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The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover

By AdigunPolack

(WARNING: this design and comments in this one are *definitely* for mature audiences 18 years of age or over ONLY!! If you are under 18, then PLEASE stay away from this one right now... you have been warned!!! :) )


Overall Combined Time: 40hrs., 39mins. total
Software Used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7
Total Layers: 59 initial layers + 1 custom adjustment layer additional
Tools Used: Mouse only; ABSOLUTELY NO drawing tablet whatsoever!!! :D !!
References Used: NONE.


    Come... sink so deeply into me, my only husband.
    My creamy, slick, satiny body is so lusciously warming and inviting.
    My deep, insatiably intimate craving for you knows no bounds at all.
    Step into our marriage bed, soft and yielding with rapt delight.
    May we bathe in such beautiful endless honey-thick bliss divine,
    Of great and shifting mire of viscous oobleck, we both become one.

    I love you.

                                                                                             — The Lady of Great Oobleck

                                                       :bulletred::bulletred: :blackrose: :bulletred::bulletred:

My ever-wonderful ladies and most magnificent gentlemen, do feast your eyes on this, my all-newest digital artwork painting for June 2012, entitled “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”. As now my third (3rd) surreal piece that I had ever done on deviantART period following my prior first two works that I had done back in my more recent years:

...this latest new work takes the whole implementation of the deep, softest, gently ever-yielding, and very viscous slimy ooblek quicksand made completely and more literally from a creamiest yet very thick semiliquid cornstarch-and-water mixture, and *actually* channels that specifically into fully encapsulating such purest everlasting sexual love and immortally intimate erotic passion between husband and wife in rather a positive, spectacularly-creative way most artistically... all without resorting to the painful and stereotypically tacky “quicksand peril” business, and without ever turning into a sickening, pervy, degrading fetish-porn period.

Hey, when it comes to me portraying human sexuality as symbolized and encapsulated in such fresh amazing new ways like in this artwork of mine, it shall well-indeed be an ever-sacred, incorruptible, and absolute total celebration ever-lasting between specifically a husband and his own wife while they are married to each other in such intimate wedlock... and NOT as either a game or a one-night-stand or a strip-club at all. Exactly how a marriage plain works and then some, as I do have quite some dead-serious creative moral/ethic values where this kind of thing is concerned — and especially so from an artistic standpoint when creating my own designs and making them just extremely fascinating and more lovelier as well here, speaking of which.

As for this ever-oozing and magnificently gooiest velvety cornstarch-and-water quicksand in this picture that the Lady of Great Oobleck and her own husband are consensually making such slowest, deepest wild love to each other in fully naked and alone together achieving such perfect sexual heaven and erotic harmony with one another indeed, even though they sank quite a very bit deep in this ever-shifting great mire without even feeling a bottom under their feet whatsoever, they are actually weightlessly floating in its heavy, creamiest mixture just above the surface that conforms quite snugly and ohhhh-so-pleasurably-warmly against their nude bodies as it grips them both so tightly... yet ooooooooh SO GENTLY, fully symbolizing the purest and untainted lovemaking between this married couple to each other in quite an unusual yet stunningly original way as you have never, ever seen it before!!! :love: :heart: !!

And to make things a lot more beautiful in the process, do notice this odd yet silkily-flowing oobleck waterfall (shown just briefly on the top-right corner of this artwork) that runs straight through like literally honey-thick water as it feeds down into the strange yet unusually beautiful-looking quicksand that the two lovers are quite happily bathing in, as well as its huge and thick ripples that undulate from within their most consensual, resplendent intercourse with each other; and also notice on the top of this picture an Oobleck Ashoka Flower (that was formed entirely from the cornstarch-and-water based slime itself, believe it or not!), named directly after the Ashoka Tree Flower... a flower which, according to Indian legend, is generally associated with the Hindu god of love named Kāmadeva, who included this blossom indeed among the five flowers in his own quiver, inciting desire and even such wildly intimate erotic love and passion as well... the cupid of Ancient India, if you will!! :floating: You can access more information on him on Wikipedia right here: [link]

