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Quicksand Spirits (2014 Remake) Close-Up

By AdigunPolack
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(WARNING: this design and comments in this one are *definitely* for mature audiences 18 years of age or over ONLY!!  If you are under 18, then PLEASE stay away from this one right now... you have been warned!!!  :) )


The original artwork of this is right here:
      The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits by AdigunPolack well as my official 2014 art-improvements chart showing my phenomenal improvements between my 2008 original of “Quicksand Spirits of the Salt” and my all-newest 2014 remake right here:
      Quicksand Spirits (2014 Remake) Art Improvements by AdigunPolack


This is a VERY special close-up of my FIRST official artwork of 2014 that was entitled “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”, and this one shows you all of the details of how the entire original of this was so meticulously and most painstakingly hand-painted using ONLY A MOUSE alone; no drawing tablet.  And as I clearly said from my original of this newest work in my description there, it fully encapsulates my artistically masterful use of softest, moist, creamiest, viscous, ever-yielding, bottomless, yet so richly buoyant quicksand mire indeed just in order to deeply symbolize the eternally passionate love and sacred erotic sexual purity between a husband and his own wife rather consensually towards one another together, with such richest untamed poignancies that quite exquisitely captivate and embody the whole experience of it all seriously... and quite amazingly enough, it was all *quite entirely* done without any pornography at all, period.  Ever.  :floating: :heart: !!!

And oh... when I say without the porn period, I clearly mean WITHOUT any of that fatally brain-shot, reprobate quicksand porn-fetish bullshit that has been going, going on for so many years on YouTube (and also for at least 20 straight long years on the web already as well as on Fur Affinity, too!) which mainly consisted of so, so, so many certain online stories, artworks, writings, and even quite many videos/animations as well that all show insidiously detestable — and sometimes even most graphic — portrayals of women quite selfishly masturbating their privates deep within their own bodies, sexually deflowering themselves in front of the viewer (and even doing so through the screen as well!), having pointless one night stands, diving in headfirst with feet sticking up (I am not kidding!!), bound/gagged, humiliated, and/or even raped, all while sinking deeper and deeper and even swallowed up all the way under in either bogs of deep mud/quicksand/tar/slime, anything like that, or even an active, enormously funneling dry-sand sinkhole for the count like quite a disturbingly gutless, repugnantly worthless, obnoxiously superfluous, and so lewdly depraved version of an already mechanical, torpid, blatantly overdone, and even severely outdated Hollywood quicksand-scene cliché that had already countlessly (and most utterly foolishly!) been copycat, rubber-stamped, and especially oversaturated to death thousands and thousands of forsaken-damned times all the while to begin with, believe it or not, and also with the way that the women there are being used mainly as such degrading sexual objects only to be fed to the ever-starving, ever-sucking bottomless swampy muck below — like such pieces of raw meat under some dumbassed, flatly deranged whim of a number of bizarrely rather sickening internet-porn fetishists/producers if nothing else, including with even some porn stars starring in this as well that are just as doltishly plain crackers (as in dementedly CUCKOO, in this case!), too — to just act out and be portrayed as struggling and struggling (if not violently so, even counteracting the buoyancy point on purpose in the entire process!) in the relentlessly quaking mire and/or screaming for help as well while being ‛sucked all the way to their deaths’, at that, all as such ever-so-called ‛entertainment’ indeed, really... and the more odiously infuriating thing about it additionally is that most, most members of some entire pathetic quicksand-porn/messy-porn community on YouTube and on the internet fully want more and more women to be involved in such said scenes on TV/movie/anime or even in a video game rather than a man in one (which I found quite a blatant bit suspiciously sexist in a way, I might add!!  :x ! ), too!!  And they even portrayed quicksand as the actual rapist in at least some of the stories that they wrote on the web as well, on top of everything else!!!  Wow... JUST WOW, what an oppressively boiling-hot fucking joke all of that is and then some, ‛fantasy‛ or not, because not only does it all right there horrendously insult my own intelligence completely regarding the very nature of quicksand itself in ways that I can never even understand or comprehend as an artist (as all of that is rather NEVER how quicksand even works to begin with, ever!!!  :puke: !!! ), but *quite* honestly speaking from my own deepest honest-to-God-Almighty heart both personally and purely, moreover, that kind of abhorrently maddening, negative-ass, gaudy, callous, sleaze-ball, disgracefully vile, utterly delusional, tastelessly piss-ugly exploitation porn portrayed against women is just ABYSMALLY NOT how true sexuality — or any sacred, proper respect of it thereof, for that matter — even works at all, is there!?  I mean, is that how you want your own women to be telegraphed, either?  Just cataclysmically NO period on all counts right there, seriously, because the much less even said about it, the rather damn better indeed especially, to be most totally real and quite undeniably point-blank honest for sure.  And for some same brazenly biased internet porn-fetish community indeed to have the insolent gall deliberately of even saying that such inherently porn-based quicksand fetishes like that are ‛tame’... boy ohhh boy, I even found that to be such utter, deceptive, migrane-inducing, disingenuously contemptuous chicken-shit insanity and a most blithely desperate flat-out corrupt lie indeed that reaches disastrous new levels of pure preposterous unbelievability that quite frankly is so extremely more frightening, so flippantly arrogant, and so painfully very, *very* angering even much more beyond my own capacity as a proper human being too, rather honestly!!!  They have strictly and totally unmistakenly proven themselves once and for all time that they flat-out have completely utter plain zero respect for that soft-and-ever-so-silkily-yielding substance called quicksand itself, period, and absolutely nothing even remotely more whatsoever.  Final.  There is just no other way of putting it.  :no: !!!

