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Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay


Overall Combined Time: 27hrs., 9mins. total
Software Used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7
Total Layers: 45 layers
Tools Used: Mouse only; ABSOLUTELY NO drawing tablet whatsoever!!! :D !!
References Used: NONE.


    Once upon an ancient and most historic time in the enormously endless reaches of the vastly uncharted heavens that bridge dream and creation together as one,
    there lies an unusual yet immortally exquisite love that just reaches and reaches rather bountifully even beyond mere human love itself.

    Out of the viscous and ever-flowing semiliquid astral sands oozes the mighty and all-magnificent Celestial Quicksand Goddess,
    her stunningly captivating figure a spectacular sight of beauty literally made entirely of the same slimy earth by which she slowly emerges so ever gorgeously;
    and from the pulsating and tar-like semiliquid quickclay rises a purest and ever-incorruptible male deity who is her Divine Dragon Husband of Clay,
    its immensely powerful body being well-sculpted out of the very same gooey material by which he awakens with such alluring elegance towards his wife.

    Together, they are just about to celebrate their deeply unforgettable intimate bliss with one another most fetchingly and then some,
    the two becoming one in such rhythmic and wildly divine harmony in their entire creation of a completely original and fertilely resplendent planet...
    a phenomenally-pure New Earth, if you will.

    Their most sacredest marital love for each other shall utterly be remembered and cherished both,
    forever well-etched in our own wondrous lasting hearts of eternity for countless, countless MANY generations to come and beyond...

    :bulletred::bulletred: :blackrose: :bulletred::bulletred:

Sometimes, even the bravest and most daring new originality comes from the most unusual and utterly unlikeliest of places... all leading you towards finding such deep intimate beauty and emotion at its QUITE strangely and seductively powerful, too!!

That said, my absolutely dearest ladies and gentlemen, you are looking right now at quite a revolutionary, brand-new 2012 digital-painting masterpiece of such uncharted and stunningly grand creativity from no less than Adigun Azikiwe Polack (as yours truly!! :love: :peace: !! ), entitled “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay” — a.k.a. Semiliquid Passion II, the full-on sequel to my earlier work from almost two years ago called “Semiliquid Passion”, which was right here:

This newer piece, as now my 101st official deviation on deviantART, could rather well indeed be the most, most unusual yet so gorgeously original quicksand artwork ever in this very art community, BAR NONE. I gotta promise you that for certain right there, telling from how it simply looks, and also from its own overall execution between the Celestial Quicksand Goddess and her Divine Dragon Husband of Clay (as well as their *quite* intimate chemistry of the way they caress each other in such purest, untainted, and most eternal marital love for one another), it is just not all that hard for you to find out why. :floating: :love: :thumbsup: !!!

First of all, just look real closely at the details in the fullest-possible view of “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay”. As you can see throughout, every single grain of sand and clay has been carefully crafted and painted at their very highest quality for this entire picture in its rather high original resolution of 2304x4096, and yet the two different ever-shifting mires — one of tar-like, reddish quickclay on the left; the other of softest, honey-thick quicksand on the right — actually flow like such ever-beautiful liquid in such slowest and ever-yielding motion, their fluidity an unforgettable dance of such absolute divine beauty that is as hypnotic as it is so hauntingly alluring!! Add to that the fact that the Celestial Quicksand Goddess is a sacred supreme female deity made entirely out of quicksand on the right, and her Divine Dragon Husband of Clay is a purest and ever-incorruptible male dragon deity made of quickclay on the left, and you got an epic spectacular for the many ages, full of deep passionate intimacy and ever-sensual bliss so immortally poignant and unforgettable between the two amourous lovers like you have NEVER, ever seen before period... you can count on that!!! :heart: :peace: !!

Secondly, to help this painting live up to its very name of what I am entirely talking about even further on that, since this is indeed a truly surreal work in the vein of the original “Semiliquid Passion” to begin with, where you rotate the new picture of “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay” just 90-degrees sideways from its original vertical view (by either turning your head a little bit or temporarily rotating your monitor to its side) will indicate the many fascinating new interpretations that both represent and symbolize such strongest desire that these two main characters have in their deepest, deepest love for each other. For example, on one rotated-to-horizontal side, where that quickclay dragon is on the top and the Celestial Quicksand Goddess as his wife is on the bottom, you can definitely feel the ever-rich intimacy between the lovers that grow even more spontaneously intense in its own amazingly-passionate tension so beautiful and combustible indeed... it all just speaks for itself, as you shall see. :aww: By the same token, rotate this picture to the other horizontal side, and you can see that very dragon arching its own head, so fondly relaxing himself in a most nirvana-like state where she reaches out to him so they can celebrate their deepest desire for one another, without any regrets or shame period whatsoever. Either way, this digital artwork will quite handsomely open such phenomenally captivating interpretations about these male-and-female beings as husband and wife who *really* love each other for all of eternity, as well as leave you just utterly spellbound... which should be pretty damn self-explanatory here, I promise you as well!! :hug: :star:

(Did I even mention the significant dots on the foreheads of these two main characters in this picture? These two dots are called “Earth Bindis”, an inspiration in which I took it from Ancient Hindu mythology and made my own original spin on it. They help add a really special touch and such sacredly untainted authenticity to this artwork in a big-time way among everything else right here, I will believe!!! :D :peace: )

Thirdly, the main entire reason I have created this picture indeed is flatly for the crystal-clear purpose of me thoroughly portraying quicksand and such viscous, slimy substances like that artistically as nothing less than a great, great symbol of such purest beauty and sacredest intimacy between husband and wife alone together, rather than as a gaudy, brain-dead, ass-stupid stereotype of just somebody being sucked down in that stuff in fear and/or uncertainty... I do not do what is popular at all; I do what is completely and perhaps utterly original.

Why? Because to me, the whole entire ‛quicksand peril’ business is just COMPLETELY MF’ING OVERRATED PERIOD, in that it was quite blatantly imitated, transplanted, and severely popularized way too damn often on TV, in movies, books, stories, comics, 2d/3d animation, print, computer/video games, RPGs, anime, fan-fiction, artworks (including countless multitudes of them — as well as such pointless Second Life shots/frames — all of the same kind these days here on deviantART and also on other sites, too!), and even too much on the internet and YouTube collectively as well all from over the past 100+ years, in which the usual premise is all the same about the well-hidden yet sudden threat in which people (and especially women, too, nude or not!) get sucked down and down into the quicksand or any bog, tar pit, or substance like that, usually struggling and/or panicking as they try to get out alive, all leading closer and closer towards them being inevitably dragged all the way underneath its pulsating, quaking, and inescapably ever-swallowing abyss unless they are rescued or pulled to safety in the nick of time. Look, there are *so* many different variations of this under many different settings and locations, but the overall key truth of the matter once and for all is that its whole stereotypical (and perhaps even silently fear-mongering!) execution in entirety over and over and over really became so excruciatingly plain repetitive, drab, and copycat over the many past decades all throughout — including since the 1960’s-1980’s days as well where such quicksand scenes like that were a dime a dozen, too — and quite unfortunately continuing even right now, including with the 2010 Disney live-action film of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the 2010 theatrical Japanese anime feature of Trigun: Badlands Rumble, the current 2012 theatrical release of The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe, and also as well a certain scene-within-a-scene from the 2011 French picture of The Artist which won most recently a grand total of five (5) Academy Awards including two for Best Director and Best Picture!! And the rather absurd thing here about that kind of so-called peril is that they even got the real physics of quicksand ALL WRONG, even in its supposedly thick and yielding consistency, too... boy, talk about not doing the math!!! Just wow, no wonder that kind of lazy stuff rather deservedly became so bland, obsolete, worn-out, mawkish, and soullessly uninspired for its own good these days in terms of originality in 2012 and beyond, and it is therefore such a machine-made, dead-zone cliché that needs to be fatally retired. FAST. And that’s it, without excuse, because I personally have seen all that boring, crass, hackneyed crap before too rather many times to last me an entire lifetime and then some. Enough is enough. :no: !!

It is time for some serious, serious, SERIOUS brand-new creativity and artistic beauty done right for this very year and beyond, and “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay” would be quite an outstanding place to help get you started, so let’s rock and fricking roll!!! :D

I am not forcing on you anything that I have said at all in this whole description; rather, I AM just being 110% honest all the way. After all, founding and running my original digital-art group of #digitalBRILLIANCE for over two years already on dA (and continuing even today, too!!) has personally taught me to just shut the hell up, step it up, and continue and continue to improve my own digital-art quality as well as me actually getting better and better and better in concept, design, originality, and overall execution collectively in order to excite and wow the living hell out of massive audiences in this art community indeed. THAT IS MY JOB. :floating: And I am absolutely loving every, every mother-fricking second of it all, since I do create with such wildest, fiery passion from the heart and from the heart alone. And that is all there is to it in entirety.