In addition, you can catch even more fascinating information about the Ashoka Tree Flower right here in a special little Internet blog entry about it that I want to share with you right here regarding the Ashoka Tree (aka Saraca Indica) and its many flowers as well as where it all originated, too: [link]

You know what, one of my most significantly rather important and quite significant inspirations for me creating “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover” was none other than the milk-bath scene from the theatrically-released 2012 motion picture of Snow White and the Huntsman featuring Charlize Theron playing the wicked queen Ravenna (and ANYONE who has seen it in the original trailers of the movie itself can well-see that that scene alone was spectacular in the promos indeed from while that bit was playing at the time there! :nod: :heart: ). Unfortunately, that very same movie right there had a sudden, hackneyed, and therefore disasterously boring quicksand-scene cliché (which, by the way, was ripped and copied straight out of the 1984 film The Neverending Story, no less... that scene imitation for 2012 really made me kinda mad, to be honest!! :x ! ) where the white horse sinks all the way under in the black muddy bog of the Dark Forest that took place later on as the film progressed... it seemed to me that when they did that quicksand bit there indeed, it must’ve been really that the film’s screenwriters themselves were just punching it up and threw it in there on nothing more than a whim; it felt rather dated, gaudy, copycat, witless, and forced all at once, as some of what you will hear about entirely during the official Cinefantastique Online’s downloadable podcast showing first of all an in-depth film review of Snow White and the Huntsman, which I want you to check out and listen for yourself right here: [link]

Going right back to “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”, for this one, I decided to go for a simple yet very powerful display of erotic love when it comes to the surreal creativity... and when it comes to the idea of mine of implementing cornstarch-and-water into this painting here, the combination of it all is quite a perfect match made in Heaven, wouldn’t you say!? :D And with quite an artwork like this, would you even imagine that all of this amazingly great splendor was actually created in just nothing more than 18,014 colors total — yep, I counted all the colors up myself for this picture!!!

And yes, I did this entire artwork on Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 solo using only a mouse alone. And that’s all. NO TABLET, NO REFERENCES, EVER; just a mouse quite indeed. :love: !!

That right there just shows you how well I have continued to improve and improve upon my overall digital art quality, even while I continue to make my art style as quite unique as it is gorgeously damn wonderful especially. I’m no fool there, let’s get that right about that!!! :hug: :thumbsup: :star: !!!

Therefore, I am most especially so proud to thoroughly present “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover” as my personal birthday gift in this 2012 year to these following rather fantastic couple of people on dA:

...and my apologies for wishing them both a happy birthday couple of days or so late; I just HAD to create new and amazing artistically as to show them the rather captivating symbolism and portrayal of such great passionate and most wildly intimate love that only a husband and his own wife can fully give to each other in such deeply sacred wedlock... all while completely blowing away the cookie-cutter movie-based quicksand-scene stereotypes, tropes, and clichés for sure, at the same time!!! :hug: :heart: !!!

And as always, please, do not forget comment maturely about this artwork on this piece of mine *only* on the basis about what you do think of the whole digital design itself, art-wise... be constructive and honest about it now!! :aww: :rose:

For mature audiences 18-and-over only, please quite splendidly enjoy the intimate richness of my newest work of “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”... and such a MOST EXCITING pleasure to have you all on dA as personally I wish you all a most fantastic Summer of 2012, rather splendidly!!! :D :peace: :devart: :blackrose: !!!

:sun: :relax:


UPDATE (June 22, 2012 at 7:55am EST):
Sometimes, a little important bit of adjustments is really all it takes to help make this piece much better on its own, and here, I just added some small but significant extra details to the husband’s face, eliminating some flatness on that there in terms of the design of him itself in this picture. After all, I just wanted to make the characters more convincing while retaining my own painting style that is *already* rather unique and interesting in quite its own right... THAT I gotta promise you right now as you look at the changes to this artwork indeed!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !!!