So just irrevocably no, specifically, ABSOLUTELY NONE of that unforgivably toxic, malicious, flatlining, manipulative, inauthentic, distorted, pig-headed, mentally delusional, ‛cheap thrill’-based, and most flatly plain nihilistically unerotic stuff... not even from me at all, mainly.  I am just not that psychotic or stone-hearted like that, let‛s get that right.  Ever.  Instead, I do plain thoroughly go by my own deep-rooted personal/artistic morals so, so, SO undeniably and truly in such phenomenal thorough honesty and such delicate, sensitive beauty all regarding my very own works of art on dA directly from the heart, the inner-core of my rather very being, after all.  Such examples of the artworks I’ve done include “La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision” from May 2012, which simply used a vast, bottomless, shiny, oily, quite sticky jet-black quicksand of such warming melted viscous liquid pitch to actually symbolize the great, great glorious resurrection of the very beautiful living feminine adult spirit of La Brea Woman as she slowly rose from the quaking and thickly rippling tar in a rather meaningful, most upliftingly positive manner that was set in a far-distant prehistoric era:

      La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision by AdigunPolack

...and “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay”, also from 2012:

      Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay by AdigunPolack

...where there was a greatly resplendent aura of intimacy and passion eminating between the all-magnificent, mighty Celestial Quicksand Goddess and her immortally beloved Divine Dragon Husband of Clay, as they deeply celebrated their great love eternally for each other on purpose and became one together in such rhythmically divine, blissful harmony as husband and wife who have such richest and ever-intimate respect for each other, as *two* different types of quicksands were used just to help truly emblemize that very purpose alone in that strangely most ever-surreal work of mine; and finally, “The Queen of Seagulls” from 2009:

