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The Lovers of the Sacred Sands

By AdigunPolack

(WARNING: this design and comments in this one are *definitely* for mature audiences 18 years of age or over ONLY!! If you are under 18, then PLEASE stay away from this one right now... you have been warned!!! :) )


Overall Combined Time: 46hrs., 56mins. total
Software Used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7
Total Layers: 62 initial layers (merged) + 4 extra misc. layers
Tools Used: Mouse only; ABSOLUTELY NO drawing tablet whatsoever!!! :D !!


    Long and deep within, in another world that consists entirely of the endless, Heavenly reaches of the afterlife,
    there lies a seemingly quite desolate, but rather ever-glorious and untouched expense of thriving desert,
    its many, many lands so ever-saturated with such rampantly abundant beauty beyond what our own eyes can even see,
    where the untamed mystical sands stream so plentifully beyond the edges of time and space like great waterfalls,
    traveling freely and ever so magically in their own natural and totally untainted pureness everlasting.

    This enormous place of such blossoming richness is well-known as
    The Neverending Desert Nirvana of Flowing Sands.

    Here, the Sacred Goddess Zhaleeku masterfully creates and rules bountifully over all these vast and powerful lands;
    and by her side is the Great King Ambikiwe, a man EXTREMELY devoted to her quite honorably in spirit and in fiery heart.

    The two had just gotten married to each other in wildly intimate wedlock when King Ambikiwe joined her in the afterlife,
    where they then bathed rather happily in the immense, active, hot, and healing melted quicksands of such sacred purity,
    intertwining their naturally naked forms together and consensually copulating each other in this slowly-weaving mass,
    its viscous, yielding heavy mixture a great consistency not unlike a freshly-cooked brew of molasses and taffy combined,
    with its temperature quite rather soothing in a kind, beautiful simmer at no more than just 104 degrees Fahrenheit period,
    where they made slowest and most deepest penetrating love to one another in this vast and ever-pleasurable tarry slime,
    bobbing and bobbing around them in all directions like such a blissful, gentle sea so RATHER gorgeously indeed,
    its embrace a rather strong yet all-encompassing lover’s mattress as it squeezes their bodies together into perfect bliss!!!

    The gluey, yet all-caressing golden quagmire literally enhanced the intercourse between King Ambikiwe and the Goddess both,
    so deeply and quite beautifully clinging to them like a second skin while still allowing them to swim deeply in it...
    like IMMENSELY THICK water in slow motion where it suddenly became insatiably quite slimier and slimier like gooiest honey,
    where this ever-beautiful and curing desert bog rose up and took in their kneecaps, then their thighs and bare buttocks,
    then their very chests, and finally, all the way up to their very shoulders and necks, where they sank no further at all.

    All the while, the two filled and filled each other so madly and quite amourously to the brim in this creamy melted quicksand,
    causing them to deeply climax themselves into such an unforgettably incredible sexual heaven quite bountifully,
    where the beautiful Goddess Zhaleeku wept deep tears of such voluptuously unbridled erotic love towards King Ambikiwe alone.

    Soon after, they slept with one another, letting themselves become braced and cradled by the richest and utterly comfortable taffy-mud,
    and beneath their feet, a most softest, honey-thick bottomless sandy goo that Ambikiwe and his wife Zhaleeku felt richly together,
    in the afterglow of their grandly immaculate intercourse.

    They blissfully floated, weightlessly.

    The Goddess Zhaleeku then made her husband Ambikiwe from a King into a Great Desert God,
    ruling the ever mighty sands with her with such amazing love and making them flow both purely and freely,
    all for the rest of their most sacredest, sacredest eternity with each other,
    becoming one...


    :bulletred::bulletred: :blackrose: :bulletred::bulletred:

And that clearly describes the rather intimately spiritual connection between the vast neverending desert sands and the blazing, white-hot sexual love between the Sacred Goddess Zhaleeku and her husband King Ambikiwe in my LONG overdue 2011-2012 dA Season Premiere artwork so aptly entitled “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands” (神聖な砂の恋人) as an original digital painting work, and this is not only my very first newest artwork since Hurricane Irene that happened back in August 2011 in which I actually suffered through that disaster... yet with fortunately all of my latest artwork-design data alive (since I was living at that time in the far-eastern part of the United States where that hurricane hit the hardest!!), but this is also my *very* first completely all-new artwork in SIX (6) whole months period... wow, has it been that long already!? :wow: !!!