©2012 Adigun Azikiwe Polack. All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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© 2012 - 2021 AdigunPolack
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RizoRex's avatar
Ahhh ... yes... creamy, smooth, and silky like pure chocolate milk that when you drink it, it makes you happy.
phoenixleo's avatar
The way you do highlights, you do it very well making them look uhh 'luscious' and viscous as well as making them feel like satin.
AdigunPolack's avatar
True it most is, and I quite thank you so much for that encouraging comment, phoenixleo my great, GREAT man ( :hug: :peace: !! )... because you know, it is just *truly* amazing in its own right that I had experimented with implementing the oobleck (cornstarch and water) mixture and made it into something more original, exquisite, and most beautiful in its own right, and such is indeed the case ever-handsomely with “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”, for sure!!! :floating: :thumbsup: !!!

I have currently just begun work on my next brand-new artwork piece on dA this week, only this time it will be a rather more ‘purer’ digital-painting work than I had ever, ever done in my entire almost six-year period in this art community period so far... and I gotta promise you now, it will be just as incredibly gorgeous as my previous recent artworks that were created earlier within this current 2012 year alone, and then perhaps even more!!! :wow: !!

In the meantime, I most splendidly thank you so much for that fantastic comment on “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”; I deeply appreciate that especially, phoenixleo!!! :D :heart: !!
phoenixleo's avatar
Hmm, I have never mixed cornstarch with water to see what comes out. It's interesting in its own way!
All the best and can't wait to see your new ones! :)
AdigunPolack's avatar
And all the absolute best quite handsomely to you as well, phoenixleo... no kidding!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !!!

Regarding the whole subject of the mixture of cornstarch and water itself, my man, from a few days ago, I have first discovered and taken a look at a rather fascinating new article from Ars Technica this week which presents a striking experiment that shows how you can run on oobleck and other non-Newtonian substances without sinking at all — even including some quicksands as well!! It is right here for you now as quite an excellent, excellent piece indeed that I want you to read thoroughly and entirely all at once: [link]

Wow, truly mind-blowing stuff if you think about it now, you know!? :D :peace: !!

And you are QUITE right, by the way... that cornstarch/water mixture is *rather* damn interesting in its own unique way and then some, because from what I can surely know, phoenixleo, I simply remember having just once played with that stuff a lot in a cup/bowl full of it for just one day only back in science class as a wee young lad at school back between 1987-1992; I may not have even HALF-KNOWN what it was even called back then at the time, ever, but I’ll tell you for sure, it quickly became of the most rather wonderful and incredible little once-in-a-lifetime childhood experiences I had ever had in all of my life!!! :aww: :heart: !!!
phoenixleo's avatar
Thanks for the link! Will have a read! :)
JAMsEye's avatar
Ah, I remember that very scene, Charlize Theron sensually and graciously emerging from her milk-white regenerating bath... How not to be inspired indeed! You don't spare your efforts in creating such nice, sweet and smooth yet powerful scenes, your dearest I guess.
ImaginedMoments's avatar
Beautiful as always :hug:
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
Wonderful, sensual work, beautifully done!
AdigunPolack's avatar
Very, VERY splendidly well-noted indeed about “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”, MCKrauss my quite fabulously magnificent dearest, because believe me, you have never, ever seen the two key elements of cornstarch and water being implemented and executed quite like this before in an artwork on dA!! Rather fresh, brilliantly original material if you just think about it, you know!? :D :thumbsup: !!!

Have you seen these YouTube videos where they use a whole, pretty-deep pool of this cornstarch-and-water mix to fully demonstrate the properties of how this semiliquid, non-newtonian fluid works in a much more in-depth way, hmmm? You are most, most absolutely welcome to see these particular ones that I recommend you see in their fullest entirety right here: [link] , [link] , and [link]

I do not want you to miss them all there, as they are the ones that totally, totally inspired me personally to create this very digital painting of “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover” and just make it my own in a rather huge way. See the connection? :floating: :heart: !!