      The Queen of Seagulls by AdigunPolack

...which QUITE definitely speaks for itself wonderfully on its own just by looking at it, even without needing any quicksand at all on that piece there, let me tell you.  :aww: :heart:  And most definitely no, I do not even go by the entire, ENTIRE world’s mechanical, pre-programmed, ill-conceived, unfounded, and thereby equally as crazily plain deluded and decisively plain fricking stupid cornball standards/fears regarding the very substance of quicksand itself, furthermore at all... which is another key reason why I am so deathly, catastrophically plain rather tired period of that entire so-called, soullessly lackadaisical, non-creative, and rather massively overused ‛peril’ aspect of quicksand in general indeed, I gotta add, because straight to the point without even exaggerating at all, that rapid and quite stinkily brazen unoriginality right there based in both massive sensationalism and such self-indulgent, grossly deceitful fear-inducing lies about that very substance itself — all portrayed, visualized, and over-glamourized way, way, wayyyyyy too damn much over literally the countless rather decades and even centuries straight by all the countlessly too many media outlets, literature, fantasy card games, comic books, graphic novels, newspapers, political cartoons, soap operas, many animes, pop-culture, YouTube, and such like any of that as well, regardless of setup or any substance(s) being used in making quicksand at all — has *already* been consigned to such inescapably permanent oblivion only to be wholly nothing more than just a totally washed-up and tragically ever-forgotten memory for real these days, let’s get that straight and true once and for all for sure, despite such a yawning, eye-squinting revival in 2012-2013 or so most currently of that same-old jarringly mawkish rote cliché in North America featured in an ever-growing number of newer shows/episodes/movies there such as Eureka (season 5x06 from 2012 on the SyFy cable channel), MTV’s Punk’d (season 9x10 from 2012 that featured the brother-and-sister star duo of Derek and Julianne Hough), a rather useless 2012 shit piece of filmmaking called The Dark Sleep, NBC’s thankfully-cancelled reality program Love in the Wild (season 2x06, also first aired in 2012!), Snow White and the Huntsman, Wreck-It Ralph, The Tall Man, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away, the 2013 made-for-TV film Return to Nim’s Island, a March 2013 episode of Bob’s Burgers (season 3x18 in this case!), a newer May 2013 episode of Warehouse 13 (which is Episode 12 of Season 4 of that show, to be exact!), a June 2013 episode of the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man (season 2x13 in which the episode was “Journey of the Iron Fist”, specifically!), the 2013 theatrical Superman movie release of Man of Steel where there was actually a pit full of human skulls that was being used as a typical makeshift ‛suck-you-under’-type Hollywood quicksand bog that goes through the mundanely fucked-up motions as per usual on film these days, a much more recent August 2013 episode of the animation Avengers Assemble (season 1x08 where the episode was simply entitled “Molecule Kid” as it featured not one, but TWO makeshift quicksand-based scenes of slime and honey respectively, both of which entirely felt so garishly damn copycat and quite forcefully tacked-on in their overall execution since they crammed that same needless peril aspect right down our throats regarding those two thick and oozy substances that took place from mainly within the FIRST 10 MINUTES of the episode’s original running time of nearly a half-an-hour... talk about just plain jack-shit indeed, that ever-apish one!!), and most definitely SyFy’s Summer 2013 peril-based game-show program called Exit (the official web site for this cable-TV show is here: ) where it blatantly hypes and ratchets up that needless, hoariest, chichi, overblown, entirely unrealistic ‛danger’/‛panic’ of quicksand that I am talking about to such very potentially quite extreme levels with its own so-called ‛Sand Room’ (description of it is right here:… ) as part of the *very* premise of the challenges being featured per nearly every single episode or so... and even in SyFy’s much newer made-for-cable 2013 film entitled Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Gators that officially premiered on North American TV this past September 5, 2013, where just about the first hour into the movie itself, there was yet another naturally dead-boring and most uneventfully frazzled ‛woman-sinking-and-struggling’-based panic scene of quicksand deep in the swamp with a couple of abysmally crappy-looking CGI gators closing in on her for not-so-good measure, all of which felt overall like such abhorrently kitschy, ham-fisted, and quite dreadfully unforgivable throwaways entirely to be plain flatly truthful about it, most very bluntly... and then, the *very* first episode of the new U.S./Canadian fantasy TV program that premiered even ever MORE recently in prime-time on Thursday, October 10, 2013 entitled Once Upon a Time in Wonderland which featured a scene involving a vast, bottomless swampy lake of bouncy yet very gooey marshmallow quicksand which played out in its overall execution as nothing more than ultimately a flat, lazy-ass excuse to place yet another by-the-numbers, imbecilically pointless ‛suck-‛ya-down’-based peril-and-struggling sequence which ends up being so tackily hokey, dopily hackneyed, and simply too plain ridiculously old-fashioned for its own good more than anything else, and since that insatiably slimy yet delectably edible sugar-/candy-based marsh bog right there is obviously quite thicker, heavier, and a lot especially more denser than even water alone of course, the so-called worrying about ‛dying’ (or being ‛sucked under’ fatally, in this case) in this ever-tarry soft and shifting melted-marshmallow morass indeed that was said twice by at least one of the characters trapped and sinking up to the neck/chin there made ABSOLUTELY NO REMOTE SENSE period since it is really the utter bane of where such rubbishly insane stereotype quicksand tropes and clichés come from, fantasy or not, and although the escape method of using a big fire-breathing dragonfly like a gun to make a s’more out of part of the morass to make solid ground so that the two characters that were trapped can pull themselves successfully out at the end was fairly neat at first (but even then, that too got quite boringly preposterous and stale rather quickly as that whole scene in entirety simply felt like no more period than such a needless, ever-pointless video game on that with its many set-pieces there so dishonorably ripped off directly and most blatantly from the 1939 grandest movie classic of The Wizard of Oz, quite honestly!!!), there was just absolutely no saving this bitterly disappointing copycat scene that took place under the guise of its own so called ‛creativity’... what an absolute utter shame!!!  And THEN, just the following month after that — going now into November 24, 2013 to be exact — there was yet another in this now ever-so-called ‛quicksand-scene-of-the-month’ club... this time, on AMC’s The Walking Dead season 4x07 (in which the episode was entitled “Dead Weight”, no less!) where the tens of zombies are already waist-deep and struggling their way out of the mire only to find themselves more and more stuck than before, all in yet *another* blatantly hackneyed, going-through-the-bone-dry-motions scene which, in execution, simply and most automatically rendered itself both as inherently goofy and as wildly, wildly boring as plain ridiculous fuck indeed.  They all looked very embarrassing on camera even to me, too!!!  All of a sudden now, JUST EVERYBODY wants to film/animate a ‛new’ quicksand-peril scene exactly like all of that and such for 2014 and onwards as well, as if some rather fucking-damned bunch of out-of-touch, tone-deaf, spineless-ass studio execs have the absolute gall to even think that a newest program/movie just ain’t complete at all without throwing in one or two such scenes here and there for so-called ‛good measure’... especially for old-classic-times’ sake as such a cornball little excuse of theirs!?  So STUPIDLY plain nauseating.  :upset:  On top of that, there was even this 2013 official music trailer for “TARpit” by The Artificial Red on YouTube right here, where it clearly depicted a man sinking and slowly being sucked alive literally and most helplessly in a quicksand of thick bottomless shifting tar in the style of a suspense-horror film with his hands raised in the air, in which the execution severely came off as nothing but a sad, sad copycat joke that you have seen in practically a thousand other stock quicksand scenes on TV and movies from many decades past, regardless of what anybody even says about it, one way or the other period... nevermind how good or even ‘awesome’ or ‘most outstanding’ that album cover looks or even is in the least when really, it all at rather best plays out like yet another crushingly boring, inelegant tired-ass fluff peril cliché that we all have seen way too fucking many times already, to be even more honest.  That is not creativity, and as such on that, I am so *very* flatly tired of that fatally unoriginal and ever-preposterous album cover as well as the way that cover art was pieced together, too.  With all of the above said...