Period, end, final. :star: :w00t!: :star:

This digital painting is entirely dedicated deeply and wholeheartedly to these pair of RATHER AMAZING current digital-art Gallery Moderators in this art community:

...who continue to do such an incredible job and then some of actually inspiring us new phenomenal art styles and originalities in digital artworks day by day and through the Daily Deviation (DD) features that they present to us every day, inspiring me to improve and step up the overall design-quality to more and more greater levels than ever, even in my around 5½ years on deviantART as well; for that, I *deeply* salute them both from the bottom of my very, very heart personally!!! :salute: :thumbsup: :+favlove: !!!

Just as especially as ever, I want to dedicate this piece as well to these splendidly ever-awesome people in this art community:

...and also to this fantastic deviant named *Aniusia483 ( :iconaniusia483: ) who runs this amazingly wonderful group called:

...and more importantly too, to ALL of the dragon- and romance-lovers at heart, to which I dedicate this work of “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay” indeed!!!

Last but flat-out not least period, this artwork right here is *also* my birthday present in 2012 to this most incredible lady on deviantART:

...who is quite a spectacularly resplendent 3-dimensional fantasy artist that you must NOT ever miss, so check out her page and fave ( :+fav: ) her many, many phenomenal works that are sure to just take your breath away in such jaw-dropping awe!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!!

To sum up, “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay” is my very, very latest 2012 digital painting original that takes the whole entire, carefully well-crafted implementation of not one, but TWO (2) different types of bottomless quicksands and actually channels that into fully encapsulating such everlasting love and immortally intimate beauty between husband and wife in rather a positive and spectacularly-creative way most artistically, and such phenomenally-painted-and-executed originality like that from me that was done *without* a drawing tablet period is just something that cannot be ignored by the hugely massive deviantART audiences worldwide; rather they will definitely go “WOW!!” in a jaw-droppingly excellent way and then some once they take a good full look at this as my 2nd-ever surreal piece in this art community since I first signed on as dA member way back on November 2006, I gotta promise you that for sure, too!!!

Boy, if this ain’t the sheer absolute earmarks of a TRUE digital-art visionary on deviantART, what will!? :nod: :+favlove: !!


©2012 Adigun Azikiwe Polack. All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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© 2012 - 2021 AdigunPolack
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XeonartOmega's avatar
Delicious in every way. Your beautiful creations make me wish I lived in an endless world of glowing liquids surrounded only by my family
Simbores's avatar
Unusual kind of art! Wonderful work! :love:
mydragonzeatyou's avatar
I'm just wondering how the hell you did this and how the hell I'm ever going to compete with artists like you!
xzendor7's avatar
This Is A Stunning Piece, The Flowing Sandy Look Of The Piece Is Excellent.
AdigunPolack's avatar
WOW, that has *gotta* be quite a resplendently outstanding comment coming from a truly spectacular abstract-fractal artist like you, xzendor7 my magnificent man, especially on this 2012 digital artwork of mine on dA entitled “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay”... A BIG THANK YOU indeed for that so much!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!!

As you can very clearly see in this picture, the two different types of soft, yielding, ever-viscous and silkily flowing quicksands were most definitely put to some serious phenomenal use — in that it quite amazingly symbolized the sheer, undying eternal love and sensual passion between the ever-incorruptible Divine Dragon Husband of Clay and the purest Celestial Quicksand Goddess as his only wife immortally beloved. :D They both truly, madly love each other so unspeakably intimately that not only reaches and reaches rather bountifully even beyond mere human love itself, but is much immensely, IMMENSELY MORE deeper and ever-powerful than even the most bottomless of quicksands period... man, how is that for an unforgettable visual, hmmmm? :floating: :heart: !!

You know, such kind of absolutely uncharted originality done right *deserves* to be seen in front of 20+ million members on deviantART, let’s get that right, wholly to inspire them all so greatly and most resplendently like they have NEVER been inspired before in their entire lives, that is for sure!!! :hug: :rose: !!
valzart's avatar
Beautiful a 5 ***** fave ;~} Valz
also i absolutely love the dragon in this painting, and you not using any references makes it THAT much more powerful and captivating! keep it up! you deserve WORLD WIDE recognition!
did you ever receive the picture i took of your print that i bought?
JAMsEye's avatar
What a huge work! Somehow seconding `phoenixleo's comment, I must confess this delicious texture made me think of sweet, melted chocolate, delicately powdered with sugar crystals. Anyway this is indeed an outstanding symbol of tender and eternal love, just like you excel at representing.
AdigunPolack's avatar
You know something, JAMsEye my quite great man, I just LOVE being an original myself ( :w00t: !! )... especially in the way that I have successfully portrayed two different types of quicksands in this one design just to symbolize the amazingly immortal love and tender sensuality indeed between a wife and her own husband — the couple in this case being the Celestial Quicksand Goddess and her Divine Dragon Husband of Clay, no less!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!

