of which where I just get flat-out away from both the copycat, disastrously boneheaded stereotypes and man’s old ways of thinking regarding that thick, soft, and yielding stuff, and just replace all of that with something totally fresh, spectacularly new, and completely across-the-board original coupled with even more phenomenal design/composition/execution than ever, ever before... all as the ever-resplendent crowning touch to making the sheer loveliness of a new artistic work come grandly alive.

We are talking about creating RAW AND POSITIVE NEW ORIGINALITY done right, people. Simple as that; no gimmicks. :D

So, let’s rewrite the entire history from ground one... THE RIGHT WAY. And “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass” is quite the perfect way to do rather exactly just that alone as we move grandly forward together, not backwards. :nod: !!

(Pardon my language especially, but I am personally being as genuinely and most brutally point-blank honest as I can ever be, as I do indeed purposely make quicksand one of such grandly *stunning* beauty... and TOTALLY NEVER as a typecast instrument of either phobia, terror, panic, struggle, porn-fetish, masturbation, BDSM, sexual perversion, hentai, or even drowning death at all. PERIOD, the end. Serious here, through and through, as I want indeed to so purposefully and most ever-undeniably represent art in an engrossingly brilliant way using bottomless thick quicksand as a means for symbolizing such amazing beauty and indeed such untamed sexual sacredness and intimate undying respect as well between husband and wife towards each other only... all in quite challenging yet so spectacularly lovelier ways!! That is all, and nothing the hell wrong with that as a current digital-art visionary that I am, either!!! :floating: :peace: )

Art, can be quite subjective and can present MANY amazing new meanings based solely on the artist’s compelling own vision, after all, with the main driving force behind it all being the motive by which he/she is creating the work in the first place. It is *not* limited to what you like or do not like. No. Rather, when done right and brilliantly, they can open you up to new worlds of such uncharted, phenomenal new wonders and never-before-seen freshness in terms of originality, concept, design, and overall execution indeed just in order to wow the living hell out of your audiences in a spectacularly good way... and in the case of this very artwork, even bottomless quicksand will have a whole ENTIRE NEW face of total loveliness and absolute beauty in light of all of this... and only I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack, can bring it to you on a most positive, grandest mind-blowing level... and that right there blows away all of the entire ‘quicksand peril’ business right out of the water for good, that is for sure as my crystal-clear promise to you. This is not the 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, or even ‘90s anymore. We are crossing over right into the year two-thousand-and-thirteen (2013) and then some. Hence, my absolute originality for quicksand like you have never witnessed before... and I am making it artistically every bit as phenomenal as ever, I will guarantee you that quite, quite dearly as handsomely as ever, ladies and gentlemen!!! :love: !!

I am not against the artist in any way, shape, or form; however, I only want to be a masterstroke original and as absolutely compelling in my artwork on my use of such viscous substances as especially quicksand as one vital example of many, just to help eradicate the tired, crusty-old stereotypes that I already mentioned throughout my description, and I do want to most lovingly share it literally with the millions and millions of people on deviantART simultaneously with the very generosity of my own genuine heart just to inspire them all like a blazingly-bright encouraging flame to create something seriously new and revolutionary in more inspiringly beautiful and more meaningfully superior ways like my work of “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass” as being one of such, for example!! :hug: That is all (and I have such a purest, incorruptible heart in doing this entire thing in a most wonderfully uplifting manner, specifically!!).

Because, people want something fresh, something different, something so stunningly beautiful, something mind-blowing and full of such sacredly special meaning. Not clichés or half-baked rehashes or some ghastily lewd pornographic fetish disguised as a quicksand peril in the first place.