My, I SURE MISSED creating new artworks on deviantART lately, mainly because after a string of forced internet absences (since May 2011), money issues, a busted desktop computer from this past summer, as well as a serious power outage for TWO weeks straight, and also the fact that I have truly suffered through Hurricane Irene indeed (plus the fact I have actually moved into my newest permanent residence with my mom from between October and November 2011 after that!!), I am very, very happy to say that on my newest art-creation front...

I am back and kicking rather serious ass more than ever!!!

:hug: :heart: !!!

This picture paints some personal inspiration of mine from the many African legends (including some about the afterlife as well), especially in that the name of the great king Ambikiwe in the story of this very painting artwork is a bit of a magnificent play between the word “Ambience” and my own African-bred middle name, Azikiwe (from within my own name of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, of course!! :aww: :peace: )... quite a damn interesting bit of note for you about this piece if I ever imagined one myself!!! :huggle: !!

Furthermore, take a close notice in this work of the ever-deep and madly passionate tear that Goddess Zhaleeku weeps from out of her eye (as well as her intimate moaning pose!) as no less a provocative and rather powerful symbol of such utterly erotic love directly towards her husband King Ambikiwe indeed, all while he licks very slowly, deeply, and ever-passionately on her indescribably and most voluptuously sensual body consensually with his gliding tongue and the wetness that it leaves behind, all while representing phenomenal sacredness and close connection with the untainted desert lands, and how their limitless abundance of the sands can simply bring everlasting pureness as well as enhance such natural and emotional sexual intimacy between husband and wife, which I want to so handsomely point out to you at once!!! :rose:

Speaking of which now, what first led me into my newest digital painting creation of “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands” is that I simply wanted to use quicksand artistically in this picture to symbolize the sheer love, smoldering passion, captivating gorgeousness, and such richest white-hot sexuality ever-beautiful between man and woman as actually husband and wife indeed, while married to each other in such ever-divine wedlock, as their deep and immortally-sacred poignancy for one another completely overcomes the deathly fear of quicksand, without even turning pornographic or perverted in any way at all. Why? Because personally, I just had to create something special and magnificently original in the style of such unusually fascinating new material using the fine, softest, slowly-quaking, and most gooiest rich mixture of thick and ever-purest melted sandy slime artistically in digital-art format in order to inspire and innovate in such a challenging and especially more freshly positive manner at that right there (while *totally* blowing away the many stereotypical, overrated, all-too-common quicksand-scene clichés of people being sucked down on TV, movies, books, literature, internet, comics, and the media that so many of us already have seen from many years or decades past, too!), all with the sheer meaning and atmosphere of such strong, intimately untamed sexual sacredness between man and woman indeed in its absolutely purest form unlike anything you have ever, ever seen before!!! :love: :heart: !!

Another reason for me creating this artwork in this art community is because personally, I am just utterly, utterly plain fed up entirely with the way some large groups of rotten-ass perverts on YouTube — and quite also on the internet, as well — have made quicksand and all substances like that into a rather senseless, degrading, and so strangely repulsive pornographic smut and/or BDSM (which really stands for bondage, domination, and sadomasochism, believe it or not!) versions of a Hollywood-based quicksand-scene cliché in their own original videos, stories, and other material that especially and collectively pertain and cater to the indescribably, sickeningly bizarre fetishism and such blatant, twisted sexual obsession of watching women — including fully-naked ones, too — sink, struggle, and even go down permanently for the count (and in some cases like that, the panicked female victim yelling for help even digs her hands deep underneath the mud and plays with herself over and over again as she struggles herself deeper and deeper towards her own demise, which really made me very, VERY mad completely and left me so, so unclean and frankly utterly disgusted when that was shown to me directly as one of the videos that was first originally on YouTube from quite a few years ago or so!!), which all makes up the entire so-called “quicksand fetishism” business right there, and most likely so (as I personally found out myself!), believe it or not... and it is just flat-out never my kind of thing at all, ever!!! :puke: I mean, the much less said about it, the rather better. That is EXACTLY why I just steer clear-away from that kind of appallingly ghastly and nihilistically unerotic stuff, period. :no:

As for you entire deviantART community, however, you all are really MOST INCREDIBLY AWESOME people quite rather enormously ( :thumbsup: !!! ) in the way that you truly seriously represent tons upon tons of ever-splendid, outstandingly genuine, and truest artistry in your many own art creations in the overall departments of concept, design, execution, and impact from within each of your brilliant works in more and more truly mind-blowing ways artistically (and improving your art quality along the way as well!!), from the newest and most exciting cutting-edge digital artworks, to the splendidly-magnificent traditional art, to such jawdroppingly amazing-quality pixel artworks, to the quite scrumptiously excellent pieces of food art, and every kind of art genre in-between, making this entire place the most undeniably damn spectacular long-running creative art community to grace our entire planet for over 11 years now, especially with such phenomenal, phenomenal artists as ^alicexz, *GENZOMAN, `archanN, and `Lilyas to name just a few of the many, and I love dA even more than YouTube in many ways, too, for this reason!!! :huggle: :devart: :+favlove: !!!

Yep, I am a quite specific man generally and am *rather* very honest and so brutally truthful indeed, especially when it comes to me properly portraying sexuality in a most mature, purest, uncommonly very beautiful, completely untainted, and quite smolderingly-loving new light in my own artworks on deviantART and how it all works specifically, too... and all straight and true right from the heart, no less!!! :floating: :blackrose: That is my third and ultimately the MAIN reason for me creating “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands”, symbolizing such amazing passionate love and madly-untamed erotic beauty at its ever-absolute purest, in that mainly it is so beautifully orchestrated between husband and wife alone together in uncharted new ways right here as it uses quicksand in this design as a most fascinating damn character in itself only to enhance it all to where it became a more slowly-weaving, honey-thick, ever-deepening, encompassing, and ohhhhhhhh-so utterly heavenly “lover’s mattress” for them both right there, all without being shackled to all-too-familiar quicksand-scene clichés that were quite very popular from back in the day. In itself, it reminds me distinctly and clearly of some of the following digital painting designs of mine that I have done previously that touched upon that:

...and just because I have done at least *this* many quicksand-related artworks on deviantART indeed, it rather certainly does not even mean that I have anywhere near a quicksand fetish at all. EVER. :nod: Rather, I just simply try and be just plain creative with the involvement of quicksand in so many ways of making my own artworks quite splendidly captivating and even more beautiful than ever, ever before, thereby making me one of the most boldest and quite bravest digital artists that I most proudly am here in this art community, I gotta richly tell you right now!!! :thumbsup: !!

After all, I only wanted all along to portray a most unusually glorious celebration of such purest, fiery, strongest, wildest, and untamed sexual love between man and woman who are married as husband and wife to each other and each other only in a most strangely beautiful way using such bottomless yet so naturally buoyant and ever-healing melted quicksand to symbolize and enhance it all on what I planned to create and represent in this digital painting work the whole time (without turning either pornographic or BDSM-based whatsoever, period!). Nothing wrong with that at all. And yes, I do have quite some dead-serious creative moral/ethic values where the overall portrayal of human sexuality is concerned — and especially from an artistic standpoint when creating my own designs and making them just extremely fascinating and more lovelier as well here, speaking of which. Very important to me now, most realistically, since I have such wholehearted sensibilities like that myself. :floating: :peace:

So there you have it; I very, very seriously tell it like it really plain is... and without even a shred of compromise whatsoever, since I am a 5-years-and-blossoming digital-painting artist and visionary on dA who implements quicksand SOLELY for sheer artistic innovation's sake in favor rather of such bravest and wildly ever-daring new originality in such symbolically positive, captivating, and perhaps quite mind-blowing new ways alone in the concept, design, and overall execution/impact in the way that I do create it in my own artworks such as in this picture right here, and that's it.

