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Semiliquid Passion


(NOTE: this digital-painting artwork was originally created in its complete entirely using *only* a mouse and keystrokes. Absolutely no tablet whatsoever. YEP, I KID YOU NOT, ladies and gentlemen!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!! )


Long ago, deep within our own hidden and well-uncharted realms that lie directly between creation and dream,
the two adult living beings of such very thick, purest, softest, creamiest, and so ever-untainted yielding semiliquid earth and clay as both husband and wife together for all of eternity,
are about to celebrate their most indescribably poignant and quite intimately undying love for one another with a deepest, deepest kiss full on the lips...



 wildly passionately...


...and they are just about to share such an unforgettably amorous intimacy with one another indeed,
their lips blossoming forth such grandest forms to their ever-ripening beauty as part of a mighty creation of a brand-new robust world of such great and most richest fertileness.

Their love and passion would soon become a spectacular new legend,
forever etched in our sacred, wondrous soils of eternity for countless MANY generations to come...

:bulletred::bulletred: :blackrose: :bulletred::bulletred:


And that is the sheer and intimately passionate beauty behind the unspoiled, absolute richness of earth and clay that you can most easily discover right here like NEVER before as I present to you my *very* first art design of my brand-spanking-new 2010/2011 dA season as my official Season Premiere on The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack right here in this art community, and it is most aptly entitled “Semiliquid Passion”. :love: :heart: !!

Right up front, I MOST ESPECIALLY dedicate this entire work truly to my most awesome, awesome ladies on dA:

...for all of the fantastic support, strength, and encouragement that they have given me over the years to most especially enable me to create rather better-quality digital artworks and then some. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF VERY MY DEEPEST HEART, and I mean that quite handsomely now!!! :tighthug: :+favlove: !!!

The next person that I will gladly dedicate this work to is: honor of his *truly* special birthday today, as my way of giving him such a wonderful artwork present indeed from me!! Yep!!! :floating: !!

As well, I dedicate this piece to these next four people who are just big, big fans of my own original works on dA:

And finally but definitely not least at all, I present this newest digital painting piece of “Semiliquid Passion” to none other than my quite most supportive and outstanding person on deviantART since I met her from months back while I was running my #digitalBRILLIANCE group here in this art community, and that person is none other than:

Take a most impressive bow indeed, Gwendolyn12!!!! :spotlight-left: :rose: :bow: :rose: :spotlight-right:

Like “Controlling the Quicksands” from the end of my previous dA season:

...this new work of mine of “Semiliquid Passion” was also made using only a mouse and keystrokes alone; absolutely no drawing tablet whatsoever (let alone a Wacom one!). Another important thing to note that this very piece you are seeing here on this page on dA is also my VERY first surreal-based piece that I have ever, ever done in this art community, too... and for that, I had to kick things off with an absolute fricking bang as a way to begin my new 2010-2011 season on deviantART indeed. :floating: :thumbsup: !!!

Here, a grand total of 47 layers were used for this original picture, and it took me almost 20 days (on and off) to create it exclusively in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 alone as well. And to think that I have used that very, very paint program all that time like my dearest, dearest magnificent darling for almost a whole decade since I have first gotten it on the Christmas of either 2001 or 2002.... WOW, that damned long since I have had the thing... and yet, still loving it and how!!! :love: :+favlove: !!!

And now, my SPLENDIDLY EXCELLENT ladies and gentlemen, it is personally such an absolute damn pleasure to be around again in this brand-new season of The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack on :devart:, and I will continue my winning ways again in terms of bringing you some of the very best unusual fascinations that you have ever, ever seen, so keep that in mind as you join me, okay? :D

ENJOY, and thank you all so much for your incredible support!!!  :huggle: :cuddle: :highfive: :hug:

©2010 Adigun Azikiwe Polack.  All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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Deviator101's avatar
This seems familiar. Didn't you do a couple stories involving chocolate and marshmallow cream?
Nirelleth's avatar
Very sweet. Great work!
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger's avatar
I'm sure others have mentioned this, but your liquids always have a wonderful texture :D
AdigunPolack's avatar
Indeed. :nod: And to be rather dead-on honest, Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger, I most QUITE have to agree with that, and so I must thank you so much for that wonderful, wonderful comment coming from you on “Semiliquid Passion”... well-appreciated to be sure!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !!

Currently, I have a new 2011 dA Calendar already releasing right now, and it is called my Fascinatique 2011 Calendar, currently available for you to buy right now in this art community: [link]

And be sure you look through all the months of my entire calendar too, my fine dear, as you will soon easily notice that this is one of quite the very, VERY first dA calendars ever to involve different types of quicksands to be used in a rather more unusually damn fascinating new way, which is exactly part of what my calendar for 2011 is about. REALLY notable and exciting stuff if you ask me, you know!? :floating: :heart: !!