I am after all a TRUE specific man of my deepest, deepest own word, let’s get that quite right on that to be honest. Every last one. :spotlight-left: :bow: :blackrose: :heart: :spotlight-right:

So with the absolute kindness of my rather wonderful heart, ladies and gentlemen, please especially enjoy “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass” most richly as we rise forward together into the year 2013 and beyond, and just watch the sheer originality just course through this entire design like the most finest of purest water where the overall artistic combination of deep viscous liquid and sacredly most untainted sexual beauty is concerned, the way it was *supposed* to be consensually in the first place... between a husband and his own wife alone together. And that’s definitely final. No excuses. No exceptions. Period. :love:

:spotlight-left: :blackrose: :spotlight-right:


©2012 Adigun Azikiwe Polack. All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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© 2012 - 2021 AdigunPolack
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Technique
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dude, are you ok? what the fuck is this???? is that chocolate? i mean im so wet right now i could write a poem about it. oh yea, fabio is gays
Hentais Hentais Hentais Hentais Hentais Hentais Hentais Hentais Hentais Hentais is is i si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si sis i si si si si sis i i si si is si is is siis is isdow ueayfg kesbjegmjerh gbuehvkerbv keb v,jera j k jrebvk hsbf vg kvjad vjhfd jhvbkd vhbskdjhfvb skdjhf vsdf kfvbkjsdhbv kdfjhbvdfk jhbvks dhjvbjdshvb jdsfhbvhjdfbjvbfhdsjvfkdhbvsjdhfvbhjkjhbhjkvhbsdf gay
:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

As Usual you titillate the sense with your delightful and stunning artwork. I can literally feel the gooey pleasure all over my body, i can hear the delightful squelching sound of quickmolasses and as for the taste, ohh it makes salivate to think of it. Other sense seemed to be rendered moot for you only need to hear, taste and feel in order to enjoy this. Overall i say i give your work a 10/5, it utterly gives me hope in quicksand and gooey liquid artwork that has gotten hopelessly outdated and redundant. So please for the love of all things holy continue your artwork till you die.
XeonartOmega's avatar
The delectable viscosity of this illustration set in a world of quicksand is most gratifying to my eyes :nod:
How I long to be able to paint and capture the soft, intricate flows of shadow and light that trail and submerge the bodies of pools of ink and chocolate. You just earned yourself a watcher my dear.
AdigunPolack's avatar
That is such a most wonderful, wonderful comment from you on of “Their Heavenly Just Deserts in the Treacle Morass”, XeonartOmega, as I am flatly glad that I have inspired you with this artwork that you have found to be quite, quite splendidly fantastic indeed like you really and genuinely mean it, and so I TRULY GOTTA thank you in spades for that and for the watch ( :+devwatch: ) as well.  Most phenomenally appreciated as ever, my awesome man; I sure needed that!!!  :love: :thumbsup: !!!

And how about that huge, thick, softest, ever-yielding, bottomless, active, and most stickily-viscous slimy quicksand of such ever-melted, soothingly-hot gluey molasses so literally symbolizing the great and eternally passionate erotic love and untamed sexual purity between a husband and his own, own wife alone while they are so deeply married to one another in such richest, grandly intimate, and most sacredest matimony as they are most weightlessly floating in this gooiest liquefied tarry morass up to their shoulders and necks with actually no bottom period to this most silkily-quaking boghole under their feet whatsoever, all while they resplendently copulate most gorgeously with each other fully nude and quite rather consensually, hmmmm?  Especially when it is between an exiled young 19-year-old Crown Prince named Ohlmis and a most ever-voluptuously beautiful Witch-Goddess named Ramhleeké who rules this entire vastest sea of unusually edible sands known as the Great Cane Sugar Desert... both of whom have already tied the knot quite ever-most-happily on purpose, so to speak!!!  Ooooooooooooh, rather man!!!!  :blushes: :heart: !!!  Goes to so very, very handsomely show you that even the deepest of such softest shifting ever-miry quicksands indeed — or practically ANY thick and viscous liquid like that at all, including even ink and melted chocolate as you just now brilliantly mentioned to me, XeonartOmega ( :floating: :star: !!! ) — can deliberately represent outstanding, outstanding new creativity like that as an amazing form of purest and even revolutionary new artistry done right... without even ever turning either pornographic, ‘fetishy’, or “quicksand peril”-based at all period, I must rather honestly say!!  And I sure hope to God Almighty that this very piece of “Their Heavenly Just Deserts in the Treacle Morass” and my number of other artworks on dA featured in my own gallery (located right here) provide a stunningly most superb macrocosm of what I am very clearly talking about right here in plain specifics for you now, just as much as you are seriously enjoying my works as well!!!  :hug: :peace: :blackrose:

And one final thing on this comment of mine to you, XeonartOmega: a most spectacular pleasure to meet you here on this rather unforgettably most downright awesome art community known as deviantART... SO GREAT TO HAVE YOU INDEED, let’s get that absolutely right!!!  :wave: :dalogo: :thumbsup: !!!
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Absolutely stunning. Original approach. Very dark and involving
Teddy-Cube's avatar
AdigunPolack's avatar
And on that, I quite thank you so much for that wonderful little comment on my art piece of “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass”, Teddy-Cube... much, MUCH appreciated!!!  :D :thumbsup: !!

