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The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits

By AdigunPolack
:icondonotplz::iconusemyartplz: Art theft is a crime by signmeupscotty Copyright Law by LumiResources

(WARNING: this design and comments in this one are *definitely* for mature audiences 18 years of age or over ONLY!!  If you are under 18, then PLEASE stay away from this one right now... you have been warned!!!  :) )


A R T I S T ’ S   S P E C I A L   N O T E :
In fullest, FULLEST light of Lilyas ( :iconlilyas: ) being the *very* latest recipient of deviantART’s Deviousness Award for March 2014 (which has just been made official right here for you now) for which I am utterly, utterly blown away in such purest untamed joy and then some, I will OFFICIALLY dedicate my very special personal artwork gift of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” to give to her as truly my resplendently wonderful on-purpose way of congratulating her quite handsomely... which is quite, quite, quite unprecedented in this entire art community even to me as well, since up to now in its almost 14-year history so far, not many people — if at all period, if I do remember correctly — had EVER actually dedicated an entire brand-new artwork deviation in entirety to a person on dA who has just won a Deviousness Award from within the first 48 hours after it has officially been announced.  And in case of Lily indeed, I will be the very rather first one.  She deserved that award win from the bottom of my rather, rather heart and then some, let’s get that plain right.  And with this new 2014 piece of artwork from me, this gift is my way of congratulations to her quite richly, richly indeed as my entire full-on motive for this.  So Lily my utterly fantastic dearest, look forward to you grandly enjoying it and even buying a brand-new print of this newest artwork of mine on dA, too!!!  :floating: :kiss: :blackrose: :thumbsup: !!!!


A VERY special Close-up look at this original artwork is now available right here on dA for view:
      Quicksand Spirits (2014 Remake) Close-Up by AdigunPolack


Overall Combined Time: Approximately 142hrs., 56mins. total
Software Used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7
Total Layers: 67 layers
Tools Used: Mouse only; ABSOLUTELY NO drawing tablet whatsoever!!!  :D !!
References Used: NONE.

    Come, my Aseldrik.

    Step with me into a much softer, softer realm from within our own very reaches of our greatest bountiful creation.

    Herein lies the much boundless, most pliable ever-shifting heart of this parched yet abundantly thriving endless desert canvas,
    known greatly to both you and I alone as The Sacred Sinking Sands of Deepest Blissful Tranquility.

    This barren, ever vast, and literally bottomless honey-like swamp hidden within the untamed dunes can deliver forth the richest splendor of new life,
    bringing such many pristinely wondrous, joyous abundances and untold pureness to our young and splendidly magnificent new planet.

    Created so meticulously and well-thoroughly knitted together by our own innate essences of the finest flowing sands and the purest upwelling water,
    we become as one together in our deepest eternal passion of our most slowest, ever-engulfing lovemaking so consensually to one another.

    The very active, welcoming, relentlessly oozing sand bog felt so deliciously wonderful as we let ourselves sink most gleefully deeper and deeper.
    Divine, even, to the point that we were actually held in such deeply suspended animation in this fathomless, fathomlessly gooier desert mire,
    floating ever so weightlessly up to our very shoulders at the absolute most,
    together as eternal, eternal lovers supreme...

    There was absolutely no solid footing to be found in this entire smoothly-pulsating quicksand itself so many, many, many feet below ours,
    its own very characteristically inherent balance neither good nor evil,
    its heaving brew neither solid nor liquid but a more extraordinarily stickier mixture quite literally akin to a tar pit immensely between the two,
    its exceptionally, endlessly more viscously creamier consistency throughout even far better than a humongous cask of thick luxurious chocolate...
    as we bathed so very, very happily in our own natural, shifting, ever-purest essence untainted rather resplendently,
    as the amourously truest husband and wife that you and I are to one another quite fetchingly,
    as two most sacredest immortals in such holiest intimate wedlock quite indeed!!

    Ooooooooooooo, such silkiest, silkiest bottomless quaking mud divine!!!


    To the unwise and frightful eye, these very same great sand swamps can also bring forth the sheer brutal pangs of death and utter misery;
    a man’s own daftness in all these swift, slimy, and gradually-yielding desert grains can quickly become his most cataclysmic undoing.

    There was, once upon so many a great era, scores upon relentless scores of countless, countless men of all types and native tongues,
    from desert travellers to gypsies to the bravest warriors to sorcerers to kings and to even the most mightiest emperors in their conquest,
    that so feverishly claimed and rashly believed that these miry and ever vast quivering bogholes in the desert were lethally treacherous,
    totally swallowing them up without a slightest mercy and then sealing them in fatally from the very first misstep that they took onwards,
    when most really, that was NOT even distantly half the case whatsoever;
    it was none more than just their own wild and insanely foolish imaginations that surely got the better of them in the end,
    plunging them straight into an uncontrollably blind rage of massive nonstop despiration and panic in their freakishly rapid haste to escape alive,
    causing instead a quite tragic backfire as they ever-so-maliciously disturbed the most delicate balance of these very quicksands in the process,
    driving them deeper and farther down much, much faster and therefore ever-uncomfortably more worser and worser than even mere seconds before,
    their situation totally futile and all the more maddeningly hellish to the absolute painful and all-too-grim point of no return period,
    when it was all of a rather sudden their own accursed mindset that became the truest, truest killer itself all along...
    and not so much the bottomless active mires at all themselves.

    In other words, to even call these wonderful sinking sands so deadly to begin with is such a huge, HUGE gigantic mistake,
    one that will catastrophically torment even the most toughest-set beings quite severely for literally all of eternity...
    and then some even well-beyond that.

    How impudently forsaken-damned mawkish all those mere mortals be throughout the ages,
    their puny minds rambling and dwelling upon such a fatal misunderstanding behind the real nature of these moist and softest weaving sands,
    letting such disastrously corrupt thinking like that deceive them at the most saddest, saddest cost of their own very lives.


    This is where the clever wise man carefully retraces his very steps as apt and calmly as a brilliantly magnificent grand falcon;
    this is where the skillful common observer takes thoroughly serious and well-timely cautions to such great heart;
    and this is where you and I treat this entire most sacred desert morass with the ever-deepest respect that it should flatly have deserved.

    These velvety molten sands of this jellified gluey swamp are so exceptionally warm and most soothingly hot like an extremely pleasurable desert spring...
    one that is just impossible to fathom in human eyes yet so incredibly buoyant indeed as it truly becomes a most special, special erotic love-oasis for two,
    its gently-heated temperature so rather sensationally most comfortable on our own naked bodies as we continued to deeply and deeply ride one another,
    intertwining ourselves in a most slowest writhing dance in which we so wildly exploded most passionately into such mad sexual heaven with each other...
    one that wholly encapsulates the most sacredest, most purest, and most completely untamed melding of earth and water together,
    as supreme and most mightiest Quicksand Spirits that we are, eternally as one.

    I so truly, madly, very profoundly love you, ohhhhhhhhh Aseldrik... my deepest husband... my extravagantly truest soulmate that you are.

    I love only you...

    Great High-Goddess Oasia
    Supreme Earth Mother of the Purest Desert Sands and Salts

    :bulletred::bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletyellow: :flame: :blackrose: :flame: :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletred:

    Overworked quicksand peril be most *totally* damned indeed; rather, the only thing that really both counts and stands out simultaneously in the art world (and then some!) are true, freshest, bona-fide new originality and overall mind-blowing execution that are brilliantly knitted together with phenomenal, resplendent design... just in order to completely blow away the hackneyed, recycled, and even stereotype art clichés to kingdom come... SKY HIGH, that is.
    :love: :thumbsup: :star:

    — Adigun Azikiwe Polack ( :iconadigunpolack: ), from August 23, 2012 on “Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku

    :bulletred::bulletred: :blackrose: :bulletred::bulletred:

My rather most dearest, dearest amazing ladies and gentlemen ( :wave: :hug: :blackrose: !!! ), it has been literally more than a WHOLE ENTIRE SINGLE YEAR since I last did a brand-spanking-new artwork on deviantART... and from Summer 2012 all the way to the end of Summer 2013 or so, me and my mom had been insufferably plagued by literally hundreds to thousands of utterly unsanitary, egg/crap laying, blood-sucking bedbugs most HORRIBLY before we diligently stood our ground at our most strongest on a serious day-to-day basis and finally came real close to getting literally rid of them all at last (more information how me and my mom overcame that plague together indeed can be read for you entirely on my special 2013 birthday journal piece on dA right here:… )... no wonder I did not even stand anywhere remotely near a clear shot halfway, due to all those uncertainty-causing, vile-ass insects that I had NEVER even encountered before in all of my life whatsoever!!!  :upset:  But now that the mass numbers of bedbugs are taken care of, I am very slowly but most surely recovering, considering that I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack, had so, so, so suffered needlessly like that for that quite long, long a time indeed, for one.  In fact, I had suffered so many countless bedbugs for so long (as well as surely some real health issues that stemmed as a result of that there!) that it had also put a serious-to-most-severe emotional toll on me truly... so much so ultimately that I did not even get a slightest damned shot of doing a single, SINGLE artwork in 2013 on deviantART.  At all.  It all personally made me totally very point-blank mad, too!!!  :x  In quite fact, so frankly mad enough to the sheer point that I have just finally came back to the artworks creation front in this art community and fully created my very, *very* first official artwork of now 2014 entitled:

    The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits

...and I AM SO PLAIN, PLAIN FUCKING GLAD that not even one of the slightest bedbugs ever touched my current hard-earned $500+ desktop computer period from while me and my mom were getting rid of all those demented little nasties indeed, because with them tending to suck away and engorge blood into their otherwise flat little bodies like sickening balloons without you even feeling it happen, they surely would have definitely destroyed my desktop and its PCB, permanently wiping away *all* of my 7 years worth of my created art data and backups beyond repair and turning my already phenomenally powerful motherboard and everything else dead and completely unrecoverable... but that near-, near-disaster DID NOT EVEN HAPPEN, as God Almighty was fully on the side of my mom and I both entirely in flatly making sure we successfully and miraculously got out of it all alive with all of the bugs wiped out of existence forever... I just big-time praise Him for his utterly resplendent goodness and mercy on us both, that is for sure!!!!  :love: :thumbsup: !!!

Never again will I even want a single slightest bedbug in my life.  At all.  :furious:  Back on topic.

About “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”, my most longest-awaited and very first brand-newest artwork on dA in just over an *entire* single straight whole year indeed that was just created digitally using only a single, single mouse alone without a drawing tablet period, I right up front fully and wholeheartedly dedicate this whole piece of stunning artistic beauty to all these MASTERFULLY amazing people on deviantART from the bottom of my most dearest, dearest heart:

...and especially to these two (2) current and resplendently phenomenal Community Volunteers (CVs) currently running our Manga/Anime galleries on deviantART:

...who are also *such* seriously plain AWESOMELY wonderful persons truly with all of us in this entire art community simply, too!!!  :hug: :peace: !!!

And since I had quite an abysmally horrible year in entirety last year throughout with all those needless, NEEDLESS bedbugs and other personal serious health/emotional issues that I had so, so suffered from 2013 as a result that all combined together in which they all robbed me completely blind of a sure chance of doing a single new artwork period that year indeed, I will undoubtedly *very* flatly make this newest 2014 artwork of mine right here as truly “Daily Deviation”-quality on dA as possible in terms alone of the best that I had done in every facet of this design itself all the way down to the overall art quality and execution that I have sure improved upon especially on this one... and it was all entirely painted using ONLY a mouse.  No drawing tablet whatsoever.  No fucking kidding; I hadn’t forgotten my touch in creating my artworks at all!!!  :D !!

So then, for this very all-newest, “mature audiences 18+”-based painting piece right here of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” presented by Adigun Azikiwe Polack (aka yours truly here!!  :nod: :thumbsup: !! ) as now my official yet very very very very rather late 2012/2013 dA Season Finale artwork — considering that it is between December 2013 and the very start of March 2014 on which this work was first created right here, after all — this is not just a straight-up remake of my 2008 original of “Quicksand Spirits of the Salt” (which, by the way, was previously part of a very special short series of mature artworks on dA called the Elemental Spirit Lovers series, where it really celebrated the rather deeply erotic spirit romances and sensualities based especially on the four traditional elementals: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire!  :aww: :rose: ):

      Quicksand Spirits of the Salt by AdigunPolack

...but seeing as this brand-new year of 2014 now marks the official 6th anniversary of my work of “Quicksand Spirits of the Salt” that I had done previously indeed, I have COMPLETELY overhauled this newest artwork remake and added tons of brand-new elements to it as well as flat-out improved the entire damn thing in my digital painting style overall to make it look totally, totally brand-new as its own, single, individual brilliant-quality painting rather than a plain vanilla remake... ALL while keeping in the entire spirit of the 2008 original of this, fully encapsulating my artistically masterful use of softest, moist, creamiest, viscous, ever-yielding, bottomless, yet so richly buoyant quicksand mire just in order to deeply symbolize the eternally passionate love and sacred erotic sexual purity between a husband and his own wife rather consensually towards one another together, with such richest untamed poignancies that quite exquisitely captivate and embody the whole experience of it all seriously, making it so utterly even more swimmingly beautiful than it ever, ever, ever was before!!!  :D  And all *quite entirely* without any pornography at all, rather truly and very specifically.  :heart: :heart: :floating: :heart: :heart:


When it comes to quicksand (or anything like that), I very flatly do not do what is popular, terrifying, lewd, perverted, panty-invasive, or commonplace.  And no, I am not choosing any sides here on that, either.  Instead, I just do what is phenomenally, phenomenally damn original that is executed at least quite competently... and in such beautifully good taste, at that!!

