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The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia


(NOTE: this digital-painting artwork was originally created in its complete entirely in just seven (7) days alone using *only* a mouse and keystrokes. Absolutely no tablet whatsoever. YEP, I KID YOU NOT, ladies and gentlemen!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!! )


This artwork was first originally featured on April 22, 2011 as the main spotlight piece in `Mishelangello’s PHENOMENAL 2011 Earth Day journal on deviantART right here for you all to see:

      :bulletgreen: [link]


    Once upon a great and ever-historical period from within the entire creation of our Ancient Earth,
    where Father Sky thoroughly watches over its immortal, unspoiled natural beauty and magnificence with such amazingly diligent passion,
    from out of this vast and enormous lake of such a softest, bottomless, smoothest, gooiest, and gently-quivering mixture of clay and upwelling water
    oozes a living and mighty Goddess as she slowly rises from the ever-viscous and immeasurable depths,
    her most stunningly captivating feminine figure a rather sacred being made actually out of the very quicksand itself,
    so gloriously reborn of rich unspoiled earth and flowing vibrant water that pulsates within her like an active volcano,
    bringing such endless, wondrous life and ever-gorgeous untold splendors to all that rests upon this planet itself!!!

    Her name was Gaia (meaning “Mother Earth”), and she has just awakened.

    Without hesitation, Father Sky proudly shines down towering and phenomenal rays of bright everlasting light from the heavens above,
    representing the sheer and total glory that he truly gives to her as Gaia’s own eternal husband who loved her deeply and tremendously.

    The true resurrection of Gaia was successful, as it truly became quite one of the most greatest, GREATEST monumental events this planet has ever experienced!!!

    Before long, Mother Earth and Father Sky had become one rather most intimately in spirit and in heart,
    more deeply in love with each other than ever as they embody the unforgettable brilliance of creation together.

    Ancient Earth will NEVER be the same again.

    :bulletred::bulletred: :blackrose: :bulletred::bulletred:

In honor of Earth Day 2011 that comes up on April 22nd, 2011, I now present to you a VERY special new digital artwork painting that I have thoroughly done in just one (1) single weeks’ time entitled “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, created exclusively in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 and just 36 layers total, all *without* even using a drawing tablet whatsoever. :floating: :heart: !!

First of all, the bottomless quicksand of such tarry and smooth clay was used in this picture in just such a significant way so as to enhance the rise and full-on resurrection of Gaia (since she, naturally, comes from the Greek word meaning “Earth”, which makes for a perfect fit in the way that I have created her here!! :nod: )... and since I specialize personally in creating something so unusually fascinating and absolutely beautiful in my own artworks on a regular, artwork-by-artwork basis, you are in for one helluva treat indeed, I gotta promise you right now!!!

Secondly, I have created Gaia as if she is a loveliest, magnificent being of clay and flowing upwelling water... and by the way she is slowly awakening, you can see the point between her living feminine figure and the ever-silky mire itself, as if there are weaving fabrics of that were to be *actually* made out of that mud itself!! :wow: !

And thirdly, this is now my 19th quicksand-related artwork that I have done on my own. And boy, when I do create quicksand here, I am GOING FOR THE JUGULAR here when it comes to me producing something unusually clever and phenomenally original just in order to completely annihilate the blatant, overwrought, copycat quicksand-scene clichés that we have seen way, wayyyyy too much of for decades on TV, movies, internet, YouTube, books, artworks, magazines, video games, everything!!! :D :heart: !!

That is my truest personal intention and vision on purpose on creating this digital painting fantasy design right there... especially one like this piece which celebrates not only Earth Day in April, but also to quite courageously glorify the sheer honor, strength, and such fiery and untamed beauty of women everywhere around the world... including for Native American, Japanese, Hispanic, Black, White, and all other races across the entire globe as well, too. :rose: !!

As an artist who has founded my own top-notch successful dA digital-art group of #digitalBRILLIANCE and is running it for 1½ years so far, I know what I am clearly talking about.