You know, throughout this past year up to around now — mainly from Summer 2012 all the way to April/May 2013 or so — me and my mom had been insufferably plagued by literally hundreds to thousands of utterly unsanitary, egg/crap laying, blood-sucking bedbugs most HORRIBLY (we were covered and covered with such revolting, nauseating bites all over our bare bodies, day-in, day-out!!) before we diligently stood our ground at our most strongest on a serious day-to-day basis and finally came real close to getting literally rid of them all at last (more information how me and my mom overcame that plague together indeed can be read for you entirely on my special 2013 birthday journal piece on dA right here:… )... no wonder I did not even stand anywhere remotely near a clear shot halfway of doing even more new works beyond my December 25, 2012 piece of “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass”, at all, due to all those uncertainty-causing, vile-ass insects that I had NEVER even encountered before in all of my life whatsoever!!!

And just recently this month of September 2013, my man, I have been real, real quite sick in my throat and head those past couple of days just this week alone... because when the landlord and one of the workers installed the new flooring over this past weekend of the only one bathroom in my mom’s house that I am living in, not only did they do a very piss-poor job because the new floor color and cheap-wood decors looked hideous and rather appallingly ghastly with exposed bits of white glue around the toilet and the tub (as my mom later found out immediately when she came home from work at midnight... she was FURIOUS!!!  :x !! ), but it left a horrible, ever-lingering chemical smell that did make me sick indeed for at least a few days as well as some serious post-nasal drip... I mean, how fricking plain stupid can those workers be, hmmm!?  :no: !!

Since then, Teddy-Cube, not only have I been spitting and spitting out lots upon lots of gross yellow phlegm that had been deeply embedded in my throat as a result of that chemical smell from the bathroom since that repulsive-looking new floor was installed there recently, but I have *also* been most seriously drinking at least two (2) to three (3) cups of nice, hot Lipton-brand tea a day, too... and you know what now, it really REALLY helped me in getting better again physically in as full as ever.  And now, here I am, all better right now with my breathing cleared up and the phlegm gone.  All clear, in other words!!!  :floating: :peace: !!!

And further still, having already suffered a nasty, nastily deplorable bedbug problem for almost and just about an ENTIRE year straight, it sure took me around quite literally several months straight for me to even make a serious recovery from those most disgustingly vile pests
especially after you first get rid of them all around the entire house of your own, because 1) bedbugs are so, so, so hard to get rid of, as they hide in well-hidden nooks and crannies around the house and even your bed and wall as well when you least expect it whatsoever; and 2) while they are usually known NEVER to cause any diseases, they can apparently spread germs when they bite you and leave nasty red marks on you in the process... even when you feel absolutely nothing from your sleep at all!!!  :wow: !!

I FLATLY, FLATLY, *FLATLY* HATE BEDBUGS.  Period, final, that is it.  :furious:  And that is all-the-even-more truer indeed since up to where the whole problem started last year, I had never, ever, ever encountered even a slightest one of those tiny-to-microscopic insects before in my whole entire life.  At all.

Please, do understand what I am going through here, my very fine and excellent man Teddy-Cube... I do not want to have to suffer like that again, because it severely, severely, severely massively interfered with the developing my own artwork creations and caused me such serious distress at that long period of time.  I am just, just GLAD that none of those bedbugs actually got inside of my current and only $500-550 computer... they certainly would have made a big-time mess of things there and destroyed my processor, which thankfully did not happen.  Amazing.  :phew: !!!
Teddy-Cube's avatar
I am glad you got rid of the nasty beasts :tighthug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
WHY THANKS!!!  Happy Emote (updated version) :peace: !!