Furthermore, sexuality, intercourse, sensuality, intimacy, and eroticism should all be based both squarely and purely in LOVE, SHEER HONOR, AND ABSOLUTE FULL GENUINE RESPECT between husband and wife towards directly one another alone, just as this art picture of mine here clearly well-illustrates indeed... and totally never based in one’s own lust, obsession, greed, perversions, money, fear, panic, uncertainty, sleaze, porn-fetishes, sex crimes, hentai, or any type of porno or sexual-exploitation smut film period.  Any mature, self-respecting adult should well-understand that right away.  That is it; simple!!!  :D

I do have a lot of serious, *serious* heart as an artist and person both, after all.  :aww: :blackrose:

And no, not one single word that I have said throughout this entire description of this 2014 artwork of mine on dA has anything to do with any political correctness/incorrectness whatsoever.  Period.  This is “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” we are talking about on this one here, quite frankly.

Also too, I am not forcing any of my own words on you or any artist at all.  No.  Rather in specific, I am only SO ecstatically deeply delighted to share this work proudly with you for well-over 30 million people on deviantART to see and magnificently behold in all its rich simplicity and stunning loveliness while keeping the artwork genuine and so impeccably tasteful quite wonderfully, all based on my ever-blossoming and improving digital-art creation skills that have been cultivated in me over all of my several, several years so far here... which I am also sharing with you all as well, quite happily!!  :floating:  As a significant result of this, I am just being a very positive (and extremely damn determined, at that!!!  :nod: :peace: !! ) example of the concept of mixing viscous flowing liquid with artistic loveliness in such undoubtedly elegant yet rather revolutionary new ways on my very own alone while I continually capitalize on becoming more and more splendidly damn innovatively top-tier in my own overall art quality, one after another, all of which strongly plain resonates with the average viewer by simply delivering a rather strong and quite truly powerful, splendidly well-refined message of mind-blowing new originality that just speaks to so millions and millions of us all at once... all in terms of wholly compleat meaning and overall execution both.  I have been doing this now for almost SEVEN (7) whole years straight and still going immensely strong even today ever since I have first signed on to deviantART way back on November 2006 to begin with all the way!!!

In other words on all of this...

Make art such a GRANDEST joy and inner beauty, without even the slightest porn whatsoever.  :deviation: :peace:

Further still and most importantly, just because this new artwork of mine has nudity and deeply consensual sexual themes between husband and wife (like many of my other works in my own dA gallery:… ), that does not even mean that it is anywhere near any kind of porn-fetish at all, automatically — quicksand or not.  So just get over yourselves and man the rather bloody hell up already if you are *still* thinking otherwise in some way, shape, or form here, because this painting original indeed of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” is more and more mature on the overall subject matter of what it is all about and artistically handles sex with the utmost, utmost grand respect for ALL intents and purposes in terms of the way I have made this entire digital piece from start to finish, specifically.  Keep this in full-focused mind right here.  :floating: !!


To put it simply to clarify, just simply call this very painting work for no more than what it really, *really* is: ART, not fetish-catering.  The end.  No excuses, no exceptions, no questions asked.

Thus, I am so utterly very proud to share this entire piece of art with you incredibly MAGNIFICENT deviantART community entirely today on this one — especially having never even created a single, brand-new deviation in this place at all since the Christmas day of 2012 due to the severe, entire-year-long bedbug problem that me and my mom had suffered rather harshly... I am not being pretentious, obsessed, or haughty period in any sense of the word whatsoever; rather, I am only being completely plain unflinchingly honest and truthfully straightforward with myself in really inspiring us all to just step out from the grandstand and deliberately advance our freshest, uncharted new creativities like never, ever before while seriously improving the overall quality of our own artworks with each new one that we do, rather than us being so deeply mired (if you pardon the pun!  :giggle: !! ) in the same old moldy-ass TV/movie/internet-based quicksand tropes and artwork clichés alike.  In other words to be sure, we gotta be most spectacularly original in 2014, 2015, and beyond in such a phenomenally damn good way... and even when the pressure is on, ladies and gentlemen... YOU CAN DO IT!!! Come on now!!!  :hug: :heart: !!!

Speaking of which, I for one am here on deviantART rather for creating true artistic beauty in a positive and most utterly inspiring new light in quite unusually fascinating new ways that are just nothing less than compellingly brilliant that is done most exquisitely right indeed like never before (and I do continually improve on it in many ways, too, I must add!!!  :aww: :thumbsup: !! ).

And yes, I continue to be so dangerously bold in all the right places with my artworks continually, making me one of the most wildly bravest digital artists that ever deserves to exist on deviantART to this rather very day, especially through such many viscous liquids as even thick, yielding, weaving, and bottomless miry quicksand as one example in order to create many *new* kinds of uniquely uncharted originality that are just spot-on and also, in the case of this artwork alone here as one potentially rather first-rate example of this, gives off such innate, unutterable mellifluous beauty as even the bottomless and heavy, most gluier, ever-shifting smooth wavy slime flows silkily underfoot around the two elemental-based lovers themselves as they already sank blissfully and weightlessly floating up to their bare chests and shoulders with such purest eternal joy with one another as forever husband and wife — all WITHOUT turning porno, ‛fetishy’, mundane, peril-based, or hoarily mechanical either way, don’t you truly agree!?  :D !!

At the end of the day, all said and well-told, I AM nothing less than just a creative digital artist/visionary at ever-purest heart who truly, most personally specializes in experimenting and creating something unusually new and perhaps spectacularly damn fascinating... and even make it all stand out on its own for all the right reasons, too!!!  :star: :love: :star: !!!

And no, I am clearly not some damn porn-fetishist at all of any kind either (quicksand or not), let’s get that exactly right for good.  :no:  Just an amazing, honesty-natured, well-matured digital artist so truthfully indeed, for simply all of my above reasons here.  That’s it, end of fucking story, absolutely final about me.  I mean, PERIOD.  :huggle: :blackrose:

Screw all the deadeningly anemic old quicksand tropes.  And then some.


©2014 Adigun Azikiwe Polack.  All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter.  This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone.  All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide.  Got that!?  :D
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© 2014 - 2021 AdigunPolack
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phoenixleo's avatar
Whoa! Apologies for not seeing it before! Just saw the unread note amongst a few others!
I like how it's placed in a different view. The blobs and everything around look as though more figures and hairs are emerging. And the addition of a different colour palette makes it eye catching :nod:
AdigunPolack's avatar
That is quite, *quite* alright, first of all; apology truly accepted indeed.  :hug:

And secondly now, phoenixleo my fantastic guy, what an INTERESTINGLY most insightful comment you gave regarding this current 2014 artwork of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”... I thank you deeply for that!!  :D :thumbsup: !!  And you know, this is my *very* first brand-new artwork on dA in well over an entire year ( :wow: !! ), especially when you take into serious, serious consideration that 1) me and my mom both had been catastrophically suffering from literally hundreds to thousands of bedbugs and all their horrendous blood-sucking bites from the Summer of 2012 to around the Autumn of 2013 straight where we finally got rid of them all completely for good; and 2) at the same time I had bedbugs from last year indeed, I was severely, brutally, hatefully bullied and falsely scandalized very horribly by some entire atrocious-ass internet/YouTube quicksand fetish-porn community SIMPLY for the way that I do my own artworks on deviantART in a totally plain specific way that they did not like at all ( :x !! ), and if you see and read through my earlier selected comments about this very issue in its fullest entirety right here, my man, you can truly see the grossly heinous extent at which that other community massively bullied me on purpose indeed in a jawdroppingly atrocious fashion, wilfully and flat-out deliberately without any shame whatsoever.  WOW, it all horridly, horridly affected me, my physical health, and even my emotions all quite very catastrophically as well to where they came within a slightest razor-thin thread of fully shattering me personally for life... and in the absolute worsest possible case from within the last year alone in the wake of those scumbag attacks that they did to me (combined with all those hundreds to thousands of bedbugs as well that were constantly plaguing me indeed!!!), phoenixleo, I would have EASILY taken down my entire artwork gallery and closed my dA account forever due to all that bullying from that most utterly and patently reprobate YouTube/internet fetish-porn community that actually jacks off *unbelievably* to seeing endless, copycat tropes/portrayals of helpless women sinking and quite potentially being sucked fatally to their deaths in quicksand/mud/bogs/tar in so many twisted and repugnant ways that they do nonstop!!  BUT JUST PLAIN NO, I did not even throw in the towel period; instead, I stood my ground and I did not for one second even tolerate their sacrilegiously plain weak, ever-withering attacks... and I EVENTUALLY ENDED UP HAVING TO COME BACK TO dA in 2014 with this brand-new artwork that you are currently seeing here of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”, because you know, they had *flatly* no right to even attack me over the way that I had done my artworks on dA; the bedbugs were extremely horrible enough as it is.  :no: !!

As such on all of that, phoenixleo, please continue to support me the way you are doing a phenomenal job on already, because I can SURE use all the amazingly splendid encouragement I can get right now!!!  :hug: :thumbsup: !!!  I am a VERY sensitive person after all, and yes, I want to thrive on my artwork quality and rather most seriously improve upon my digital painting creations ever-continually for each new one that I do on dA... especially in 2014, too, since I did not even have a slightest, slightest ghost of a chance of creating a single artwork period in 2013 at all as a result of both that heinous bullying that I just told you about, and also from all those disgustingly unsanitary bedbugs as well.

And on top of that, I am currently under the weather those past few months or so in 2014 in trying to recover emotionally and spiritually from all of that mess that had been forced horrendously on me from last year.  Perhaps that is why I did not get a clear and very real shot at most diligently running my digitalBRILLIANCE group fully on dA as a result of all those problems I had most catastrophically suffered year-round from 2013 in entirety.  Man, imagine how long it would take for any average person to even recover at all having been suffering from all those hundreds and even thousands of bedbugs for at least a full year straight and also having endured the same hatefully horrible bullying I had been through from last year as well, hmmmm?

Anyway, going back to “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”, phoenixleo my RATHER MOST wonderful man, did you see the way I have most definitely improved upon my old 2008 work of “Quicksand Spirits of the Salt”?  Well you are sure to see the comparisons between that old piece and this current 2014 one as you take a look at this special 2014 Art Improvements chart of mine right here for you:

Quicksand Spirits (2014 Remake) Art Improvements by AdigunPolack  

You will be very amazed.  Do not miss it.  :floating: :heart: !!!
ImaginedMoments's avatar
Beautifully done :)  Sorry I did not get to see this earlier.  I am seldom able to get to DA.  I hope all is going well for you Adigun! :hug: :blowkiss:
Dani-Owergoor's avatar
This is one of the most creative things I've ever seen! :clap:
AdigunPolack's avatar
First of all, Dani-Owergoor, it is an *utter* pleasure and honor to meet you on deviantART... and you have such amazing-quality works yourself, I must say, especially having just looked at these five of yours:

Angel of Power by Dani-Owergoor Welcome Autumn by Dani-Owergoor Sea Life by Dani-Owergoor Dome by Dani-Owergoor Dark Knight by Dani-Owergoor

...which are all ABSOLUTELY damn brilliant in how phenomenal a job you really and most genuinely did from during your splendid artistry here on deviantART, let us get that right, and I am personally so proud of you for doing that!!!  :love: :thumbsup: !!!  They are all getting seriously main-featured on my digitalBRILLIANCE group at once (in which such quite many other amazing digital-art features on there are right here for you to so flatly and wonderfully inspire you even further: digitalbrilliance.deviantart.c… ).

Secondly (and very more importantly now!!  :floating: !! ), if you have seen any of my own artworks and/or my dA art gallery here for any length of time, my most wonderful dearest, you know how innovative and sensationally utterly original my art is when it comes to the implementation of quicksand exclusively and most artistically to symbolize, encapsulate, and utterly captivate 1) the splendidly ever-glorious resurrection of women in most positive, incredibly thought-provoking and more splendidly powerful ways; and 2) the wildly magnificent and magnanimously robust erotic consensual love and deepest intimate passion between a husband and his own wife alone together, all without ever turning ‘peril-of-the-week’ or pornographic or ‘fetishy’ whatsoever.  Flatly no exceptions.  And when you factor in the absolute truth that I have created *every* single artwork in my gallery using just a single mouse alone WITHOUT a drawing tablet period at all, you can well-easily see that I am such a grand-inspiration of an artist that deserves to be seen, admired, enthusiastically praised, and well-awed in front of simultaneously over 30+ million members on dA, don’t you honestly think now?  :hug: :heart: !!!

And no, I am NOT even half-joking on it all, either.  Let the overall quality of my artworks weave a superior artistic success story in me on dA that I want to purposely and lovingly share with all of you, after all.  :D :peace: !!

Wow wow wow, Dani-Owergoor.  It has been literally a whole entire year since I had last done an artwork at all, mainly since me and my mom had literally suffered from hundreds upon thousands of disgustingly vile bedbugs that we eventually and finally got rid of in our home entirely right before 2014 first started (come to think of it, my mom and I had that problem around the house for just about two (2) whole years; up until then, me and my mom indeed had NEVER had that problem in our lives.  Never.  :no: ).  You can discover even more of what I have been through by going to my VERY current latest 2014 dA journal piece on deviantART where it shows you all about it, plus how you can help give such grand support to our resplendently amazing lady/artist Lilyas on such a horrible legal/home-eviction crisis that she is facing right now ( :wow: !! ), and please be sure to read it in its *most fullest* entirety as I want her to win this entire case so that she keeps not just her home and her local community, but also her very livelihood and all of her artistically creative workspace.  In quite fact, I personally and undeniably want her to FULLY win indeed, and it would be an utter pleasure on that, too, as I want this to be shared upon by as very many dA members as possible in order to inspire them all to lend a serious hand and give amazing support to her as well, quite genuinely.  :cuddle: :+favlove: !!!