Please, be sure to comment about this artwork on this piece of mine *only* on the basis about what you do think of the whole digital design itself, art-wise... be constructive and honest about it now!! :aww: :rose:

And, I want to fully celebrate my grand return in creating brand-new artworks on dA by dedicating “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands” in its complete entirety to these following AWESOMELY incredible people of:

...for *fully* supporting me in more amazingly spectacular ways in this art community and also in my own artworks as well as on my continually-growing Digital Art group on dA called #digitalBRILLIANCE that I have been running for just about TWO (2) whole years now, and also to my great man and *fantastic* digital-painting artist named:

...whose grandly outstanding portrayals of robust, intimate sacredness of the wondrous sands strike home rather brilliantly with what my own work right here of “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands” strongly suggests, all with a couple of his own spectacular-quality works that you MUST gaze upon as well:

You know what, after having gone through A TON of rough hardships and massive setbacks including Hurricane Irene (and the fact that I had suddenly moved into my newest permanent residence with my mom and even right now taking months thereafter for me to get settled and move into my new room of my own!!), I am finally back again with my entirely all-new digital painting work as my own 2011-2012 dA Season Premiere artwork which OFFICIALLY begins today, November 29, 2011 (at the time of this very first writing on the description of this artwork right here).

And as always, please do not forget to visit me on #digitalBRILLIANCE as always with `PurpelBlur, `Lilyas, and `archanN for even more phenomenal-quality digital artworks... and after a half-a-year of serious artwork-creation starvation on dA, let me just say to you that it is rather damn FANTASTIC to fully be back again in full-on style... let’s do this!!!! :D :peace: :devart: :blackrose: !!!


©2011 Adigun Azikiwe Polack. All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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© 2011 - 2021 AdigunPolack
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Mishelangello's avatar
phoenixleo's avatar
Thank you very much for the dedication Adigun! :)
PurpelBlur's avatar
Wonderful intimate piece.
Thanks so much for the dedication. :hug:
BeehiveStudio's avatar
Yay!!! I can take some minutes to comment you my friend, first of all, thank you so much for having me in mind for such a wonderful dedication.... Now my comment to you.

I love all the conceptualization that surrounds every corner of your canvas, the way that you interpret the concepts with such a great visual analogy, I love every little detail that all together plays an important part in the way viewers will perceive your works. I am fascinated, it talks about love, lust, passion yet in such a sooth and delicate way that it is delightful to stare.

I am not just captured by delighting with the ethereal atmosphere to it.


great job my friend! :kiss: I can feel your passion for art.
AdigunPolack's avatar
Now THAT is a rather outstanding comment for real, Derzorvadur my most fantastic dearest sweetie on dA... and for a spectacularly damn excellent reason, too, I gotta add!!! :love: :+favlove: :thumbsup: !!

You know, I am what you would call such a great, GREAT artwork visionary who enjoys sharing rather new and phenomenally more mind-blowing new creations with you while being most generously kind and honest to such amazing people like you, =ninaste, and to the rest of the dA community audience of over 15 million people/artists alike as well — and works like “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands” are just living proof of all of that, let me tell you!!! :hug: :blackrose:

Anyone can be just that magnificently good of an artist indeed, if he/she has the passion to create such sheer beauty and stunningly compelling originality like this (in terms mainly of concept, design, and overall execution/impact of his/her own new designs) instead of leaning towards the all-too familiar, copycat artwork clichés that have relentlessly been imitated upon for years or decades, you know what I mean? :peace: !!

Thank you so, so EVER very much for the phenomenally quite amazing comment about this picture, and you and =ninaste have yourselves a most spectacular Christmas season and 2012, you hear me? :huggle: :star: :holly: !!!
6nine-eyes9's avatar
Now I can comment again in here, I have more time, the thing that impresses me the most about your art is how passionate I see you are about it, I feel you feel your art with every and each single pore of your body and that's incredible to find in an artist, I love the harmony achieved in each piece, and the simplicity of each image jet the complexity of each of the concepts imprinted in them, so mysterious, yet so evocative of feelings and love, I will always come to admire an artist passion for what they do and want to differ from the rest of the masses, not everyone is able to do that and you, my friend, achieve it gracefully.