Currently, I am still recovering at the moment... long enough so that I can *finally* take full, full charge of my :icondigitalbrilliance: group once again as official founder, which is something that I have been quite severely, SEVERELY missing rather very badly due to a massive bedbug plague that me and my mom had for right about an entire year indeed (as I mentioned about).

I will make the announcement about that and what happened there, all on #digitalBRILLIANCE later today.  Because you know, Teddy-Cube, I CANNOT even fucking wait to get back to the full-on swing of things in entirety once again... reviewing plenty and plenty of newest-submitted digital artworks, signing new members in, the works!!!  :D :thumbsup: !!!

And since it is something that I truly love to do right there on deviantART on a day-to-day basis, I am most definitely awaiting my return to that dA group finally at long, long last.  Get excited!!!  :floating: :rose:
Teddy-Cube's avatar
keep stand fight and never give up.. I believe you will get the best my friend :)
AdigunPolack's avatar
AMEN rather so strongly to that, let’s get that right!!!  :manhug: :thumbsup: !!

And Teddy-Cube, such an absolute grand pleasure to meet you right here on deviantART, too!!!  :D :dalogo:
Teddy-Cube's avatar
hahaha I'm so proud to know you.. my friend :highfive:
AdigunPolack's avatar
A much splendid pleasure, really!!!  :D !!

And just so you know now, Teddy-Cube, that very announcement from me that I have mentioned a few hours earlier to you is just now up on my #digitalBRILLIANCE group, as promised; please take a look-and-read at it right here: digitalbrilliance.deviantart.c…
coby01's avatar
Very nice work :clap:
ans all the best wishes for 2013 :hug:
phoenixleo's avatar
Happy New Year to you as well! Thank you very much for including me! :hug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
My greatest pleasure, phoenixleo my truly great, GREAT man, and thanks a ton!!! :manhug: :peace: !!

Look, it has been more than four (4) whole months since I last did an artwork on dA at all (let alone upload any new deviations of mine period, for that matter!! :wow: ). But you know what, for my current newest-released digital painting work of “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass”, I have learned and learned and learned plenty of rather newest digital paint techniques that even I have never, EVER done before in the six whole years I had been on deviantART... especially as you will see right here in this step-by-step painting process of how this picture of mine entirely got made with *only* a mouse alone WITHOUT a use of a drawing tablet whatsoever: [link]

Take a look and do pay attention rather closely at how the entire process is done on that there, details of this artwork and all. You will be immensely amazed. :floating:
phoenixleo's avatar
I think it's alright to wait till you do another artwork. It's not like you are bound to make something every time one is finished. Relaxing works wonders! :nod:
AdigunPolack's avatar
You know, you are right absolutely!!! :D And *so* quite true it is indeed, phoenixleo, especially since I usually do one brand-new digital painting artwork per month here on dA. That is usually my time-frame, even when you consider the fact that I am normally busy on some other things (especially my #digitalBRILLIANCE group and the new digital-art submissions that come in for me, ^SanguineVamp, and my admin staff to review, too! :floating: :heart: ).

Also, between the time I have successfully uploaded my current main new digital-artwork deviation and the developing of my next forthcoming one, I come up with some new, cutting-edge ideas for me to implement successfully in my very next design that I will develop thereafter. And even as I speak, my truly great man, I am planning my newest work right now to celebrate the direct 5th anniversary of one of my VERY own digital artworks that I had first created back in 2008.

In the meantime though, I have been learning and learning to develop and paint better more digitally on deviantART (especially more recently in making the sand details much more powerfully convincing like fine-grains, as one example of the rather many!! :love: )... and I do keep improving and improving as I go along. That is the main richest beauty of how art creativity is done more and more phenomenally, which I am SUCCESSFULLY working towards!!! No pressure, really. :D :thumbsup: !!

Furthermore, I know good and well that brand-new, cutting-edge art creativity is *not* a race to see who ends up winning instant first place all of a sudden. No. Rather, it is a exciting, challenging, and ever-lifelong journey of continued, stepped-up learning to actually produce better and better quality new works at one’s own pace and, also rather more to the point learning to create a whole lot more and more brilliantly and quite resplendently than ever before, all in order for one to open you and me up to richest, brand-new worlds of such uncharted, phenomenal new wonders and never-before-seen freshness in terms of originality, concept, design, and overall execution especially just in order to wow the living hell out of your audiences in a spectacularly good way indeed. All you and I have to do is to just let our energies course within us... our positive energies, to be quite exact. :nod: :peace: !!!