The first inspiration that inspired me brilliantly in my entire 7-day creation of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” was a particular scene that took place from the 2006 film Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson, where actor Rudy Youngblood (playing Jaguar Paw) fell suddenly shoulder-deep in dark-colored quicksand covered by leaves while running from the savages that preceded just after a deadly chase through a huge waterfall. What started out as a rather preposterous “going-under-in-quicksand” cliché ended with an incredible scene of him clawing his way out of the mire successfully, as if a being that has just been reborn from mud and earth (as the movie calls it on that there), making for some phenomenal symbolism and meaning in the way it all turned out!! So yeah, that was my first important source inspiration indeed. :D

The second inspiration then came from watching the DAMN AMAZING final piece from Fantasia 2000 called “Firebird Suite, 1919 version”... the animation was quite plain spectacular, and the storyline and artwork were so grippingly powerful and so emotionally moving that the full-scale drama and beauty of it all inspired the living hell out of me greatly to create Gaia in my own all-original vision like you have NEVER seen her on deviantART before in “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” indeed, too!!! :floating: :star: !!!

All of that said, I fully and entirely dedicate this newest digital-painting work of mine wholeheartedly to: such deepest, *deepest* honor of the fact that they have recently became Senior Members in this very art community indeed; and also to this spectacularly most brilliant 3d fantasy artist named: honor of her splendid birthday that takes place, quite interestingly, on the EXACT same day as Earth Day ( :wow: !! ), and finally to:

...for being such INCREDIBLY DAMN AWESOME people that I have ever, ever had the absolute personal pleasure of having on dA!!! :w00t: :+favlove: !!!

See you all again as you enjoy the unusual beauty and power of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” rather richly, my quite magnificent ladies and gentlemen!! Thank you all so very, very much right here, and please do not forget to visit me on #digitalBRILLIANCE with `PurpelBlur, ^Lilyas, and `archanN for more phenomenal-quality digital artworks, too!!! :huggle: :peace: :devart: :blackrose: !!!


©2011 Adigun Azikiwe Polack.  All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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© 2011 - 2021 AdigunPolack
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6nine-eyes9's avatar
Thanks for the dedication to my girlfriend with this work my friend :) really appreciate your support to her, I checked your comment, the one you wrote to her, that's really nice to be able to create art without using tablets, I personally prefer using a tablet because I was bound to the impossibility of not using one to draw and found myself very frustrated for many years because I couldn't find the way to make visual the things that where in my head.

Now that I have one, and having completed my first painting ADAM with the tablet I realize that this is all I was waiting for to grow as an artist, I am very glad with the results and if you haven't checked it then you are invited to do so.

Hope you continue to create artwork that impacts just like this one

AdigunPolack's avatar
First of all, ninaste my fantastic man, I MUST thank you ever so, so much for the outstandingly wonderful comment on my current digital painting original of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”... and rather an absolute grand pleasure, too!!! :cuddle: :thumbsup: !!!

Secondly, my congratulations to you on getting your brand-new Wacom tablet; I am sure it will *really* help you an even greater deal in getting better and better in your all-new digital painting works... all the best of such MAGNIFICENT good fortune and success to you on that, I gotta most handsomely say right now!!! :floating: :heart: !!

And third, I have just now checked out your latest piece called “ADAM” ([link]) which is indeed your first digital painting ever created using your brand new tablet, and wrote some very special praise for you in my official, fully-detailed critique of it on the page where that latest artwork of yours is... a spectacular job overall, I must believe!!! :love: :star: !!!

As for me about you, I wholeheartedly appreciate the way you do create your artworks indeed, and I for one cannot even wait to see the more impressive stuff and drawing/painting styles that you can pull off using your new tablet... I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to it and more!!! :hug: :+favlove: :blackrose: !!

And I will keep up the most impressive job on creating my own brand-new artworks as well, I splendidly promise you. :w00t!:
6nine-eyes9's avatar
Thank you for your words fellow, I truely appreciate this

I am practicing, yesterday I painting kind of my first pair
of hands that look more like hands than anything else

and before they looked more like anything else than hands :XD:

If you know what I mean, they ended up looking really awesome and
I am now working on another painting, producing with this tablet
is faster than with the mouse and I feel that all I need is practice
to get even better with this techniques, I will mind your advices
on the strokes, I try to experiment with them and with brushes and
color experiments, I am very happy person at this point of my life
my friend

really thanks for everything :hug:
GENZOMAN's avatar
your art have so much soul, I enjoy very much watching it my friend :)
AdigunPolack's avatar
My rather splendid damn pleasure and more, Genzo my incredible man, just like it is quite a grandly spectacular sight as ever in me thoroughly enjoying your newest and newest works... every last one indeed!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!!