Going right back to “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”... seeing as how I had such countless, massively plain horrible problems in 2013 to where I DID NOT even have anywhere near half-a-chance of actually ever creating a single new artwork deviation from that past year at all period — not only because of the tons upon tons of bedbugs nonstop at the time, but *also* because of some deplorably horrendous sicko guy from some patently reprobate YouTube/internet ‘quicksand porn’-fetish community who deliberately, wilfully, utterly, and most scornfully dehumanized and falsely scandalized me ON PURPOSE over the way that I do my artworks on deviantART that they simply and totally did not like at all (as clearly detailed about for you right exactly here in which me and current recent ‘Daily Deviation’-featured artist Teddy-Cube had an excellent and well-honest dialogue exchange about my art of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”) — I fully came back to dA in 2014 to create a brand-new artwork that is at least as DD-quality on dA as ever... at least, I have tried my absolute *serious* level best with this current new artwork of mine that we are now talking about again here.  And my, look at the improvements that I made, my very dearest, as clearly told to you from my art-description of this very deviation piece, so please be sure to read it all again from the very beginning to get even more amazing insight into how have totally, flat-out improved on my artwork quality, art technique, details, and overall execution/impact overall, okay?  :hug: :thumbsup: !!

Thank you so TRULY very much ever seriously for that immensely rather outstanding comment on “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”, Dani-Owergoor, as well as for putting me on your watch list ( :+devwatch: ) in this art community, and for creating such many amazing quality artworks of your own yourself, also; I deeply appreciate you from the bottom of my heart, I must *rather* quite say!!!  :love: :peace: !!!
Teddy-Cube's avatar
very good to have you here on deviantART :love: :hug:
segura2112's avatar
A stunning and sensual piece (both the picture and the poem (?) ) Thank You
LuneBleu's avatar
Thank you so much for the dedication! I truly love it :thanks: :hug:
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
Sublime work as always, thank you so much for the dedication. I truly hope your health continues to improve and your problem is completely resolved.
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 :worship:  Your art is absolutely breathtaking, as always... and you have such an amazing way with words, too! 

Thank you for honoring me with the dedication, and let me just say that it's very good to have you back here on deviantART. :hug:

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Thank you so very, VERY much on that most outstanding comment, Tasharene, although I do try my absolute best in what I write as well.  :D :rose: !!  I am not perfect; I am human... but if anything at all, I do my very best to improve the overall quality of my artworks, since my works have not had much exposure on deviantART at all as of late.  :(

At least when I have uploaded my newest 2014 artwork of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” to dedicate to such wonderful *amazing* people like you, THAT was when I became a very, very happy man.  :floating: :star:  Thank you quite especially from the bottom of my most deepest, deepest heart, my most phenomenally awesome dearest person that you are!!!  :hug: :blackrose: :thumbsup: !!!
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all your work is always stunning friend, and thats hot :D
thank you so much for dedication I'm honored :tighthug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
Indeed we’re spicy hot, both you and I ( :love: :thumbsup: !!! ), as you have such many amazingly damn phenomenal works in your dA gallery yourself right here... in fact, I have just featured four (4) of your outstandingly quite impressive photomanipulations on my digitalBRILLIANCE group *just* this very day today, my spectacularly great guy that you are!!!  :D :+favlove: !!!

As you know, Teddy-Cube, I have already had a very PLAIN HORRIBLE year in 2013 in entirety with literally hundreds upon thousands of live bedbugs indeed from the past Summer of 2012 that took well over a year indeed for me and my mom to get rid of from our home, among other severe issues like some serious health complications as a result of me being bit so rather many times and my blood being constantly sucked away as well all by all those UTTERLY plain nastily unsanitary pests nearly EVERY DAY from within these past two years, as well as the fact that I had been physically sick from within January/February of this now-current 2014 year, among other additional even worser stuff I was forced to suffer from within this past year indeed, exactly like I told jenepooh from within this very comments section for this current 2014 art piece right here of mine.  

And as well, the true utter beauty behind the entire method of which my own 2014 artwork of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” was created on dA is that the whole entire thing was completely hand-painted using ONLY A SINGLE MOUSE indeed, and not even a slightest drawing tablet at all.  Yep, you read that right, Teddy-Cube!!!  :love: !!  The thing with this picture of mine is, furthermore, such active bottomless viscous quicksand was used as great, RESPLENDENT new original artistry done right exactly like that, and flatly never as either a stupid-ass copycat peril or a repulsive fetish-porn at all.  Period, final.  If you read the story of this piece as well as all of my entire art description for this, as well as checked out how I have actually made my serious, masterful improvements since my 2008 original of this in my special 2014 art-improvements that I am now showing you right here, you will know that this piece deserves to be so widely, WIDELY seen to as very many countless people on dA as possible, don’t you quite agree!?  :D !!!

As the mighty Socrates once said, “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.

Speaking of weak minds discussing people (and especially such ones very rudely doing so in the process, mainly!!)... I unexpectedly encountered one from quite several, several many months ago in 2013 in the form of some guy named ‘Ace’ of some disastrously pointless, calamitously crackbrained, spectacularly off-putting internet forumboard elsewhere (which I will not even name) that is so literally, blatantly, and most completely sexually obsessed like such a lewdly reprobate narcotic with the use/portrayal of women as nothing more than just degrading sexual objects to be fed to and even swallowed up alive by the insatiably hungry, bottomless sucking muck and needlessly sexualizing the already gravely dated, utterly brain-dead quicksand peril in that way alone with its own many, countless many forum community members even *inherently* getting off on that very thing alone so utterly pervertedly in the process as an ever-unrealistic, nonsensically stupid, extremely dangerous, abysmally so-called ‘fetish’ that they have on their own where their main motives and well-hidden agendas are concerned on an utter daily basis for them (even to this very day, too!!)... thereby making such countless, revoltingly sicko porn out of that even more than I could ever even imagine or fathom at all in the tiny slightest, believe it or not on all of that!!!  :no:  And from him indeed comes his most abhorrently snarkiest message originally first written there on that other forumboard indeed on Thursday, January 3, 2013 that was said about me, about my own artworks here on deviantART, and especially about my entire writing style as well, all as a rather overly desperate, knee-jerk, rancid, and most brazen character-assassination attempt on me from the instantaneous moment he saw my artworks in this very art community for the very first time as just a deviantART visitor, also believe it or not!!!  He is quite inarguably the absolute plain weakest mind in this entire case, because simply put, Teddy-Cube, that whole message of his *truly* gave me the overblown, reprobate, and most colossally enormous middle finger as it clearly reads in his own insolently vilest words that he had the wilful, bumptious temerity to even DARE say about me for no reason indeed:

(As key evidence on the message ‘Ace’ wrote about me and my artworks indeed, the original copy of his message has been captured for you right here. )

    by Ace » Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:55 pm

       Beast260 wrote:Just came across these...…

    Oh my god, please, not that guy. That dude is the most pompous "artist" I've ever seen in all my life. Just go to his page and read literally any paragraph about literally any one of his works. He acts like a parody of a snooty artist snob, only way way more over the top. He's seriously in love with himself and his works, talks them up like they're amazing (which they're not), and even refers to himself in the third person sometimes. I wish I were kidding.

    Also, he publicly denounces the fetish-ization of quicksand, calling quicksand fetishists sickos, vile-ass perverts, etc. Yet, based on literally every single piece of art of his, he seems to be completely obsessed with both quicksand and sexuality. Just not in the peril aspect of it I guess, and therefore it's cool for him, but we're the filthy scum. And he vehemently protests to quicksand as a fetish and the community too. Like, a suspicious amount of protesting going on. Kinda familiar of all the religious and political figures over the years that have enthusiastically protested homosexuality only to be caught with a male prostitute themselves.

WHAT!??!  Seriously, what the flying rather fuck had that person been smoking when he first wrote that on the internet, hmmm!?  Clearly, that entire message from ‘Ace’ about me and my artworks right there is so fatally closed-minded that it flatly should NOT have even been said period, let’s get that absolutely damned straight!!!  EVER.  I just cannot even begin to wrap my head around any of what he said there, because it all quite incontestably makes rather zero sense at all.  Read: NONE.  I mean, notice closely how he first began his message with these seven opening words that were clearly said about me, for starters:

    Oh my god, please, not that guy.

...before he most wilfully started this whole pointless, vituperatively viperous tirade against both me and *all* of my own entire artworks that are already on deviantART in which he came off literally as nothing more than such an insanely plain spoiled, incredibly pettiest, and most wildly damned petulant quixotic brat who didn’t get his way and his way most exclusively at all... it just DOES NOT even leave half a good first-impression at all on him in the slightest, does it, Teddy-Cube?  :no:  And on top of that, that complete whole message there of his indeed was first written at the *exact* time that me and my mom were disastrously suffering still from literally hundreds to thousands of rather disgusting blood-sucking bedbugs and their eggs and mess, just several months before my mom and I finally got rid of at least quite about 100% of them all by around the very, very end of Summer 2013.  Poltroonish and very maddening to say the least, especially considering that I do not even remotely know the guy at all, let alone even fucking met him period to begin with!!!

“I wish I were kidding”, that guy ‘Ace’ says!?  Well his wish only about him most grossly kidding me indeed has certainly been disastrously granted in full and then some, because he deliberately took that entire message of his so CATASTROPHICALLY way out of context (for example, his ill-concocted phrase of ‘quicksand fetishists’ that he vastly speaks for actually meant exclusively about those many certain people — both on the web and especially on YouTube as well — that are so completely and most pervertedly obsessed nonstop in a jaw-droppingly brazen way quite deliberately on the whole frightening and overly empty portrayal of helpless women struggling and sinking towards being literally swallowed alive in quicksand (and stuff like that) for good like artificially weighted-down anchors, as well as mainly on internet quicksand pornography/BDSM (or bondage, domination, and sado-masochism is what the term ‘BDSM’ indeed most literally stands for, by the way!) that is ever-so-heavily built around an entire oversaturatedly recycled, stagnantly repetitive, and already dead-in-the-water TV/movie ‘quicksand-peril’ genre cliché that had been completely copycat nonstop over the many countless decades even to this *very* current latest day as well, believe it or not, even when he was just mixing it all around and twisting up that so-called ‘catch phrase’ of his to make it sound more ‘innocent’ than it REALLY actually is at all, quite frankly!!  :upset: !! ) and blowing it all literally out of proportion regarding me, my artworks, my custom art/writing style, and even my own custom deviantART artwork front-page too, not only making me sound like a total fucking snobby, pig-faced, brashly curt megalomaniac hypocrite (when really, I very honestly AM NOT ONE period, by the way!!  :no: !!! ), but also, in a virulently repugnant move, ‘Ace’ flatly makes it all sound like an all-too-overhyped, downright ugly, yet rather utterly pointless religious/political gay-sex scandal at around the end of his own writing in an attempt to smear me even further, too... boy, that is just so apocalyptically insulting and just gruesomely plain wrongheaded indeed, the way he fabricated that whole entire thing as nothing more than just a total pissheaded lie about me from start to finish in entirety that quite about plain shattered apart my self-confidence completely for all time — and I *especially* did not appreciate that ‘caught with a male prostitute’ remark that he also said about me without any littlest, barest ounce of remorse period, either; made me so unbelievably sick to my rather stomach in addition to the tons and tons of ever-wretched bedbugs that I had a whoppingly huge problem getting rid of already!!!  Homosexuality is NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST ISSUE here at all, so just why the big-time hell did he even bring that up for!?  What pure hateful, despicably demoralizing, swinishly putrid, and most ever-dementedly whackjob lunacy indeed, the way that utter cretinous prick ‘Ace’ simply wrote all that and simply attacked me and purposefully dehumanized me so viciously, all in the very rather name of some entire internet quicksand-porn community as if he was so proud in cold blood of what he did based entirely on that cheeky and most snippiest ‘holier-than-thou’ tone of his from within his own writing about me for the rather first time right there!!  Tip of the most rottenest overgrown iceberg for him indeed.  I mean, what kind of narcissistic, psychopathically misbegotten asshole does that charlatan guy take me for, anyway!?  Wow ohhhhhhh WOW, has he picked quite the wrong person to mess with or what, Teddy-Cube my most wonderful man, because you know what, had that person even became a member of dA and made that very same personal attack/defamation (or such like that) on my own pages or on any of my artwork deviations on deviantART, I would MOST FLATLY have reported his coldly stinking-rotten churlish ass in a rather heartbeat without even the slightest split-seconds’  hesitation, quite definitely!!!  What an outright, outright scumbag thing for him to say that about me indeed, as flat-out as ever... because it turns out after all that it is he who is the real gigantic hypocrite (except he SURE made one out of himself on all of that!), and very grossly so, at that!!

It’s just no wonder I had never even remotely had a slightest half-a-chance to create a single brand new artwork on deviantART in quite more than AN ENTIRE WHOLE YEAR STRAIGHT ever since the past, past Christmas of 2012, while my mom and I had to deal with and overcome tons of bedbugs that were most constantly eating us alive nonstop day by every single rather day at that complete time indeed!!!

