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The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia


(NOTE: this digital-painting artwork was originally created in its complete entirely in just seven (7) days alone using *only* a mouse and keystrokes. Absolutely no tablet whatsoever. YEP, I KID YOU NOT, ladies and gentlemen!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!! )


This artwork was first originally featured on April 22, 2011 as the main spotlight piece in `Mishelangello’s PHENOMENAL 2011 Earth Day journal on deviantART right here for you all to see:

      :bulletgreen: [link]


    Once upon a great and ever-historical period from within the entire creation of our Ancient Earth,
    where Father Sky thoroughly watches over its immortal, unspoiled natural beauty and magnificence with such amazingly diligent passion,
    from out of this vast and enormous lake of such a softest, bottomless, smoothest, gooiest, and gently-quivering mixture of clay and upwelling water
    oozes a living and mighty Goddess as she slowly rises from the ever-viscous and immeasurable depths,
    her most stunningly captivating feminine figure a rather sacred being made actually out of the very quicksand itself,
    so gloriously reborn of rich unspoiled earth and flowing vibrant water that pulsates within her like an active volcano,
    bringing such endless, wondrous life and ever-gorgeous untold splendors to all that rests upon this planet itself!!!

    Her name was Gaia (meaning “Mother Earth”), and she has just awakened.

    Without hesitation, Father Sky proudly shines down towering and phenomenal rays of bright everlasting light from the heavens above,
    representing the sheer and total glory that he truly gives to her as Gaia’s own eternal husband who loved her deeply and tremendously.

    The true resurrection of Gaia was successful, as it truly became quite one of the most greatest, GREATEST monumental events this planet has ever experienced!!!

    Before long, Mother Earth and Father Sky had become one rather most intimately in spirit and in heart,
    more deeply in love with each other than ever as they embody the unforgettable brilliance of creation together.

    Ancient Earth will NEVER be the same again.

    :bulletred::bulletred: :blackrose: :bulletred::bulletred:

In honor of Earth Day 2011 that comes up on April 22nd, 2011, I now present to you a VERY special new digital artwork painting that I have thoroughly done in just one (1) single weeks’ time entitled “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia”, created exclusively in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 and just 36 layers total, all *without* even using a drawing tablet whatsoever. :floating: :heart: !!

First of all, the bottomless quicksand of such tarry and smooth clay was used in this picture in just such a significant way so as to enhance the rise and full-on resurrection of Gaia (since she, naturally, comes from the Greek word meaning “Earth”, which makes for a perfect fit in the way that I have created her here!! :nod: )... and since I specialize personally in creating something so unusually fascinating and absolutely beautiful in my own artworks on a regular, artwork-by-artwork basis, you are in for one helluva treat indeed, I gotta promise you right now!!!

Secondly, I have created Gaia as if she is a loveliest, magnificent being of clay and flowing upwelling water... and by the way she is slowly awakening, you can see the point between her living feminine figure and the ever-silky mire itself, as if there are weaving fabrics of that were to be *actually* made out of that mud itself!! :wow: !

And thirdly, this is now my 19th quicksand-related artwork that I have done on my own. And boy, when I do create quicksand here, I am GOING FOR THE JUGULAR here when it comes to me producing something unusually clever and phenomenally original just in order to completely annihilate the blatant, overwrought, copycat quicksand-scene clichés that we have seen way, wayyyyy too much of for decades on TV, movies, internet, YouTube, books, artworks, magazines, video games, everything!!! :D :heart: !!

That is my truest personal intention and vision on purpose on creating this digital painting fantasy design right there... especially one like this piece which celebrates not only Earth Day in April, but also to quite courageously glorify the sheer honor, strength, and such fiery and untamed beauty of women everywhere around the world... including for Native American, Japanese, Hispanic, Black, White, and all other races across the entire globe as well, too. :rose: !!

As an artist who has founded my own top-notch successful dA digital-art group of #digitalBRILLIANCE and is running it for 1½ years so far, I know what I am clearly talking about.

The first inspiration that inspired me brilliantly in my entire 7-day creation of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” was a particular scene that took place from the 2006 film Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson, where actor Rudy Youngblood (playing Jaguar Paw) fell suddenly shoulder-deep in dark-colored quicksand covered by leaves while running from the savages that preceded just after a deadly chase through a huge waterfall. What started out as a rather preposterous “going-under-in-quicksand” cliché ended with an incredible scene of him clawing his way out of the mire successfully, as if a being that has just been reborn from mud and earth (as the movie calls it on that there), making for some phenomenal symbolism and meaning in the way it all turned out!! So yeah, that was my first important source inspiration indeed. :D

The second inspiration then came from watching the DAMN AMAZING final piece from Fantasia 2000 called “Firebird Suite, 1919 version”... the animation was quite plain spectacular, and the storyline and artwork were so grippingly powerful and so emotionally moving that the full-scale drama and beauty of it all inspired the living hell out of me greatly to create Gaia in my own all-original vision like you have NEVER seen her on deviantART before in “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” indeed, too!!! :floating: :star: !!!

All of that said, I fully and entirely dedicate this newest digital-painting work of mine wholeheartedly to: such deepest, *deepest* honor of the fact that they have recently became Senior Members in this very art community indeed; and also to this spectacularly most brilliant 3d fantasy artist named: honor of her splendid birthday that takes place, quite interestingly, on the EXACT same day as Earth Day ( :wow: !! ), and finally to:

...for being such INCREDIBLY DAMN AWESOME people that I have ever, ever had the absolute personal pleasure of having on dA!!! :w00t: :+favlove: !!!

See you all again as you enjoy the unusual beauty and power of “The Bountiful Rebirth of Gaia” rather richly, my quite magnificent ladies and gentlemen!! Thank you all so very, very much right here, and please do not forget to visit me on #digitalBRILLIANCE with `PurpelBlur, ^Lilyas, and `archanN for more phenomenal-quality digital artworks, too!!! :huggle: :peace: :devart: :blackrose: !!!


©2011 Adigun Azikiwe Polack.  All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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6nine-eyes9's avatar
Thanks for the dedication to my girlfriend with this work my friend :) really appreciate your support to her, I checked your comment, the one you wrote to her, that's really nice to be able to create art without using tablets, I personally prefer using a tablet because I was bound to the impossibility of not using one to draw and found myself very frustrated for many years because I couldn't find the way to make visual the things that where in my head.

Now that I have one, and having completed my first painting ADAM with the tablet I realize that this is all I was waiting for to grow as an artist, I am very glad with the results and if you haven't checked it then you are invited to do so.

Hope you continue to create artwork that impacts just like this one