And I am MOST ecstatically glad that you are really enjoying my newest original works, with my latest so far being “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, by the way!! :floating: And you know what, it is such a phenomenal pleasure of you to watch me ( :+devwatch: ) on deviantART, because this very digital painting work of mine fully inspires and well-encapsulates the purest, fiery heart and soul in bringing life to the Goddess Gaia in the sheer spirit of such boundless, ever-magnificent creativity in a spectacular new way, doesn’t it now!? :D :heart: !!

Yep, I ESPECIALLY love creating stuff this original, exciting, and unusually damn fascinating on a regular, artwork-by-artwork basis, Genzo... which is the absolute reason why I love deviantART as one of the many, for sure!!! :cuddle: :peace: :devart: !!!
BeehiveStudio's avatar
this is an absolute honor to be added in the dedications of this amazing piece, I love the well thought and executed concept you have behind this well integrated piece of work :kiss:
AdigunPolack's avatar
And with that, I ABSOLUTELY thank you rather handsomely indeed, Derzorvadur my quite splendid dearest on dA!!! :kiss: :thumbsup: !!

You know, when I recently created this artwork original of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” in time for Earth Day, I simply thought of you as my way of personally congratulating you on becoming a brand-new Senior Member on dA. :floating: !!!

Furthermore, since this very artwork was made in just seven (7) days without even using a drawing tablet at all, this I believe is one extraordinary feat in itself from me on this whole creation indeed — a feat that I personally feel needs to be shared with over 15 million deviants at once just to inspire them mainly that such great and even spectacular artworks DO NOT have to require any drawing tablets all the time in order for them to be spectacularly impressive; all it takes is a splendidly damn magnificent sense of imagination and some sheer, daring creativity that translates quite brilliantly into such outstanding-quality digital artworks in design, concept, and overall execution/impact as well!!! :love: :heart: :peace: !!!

I am *most certainly* not against drawing tablets whatsoever. Far from it. :aww: In fact, Derzorvadur, part of the gloriously exciting challenge for me personally as a digital artist is that I can actually create even better and better digital artworks with such mind-blowing new originalities done right... all using ONLY a mouse and keystrokes, and without such current pricey high-end digital painting software tools as Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. All I use is a VERY OLD program of Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 from 2001/2002, and with the work that I have done on there these latest days on dA, it can definitely stand up tall and handsomely damn proud in its own right, matching up the sheer brilliance of other amazing digital works that were done on other such current programs indeed. Case in point right there, plain and simple. :D :heart: !!!

And that is surely no less the case with “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, presented by the one and only Adigun Azikiwe Polack, as yours truly. :huggle: :blackrose: !!

Please be sure to keep all of that in mind, Derzorvadur, and do not forget to show this very piece of work as well to your rather magnificent beloved =ninaste and tell him about all of that that I am sharing with you in this reply here, ok? :D :star:

THANK YOU so rather splendidly very much for your outstanding words on “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, and I am giving it to you as a token of my congratulations on you becoming a new Senior Member on dA; I did not even want to forget you indeed, after all!!! :cuddle: :+favlove: !!!
RainfeatherPearl's avatar
Thank you so much for thinking of me on Earth Day, hun - tis a great honor! :hug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
My absolute rather pleasure, RainfeatherPearl my most magnificent person on dA ( :spotlight-left: :love: :blackrose: :spotlight-right: )... and mainly, I wanted to make sure I did not forget you whatsoever on your birthday indeed there since it interestingly matches the very date that Earth Day normally takes place — the date of April 22nd indeed. A most rather fascinating coincidence, if you ask me!!! :D !!

Thus, this artwork gift of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” was just given to you indeed from me in honor of both Earth Day *and* your birthday simultaneously. And I am so glad I thought of you on that especially, for sure!!! :floating: :heart: !!