Yeah, I was that bothered... no, extremely, EXTREMELY RED-HOT ANGERED AND OUTRAGED SO CATASTROPHICALLY by that guy’s entire vitriolic, scaremongering, quack-ball comment  — and *quite* plain rightfully so, too!!  :furious: !!!  If ‘Ace’ even dares to ever remotely claim that that is not such avariciously disgusting behavior from him, then sad fucking day for him and then some, because it IS completely rather both astronomically egregious and most scathingly disgusting coming from him indeed on the back of what he said throughout about me in the first place.  And in the second place, if he thinks he has successfully bullied, coerced, condemned, silenced, and cowered me severely into never, ever, ever, ever creating any more new artworks on dA at all period as if his whole message there indeed was the absolute final, final word about me for all time... HE IS JUST TOTALLY DOWNRIGHT PLAIN UTTERLY WRONG for sure permanently.  I mean, enough is just plain, plain enough.

As such on all of that there, the entire internet quicksand-porn community is ALSO catastrophically to blame in spades severely and then some for even freely allowing that calumniously hateful character-assassination message by ‘Ace’ to stay there on their own internet forumboard for just rather more than an entire complete year already without even confronting or reprimanding him at all on the way he massively threatened me and all my seven (7) long hardest years’ worth of artworks indeed in an opprobriously rotten and needlessly scandalous way, and just left that message alone like it was nothing... essentially, they PLAIN 100% CHOSE TO DEFEND that whole very message of his indeed like it was completely okay entirely, on purpose, as if there was flatly no issue at all.  Period, final for them all, done.  All of a sudden, it’s like as if they all held me hostage deliberately under the tightest lock and key with a loaded gun forced to my head for all that time throughout the entire 2013 year in combination with the fact that I had hundreds to thousands of bedbugs already, literally destroying away my own creative artistic passion, talent, and originality that I had been cultivating all the way since 2006... HOW RATHER DARE THEY ROB AND SKIN ME BLIND like that when I was only, *only* honestly and most innocently expressing my own sheer masterful creativity and uniqueness in my own artworks here on dA!?  Boy, no wonder all of that very internet quicksand-porn community there and all their entire decrepit, grottiest porn-fetish forumboard management staff all lived up the utter ass of their whole entire so-called ‘quicksand’ establishment in fullest, fullest entirety right there to the point of it all rapidly becoming permanently kaput entirely and in total disrepair already; if anything, at least, they are blatantly screwing themselves rather severely here to the point of absolutely no return at all, really, most especially for what they simply did on that whole debacle that they did on me there that I am talking about!!!  And what is more, they are most eternally NOT the be-all-,end-all to either quicksand, clay, peat bogs, mud, tar, or any quicksand-related artworks throughout all of both history and existence in complete entirety since all the way back to the rather, rather beginning of time itself.  Ever.  As truly such, both that very entire same porn-/XXX-fetish community there and bogs of quicksand (or any substance(s) that act just like that, for that matter!) themselves are *not* even mutually exclusive to one another whatsoever, and flatly never will period for all time, for that matter.  Sorry; I have way, way too much plain goodness and brutal honesty in my own heart both to even bother to tolerate in the bare slightest that unbelievable, iniquitously heart-hardened, snappishly roguish, steamingly unadulterated utter 100% bullshit that clearly came from some other entire porno community that originally came from way elsewhere on the internet there at all.  In other words, Teddy-Cube, no way am I even *remotely* putting up with the way that entire YouTube/internet quicksand-fetish pornography community traduced, blasphemed, exposéd, and so falseheartedly scandalized me with that entire message by ‘Ace’ and the way they so brazenly left it there simply regarding both my entire artworks and the way that I do them on dA, either... no utter fricking way indeed!!!  As for  ‘Ace’ and his forcibly tacked-on, farcically so-called, and most blatantly empty-headed phrase of ‘quicksand as a fetish’ (with the ‘community’ he was exclusively talking about being that very same YouTube/internet quicksand fetish-porn community in specific, and nothing more than that!) that simply both sounded and felt like such an inherently horrendous porn/BDSM flick from the way that waspish numbnut indeed had purposely said it there as if to rather *systematically* mean an automatic porno/XXX fetish where his own funny little case is concerned... boy, talk about BLINDSIDEDLY missing the entire forest for the trees quite indeed ( :facepalm: :thumbsdown: !!! ), since quicksand is just nothing more than really a common mixture of fine loose sand/soil/clay mixed with flowing upwelling water, for rather damned sake!!!  That’s all.  THE END.  Period.  So no, he totally struck out severely and in the process just made a complete profound utter laughingstock of himself on that one.  I am not stupid or schizophrenic, after all; I’ve thoroughly and thoroughly studied seriously about quicksand and its very truest nature (even most scientifically as well, especially!!) for literally 25 whole years straight now... quite more-than-enough so to the very key point where I not just actually know what the rather hell I am talking about, but rather *also* fully realize to be so flatly brutally honest that all those platitudinously banal, going-through-the-fucking-motions, mechanically-produced, all-too-suspiciously-samey quicksand scenes there on TV, in cinema (yeah, I’m looking at you as well, Hollywood!!!  :fight: ), in literature, in anime/cartoons, in comics/graphic novels, in artworks/sequences of them (including so countless many different hundreds of those copycat said pieces that even literally showed themselves here on this very, very dA website as well that are found under its own search results for either “quicksand” or “quicksand peril”, believe it or not, which so completely profoundly baffles the total hell out of even me to this day as well!!), in animations, in tabletop/computer/video games, in the media, on video, on YouTube, and even all throughout the entire, entire global internet as well all FLATLY DO NOT EVEN WORK HALFWAY, really — especially in this current day and age, either!!  He just cannot insult and shoot away my intelligence to millions of fragmented broken pieces and expect himself to get away scot-free with it rather easily.  Nooooooo.  And I am not one to make even the slightest protests or hold up any picket signs like that, either.  This is deviantART; not deviantPOLITICS.  Thus, in this entire art community of dA, I just create brilliant artworks on here as well as most joyfully inspire tons and tons of other people to successfully come up with something artistically wonderful and so creatively new and wildly exciting in such freshest, phenomenal, very non-clichéd, and most utterly captivating new ways in a most positive new light... all in excellently good taste ( :love: :heart: !! ).  That’s it!!

Pardon me so very, very, very deeply please, my magnificently plain awesome man Teddy-Cube; I’ve danced around that issue for too, too, too plain long while I had already suffered most rather maddeningly and even quite mentally as well from so many, many, many countless bedbugs by mainly the hundreds to literally thousands of them quite indeed from over the entire course of just one whole year from the middle of Summer 2012 to just about the very end of Summer 2013 that severely affected my health quite negatively even long after my bedbug problem was over today in 2014 as I speak, and I WILL ABSOLUTELY FLAT-OUT NEVER tolerate being made a needless utter ridicule of at all... mainly by some person named ‘Ace’ there who just acted rather like a *total* complete blatant fuckface himself ( :x !! ) and simply had to utterly assassinate my character, my artistic talent, my personal writing style, my artworks in my dA gallery, and what each of my individual designs stand for in their own original meaning, sheer originality, beauty, and the resplendently wonderful execution from within each of my own digitally-painted works indeed — all on entire purpose — including this very NEWEST work of mine just released on deviantART today entitled “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” which *originally* would definitely have been my very first artwork creation of 2013!!!  Just look at my own entire artworks gallery on deviantART right here (… ) and see for yourself how I have really, really improved in my art quality over the years, most importantly of all.  That should surely tell you something right here instead of what that other asshole guy there said about me at all, quite truthfully!!!  :peace:

And no, I DO NOT do what is even remotely popular (belief- or media-wise) when it comes to the entire subject of “quicksand” at all, either.  Do keep that in mind as I go along.

Furthermore, that additional statement that was said about me by ‘Ace’ is just pure, pure condescension and utter hogwash:

    ...based on literally every single piece of art of his, he seems to be completely obsessed with both quicksand and sexuality. Just not in the peril aspect of it I guess, and therefore it's cool for him...

Amazing.  :angered:  ‘Ace’ is quite an underhanded, contumeliously gutless piece of work, claiming that I am ‘completely obsessed with both quicksand and sexuality’, which is just pure TOTAL misconstrued fuckery to the gigantic extreme, and severely undercuts and even throws away any true meaning behind my many artworks on dA to the permanently dangerous point that he maliciously and patronizingly tears me down even further and further on purpose, without any shame of his whatsoever.  Beyond disgraceful, that guy!!!  Plus, if he expects me to create a quicksand-peril artwork to please his petulantly sick and most noxiously utterly deluded whacko-ass ‘fetish’, he is rather both crazily and mentally out of his own plain league even way more gravely than he already and most catastrophically has in his very own reprehensible making in the way he already typed that entire snarky-ass comment about me to start with, fully, because I do not and ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT create those overly clichéd and rubbish types of works — metaphor or not.  At all.  I mean, not even in a million mother-fricking years, seriously!!!  Is he that grossly damned blind!?  :disbelief:

That is just far-and-away beyond the pail, as ‘Ace’ has just reached a whole entirely new unbelievable, unprecedented level of low indeed... attacking and slashing away my own personal, personal character to blatant shambles with such toxically plain very ugly accusations like that (which are totally and utterly false, by the way!!)... that right there just makes my blood boil sky-high to no end!!!  As such, Teddy-Cube, he had *COMPLETELY* no right period to even shoot me so full of holes rather mercilessly like this, just simply because I was only creating my own artworks a certain specific way based exclusively on my own personal and rather uniquely original artistic vision that I had brought to deviantART to share most kindly with the entire dA community in general since 2006!  Come on, I TRULY DESERVE SO MUCH, MUCH BETTER than to even be so boorishly, unfairly, and so grossly unjustly cross-examined like that by that utter pugnacious-ass guy there, rather most genuinely.  Flat-out, flat-out intolerable.

And I am just not gonna sugarcoat any of my own words from within this entire post whatsoever, by the way.  Totally no.  Instead, I am only rather truthfully telling it all like it *most really* is in fullest plain entirety as well, quite uncompromisingly, from what I had truly experienced and witnessed with my own eyes all throughout.  Continuing on.

Furthermore, ‘Ace’ had just better learn a most dead-serious, dead-serious valuable lesson from the great Greek Athenian philosopher named Socrates indeed who so deeply gives us this phenomenally quite outstanding statement: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  And you know what, that is most monumentally correct in this case, especially, because not only has ‘Ace’ NEVER even remotely known me or any of my artworks period, to be honest, but due to the extremely draconian way he so smugly conjured up that entire comment of his about me indeed in the very first place as a rottenly desperate way of him solely defending nothing more than just some disastrously made-up and most explicitly utter-worthless so-called quicksand ‘craze’ of his indeed, he sure knows quite dilapidatedly plain nothing period about the real and true sexuality of women in art whatsoever, all too damn apparently as well!!  And sexuality *does not* mean porn or BDSM or even fatally-so-called ‘XXX’ either, let’s get that rather fucking right for sure.  :nod:

Look, it is one thing to have a great, great wealth of knowledge about quicksand/mud/clay/bog/tar (or any soft, viscous, and yielding substance(s) like that), but if one is using it rather as a flimsy dumbass excuse to conjure up a quicksand porn-fetish in the bare tiny slightest — whether portrayed through artwork(s), writing(s), video(s), comic(s), animation(s), anime, fiction/nonfiction, TV, movie(s), internet, or otherwise — then *just* what good is there period, really!?  Nothing; total fucking plain zero... because that then most defintely corrupts, violates, and just flatly completely nullifies ones own knowledge entirely about that semiliquid sticky substance right to the severe point where he/she knows absolutely nothing even halfway whatsoever indeed on quicksand and such, let alone even properly so in the extremely tiniest least at all.  EVER; no exceptions.  And that is most permanently that, plain and most brutally simple, quite honestly, because that right there is most certainly quite the EXPLICITLY WRONG way of going about the entire subject of ‘quicksand’ at all... especially in any way, shape, or form even in the bare slightest as well, quite most doubtlessly very seriously ( :no: !! ).

Really, let us get things crystal-clear and straight up once and for all forever: I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack, am NOT even remotely obsessed with either quicksand or sexuality at all, and I am certainly not psychotic either.  Period, final.  :aww:  Rather, I am a completely sober, fully grown-up man of 36 years of age and counting.  And as part of my overall art designing, I merely only experiment with the artistic creation of bottomless, creamy, softest, viscous miry quicksand (and any thick and gooey subtances like that) to create very unusual yet MOST UTTERLY fascinating new originalities quite competently in more beautiful brand-new ways never before seen in any artwork form at all, with just two of such originalities of mine alone being:
    1 • the use of ever-shifting, thick slimy quicksands artistically symbolizing the eternally passionate love, intimate matrimony, and sacred erotic purity between a husband and his own wife alone together (WITHOUT turning pornographic or ‘fetishy’ at all!  :aww: ), such as in these works of mine for example:
    Their Heavenly Just Desserts in the Treacle Morass by AdigunPolack Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay by AdigunPolack The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits by AdigunPolack

    2 • the use of quicksand, bottomless thick quaking mud, and even bottomless viscous tar swamps to artistically symbolize the absolutely glorious and resplendent resurrection of women in such wholly positive ways, as is portrayed brilliantly at least THREE (3) times in these artworks that I had done on dA so far from over the years:
    La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision by AdigunPolack Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku by AdigunPolack

...and on top of this, literally each and every last one of my artworks you are just now seeing here (including everything you see in my entire dA gallery which *also* now includes my rather very latest digital painting work of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” right among them, too!) has been entirely, entirely created using only just a mouse alone; absolutely no drawing tablet whatsoever.  And I most seriously kid you not, rather honestly too, as I am not talking just about one or two works of mine here and there.  No; I am talking about every single digital work in my entire gallery indeed, rather!  Again, look at them and their individual descriptions for each.  Quite a stunningly tremendous achievement if you ask me, considering both the overall improvements and quality of my own arts over the years as I just get better and better AND BETTER all while my overall custom art style is rather fascinatingly and so phenomenally unique in its own original anime-/manga-design aspirations in so very many respects as well, let me tell you straight on up as well!!!  :thumbsup: !!!