Congratulations and Merry Xmas, hope you find much joy creating in this up coming new year.

AdigunPolack's avatar
Wow. Just plain WOW!!! :spotlight-left: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :wow: :w00t: :wow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple: :spotlight-right:

Listen, if I had my personal pick for the ABSOLUTE VERY DAMN BEST comment of the entire year that has ever been given to me on deviantART, this one would flat-out be it, ninaste my rather incredibly awesome guy... THANK YOU QUITE, QUITE ESPECIALLY for that and then some!!! :+favlove: :blackrose: !!!

Especially given that I myself am currently one of the most unfortunately and horribly underrated digital artists here with a big fat TOTAL ZERO of my own prints bought by someone else in this entire art community at all even with my over 50,000+ pageviews total (no kidding, quite sadly!!! :( !! ), that is indeed the single best comment of 2011 for me personally, without even a slightest shadow of a mother-fricking doubt period, I gotta tell you straight up!!! :floating: !!!

Because, when an artist is rather so damn passionate on a more intimate, kind-hearted level about his/her own artwork creations and especially putting tons of serious care and heart into *actually* producing something so completely original, fresh, and quite compellingly awe-inspiring in general, and also when he/she in the process does something so truly and unusually special, wonderful, and most wholly amazing in the overall art quality, concept, and clever water-tight originality that makes nothing short of an absolutely jaw-dropping impact in a more exciting, uncharted, and RATHER INTENSELY POSITIVE manner ultimately in the resulting execution and art-audience impact (as quite opposed to imitating others and popular belief as well which all tend to get really old quickly, to be honest!!), then he/she becomes a truly and immaculately phenomenal artist that deserves to be discovered and praised by many, many audiences all throughout the entire world itself... THANK GOD for the already-open internet ( :thumbsup: !!! ) that just inspires us all rather freely to get our own awesome, awesome works shown and discovered by a grand potential of millions and millions of people and other artists alike on deviantART — like with my very newest 2011 artwork right here of “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands” which does a spectacularly revolutionary thing artistically with quicksand in a more utterly positive way of immaculately enhancing the sheer sacredness and the untamed, untainted purity of the richest sands, the exotically beautiful and lushest enormous desert lands themselves, and ALSO the incredible, ever-strongest blossoming erotic eternal love between the Goddess Zhaleeku and King Ambikiwe who are deeply and rather intimately monogamous to each other forever and ever, as husband and wife together for all of eternity... combined with a significantly wonderful African flavor that I added in as a magnificent extra bonus to it all!!! I mean, how grandly epic is that!? :love: :heart: !!!

I gotta personally, personally wish you and :iconderzorvadur: both a most wonderfully safe and utterly FANTASTIC Christmas season and the New Year of 2012, from all of my ever-deepest heart to you immensely and quite amazingly incredible people... I MEAN THAT wholeheartedly, ninaste, every single word!!! :santa: :hug: :holly: :thumbsup: !!!
6nine-eyes9's avatar
artists that are passionate and original about their artwork
that they aren't scared to created from their own personal
perspective about how things should look or not, are the most
underrated artists in this site, that sadly becomes used to
different art forms, like anime, fan art, and game graphics
and they pay little to ZERO attention to people who is
creating art for the SAKE OF IT and not just to make a picture
look CUTE, or AWESOME, nobody said art should be CUTE or AWESOME

speak about your own art I can only take my hat off to a truly
devoted creator, good luck with everything you do mate and merry
christmas :wave:
AdigunPolack's avatar
I COMPLETELY flat-out agree with you, ninaste, especially for the following sheer variety of all-important reasons I am about to tell you right now. :love: :+favlove: !!!