That is all there is to it. Now let’s do this together, you and I!!! :w00t!: !!
ImaginedMoments's avatar
Beautifully done Adigun and thank you so much my friend. I am sorry I did not get here earlier, I am seldom on DA these days :( I hope you and yours had a splendid Christmas and an amazing start to the New Year! Blessings, Love & Light ~Pam~ xxx
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
Thank you for including me in your list of good folk. I'm very glad you walked away from your fall without lasting or terrible damage. The world would be less interesting and less bright without you.
As to this piece, it is lovely and erotic and a pleasure to view. As always. Have a wonderful New year my friend!!
AdigunPolack's avatar
Well first and most important of all right up front, MCKrauss, I deeply and truly thank you so much that you *genuinely* do care about me and my absolute well-being quite wholeheartedly with all of your full-on honesty and love as ever — NOT ONLY am I most definitely counting my blessings for plain, plain sure that I am still alive and kicking some serious, serious ass in my own brand-new art/painting techniques so far in the implementation of my newest digital artworks, my quite most magnificent dearest, but also, you are absolutely right about everything you said in this entire comment on my very latest new digital painting work of “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass”, too!! Just plain WOW, words cannot describe how happy rather I am to see your face again after me having survived that near-fatal accident successfully with only nothing more than just a few minor scrapes, you know that!? :D :+favlove: !!

As for that specific thing you said in particular about this artwork of mine in which it is “lovely and erotic and a pleasure to view”, you hit the nail RIGHT on the head successfully on that one quite handsomely, let’s get that absolutely right ( :floating: :thumbsup: !! )... because, the sheer fact that the bottomless, softest, and ever-so-slimy yet beautifully weaving quicksand of such viscous, exceptionally sticky dark-brown molasses of the Great Cane Sugar Desert was most artistically used to just symbolize the immortally passionate erotic love/pleasure and such purest sexual sacredness so undeniably between this magnificent husband-and-wife couple of the Crown Prince Ohlmis and the loveliest Witch-Goddess Ramhleeké... how is that for intimate eroticism executed in such rather magnificently good taste, hmmm, especially in terms of compelling originality as well, MCKrauss? :hug: :blackrose: !!!
Thiefoworld's avatar
Thank you for the dedication :hug: I'm truly honored!
AdigunPolack's avatar
An absolute pleasure with you indeed, Thiefoworld ( :highfive: :thumbsup: !!! ), and this brand-new artwork is my special, SPECIAL thank-you Christmas present from me right from the bottom of my rather own heart personally for just plain inspiring me to step up and improve on my overall digital art quality... which in turn totally empowered me for the overall developing of this digital artwork in order to try a lot of brand-new painting techniques digitally — including with the proper colored lighting to match up with the light sources, how to better paint, color, and design my own characters and their individual body tones in a better and quite much more convincing set of individual, unique colors (rather than just monochrome alone), improving my paint-strokes, and such exciting new things as well!!! :D

I am quite so glad you thoroughly enjoyed my newest digital artwork original of “Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass” as well, because if anything at all, I just wanted the work to absolutely stand out on its own two solid feet and scream “WOW!”, especially on the fact that this entire painting indeed right here was entirely done using ONLY a mouse alone with absolutely *no* drawing tablet whatsoever ( :hug: !! ), and also as ever on the fact that the immeasurably deep, rich, softest, and ever-so-slimy viscous molasses quicksand was used most artistically to just symbolize the immortally passionate erotic love and such purest sexual sacredness so undeniably between this magnificent husband-and-wife couple of the Crown Prince Ohlmis and the loveliest Witch-Goddess Ramhleeké in this very picture indeed.

A MOST PHENOMENALLY QUITE AWESOME 2013 TO YOU quite richly, Thiefoworld... thank you so very, very much again!!! :w00t: :peace: !!
sirocco-rc's avatar
Once again you did miracles with your mouse and of course your awesome talent!
I feel the passion and the devotion, I see the beauty...
Thank you for sharind your wonderful creation with us and I feel honored for your
precious gift.:hug:
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