And no, I flatly do not intend on getting a drawing tablet... at all.  Ever.  I will just use a mouse exclusively for continuing to create my works as most phenomenally excellent as I do.  :huggle: :heart: !!

Speaking of such, YES, I very specifically base the many different bottomless quicksands that I do create in my artworks on their truest, real-time physics by wisely giving the deep and thick swampy bogholes a sure buoyancy point themselves by which an average human being can actually float in such softest viscid goo most weightlessly and even more convincingly greater than water alone.

And yes, I *very* seriously treat quicksand and all thickeningly ever-slimy quaking jellified substances like that with the absolute total respect that it SO HUGELY deserves quite artistically, too.  :love: :blackrose:

To know me is to REALLY understand my own true and original artwork style in the first place, as well as most vitally importantly the different fascinatingly lovely meanings behind each of my artworks on dA themselves... the way they were originally intended to be according to my own personal vision, artistry, quality, and overall execution.  Nothing else.  That is the main, truthful, ENTIRELY GOD-HONEST numero-uno factor; undeniably no exceptions whatsoever, as the same here is actually very true of any artist at all — including the *truly* bona-fide professional ones like GENZOMAN, Artgerm, MarcSimonetti, and even IosifChezan as well for example, too!!!  :D :rose: !!

In other words on what I do within my own entire artwork creations in general, I am only quite specifically talking about using quicksand simply as ARTISTIC main creation for purposefully creating such magnificently special, compellingly quite refreshingly original, and even more powerful, most beautifully uplifting meanings to most positively and visually enhance the realms of what art should well be really all about in the very, very first place (as most definitely opposed to the all-too-obvious, overused, overworked, overhyped, cut-and-bone-dry ‘quicksand peril’ business that has been beaten and beaten to severe death repeatedly like an already dead horse, so to speak!); and most absolutely never as some fatally manufactured, cravenly depraved sexual internet fetish for anyone to jerk off or masturbate to whatsoever at all — even in complete and utter secrecy either!!  Total end of rather story, final, and that is just plain flatly it period, as the difference is clearly night and day entirely, most plainly and very honestly on the whole.

Quicksand scenes simply do not create themselves, after all.

Now, having said all of that very specifically that I clearly said, Teddy-Cube, I did NOT even use quicksand in any of my own artworks to please some foreign, no-good YouTube/internet quicksand-porn community at all.  Ever.  And no, none of my arts are even anywhere near a product of any of my own fantasies at all, either, good or bad.  All I said about why I implemented quicksand in my own certain many artworks, was to just simply FULLY ENHANCE CREATIVITY AND BRAND-NEW ORIGINALITY rather than turning it into either a slightest quicksand-peril or porn whatsoever... and that is rather importantly most critical to me, and this was certainly no doubt the case with my rather latest work of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” which was done in such outstandingly and immaculately impeccable good taste that proves very hugely that even soft quicksand *can* be high art in the most rawest, most purest, most beautifully ever-incorruptable form ever known quite enthrallingly to all humankind throughout all the ages that promotes artistic positivity and masterful creativity to advance us together into much uncharted and even compellingly much more highest superior reaches of the ever-spectacular conclave of masterfully true grandest artistry in all of history period, flat-out making all the whole entire so-called, disastrously dated, painfully rubber-stamped, fatally obsolete, cataclysmically nonsense ‘quicksand peril’ and ‘quicksand porn’ genres come off rather eternally as nothing but a colossal fucking plain joke right after another period by comparison to most seriously plain begin with, quite 115% very honestly.  THAT’S RIGHT, I’ve said it, and every artist should very easily be able to relate truly to what I am talking about on this, that is for sure!!!  Remember, motives!!  :D :thumbsup: !!!

And, looking closely into my dA gallery, *not* all of my own works are quicksand-related either; perhaps that sorry-assed, chip-idiot tosspot cur named ‘Ace’ from some other entire distastefully and most rancidly perverted internet forumboard indeed should have really known that instead of him getting all plain fucking snicky and so hotheadedly forsaken-damned arrogant in entirety about it, too, let’s get that undeniably correct also!!  :upset:  As it is, ‘Ace’ is most definitely not the place indeed since he just forever cataclysmically and most epically blew it period with me (as did the whole entire immeasurably appalling quicksand porn-/XXX-fetish community indeed that he speaks for as some sort of ‘mouthpiece’, too; to utter hell with what they even think of me, one way or the other, as their words sure amount to nothing but jack-shit to me... they DON’T even count squat, in other words!!).  No wonder I have completely and permanently washed my entire hands of him for all time quite thoroughly, simply because I for one will most inexcusably not stand for any of his painfully intolerable, insanely kooky, lethally cynical, banefully spiteful, nihilistically venomous utter bullshit at all that was frankly left unchallenged for wayyyyyy too long, let me tell you deeply for rather point-blank real, too; he has flatly no fucking respect.  Ever.  I do not give a cataclysmic damn about him whatsoever.  His words throughout hold ABSOLUTELY no weight, meaning, or even a slightest, tiniest little speck of any dignity, honesty, rationale, or common sense whatsoever, either... no matter what.  I mean, imagine if that same despicably boneheaded, soul-crushing personal attack of his was pointed at another amazing artist on deviantART, for absolutely no reason period just the same as it happened to me already — that said artist would NOT even tolerate or put up with any of that bull at all either, and instead just goes about his/her own business in creating even more phenomenal-quality new artworks, just like I am doing right now already!!!

Listen, I AM A TRUE GENUINE HUMAN BEING, just like you as well.  I do not even remotely deserve to be randomly targeted on the web like such a severe, piñata-based punching bag to be so cruelly knocked down hard and quite savagely ripped apart most unceremoniously by any persecution or insults by some guy or some clusterfuck YouTube/internet porn-fetish community there simply for creating my own artworks that I do on deviantART.  No.  The internet is not that stupid and *neither* flatly am I, rather especially.  And most furthermore, I am fully a well-learned male artist who grew and grew over the years into a truly, phenomenally amazing one that I am seriously becoming.  Without question.  :floating: !!  And please, let the real improvement of my own artwork quality and my own custom artworks style tell the well-important tale of how I very brilliantly grew up that way since I first signed on to this entire most awesomely fantastic deviantART community on November 28, 2006, and do tell me how wonderfully well I have actually improved on my own works indeed.  In rather fact, I would LOVE to hear you discuss how I have stepped it up in my overall art quality from over my nearly seven (7) years so far and continuing, all in such rich and fullest detail most especially!!!  :hug: :thumbsup: !!!

And let me tell you something else as sheer proof, Teddy-Cube: it DOES NOT even take any involvement whatsoever in the so-called ‘quicksand fetish/peril’-porn or ‘WAM’ porn internet communities at all for me to even remotely create a truly great, phenomenally damn resplendent quicksand-related artwork that has quite a special quality and vastly powerful, unforgettably beautiful, and most captivatingly poignant meaning totally unlike any, any hundreds to thousands of others you have ever seen in this utterly fantastic and most wonderfully, wonderfully grandest art-community powerhouse known as deviantART... let alone anything better.  Any.  :aww:  And you know what, that’s right, as I was absolutely NEVER even distantly involved in those other two monumental-joke communities indeed at all... and will flatly never even come anywhere close to joining either of them either, period forever.  Absolutely final, done; that is just plain it.  I am my own, own person who looks a lot closely after myself most properly as a well-mature adult without being morally corrupted in the slightest by any negative influences, frauds, or stereotypes, after all.  Nothing even wrong with that.  And I am *simply not* denying anything, either, as I clearly said from before.

Wanna know why?  Because I am a rather proud, PROUD deviant on deviantART with a lot of great, purest heart for this entire spectacularly most grandly wonderful deviantART community in general... in which it is simply without a total shadow of a doubt a much, MUCH GRANDLY BETTER community of ours that is so seriously, seriously built mainly upon so many different and even rather more ever-fascinating shades of such phenomenally superior artistic uplifting creativity in order to just spread the positivity and mind-blowing excitement around amongst many so many millions of other people worldwide from within this entire very art community indeed, all from the *very* ground up.  :dalogo: :D :+favlove: !!!

In other words, I have so, *so* much grand respect seriously for you, the whole entire deviantART community indeed, and most especially just as well the WHOLE ENTIRE art industry all rather in general... and I am continually improving and improving on that each and every single day, too!!!  It is part of my entire learning process here in this place, after all.  And yes, I DO CARE.  :floating: !!

Really, I couldn’t even make any of this up if I wanted to at all... because everything I just said here is entirely most richly true.  EVERY HONEST SINGLE WORD.  :nod: :heart:
Teddy-Cube's avatar
thank you very much for an amazingly good explanation ... and the one thing I want you to know is forget that's about those who insulting you .. is okay, that's will make us strong

now keep produce beautiful works my friend, because we are your friends here to support and believe in you fully :love: :hug:
and I wish always good for your health
:tighthug: :heart:
AdigunPolack's avatar
I COMPLETELY AND MOST UTTERLY AGREE WITH YOU, Teddy-Cube my ever-spectacular and utterly splendid guy ( :w00t!: :blackrose: !!! ), as that is quite entirely the most flat-out resplendently EVER-BEST statement that I have heard in all of my 7+ years on deviantART.  And yes, I will be QUITE a whole lot better health-wise ( :D ); I am most recently on the surefire road to a serious full recovery, even after all those senseless, incredibly horrible attacks on me that I have just been through... and it most especially helps wonders that the bedbug problem has successfully been taken care of in entirety since late last year, too!!!  :huggle: :thumbsup: !!!

As for ‘Ace’ and the entire YouTube/internet quicksand fetish-porn community and the way they personally attacked me (as well as especially my personal character, too!!!) and even ripped me up and down on their ever-disastrously reprobate quicksand-porn forumboard over me and my own artworks just because I was only doing them a certain specific way that they did not even like at all, SO UTTER FUCKING WHAT for them!?  :no: :thumbsdown: !!!  I mean, first of all, that is just gonna make *all of them* look catastrophically fucking bad; not us (and most flatly not the deviantART community at all, either!!).

And another thing, as for that disgustingly disingenuous remark also from ‘Ace’ that was also said about me indeed on that exact same forumboard of theirs as well, which made me *very* plain mad even more:

    And he vehemently protests to quicksand as a fetish and the community too.  Like, a suspicious amount of protesting going on.