Going back to “Semiliquid Passion” now, it broke serious, serious new ground indeed as being the rather FIRST-EVER quicksand-related artwork on dA period ever to have had two (2) different types of quicksands in these fixed positions in one single, chiefly-focused picture — one upside-down (top half, of very thick semiliquid earth), and the other right-side-up (bottom half, of such ever-creamiest semiliquid clay) — all without even cutting between frames at all, in order to make it all rather most surreal and most wildly more fascinating than ever before, which is what I do in my creations on a regular basis, no less!!! :love: :+favlove:

And you know what is even more interesting about this piece as well: if you were to actually look at my artwork of “Semiliquid Passion” upside-down, you will see *another* fascinating piece in and of itself (so to speak), which just adds to the overall magic of the haunting beauty and surrealness to what this digital painting original of mine is really all about in entirety!! Yep, I have ways of blowing you away in such outstanding awe and then some!!! :D :cuddle: !!

Once again, Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger, I rather much thank you for truly a most splendidly wonderful comment indeed, and you have yourself a most PHENOMENAL Christmas season and 2011 as well especially... I am absolutely serious!!! :hug: :peace: :holly: !!!
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
Just a marvelous vision!!
VelCake's avatar
Oh oH OH!:faint: Adigun, this is absolutely fantastic!:love: Seriously, your work is always quite impressive but this one is just outstanding! The way you painted the liquid is really incredible, and their sweet expressions just fits perfectly the work's idea :D I love your style so much:hug:
Once again, thank you so much for the dedication! You are just so sweet, aww:tighthug: I feel loved:giggle:
Lukay7's avatar
This is just stunning,I really love it,another amazing work of art!:trophy:
Thank you so very much for the dedication!:hug:
Regards Liane
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
Thank you *so* much for the dedication, I'm honoured! :tighthug:

You must be insane to paint an intricate work like this with nothing but a mouse, but I applaud you for it! ;) Great use of colours and shapes, and I just love her expression - so happy! :aww:
Damaged927's avatar
Thank you so very much for the dedication! :blush: :manhug: I really like the colors that you chose and fluid feel to the piece :D The title fits it perfectly :nod:
Shin-Senpuu's avatar
VEry beautiful! You never ceased to amazed me!
sirocco-rc's avatar
This is incredibly stunning! I love the concept and mood, your painting and composition are utterly perfect, too! :)

Your lovely dedication is so much appreciated :hug:
JunkbyJen's avatar
Very nice indeed, Adigun! And thank you so much for the dedication!! You remain a wonderful friend to me, sweet Adigun. :heart: I'm very proud of how your work has progressed. Keep it up, my dear friend. Love you!
AdigunPolack's avatar
I will indeed, Jen... I will indeed!!! :huggle: :kiss: :thumbsup: !!!

All throughout while I was first creating this entire design of “Semiliquid Passion” using only a mouse and keystrokes, I was originally thinking that this very piece was originally a spiritual successor of many sorts to my other classic piece on dA from September 2008 entitled “Brea Woman Awakening” ([link]), in that this time, NO tar was involved at all; just two different quicksands of semiliquid earth and clay... the first and darker-colored one on top; while the second and lighter-colored one is on bottom. And on the top came the living male being of thick, slimy, flowing, and viscous semiliquid earth; while on the bottom half rose the living and ever-gorgeous female being of softest, silkiest, creamiest, and more yielding semiliquid clay, in which she is his own wife who is so deeply monogamous to him and him alone, even on *both* the sensual and emotional levels as well. I mean, PERIOD. :love: :peace: !!

Yep, that is how I have personally felt when I have first began this new artwork, my phenomenal dearest heart on dA... and thus came the concept and execution that is so wildly quite original on its own, isn’t that right, Jen? :huggle: :star:
JAMsEye's avatar
AdigunPolack's avatar
Way to say it loud and clear, JAMsEye, as I am truly glad that you are giving me MAJOR props for the way that I did this digital painting creation original of “Semiliquid Passion”... and especially so very damn well-deserving at that since all of this picture in its full entirety has been created using ONLY A MOUSE AND KEYSTROKES ALONE, believe it or not!!! :D :thumbsup: :heart: !!

And no, I am not kidding either. And absolutely no drawing tablet was even touched at all in the whole making of this artwork, too, which validates the fact that even those who do not have such a tablet or Wacom at all can be JUST as stunningly fantastic in overall artwork quality, if not even quite better!!! And you can count me in as a sheer testament to that, too!!! :love: :peace: !!

With this artwork, as well as my other recent digital-art painting of “Controlling the Quicksands” ([link]) that also was created *without* even a drawing tablet as well, I am SURELY becoming one of those big-time artists that deserve to be in the widespread limelight on deviantART, so to speak. :floating: Hey, I have been looking at a ton of Daily Deviation (DD) features day after day a lot (the very latest DD features are right here for you, for example: [link]), and they have PERSONALLY inspired me to step out and create something so wildly, wildly original and unmistakably most captivating in design, concept, and overall execution and meaning as well... and I am being very, VERY generous, you know now!? :aww: :thumbsup: !!!