Since it shares the exact same properties of quicksand (which *also* is a non-newtonian fluid, in case you are wondering about it!! :aww: ), it too is a rather buoyant thing just like quicksand itself indeed — right down to the very point where, after you sink to a certain level like to your armpits and shoulders at the most, you float so weightlessly and quite magnificently in it even if you actually do not feel a bottom under your feet at all, which I find UTTERLY damn fascinating in and of itself ( :wow: !! ) — as at least one of those videos demonstrate through those links shown right above in this message.

Also, about the oobleck that is mainly a cornstarch-and-water mixture by the way, I must wholly, wholly admit that it is quite plain fun to play with every once in a while... but I do not recommend you pouring it down the drain, as it can cause some REAL plumbing problems by clogging up the drains themselves due to the sudden viscosity of this stuff, so do be careful throwing it out when you’re done, alright please? :nod:

All in all, MCKrauss, those are my personal key inspirations for my entire digital-paint creation of “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”, in addition to that other inspiration of mine being the milk-bath scene from the 2012 current theatrical fantasy-film of Snow White and the Huntsman that I had already mentioned about in the description of this newly-current artwork of mine that I had just released on deviantART earlier this week.

Wow, a rather LOT to think about and then some, hmmmmm? :w00t!: :hug: :peace: !!!
oh my gosh! i was cooking tonight and i had to stir cornstarch into my food to thicken the sauce, and i thought "hm i wonder if adigun polack likes oobleck"


Amazing as always :D
AdigunPolack's avatar
Yep!! It just rather goes to show — and QUITE damn amazingly enough at that, rather — that even the most daring and bravest of originalities can really, *really* speak to you unexpectedly in the most unlikeliest and most truly unexpected of places, and no mother-fricking doubt about that as we do see it here, daphaknee!! Sheer coincidence indeed!!! :huggle: :thumbsup: !!!

On “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”, I had to get even better and more completely original like I had never, ever done before... in fact, regarding this whole digital painting piece right here, NO OTHER ARTIST ON dA PERIOD SO FAR has ever, ever, ever, ever, ever taken the whole implementation of the very thick and creamiest oozing semiliquid cornstarch-and-water mixture and directly channeled that specifically into fully encapsulating such purest everlasting sexual love and immortally intimate erotic passion between husband and wife in rather a positive, spectacularly-creative way most artistically... and only I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack, had to take up the challenge by stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit to live up to that task richly on pulling it all off. No references, no drawing tablet; just tons of all-mouse action alone in entirety in creating this whole thing and bringing it to full-on life. That is all. :star: :floating: :star:

Come to think of it all now, daphaknee, with all that much absolute originality and design and execution being pulled off rather phenomenally to be 110% honest, if this piece does not get shown simultaneously to over 20,000,000+ members on deviantART, then I just do not even half-know what will at all because with that many, many hours of hard wee-morning overnight work every day and strict, wholehearted, and all-out-passionate dedication that I had put into making this whole digital painting work from start to very finish, I sure as rather plain hell deserve all that global recognition and then some. In fact, I’d be UTTERLY damn surprised stiff if it actually makes it there myself, by the way... it can happen, I don’t know; we shall just see!!! :wow:

All said, on the whole, I think the entire world at once to see this piece based on originality, craft, art skill, and overall execution; they need to see something rather new, undeniably fresh, and resplendently damn creative all at once when it comes to which artworks really deserve to be displayed up-front and center as a major showcase all to see easily — and that is where some genuine, damn-good quality control needs to kick in in this entire art community pronto, at that! If you have read my complete art description for this artwork here of “The Lady of Great Oobleck and her Enraptured Lover”, you will exactly know no less than what I am clearly talking about, fair and damn square. :nod: :heart:

(And yes, I do have your picture showing that you hung your dA print of my 2011 artwork of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”... it is stored on my computer right now, in case you are wondering. :aww: )
GENZOMAN's avatar
love the liquid feeling :)
Mega-Man-King's avatar
Oh. That is really awesome!
Lukay7's avatar
outstanding work as always!
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