...that, too, is just wackily embarrassing and a complete flat-out lie as well to the point of stupendously bad laughs, which so glaringly proves 115% that he deliberately plain made it all up as he went along, again really, with the ‘community’ he talked about being again some YouTube/internet quicksand porn-fetish community that not only quite stupidly flies way off the handles so wantonly on quicksand and gaping bogs like that, recalcitrantly throwing complete caution to the wind by 1) deliberately videoing themselves sinking and thrashing and struggling like mad towards being totally swallowed alive by that very, very deep stuff — or at least quite rather close to it — all on purpose for real ( !?! ), just wholly counteracting the mire’s natural buoyancy point in the process while at the same time causing them to become literally more and more deeply trapped like a rat in a vat of melted glue (and that even INCLUDES tidal mudflats/quicksands in spite of the rather clear warnings about the deadly fast-rising tides themselves which can come by complete absolute surprise to truly finish off the trapped-and-sinking victim, as well, *even* if one has thoroughly checked the tide tables real carefully; disastrously plain reckless indeed, regardless of whether they make it out alive or not!!); 2) taking headfirst dives into literally deep quicksand also on purpose like total, total obstinate idiots which could definitely kill them due to the immense-to-impossibly-guaranteed risk of actually ingesting mud through either their mouths or noses that way while quite so amazingly potentially ending up so very deeply stuck by many feet or even further down (breathing tube or not!) while the ever-increasing, vise-like pressure of the soft yet serious heavy mud can surely and most literally crush them alive especially more and more in a headfirst-sinking position like that more than anything else, making for one nastily fatal combination for real right there that you and I really shall NEVER even attempt in the very, very, very, very slightest at all; and 3) posting it all on YouTube and other websites as they go around haughtily claiming themselves to be ‘quicksand professionals’  — which in clearest truth they extremely utterly are not since it is all plain nothing but such a most insanely stone-cold fucking joke in and of itself, quite rather severely (just who do they THINK they are kidding, anyway!?) — when really it is just too plain dangerous and deadly a so-called ‘nature activity’ or ‘hobby’ or ‘interest’ for them period in which all of that incautiously breakneck sheer wantonness is to be *flatly* plain avoided overall at all costs (in other words, it is totally THEIR OWN boorishly needless actions right there that made it all so much more frighteningly deadlier than even the quicksands and deep viscous bogs themselves at all, believe it or not... and I am not even half-joking, either, considering the way they talk about them all here, and also right here where one such condescending jackass of that quicksand-porn community actually insults our own intelligence regarding the situation where one is stuck in a mudflat and literally dragging his/her knees in such, too, and he has even pushed and pushed his foolish-ass dumb luck so many, many times by going head-first into a deep mudflat/quicksand and thinks he knows what he’s doing... UTTERLY DAMNED BULLHEADED and so dangerously stubborn he is for doing all of that there, quite very plain frankly and most realistically, by the way!!!  :no: ), but that same entire community itself as well actually cheapens women both severely and quite rather pervertedly as well by simply portraying them (and even insultingly fantasize them in *very* subtle ways, too, at that!) over and over and over nonstop as nothing more than just helpless, degrading sex objects to be only sucked down and potentially gobbled up forever by the bottomless muck and brag about it over and again — with the key entire focus on that for them being about the overwhelming helplessness of the situation of the trapped and/or sinking victim, at that — as a main, number-one component in the rather too many stories that that very fetish-porn community writes, the very plain many artworks/animations that they create on the web and on Fur Affinity also, and even in the many, many, MANY countless videos that they and all their notoriously so-called ‘producers’ actually shoot (with that utterly ever-wretched ‘Devil Clown Krystal Quicksand’ piece being hands-down the most sexually insulting and most execrably downright contemptible video involving quicksand that has ever been put out on YouTube period in that it truly felt to me like a most heinous, heinous crime scene in progress in its own unnerving glorification in the way that it was clearly shot and portrayed hugely against women, as one example!!), too... and nothing more than that for them all as 1) they ever-so-obsessively and most vehemently want more and more women — and even strong ones including quite a number of video game heroines, too — to both constantly, constantly struggle and be rendered as such plain helpless victims in that stuff period, including in deep tar also (as well as in one additional case from just quite several months ago from now, for example, where here on dA, there was a simplemindedly pointless six-artwork sequence series on a digital manga/anime-based portrayal of a young and innocent Native American Indian woman sinking, panicking, and ended up most literally being sucked all the way to her ever-engulfing death in a bottomlessly deep, thick, heaving, and most active peat-bog quicksand for good completely as the one and *only* thing alone in that whole entire series indeed there that was created originally from during the very start of this past October 2013, which just TOTALLY PLAIN ENRAGED the utter living shit out of me personally because I thought that that most insensitively negative, incredibly off-putting, disgustingly guilty portrayal/visualization indeed was clearly a huge, enormously offensive slap-in-the-face against so many actual Native American women on the back of the way that all those six rottenly-executed, cliché-ridden pictures were first created and presented on purpose as truly nothing more than some brain-shot, so-called ‘fetish’ as the main #1 motive on that entire very art-sequence series right there alone, and I very frankly am so rather deathly plain disgusted and tired period of that joylessly ghastliest and most insultingly abject visual there quite entirely, for one, which is in reality why I am so glad I DID NOT even comment on either of those horrendous pictures on their own original deviation pages period!!); 2) at the same time, they also gratuitously want more and more and even more women to be involved directly in any said quicksand scene indeed as well on TV/movie/anime, on YouTube, in literature, in a comic book/graphic novel, or even in a video game rather than a slightest man in one, if even that (which is their own subtle and much more sneakier way of them being quite a bit especially sexist behind the scenes, in a way, as was shown in the way they did it here, here, here, and here for example... something that to me has TRULY raised such serious, dead-serious suspicions indeed about them from a long, long, long time ago and has continuously been to this day ever since, including with the way they even talked about that most horrible 2010 oil spill incident that actually happened in Dalian, China from several years ago in which that same quicksand-porn fetish community gave a very repulsive response at the end there which was right here in which they said ultimately that they truly wished it was really a girl sinking in a very deep oil-slick instead of a Chinese firefighter being rescued at the last minute that was well-shown from Photo 25 on from throughout that original news article... unbelievable!!!  :x !! ); 3) they act utterly most snobbishly in their own tiny little crackpot minds like they’re just-about-to-downright-flat-out completely ignore or even throw away the quicksand’s true buoyancy physics in the entire process execution-wise; 4) they more than oftentimes use the words ‘drama’ and ‘dramatic’ as such saddest, saddest el-stinko excuses for them to be so overly damned possessive in their own extremely twisted ‘quicksand-peril’ mentality like that and also for them to so pigheadedly want that whole mortally obsolete, dead-zone ‘Hollywood-ish’ peril cliché to just thrive and continue with even more and more and more gung-ho rapidity than ever *indefinitely*, all where even more newer and newer quicksand/bog scenes are concerned especially... including all the ones on TV, film, anime, music videos, comics, video games, the internet, or just about anywhere at all; and 5) from time to time, that very same porno community additionally even talks/comments about the woman’s breasts — especially larger ones — as nothing more than ‘floatation devices’ as she sinks chest-deep or more in soft quicksand/clay/deep mud/bog/tar or anything like that, naked or clothed (and they said it themselves quite a number of times right here indeed, which utterly *flat-out* angered me even more than ever because of the ugly, ugly misogynistic attitude that they so wilfully portrayed in what they said right there!!), which I found RATHER ACRIMONIOUSLY BEYOND REPULSIVE to the point of such a malignly outrageous new low... it’s like whenever they reach the very bottom of the fucking barrel already, they’re simply like “I can go even lower”, and I utterly, utterly, utterly, UTTERLY plain despise that quite sexually offensive, tastelessly sickening, and most degenerately deranged kind of talk from that fatally, horribly broken-ass internet quicksand porn-fetish community there indeed beyond reprehension, personally, as that kind of jarringly despicable mind-blowing abhorrence right there is so flatly not even distantly okay in secret, too!!  I mean, unreal!!!  :furious:  And on top of that, Teddy-Cube, they even take every single opportunity on their own forumboard period to pretend like they are not even misogynistic in their tone/attitude at all, when in glaring reality it just simply comes off as the exact rather plain opposite on that entirely, actually, which blows my mind even more completely with what I have witnessed for myself.  INCREDIBLE.  :x !!!

Most seriously to be utterly point-blank honest about what I do, I am *only* here on deviantART for the art of enhancing creativity in a MORE POSITIVE way in the way that I have been doing it in my own dA gallery the way you and I have been talking about together; not make any stupid porn/BDSM flicks out of any artworks at all, quicksand-related or not.  EVER.  Like I very clearly said to you from my last reply from yesterday, I am not one to make even the slightest protests or hold up any picket signs like that, either.  I am being VERY FLATLY specific here.  :aww: :heart:

This is not some dumb misnomer or a fib of any slightest sort at all, Teddy-Cube; rather, I am only telling the ENTIRE absolute eye-opening truth based on what I have known, discovered, witnessed, and experienced regarding thoroughly the whole well-hidden, well-embedded underlying issue of quicksand both on YouTube and on the complete full internet all from over the past nearly 20+ collective years that rather, rather, rather few people (if even *any* at all!!!  :wow: ) have even known, as I deeply cut straight through all the BS, lies, and ugly red tape just in order to quite so brightly shine and expose a serious, SERIOUS widespread light on a whole rather lot of things indeed as they really happened behind closed doors and in clear plain secret as well, too.  And I am *only* just doing it through the eyes of a regular, decent, innocent, pure, and rather truly damn honest person like myself, too, I shall well-add; I am just not fabricating anything whatsoever at all, as I am only speaking entirely out of pure, innate honesty (and never based in any fear or any so-called ‘political correctness/incorrectness’ at all!), by which I am wholly basing all my statements most entirely at their most fullest and clearest extent, and certainly not by my feelings or how I even feel at all.  I speak from the heart, after all, and that is what REALLY matters flat-out definitely, my great man.  :nod: :thumbsup: !!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: WOMEN ARE NOT SEXUAL OBJECTS TO BE SUCKED AWAY FOREVER TO THEIR DEATHS IN QUICKSAND LIKE ARTIFICIALLY-WEIGHTED HEAVY ANCHORS.  Ever.  Because, that heinously appalling type of image there is most utterly *never* how women are to be even portrayed or treated at all — especially in real life, too.

In plain serious English on all of that, that whole entire quicksand porn-fetish community business (on both YouTube and on the internet entirely too!!) has brought such arrant, permanent tarnish and absolute ruination unto themselves that they had most extraordinarily built up on their own from all through the nonstop years within and then some, quite ultimately and collectively both, simply on all those countless petrifyingly rancid things that they did behind closed doors and more (especially as well through the continuously ever-befouling ways that they actually portrayed and fantasized about women indeed to this very, very day as I had already mentioned about earlier here, too!), and so did that atrocious maladroit lowlife named ‘Ace’ indeed who is a much stronger part of that very same spinelessly reprobate, cantankerously fickle, robotically one-note, mangiest porn community there as well, also!  They just don’t give half a damn at all, quite really.  Worst of all, Teddy-Cube, they even ALSO made their ‘expression’ of their own already unsettlingly vile fetish even more malapertly plain disgusting on purpose by wilfully creating additional so-called ‘artworks’ of people even sinking and actually going down literally head-first in different types of deep, active quicksand (with only either their buttocks areas or feet sticking up; nothing more!) that were found upon the search results on Google Images under “headfirst + quicksand” as a way for them to just rub it all in even further beyond great measure, and those were quite the most truly absolute god-ugliest pictures ever that looked as though they came straight from some abominably depraved freak show, seriously, to be rather unflinchingly honest as I most shockingly found that out all of a sudden... so utterly, utterly profoundly infuriating; I DID NOT EVEN HALF-ENJOY THEM AT ALL.  ‘Quicksand fetishism’!?  No, more rather like quicksand fucking massacre on the way it was all portrayed, presented, and unfolded even publicly by them all from over the past straight two decades the whole time all along — whether on the internet or ESPECIALLY on YouTube, too — and really, that is all that they do as their entire so-called, repulsively rather jarringly sicko kind of ‘fetish’ that they first quite foolishly allowed themselves to produce and even incubate in their own minds from the time they were at a very young age, all the way up to their own adulthood and continuing even more rampantly beyond that, believe it or not... and THEN they have the brash insurmountable audacity to pass off that whole entire quicksand porn-fetish business as just nothing more than ‘tame’ the entire time throughout all was that already just mentioned on what they truly do indeed, as was most deliberately said by them themselves right here!?  Through and through, what an enormously steaming stinking load of such gigantically dishonest, egotistically lying, self-congratulatory, shittiest plain airish insolence right there coming from that entire so-called quicksand-porn community there that they seriously, *seriously* caused on their own from all throughout those very many years and more already even to this entire very day as well, quite rather especially... which just spectacularly blew my mind completely away as to how it most unrelentingly left me so furiously shouting to the top of my rather lungs in such sheer mad plain disgust and saying “What the big-time rather fuck were they even thinking of from all those years ago and then some, huh!?!”, because wow ohhhhhh wow, all of the above regarding both what they do and the way they think as well are MOST DEFINITELY NEVER the way we should even remotely begin to think when watching any quicksand scene at all... even in complete secret when no one else is watching, either.  What an utter, utter plain colossal farce indeed, as they sure fatally shot down and destroyed away all their entire so-called credibility permanently on their own, total period.

Again, TOTALLY NOT THE WAY I actually portray quicksand in my own dA artwork creations at all.  Ever.  :thumbsdown: !!!

Also, when that entire same porno-fetish community even talked about the actual rescue methods for pulling someone out of a quicksand of a deep miry bog (or even a real tar pit that can act as such, too!!), there was some improvidently sick smart-alecky jackleg of a guy by the name of ‘Quicksand Doctor74’ (formerly known back in 2013 on YouTube as ‘Alex LeatherTrap’ as his own alias who had the abrupt, snappiest, and most massively nerviest gall to deliberately insult me and went so far as to actually flat-out call me ‘sexually repressed’ to begin with, and then he went on to label me as a ‘homophobic quiksanderphobic asshole’, and a ‘damn good liar’ in which he said it all to my face as evidenced for you on at least two of these things right here, and he as well even deliberately insulted my own religion by accusing me on the screen of being a ‘christian conservative’ from directly within one of his own former videos there (I am NOT kidding!!!), all on blatant purpose just simply because I spoke rather innocently about my own personal views on the subject of quicksand that it does NOT even work as a porn-fetish at all... wow, talk about ever-bitterly touchy and so UNBEARABLY plain fucking rude to the point where such autocratic high-horse hostility and verbal, extremely-worded sexual threats from him were all not even half-necessary period!!!  :x !!!  Hell, I do not even know what that ugly so-called word ‘quiksanderphobic’ means, NOR do I even want to know on that at all either because it *does not* even distantly count as a slightest word at all... SO MADDENINGLY STUPID!!!) as he suddenly jumped on there and went about it the most lewdly wrong way in the way that he wrote this wildly contradictory comment in entirety on that exact same forumboard of theirs on November 4, 2013, in which the topic on there was entitled “What would you do in this situation?” (with the original copy of his own message shown on that right here, by the way):

    This easy for me! Being a gay guy I would methodically,and quickly rescue her. Now if it was a hot guy? Then too I would methodically and quickly rescue him! BUT if it took a long while? And very difficult? I would probably be erect the whole damn time! I've literally devoured every HOW TO ESCAPE QUICKSAND web page there is. But when it comes to real life,one tends to forget something they read online.

    It's an ironic thing. A lot of folks would call us perverts,or sadistic because of our fetish. But if they were in a perilous patch of quicksand? One of us would probably be the best person to have around to rescue them!