Thank you quite rather much truly for such a fantastic little comment from you, JAMsEye my wonderful man, and such an AWESOME pleasure to meet you on deviantART as well, too!!! :cuddle: :star: !!
JAMsEye's avatar
Dear Adigun, I am kind of transported by such enthusiasm :) . You've proved it sometimes just suffices to have faith in ourselves to achieve great things. I am yet tempted to participate but in the meantime I fear I'm not up to it — the usual dilemma of every beginner, I guess :) .

Recently Rania, (aka =sirocco-rc) recently gratified me by submitting one of my deviations to #digitalBRILLIANCE, which I'm proud of and, most of all, thankful a thousand times. That is tempting me enough to participate. I'm not yet a member of #digitalbrilliance and I guess I need to if I want to give in, right?

You must know I once subscribed to #digital-artists but had to leave. As the group grew and the number of members increased over 5000, I understood not all deviations could be evaluated with the same care as before. As a consequence one of mine got rejected, although I had spent much more time on it than my previous submission.

I am spending much time and passion in improving and I — rather selfishly, I admit — want to be given an opportunity to show it. I don't want to format my work to just be the proud member of a group, which is also one reason I had to leave #digital-artists.

Now I see your awesome group is “only” slightly over 500 members, which comforts my opinion groups need to be small to be able to take care of what needs to be taken care of. It is extremely challenging to a group that is proud of its 8000 and more members...

I'm not seeking recognition nor fame though — I can't deny I'm pleased when it happens, of course :) . But I'm just practising for the pleasure of it and I want to improve by studying and learning from those who I admire. In total openness and freedom. And I know of a few fellows who deserves their place here though.

I'm looking forward to reading updates from you about that contest :) .
AdigunPolack's avatar
JAMsEye, on that *very* last sentence of your most recent reply to me on “Semiliquid Passion”, you have just now pointed out something excellent to me regarding that new contest on #digitalBRILLIANCE scheduled for October 2010... and, looking at this digital painting piece again, I am REALLY sure of what the contest theme is gonna be like. :D The only catch is in me preparing it, which includes getting the proper, proper budgets planned a few months in advance, since I currently have plenty of new money coming in every month so far to help me financially in running the contest and manning the delivery of the prizes on dA for our winners like loads of Premium Membership subscriptions and tons of dA points that I would love to give away here in this coming competition, no less!! :floating: !! ).

Currently on #digitalBRILLIANCE, due to the combination of an influx of new reviews of digital-art submissions, new-member invites, and a SLOW-AS-STICKIEST-MOLASSES internet speed rather constantly ( :x ! ) due to my high-speed internet connection suffering some major, humongous damn difficulties from within the month of September 2010, I did not even get a ghost of a chance of getting stuff done in that group as much as I have used to. :( So needless to say, my man, I have A LOT of catch-up work cut out for me, as I am sure gonna have my weekend full this coming weekend, I can promise you that!!! :aww:

As for my current internet connection right now, though, it is all fixed and running KICK-ASS FAST now, especially since I got a brand new Motorola cable modem just about two (2) weeks ago and got it successfully connected and running... and that includes correctly configuring the new modem/internet setup over the phone to the cable company that me and my uncle has, too!! So yeah, I had to get something done and even troubleshoot the situation, all in an effort to help #digitalBRILLIANCE become smooth sailing for our group once again!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!

Sometimes, when there is a lot like that on your plate, the only thing you gotta do is to just clear the whole enchilada successfully as immediately as possible, so to speak... and in the case of what I just said, JAMsEye, that is most ABSOLUTELY true indeed. And yes, I am fighting a whole, whole lot here!!! :nod: :star:
JAMsEye's avatar
:wow: Goodness, I would never have suspected all those issues and preparation stuff!... That gives an idea how important it'll be.

I'm glad your internet connection is now back up and fully operational :phew: — that's best to work with dA ;) . There's not much I can do to help you, I guess, but I wish you all the best to settle up your project.
dianar87's avatar
your style never ceases to amaze me :iconlovesplz:

thank you so much for yet another lovely dedication :iconlovehug:

lots of love coming your way :iconcocoloveplz:
AdigunPolack's avatar
Ohhhh my rather, RATHER pleasure and then some, dianar87 my fantastic dearest here on deviantART... and absolutely no damn kidding about it, too!!! :tighthug: :+favlove: !!

CHEERS TO YOU INDEED, and outstanding to speak to you again on dA, too... and thank you ever so much regarding my own artwork style, which keeps getting better and better and better with such new digital painting pieces like this, you know?! :floating: :thumbsup: !!
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