...when you completely strip away ALL of the despicable, ghastly, unsettling, overkill, unsightly quicksand porn/peril junk from my very latest original 2014 artwork design of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits”, what you are left with entirely for good now is a most, most stunningly beautiful portrayal of vast, bottomless, softest, moist, creamiest, viscously thick and specially most sacred quicksand quag being used artistically to symbolize such absolutely amazing and utterly incorruptible erotic purity rather deeply between a husband and his only, ONLY wife together beyond even words totally unspeakable ( :kiss: !! ) — the husband-and-wife couple in this case being respectively the reigning and rather gorgeously handsome 2,000-year-old adult male elemental of flowing water named Aseldrik, and the supreme and feminine elemental of fine earth and sand named Oasia who is the most voluptuously and sultrily beautiful Earth Mother who rules and creates the deserts, the soil, and the salt, and is also the most mightiest caretaker of these many pristine and rich fertile lands as well.  Less is quite more, after all.  And I gotta promise you in grand spades, this quite rather belated yet very newest 2014 New Year’s/Valentine’s Day artwork right here is just softest, creamiest, ever-silkiest slimy viscous quicksand and purest untainted sexuality done so brilliantly fucking right quite artistically in my own unusually fascinating, compellingly damn original newest vision that I am just personally sharing with you most happily in this digital painting creation out of the sheerest, full-on generosity of my deepest ever-creative heart and the untamed fiery spirit of artistic beauty divine that burns ever, ever, ever, EVER brightly within me, on this very front of mine, thereby heavily ingraining in all of us a most indelible symbol that both Aseldrik and Oasia so completely *love* each other rather intimately ever more and more than even the most utterly unfathomable of these great, untamed, and most hungrily shifting miry sand bogs themselves... this could well be the ultimate, resplendently captivating super-erotic fusion of the two core elements of earth and upwelling water actually being married in such gloriously intense passionate matrimony to one another indeed in the absolute highest, highest, highest order!!!  :wow: :rose:  After all, isn’t such highest-caliber digital artworks potentially like this what deviantART is truly all about in the first place!?  :love: :thumbsup: !!!

Thank you all ever, EVER so much very handsomely for your grandly most splendid time, and such happiest phenomenal artistry and success to you!!!  :deviation: :peace: !!!


©2014 Adigun Azikiwe Polack.  All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter.  This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone.  All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide.  Got that!?  :D
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