First of all, no, the entire premise and execution of that answer of his is both pretentiously hoity-toity and practically just insultingly damned wrong on so many levels, because: 1) he flatly neglected to mention any specific rescue-based strategies/methods/tips/items for successfully pulling someone out of quicksand, even if a person were to be in any real danger like in, say, waist-deep or more in a tidal/estuary quicksand where a sudden crashing tide is just about to come in fast-and-furious as one example; 2) anyone can look through a ‘How to Escape Quicksand’ article/manual in print or on the web to get some good pointers on how one can pull himself/herself out with some practice and help (as was quite delightfully said with clear-cut brilliant honesty from within these following wonderful four articles I discovered on the internet right here, here, here, here, and here for you, for example!!  :nod: :heart: !! )... IT DOES NOT TAKE HALF A SLIGHTEST QUICKSAND PORN-FETISH AT ALL for one to even do that period, let’s get that right very realistically, so this part is really nothing new or unique as it has been said quite usefully so many, many times over the many decades in newspapers, encyclopedias, science magazines, internet, and even most especially on the wonderfully damn excellent TV program called Mythbusters as well as rather most recently in 2014 on a BBC TV program entitled Fierce Earth Series 2x01 where the episode was called “Deserts” (for any UK visitors, you can see the entire and most splendidly well-informative great clip of how one male host Leo Houlding actually and even successfully worked his way out of literally a truly *very* deep and most hungrily viscous quicksand desert bog all by himself just minutes after first plunging himself into that ever-quaking stuff quite riskily, all in action here for you at… ), and so for ‘Quicksand Doctor74’ to say that statement which was:

    I've literally devoured every HOW TO ESCAPE QUICKSAND web page there is. But when it comes to real life,one tends to forget something they read online. so wildly both counteractive and insanely counterproductive in and of itself in its own context, most specifically, which is just basically telling us that we need to just forget and even throw away just EVERYTHING we have learned about from those ‘How to Escape Quicksand’ manuals/articles that we read online over the years (including the quicksand’s buoyancy, no less!!!) where our own tendencies are concerned based exclusively on only *HIS* selfishly unrealistic little version of what he wants us to do in real life as he passes such manuals/articles off indeed as nothing more period than such rubbish throwaways that are not even halfway worth understanding... fat effing chance for him, because that entire illogically broken-ass statement there is flatly 100% hilariously plain false; and 3) when he clearly mentioned that if it were to take a long and difficult while for him to rescue somebody from quicksand, he said himself that he’d actually have a sexual-based erection the whole entire rather time, on purpose... HUH!?!  Is he really fucking kidding us!?  :no:  And when he later said that following completely plain infuriatingly patronizing statement indeed at the end which was:

    A lot of folks would call us perverts,or sadistic because of our fetish. But if they were in a perilous patch of quicksand? One of us would probably be the best person to have around to rescue them! goes clearly to show why the ever-so-called ‘Quicksand Doctor74’ made quite a notoriously enormous stone-cold hypocrite/liar/fraudster out of himself and then some, because that is EXACTLY what it so strongly suggests, if not overly!  Wow, talk about taking the needlessly easy way out in a most laziest and cheapest-ass way indeed that should not even have been imagined in the very least at all, because that entire message and the subtly sneaky tone of the way he wrote it all right there rather easily comes off as nothing more than a well-veiled, massively profound insult on our own intelligence on quicksand behind the scenes to the point of it becoming rather more scathingly offensive than literally anything else!!  Talk about utter malpractice to say the least!!!  And based on what that whole message of his strongly tells us, he took the whole ‘irony’ thing all wrong as well, and he sure flatly misinterpreted by airishly implying and claiming that any of the quicksand-porn fetish community would be the best person(s) to rescue those ‘countless many quicksand-porn naysayers/unbelievers’ trapped very deep in quicksand and such like that... ohhhhh just fucking please, I undeniably and most truly find all his statements to be rather full of such *total* utter plain bull that ever-heavily reeks nonstop of such majorly insensitive, unbelievably stuck-up, gigantic-time snootish pomposity just to make them all look about as good as smoke-and-shattered-mirrors while deliberately leaving the millions of the rest of us suffering the very butt of that very subtly supercilious insult that was just played on us by that entire comment of his and the way he said it, too... and that is just ENTIRELY NOT remotely even funny at all, believe me.  He is in complete, complete denial here.  And no, ‘Quicksand Doctor74’ is not a ‘Mr. Know it All’ on quicksand either... in fact, all that he said very heavily borders on being a gigantic flat-out lie already that just spewed straight out of his own mouth on all of that right there!!  I mean, see how downright rather repulsively arrogant he can be?  :bleh: !!!  I am not here to massage their overly-inflated stinking egos, let’s get that most positively correct straightaway.  In quite actuality, let’s best instead leave the real quicksand/deep-mud/tar rescues to the REAL pros on the job: professional firefighters, park rangers/park staff, professional beach lifeguards, professional emergency crews, anyone like that!!  Common sense should *very easily* tell you that plain and clear for damn sure; it is not rocket science, that’s for real!!!  :aww:

Listen, not all quicksands and bogholes are the exact same from one another from all around the world, however viscous and very thick and easy-to-sink-into they might quite easily be.  That is why some serious, serious, *serious* respect, caution, and safety are all a plain #1 must indeed, especially when enountering such in the outdoors or on vacation as well... and that is something NEVER to even joke about or take for-granted whatsoever, either!!  And hey, at least I do know quite a lot better and a whole lot more brilliantly damn smarter in general like a decent and more wonderfully mature gentleman myself, to be point-blank real and honest.  Like I said from before, Teddy-Cube my ever-great man, I have fully, FULLY studied about quicksand for 25 complete years straight indeed (in other words, all the way since 1988-1989!!), so that should tell you something a lot, lot handsomely more than quite rather most.  I’m no fricking fool, either!!!  :D :thumbsup: !!

And another thing: if that very same quicksand-porn community indeed thinks that ‘QS’ stands for ‘quicksand’ all the time as some ever-so-called and obnoxiously made-up obsessive term of theirs that they put within their many certain comments on YouTube and also within a ton of their own ongoing discussions elsewhere even beyond that as well like there is no tomorrow, they are most awkwardly and COMPLETELY wrong again, since ‘QS’ actually *really* stands for either ‘Quota Share’, ‘Quarter Session’, ‘Quota Source’, or ‘Quota Sample’ as truly the correct specific term, quite commonly to most many millions and millions of decent people around the world (and even far more reasonably at that, too!!  :aww: :thumbsup: !!! )... you can read this part for yourself in this rather interestingly and insightfully wonderful little side-entry from The Free Dictionary official website right here:…

From what I have so simply remembered and known from within all of my entire personal life including even right now too, very honestly from the bottom of my deepest heart, there was flatly no such thing as ‘QS’ even remotely standing for ‘quicksand’ period, nor did it even cross my mind for a split second either (hell, I have never even actually HEARD about that non-existent term there at all throughout all of my many, many years period — not even from the time when I was born in 1977, either!!!  :-o !! )... and there just never will to me whatsoever at all, because again, that so-called ‘abbreviation’ that was first foolishly conjured up out of thin air by the entire quicksand-porn community indeed as their own pointless little lingo for around 20 years straight and counting even to this day, makes completely NO stinking sense coming from them period as far as I am concerned.  :no: !!

So, let us just please call quicksand what it really, really, *truly* is: QUICKSAND.  Just that one nine-letter word.  Not some two measly damned letters at all in the first place.  That is it; it’s simple, it’s clear, and so plain brilliantly honest at that, all without that needlessly unwanted confusion and clutter to throw any unsuspecting people off.  Common damn sense, after all.  :hug: :rose: :thumbsup: !!

Furthermore on their own same quicksand porn-fetish forumboard, Teddy-Cube, just on the fairly recent date of November 15, 2013 as well, that exact same person of ‘Quicksand Doctor74’ additionally even had the most vilest, ugliest snark of making up this sorriest, sorriest lying pillock excuse of a statement about me and particularly my many artworks, trying to make me look so utterly fucking stupid on the internet just as his own foolish so-called ‘drama’ that the quicksand-porn community was truly talking about very briefly from within another one of the forumboard’s topics, to which he wholly said:

    If I do get into any here,it will probably be me trying to defuse people!

    My other drama elsewhere was with some dude that said I was a sicko. And get this.He had his own quicksand pictures! And he tried to say he was above us. And his reasoning?(I cant make this up folks!)Is because in his pictures it was a sorceress CONTROLLING the quicksands and tar!

    And oh being called a condemned demon anti-christ was also great fun too!

Ohhhhhh rather boy, that is just PURE ‘CUCKOO-for-Cocoa-Puffs’ INSANITY coming from that lunatic guy right there, quite frankly, even beyond words, and the way he sure had the fucking plain gall to use those emoticons of his to laugh directly straight at me in the original copy of his message indeed right here all made it even much, MUCH worser than it already is!!!  He sure flatly crossed the line and then some, as he shares a lot of the *exact* same obnoxious so-called ‘talking points’ with that other guy ‘Ace’ of that same internet porn-fetish forumboard indeed who wrote his unbelievably reprehensible comment about me from the very beginning of January 2013... only here, ‘Quicksand Doctor74’ tried to brashly make a phony-ass, big-time hypocritical embarrassment of me most deliberately as well, likewise... with me being ‘some dude’ that he was clearly talking about as his own target, quite sneakily claiming that just because I simply did quite a number of quicksand-related artworks here on deviantART, he automatically — and even most systematically — labeled me in some way, shape, or form as a so-called ‘quicksand fetishist’ (WHICH I AM VERY FLATLY NOT PERIOD, to be so brutally, brutally point-blank honest... I swear to God!!!  :upset: !!! ).  Wow, is he that truly, truly, *truly* far totally plain gone in his own thinking!?  I mean, if he is gonna be that plain tart and pertly snippy indeed about me, then he had BETTER NOT even call me ‘dude’, either.  Ever.  Total, total disrespect right there coming from him as well, just like ‘Ace’ did to me also.  And his stupidly sarcastic made-up claim about me calling him a ‘condemned demon anti-christ’ is just totally, totally 100% whoppingly outright false as the absolute unbelievably worst fabrication that he ever had the threatening gall to come up with as an attempt for him to completely assassinate me, my artistry, and my own artistic vision as well permanently forever, because that is where he turned very dangerous at the end.  To be plain seriously, seriously out-and-out truthful here with literally all of my heart and then some, not even once did I remotely come anywhere near close to calling him an anti-christ at all, nor did it even cross my mind period whatsoever.  I mean, THAT ABYSMALLY RIDICULOUS.  :no:

Speaking of plain ridiculous, my man, as for that pompously unbelievable piece of wild hypocrisy ‘Quicksand Doctor74’ said indeed about me in which it totally became *the* single flakiest, most utterly harebrained-ass statement I have ever, EVER heard in literally all of my life:

    ...he tried to say he was above us. And his reasoning?(I cant make this up folks!)Is because in his pictures it was a sorceress CONTROLLING the quicksands and tar!

...the picture that he was referring to was *my* 2010 digital painting work on deviantART of “Controlling the Quicksands” (… ) as clearly his second ‘prime’ target, and telling by what he said there about that artwork, he is just FLATLY MOST EMBARRASSINGLY PLAIN WRONG once again, making a monster-sized ginormous mountain out of a forsaken-damned molehill that he did!!  Pure rock-bottom insanity most, most, most indeed that simply sounded like it came out of an unstable mental ward, and that’s all.  I mean, seriously, there is really nothing even halfway blasphemous about that artwork of mine at all; in rather actuality, as you look very closely at that art piece of “Controlling the Quicksands” by me, here was some of what I had *originally* said most specifically as part of my art description there as my REAL full-on intention and purpose behind the entire creation of it from when that artwork itself was first released originally on dA way back on July 27, 2010:

    On “Controlling the Quicksands” by :iconadigunpolack: Adigun Azikiwe Polack:

    ...the quicksand in this art design of mine indeed was used in just such a way so as to *actually* create her very special regalia and also to make the main character of Sabkha Sorceress Qaalorii to become the next reigning successor and queen to the throne of the great and mysterious dune kingdom of El Zaloris, enabling her as a grand victor rather instead of even playing the hapless and stereotypical quicksand victim at all (which I hope you can well-easily notice for yourself as you look at this picture indeed! :aww: ). And what is more, this artwork is also an excellent, ground-breaking example of material that LITERALLY blows away all the man-made clichés about that slimy, yielding sand and mud indeed, making for another special, special creation exclusively from yours truly!!! :D :thumbsup: !!

    You know, in order to help make an artwork creation as spectacular as you can be, you had just better have plenty of originality of the cliché-defying kind, in addition to the excellent-quality design, concept, and execution as well, which will *really* damn come in seriously handy indeed. :cuddle: :star: !

...and that was clearly all there very plainly is to it, really.  Nothing more; nothing less.  See, when I do quicksand-related artworks, I only make quicksand most artistically INNOVATIVE and revolutionarily mind-blowing the right way like no one has ever seen before... and not as some fuddy-duddy peril or some depraved porn/XXX fetish of any slightest sort.  At all.  COMPLETELY FINAL.

I am a very brilliantly talented and amazingly well-gifted digital-art visionary of 7+ years running; *not* a sicko fetishist.  And I am most definitely NOT a misogynist in any way, shape, or form, either.  And NEVER will be, period.

As rather such, I absolutely most flatly, FLATLY do not need anyone (much *especially* less any member/producer of some outlandishly reprobate YouTube/internet quicksand porn-fetish community, either!) to even dictate as to how I do my own artworks on dA, or to even half-imply that any of my quicksand-related artworks are catering on some sort of so-called ‘quicksand fetish’ in any way, shape, or form whatsoever.  That is just unbelievably very rude and flat-out disrespectful, beyond words.  :no:  My artworks are just original artistic creations, after all... and most entirely NOT some objects of some debauched porn fetishist’s wet dream even distantly at all.  In rather truth, come to think of it, I am my own specific gentleman who thinks completely and entirely different, totally free to create and envision my own artworks through my very own personal, challenging, yet unusually most ever-fascinatingly beautiful and even more positive vision alone the way I do quite, quite rather seriously immensely... all *entirely without* that other community’s dismally unrealistic, inherently plain ugly, disastrously made-up, all-bullshit restrictions/expectations that they so very, very pompously impose on/about me at all.  Hell, I do not even belong to any, any, any of them or to their ever-reckless, ham-handed, near-fatal shenanigans ever, for all time.  Total end of conversation, period, as I WILL FLATLY PLAIN NEVER BOW MY HEAD TO EITHER OF THEM OR TO ANY OF THEIR SLIGHTEST DEMANDS OR SAY-SO’s about me, my personal life, or most especially any of my own artworks that I had literally and most painstakingly, painstakingly worked on for endless many hours to practically months at a time on over the many years at rather all, for that matter.  EVER.