You are QUITE splendidly most welcome as well, RainfeatherPearl, and always a phenomenal damn honor to have you on dA indeed!!! :cuddle: :thumbsup: :devart: !!!
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
Very lovely work, and a belated Happy Earth Day to you!!
phoenixleo's avatar
Beautiful work! :clap:

Although you said it's your 19th quicksand related work, however the painting has almost a look of velvet or satin (can't find the right words!). I really like how you did a smooth coloring around the base where the body is emerging from the 'water' and the highlights are in the right places as well. And the way you did the background, from normal view, looks like a mountain/forest view but upon close up, looks like those tiny bars when you listen to music in a music player with those tiny bars or waves depending on what type of music it's playing :giggle: Although I do miss the single bound hair that you have in some of your other works :giggle:

And thank you very much Adigun :hug: Lovely dedication.
AdigunPolack's avatar
That is SUCH a rather interesting comment indeed in describing about “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, phoenixleo, and I am definitely quite entertained by that and then some... and in an EXCELLENT-possible way, no less!!! :D :thumbsup: !!

As far as I can tell, this is indeed my 19th quicksand-related artwork, because with what I can know and remember according to my own dA gallery, here are the following quicksand-related works that I have done in this art community, from the year 2006 to the very present of 2011 so far:

    1 :bulletred: Healing Morass, Fiery Passion

    2 :bulletred: The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift

    3 :bulletred: The Bronze Quicksand Desert

    4 :bulletred: Intimacy in a Sea of Honey

    5 :bulletred: A Silky Pink Bliss

    6 :bulletred: The Witch’s Birthday Treat

    7 :bulletred: Quicksand Spirits of the Salt

    8 :bulletred: Thousand-One Voluptuous Nights

    9 :bulletred: Brea Woman Awakening

    10 :bulletred: Bog Siren and her Loving Prey

    11 :bulletred: Melted Pink Chocolate Goddess

    12 :bulletred: Cleopatra x Antony

    13 :bulletred: You Are a Sacred Work of Art.

    14 :bulletred: Caviar Dreams

    15 :bulletred: The Erotic Dream of a Yukshee

    16 :bulletred: Controlling the Quicksands

    17 :bulletred: Semiliquid Passion

    18 :bulletred: Erótico Amantes de La Brea

    19 :bulletred: The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia

...and in each and every single one of them all, I just wanted in my own bold and courageous artistic vision to make the quicksands and quicksand-like substances enhance the sheer beauty and unusual fascination in their own right wonderfully, MAINLY in order to symbolize such amazingly lovely and sacred meanings (as well especially as to successfully enhance the most beautiful lovemaking and sexual passion between husband and wife inside of marriage in a most smolderingly intimate way, too!!! :floating: !! ) in a more brilliant way, rather than as a typical and worn-out TV/movie quicksand-scene cliché that has been imitated time and again over the many decades. I will most happily tell you a lot more about it here in my #digitalBRILLIANCE article from a while ago entitled “Like quicksand for pure artistic beauty...”, which you are *truly* welcome to read in its complete entirety right here to help you grasp a much better understanding of what I am talking about ( :D :star: !! ):

      :bulletgreen: [link]

About the background that you have mentioned about in “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, phoenixleo my man, I wanted to make it as a bit of more an abstract art on that, if you will, regarding the trees there. Interestingly enough, yes. :nod:

Also now, the clouds and the rays of light (representing Father Sky as Gaia’s own sacred husband) were both actually custom-painted by me in its entirety, rather instead of using a “cloud-generator” filter on that at all. So in a way, I am actually getting better; a wonderful little challenge and learning process personally if you ask me!! :hug: :peace: !!

And when I get a chance to add some hair again on my characters in my future designs, I will be MOST glad to do so again, if not sooner. :D

Thank you quite so very much indeed for such a TRULY HANDSOMELY INTERESTING comment on “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”... I appreciate your input and honesty definitely as always!!! :cuddle: :star: !!!
phoenixleo's avatar
It's good you have made it abstract in nature :nod: From far distant, they do look abstract in real life if you look for a long time.
Cloud generators don't render anything so well. From my experience, painting them creates greater control on them :nod:
hair :w00t:
You are most welcome! :)
AdigunPolack's avatar
I really quite understand what you are talking about here, phoenixleo, and I am glad you and I are on the same page that custom-creating the clouds gives us much better control over our cloudy backdrops that we produce for such digital artworks indeed, like this one from me, for example. So yeah, I am DEFINITELY in full agreement with you there!!! :floating: :heart: !!