First off, you are quite splendidly damn correct on exactly everything you said ( :thumbsup: :star: ), especially on the fact that even though I just yesterday sent in this very piece of “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands” to a group on dA that says that it actually suggests artworks for a Daily Deviation (DD) for when they are accepted there, mature content or not... and guess what? It came out REJECTED a few hours later without any explanation whatsoever (I am not kidding!!! :wow: !! ) — even though I did follow all the rules and even checked their galleries as well — which is *rather* shocking indeed considering that this whole piece to begin with really deserves an entire lot better than that, to be honest!!! Wow. :no: It reminds me of some my own personal experiences like that as I now talk to you for the first time about my whole entire art style that I have been improving and improving upon over the years, ninaste, and it is right here in this special little journal piece of mine from August 23, 2010 that I quite so encouragingly want you to read and pay such richly intimate attention to ( :aww: ):

You know something, when it comes to my own art style, my man, I DO NOT do what’s popular. No. I do what is intimately QUITE original as in uncharted, unusual, rather beautiful, and yet in such amazingly good taste (all in at least some way, shape, or form!) — something that a massive ton of people have never ever seen before, yet something that they all CAN ACTUALLY RELATE TO, too. Wow, I cannot stress this quite enough, and it is especially, especially well-plain-needed these days, you know!? :D !!

In the case of quicksand and the way that I have undeniably implemented it most artistically in a number of my own digital paintings like this current new one of “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands”, one of the most, most magnificent beauties of this soft, slimy, and yielding viscous substance is it *can* be used to create spectacular beauty in many unusual and challenging new ways, as well as letting us in on the raw, powerful emotion so intensely striking in making that very loveliness come alive big-time (which is no doubt the case with this very artwork right here, and nothing less!!! :floating: :rose: )... all you have to do is to SIMPLY have an open mind that just transcends above both all familiarity and movie clichés, and it will surely take us to places we have never, ever been to before!!! You got me? :hug: !!

I mean, listen, I have seen some rather strangely unusual (yet splendidly amazing-quality!!!) artworks that were actually featured as Daily Deviations because they were all executed in good taste overall that ultimately relates to us, and that is quite evident in the fact that the many dA Gallery Moderators these days are especially looking for something spectacularly original, new, and entirely fresh indeed that is just worthy of being seen by over 18+ million deviants, something to truly break us away from the usual, everyday, popular stuff that we have been seeing in this art community all the time. More to the point, furthermore, these very people are UNDOUBTEDLY looking especially for that kind of incredible stuff from hugely, hugely underrated artists who indeed have something so spectacularly original, new, and entirely fresh most brilliantly to say to us right through their own artworks, that it just speaks to them and to especially all of us worldwide deeply as well — from the concept, to the design, to the execution, and all the way to the overall damn impact out of it all that just blows us away speechless!!! You see what I am saying now? :nod: :peace: !!

So as you spectacularly said, ninaste, art expresses the passion of the artist, and that’s it. :w00t: :+favlove: !!!

Having said all of that in entirety, considering that I already had my one and only DD feature so far on a pixel-art piece back on February 2008 (as you can see on my “DD-features”-page right here: [link]), I want to hear your deep, in-depth thoughts on all of that I just said in this entire message here... I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear that from you indeed, since it is such a phenomenal, phenomenal damn pleasure with you around on deviantART and then quite some!!! :huggle: :thumbsup: :blackrose: !!!
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
I really like the soft, muted colors in this one. It represents eternal love between mortal and immortal beautifully!
DeniseGarbis's avatar
You are truly a sweetie Adigun :heart: Amazing you think of me after all these years :hug: Wonderful work of art!!!
SpaceWeaver's avatar
Thank you very much for your art !!
6nine-eyes9's avatar
Thanks for the thoughtful dedication my friend, love the colors, they are already a trademark for your work.

Hope to see more on the upcoming 2012 :wave:
JAMsEye's avatar
I very much like how you illustrated and depicted Eternal Love between two beings. The story you wrote totally fits the picture :thumbsup: . What a most beautiful and passionate proof of love to become one this way...

BTW welcome back to DA. It's good to see your creations here again.
inObrAS's avatar
Excellent work! :clap:
Mega-Man-King's avatar
Such elegance. Such beauty. So amazing!
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