Sorry, but with all those impulsively disjointed cornball lies and that so-called ‘religious insult’ that ‘Quicksand Doctor74’ all made up on purpose regarding both me and my own artworks in an attempt to just wipe me out of the entire picture permanently over practically nothing, really, the only person that he permanently defused is himself; that’s it!!!

Alas, I do not even care squat about how much ‘Ace’ and his rather plain pathetic little quicksand-porn ‘community’ like to damage-control all of that and attempt to twist my words even further to so ever-selfishly benefit them as they continue to wholly and most senselessly destroy both me and my own personal artistic vision that I am so wonderfully sharing with you here, nor do I even give a rather distant damn period about their entire so-called little ‘word games’ (like that made-up, juvenile-sounding ‘sinky’ non-word that they use ALL the time, for example!)  or ‘catch phrases’ (like the way they mainly and rather more exclusively used that subtle yet so sneakily very condescending and ever-more-so-called ‘One of Us’ catch phrase to refer quite primarily and especially to certain, certain persons that have most entirely *NEVER* even heard of the quicksand-porn community whatsoever period, which I personally found rather to be quite a bit vague yet very insultingly broad and completely disingenuous by the way the many members of that entire quicksand-porn community indeed make it sound, including one the one example of this right here where some dipstick simpleton came up with a mindnumbingly, mindnumbingly asinine answer by re-arranging the letters of one of the Lord of the Rings’ pet names in order for him to better suit his own sicko little agenda in a most sneakily subtle way in the way that he thinks about quicksand most very obsessively like such an LSD-induced narcotic indeed... so bone-dry and utterly plain stupid!!!) that they overly, overly use at all either, at that; the master-key point remains that I am only just exclusively speaking the absolute truth all throughout, 100%, based on what I both know and have most thoroughly witnessed so indeed in absolute clearest, clearest entirety from over the past 20+ years and how much I have disastrously suffered severely throughout the entire year of 2013, very actually (from mainly hundreds-to-thousands of bedbugs, literally no chance of any new artworks from me in 2013 period as a result of this many bedbugs, *and* the message by ‘Ace’ about me that made it all way, WAY catastrophically worse, everything!!).  No lie about that.

Speaking of that very porn community’s stinky little ‘word games’ that they play all the time and then some, I am so, SO exceedingly plain rather sickened to death of their extremely blatant (if not obsessively maddening!!) overuse of their other so-called little term ‘sinking scene’ as their exclusive, exclusive only way of referring to somebody sinking and even potentially being engulfed alive in quicksand like such a bad horror film; they way that they do it overall is so incredibly damned broad and comes off most mainly as a complete rote eyesore given that they rather do ever-inherently refer to the same entire copycat ‘quicksand peril’ genre and naturally its many disastrously worn-out tropes and such sere, dinosauric, goofily irrational, shabby-ass clichés that directly pertain very hugely to it to actually begin with right there; they most dismally (and I literally mean DISMALLY, in which they do so in the most insipid and banal way ever possible, I gotta honestly say!!) fail to realize that the words ‘sinking scene’ best refers more wisely and quite very, very plain reasonably to a scene in a WWII-based movie where you watch an enemy sea carrier or vessel get shot and sink into the immense briny deeps of a great sea like the Pacific Ocean as one brilliant example, or the second more logical example being about an ever-tragic incident in history where the seemingly-unstoppable Titanic suddenly hit a giant iceberg which punctured a huge, huge leak that caused it to go down and down into its eternal watery grave (remember that 1997 James Cameron film of that same name as that very ship there that inspired it, hmmm?).  So respectively, these are just two outstanding examples here that are within the key line of more clever reason and insight, and *not* based in overwrought stupidity that natively does not even make any slightest remote sense in any way, shape, or form.

And as for the *very* next part of that unpropitiously utter-pointless character assassination message aimed directly at me indeed by ‘Ace’ himself that I told you earlier, in which he flat-out plain perfectly summed up both himself and his entire, entire YouTube/internet quicksand-porn community indeed in just four (4) major, eye-opening words:

    ...we're the filthy scum.

...well ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED indeed on that for all of them there, except that they just permanently brought it most entirely unto themselves on their own even further than ever before with not only that entire message of his that was so clearly and flatly designed as nothing more than some unbelievably freakish ‘smear campaign’ against me and *literally all* of my own artworks in my dA gallery especially as well in which it all ended with some apocalyptically rotten gay-sex scandal about me in his own writing there (which by the way is 100% most catastrophically FALSE about me period, quite rather so enormously as well!!!) in a most vilely dumbest-ass attempt for him to just totally massively deface and ruin both me and my entire life’s worth of artworks completely as a sure way to rip me off the whole artistic map on deviantART forever over practically nothing, really, but also because of the way that whole entire quicksand-porn community (on the internet and on YouTube also) WHOLLY defended that message of his on their most cataclysmically and unforgivably loathsome internet ‘quicksand porn-fetish’ forumboard indeed without ever a single, *single* slightest issue with him at all on the way he wrote that entire thing there as well, all while he ever-forcefully makes a total fucking ‘hypocrite’ of me simply because of the way I do my artworks alone as well!?  Wow.  JUST WOW, class act; talk about rock-bottom scummy at its sheer absolute worst indeed, as I did not even remotely at all say anywhere close to near those four magic words indeed that ‘Ace’ had said himself from that whole written message there of his indeed.  I mean, honestly, the monumental fucking nerve of all those ‘quicksand porn-fetish community’ people there and all their foolishly imaginary so-called ‘fetish fads’ that they most, most, most gluttonously chase all the rather time in practically most everything... especially to which they know completely and rather utterly zilch about any true meaning of proper sexuality either, since about the only thing they have in their vocabulary (if at all!!) is all of such monster-sized, bizarrely infuriating quicksand-swallowing-up-women-in-peril porn paranoia and them pushing and pushing and pushing the disastrously-so-called envelope on it even more and more extremely year by every single passing year to the point of totally no return, right to the point where that quicksand-porn community now strongly deliberately thinks in 2014 that a woman sucked under (or, completely swallowed-up alive and drowning in deep quicksand/bog) represents orgasm, as said by one such quicksand-porn producer the way he plain sees it as well (in which he clearly — and even more robotically — described the victims as the female ones exclusively, obviously, including in the demandingly pretty snappy way that he used his tone on the way he wrote it on their own forumboard in the first place which I think borders on his own petty, petty arrogance on that, also, as *also* well-evidenced in the original copy of that very message of his right here as well!):

    ......interest in a scene really doesn't begin until a lady is at least waist deep and the interest increases from there. Once the victim is up to her chin and in the control of the quicksand I don't mind if it takes a long time after that for her to go under. But she better go under and that burst of bubbles or screaming has to stand for orgasm.

That was what that quicksand-porn producer said for himself!?!  Yes he flat-out literally did, on total purpose.  Stunning.  :faint: :crash:

OH WOWWWWWWW, they sure clarified themselves in a most cutthroat fashion that they most genuinely flat-out know *absolutely total plain nothing period* about the real and truest sexuality of women whatsoever, indeed, since it is all-too-apparently as though they constantly think wayyy too much about all of that exact sort of stuff there on a regular and total daily basis, believe it or not!!!  How most frighteningly extreme are they!?  THEY JUST DO NOT PLAIN CARE.  It flatly, flatly, flatly disgusts me both personally and emotionally on a most epic fucking level hitherto unseen even by me as well.  I have no words.  :no: :no:  I mean, no wonder they gone this unbelievably far as to just completely and even rather quite emotionally gut me very mercilessly through the heart like this for more than an entire straight year as a way of them ever-so-deliberately robbing me away from doing any new art pieces on deviantART period in 2013 indeed (in addition to the near-impossibly massive problem I had with tons upon tons of live bedbugs from within that exact same year which already drove me so horribly, horribly mad to begin with!!!  :upset: !! ), because I for one will MOST PROVOCATIVELY just 1) go about my rather own business in ever-continuing to create my own newest fantastic-quality artworks the way I’ve been doing so far in exceedingly good taste for 7+ years on dA; and 2) just completely, completely FLAT-OUT plain forget that all that whole entire ‘quicksand porn community’ utter farcical epic garbage even existed period at all, and the sooner that I do so, the rather plain better.  Talk about the very, very, very final straw indeed!!!  :x !!!

So please, do not let anyone even talk to you period about *any* of that whoppingly disastrous, spineless, so-called entire ‘quicksand fetish’-porn catastrophic nonsense; it is just totally, totally, totally plain repulsively inflated, all-made-up, frighteningly unprecedented, non-stop, deceptively corrupt, unadulterated flat-out purest 100% ever-steaming UTTER PLAIN BULLSHIT... so much so that it wouldn’t even pass the laugh test at all.  It’s sick.

You are EXACTLY flat out correct about *everything* literally that you have just said here, Teddy-Cube, 115%.  :nod:  We should just flatly forget about those utterly most pathetic lowlifes that threaten to ruin us over how we do our works in a very specific way that they do not like, and instead continue to go about our rather own business and together continue to do our amazing new artworks on deviantART that are ABSOLUTELY NOT pornographic or misogynistic at all whatsoever.  PERIOD, THE END, FINAL; that is it.  Done.  :love: :blackrose: :thumbsup: !!!
Damaged927's avatar
Thank you for dedication! :heart:  The obelisks look wicked cool and the sandy textures are nicely done :)

Glad to hear that the bedbug issue is taken care of too!  That sounds horrific @_@
J-u-d-a-s's avatar
It's a fantastic piece my friend! :D
jenepooh's avatar
:love: LOVE IT!!!! :hug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
First of all, my rather most wonderful jenepooh, I so personally THANK YOU so much much splendidly indeed for that excellent, well-honest comment on “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”... I really and quite especially appreciate it very handsomely indeed ( :D :hug: :thumbsup: !!! ), considering that I have already had quite a most horrible, HORRIBLE year this past 2013 year with all those thousands of bedbugs from the past Summer of 2012 that took well over a year indeed for me and my mom to get rid of from our home, among other severe issues like some serious health complications as a result of me being bit so rather many times and my blood being constantly sucked away as well all by all those UTTERLY plain nastily unsanitary pests nearly EVERY DAY from within these past two years, as well as the fact that I had been physically sick from within January/February of this now-current 2014 year, among other additional even worser stuff I was forced to suffer from within 2013.  Yes, what a plain horrible 2013 year it was as a result of all of that that I had suffered, practically more than any other year of my entire life so far ( :x !! ), quite literally!!!  At the same time, due to the fact that I hadn’t even had a ghost of even half-a-chance of creating a single brand-new artwork at all in 2013 because of those very main issues, I felt rather homesick for both deviantART and my entire digitalBRILLIANCE group themselves that I just plain flat-out wanted to fully come back with at least a SPECTACULAR newest digital-painting artwork that is at least Daily-Deviation quality when I returned.  That being said, I sure truly and most flatly hope I have clearly done it justice based on originality, concept, design, art technique, and overall execution, my most rather resplendent dearest... especially with the way I have portrayed thick bottomless quicksand as artistically very beautiful in many utterly captivating ways so as to actually symbolize such gloriously great and most wholly untainted erotic sexual purity between a husband and his only own wife who are actually married in such sacredest matrimony to on another quite mutually, and *absolutely NEVER* as either some disastrously all-too-copycat and most fatally obsolete quicksand peril or some sickeningly manufactured and most flat-out deplorable YouTube/internet ‘quicksand fetish’-porn sleaze at all.  Ever.  :nod:

Speaking about indeed portraying quicksand as TRUEST ARTISTIC BEAUTY quite genuinely (like the way I did it, for example!  :heart: !! ) without ever turning into a slightest peril or pornography at all, let me show you a quite resplendently outstanding 2009 painting by the great artist Moki right here which flat-out represents quicksand as such magnificent and powerfully damn brilliant artistry and such utterly peaceful, gloriously most magnificent rest and ever-relaxing serenity where a woman actually sleeps most beautifully while floating quite weightlessly in a very deep and lush fertile green quicksand quagmire (located just inches past a running waterfall-like stream) and even using all that thick and softest silken mud as a blanket to soothe and relax her even more while she sinks absolutely no further whatsoever at all, all *completely without* any of the tragically so-called ‘peril’ or ‘fetish-porn’ trappings period.  Now THAT’S art, believe me, and it is as fucking real as it gets when it comes to how downright compelling it actually is!!!  :love: :+favlove: !!!  Furthermore, you can read this quite fantastic Huffington Post article which describes a lot more about this outstandingly superb artist, as well as his own official website that shows you all the rest of his marvelously ever-beautiful work, as well!!  Don’t you dare miss it now!!!  :+favlove: :peace: !!!

All in all, jenepooh, where me and the great artist Moki both truly stand, such amazing phenomenal minds *do* think alike, because those two pieces of art — mainly that 2009 Moki painting there that I have just now shown you as well my very own 2014 original digital-painting artwork right here of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”, both especially — are undeniably most resplendent examples of amazing quicksand artistry done right.  And that is absolutely NO bull, either, let’s get that exactly right.  :love: :thumbsup: !!!
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