And right you are about the trees just now, too!! :w00t: :thumbsup: !!
JurgenDoe's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic and amazing and you really did a great job my dear friend :hug:
Happy Earth day to you too :eager:
Lukay7's avatar
Stunning,fantastic work, absolutely love it!
PurpelBlur's avatar
Very spectacular! :#1:
AdigunPolack's avatar
Absolutely truly right indeed, PurpelBlur my rather phenomenal man on deviantART!!! :w00t: :peace: !!!

And you know, the more spectacular thing about this newest piece of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” is that it was created in just seven (7) days, without a single drawing tablet whatsoever. Only a mouse and keyboard strokes were used, as you can sure see from my artwork description of this original deviation on dA indeed. :floating: :heart:

Come to think about it now, PurpelBlur, I think this piece would be just phenomenal for Earth Day indeed, since it has been three (3) years since I have EVER done an artwork for this very special event, where my previous piece from 2008 was entitled “Caretaker of Precious Earth” ([link]). Between that other piece and this new one called “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, you might as well say that I have splendidly, splendidly improved on my overall art quality, and spending a WHOLE RATHER LOT of time on #digitalBRILLIANCE with you really and totally helped me to get there indeed... boy, did it ever!!! :love: :+favlove: !!!

Thank you so rather, rather much for such an incredibly phenomenal comment here, and I will surely never forget this right here!!! :cuddle: :thumbsup: !!!
PurpelBlur's avatar
No tablet!? That is quite extraordinary! I doubt I could ever dream to accomplish such. Congrats on your wonderful work. :ahoy:
AdigunPolack's avatar
Why THANKS!!! :spotlight-left: :highfive: :spotlight-right:

And what an incredible, incredible honor it is coming from you especially on “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, let us not forget... and every word that I have said about this piece is 100% true in the way that I have created it on the whole, and nothing less period. :floating: :star: !!!
Mishelangello's avatar
:iconmonkeyloveplz: Fantastic artwork! Very beautiful and mystical! Somehow this amazing work reminds me of Kalevala – The Finnish National Epic. How life begins and connection between humans and nature! And how our culture development in the future in harmony with Mother Earth! [link] :iconairguitarsoloplz:
AdigunPolack's avatar
WOW, I most, most totally agree with you on absolutely everything you said about this brand-new digital painting piece of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, Mishelangello... and while I myself have never ever even heard of the Finnish epic of Kalevala, I think it is well-worth experiencing indeed for a lot of *splendidly* damn fascinating material that is just captivating and worthwhile all at once, don’t you agree? :floating: :thumbsup: !!!

And as for that fantastic music video of “Mother Earth” by a Dutch rock/metal group Within Temptation, I ABSOLUTELY JUST THANK YOU for showing me that on YouTube, as it rather amazingly encapsulates quite brilliantly the richest, most boundlessly sacred pureness of Gaia herself, which makes for a fantastic companion piece to this very artwork of mine here that I have just dedicated to you in full-blown honor not only of Earth Day coming up tomorrow (this Friday, April 22, 2011), but also of the fact that you and `Derzorvadur both became the newest Senior Members by the phenomenal $chix0r herself and the entire dA staff, also!!! :love: :+favlove: !!

Yep, Gaia DOES rule until the end of time itself, as the song clearly mentions and illustrates lyrically in such first-rate, pitch-perfect fashion, I gotta seriously add!!! :D

So in pure-honest essence, think of this artwork piece of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” as my special way of saying my personal congratulations to both you and `Derzorvadur on being most handsomely crowned as dA Senior Members indeed... period, end of the conversation, and that is that. :cuddle: :star: !!!

On top of that, I think this artwork will be quite a rather fascinating piece for the 15+ million people on deviantART in honor of this utterly special day tomorrow, only to remind all of us just how wonderful and spectacularly damn pristine this very planet of Earth can well-be if we just wake up and learn to take better care of it really well on a day-to-day basis and apply that to our regular, everyday lives... whether we even feel like it or not. :nod: :heart: !!
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