The key to being a resplendent artist: NEVER give in to the standard, formulaic clichés that had been imitated over and over and over to death (like those stereotypical half-assed ‘quicksand peril’ ones where usually panicked people are in danger of being sucked under, as one such example). Instead, I just be fascinating and exciting as I explore new and uncharted originalities that have never been encountered before and implement them to such damn good use wonderfully and artistically while painting quite remarkably and brilliantly at the same time, just like I did in this very digital-painting work of mine called “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay”. It is what I came on deviantART to do, my rather splendid guy, and this is the rather reason I WAS BORN TO CREATE AND INNOVATE!!! :floating: :heart: !!

And I rather quite thank you most handsomely for such a most fantastic comment on this digital work, JAMsEye. :hug: :+favlove: !!!
JAMsEye's avatar
I quite agree wit you on originality, my friend, break the traditional canvas and dare. You're very welcome :hug: .
phoenixleo's avatar
The textures and look alone makes it one of your best works :lol:
phoenixleo's avatar
Wow..that colour...and texture...:faint:
I don't know about others but the lighting, the grainy texture and colour makes me think of satin, velvet, dark chocolate with diamond confectionary sugar but..that satin/velvet feeling..arghh..gorgeous texture... :faint: It's like you try to touch it, but it has a glistening feel to it that's slippery?..unlike hard sand..but still...mmm...

And thanks for the dedication! :heart: :hug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
You know, phoenixleo, that is quite a strangely interesting point... with honestly more towards the very interesting indeed coming from what you have just said about my latest current digital painting piece of “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay”, and that is definitely a GOOD thing right there. :cuddle: :thumbsup: !!

Truth be told, this is without a doubt the most, *most* unusual work that I had ever done in all of my years on deviantART for sure... but also, I wanted mainly to make all the colors, textures, design, characters, and overall execution stand out in a really big way on their own, all while giving the viewer such interesting new interpretations regarding the resplendently passionate love between the Celestial Quicksand Goddess and her Divine Dragon Husband of Clay by turning the picture 90 degrees to its horizontal side in either direction (which, I believe, gives an extra dimension of originality to all that is already there to begin with!). Part of the beauty of art is that it doesn’t only show you the excellent colors and brilliantly-crafted details; they can also enable such wonderful many people like you to see new meanings of such great beauty and depth that you had NEVER discovered before, possibly making it stand out rather phenomenally than what you even see at first glance, leading you closer and closer towards the artist’s own original intent and vision behind his/her work right there. Not an easy feat to pull off at first (if sometimes at all!), but man, I do have so much original damn vision indeed with this very painting right here of that I have successfully managed to nail it brilliantly and then some!!! :D :peace: !!

Curiously speaking though, about the phrase “satin, velvet, dark chocolate” that you just mentioned, the previous recent piece or two ago of mine that last had that was in another 2012 digital painting art that I did about close to three (3) months ago entitled “Embracing the Sacred Succubus of Melted Chocolate”, and you are QUITE welcome to look closely at it right here and notice some similarities ( :floating: :rose: ): [link]

Going back to “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay”, you also said in your next comment thereafter about it that it is one of my best works because of the overall look and textures in this one, and I will most truly stand by that here because I totally agree with you 115%. No kidding, because that is such splendidly fantastic praise right there... THANK YOU so very, very much on that!!! :love: :thumbsup: !!!

And by the way, phoenixleo my phenomenal guy, you are most, most rather handsomely welcome indeed, *especially* considering that my latest 35th birthday is coming up on the 28th of this very month of May 2012, too!!! :manhug: :star: !!
ImaginedMoments's avatar
Fabulous! Thank you for much for the dedication :blowkiss:
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
This is beautiful!! I love the texture and the colors!
VelCake's avatar
I love it!:D this bright painting effect you give to the sand, specially, is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you so much for the dedication!:huggle::heart:
AdigunPolack's avatar
You are quite handsomely most welcome all the way, Gwendolyn12 ( :hug: :peace: !!! )... and I am just SO glad that you had brought up the way that I had actually painted the grains of sand indeed as part of the body of the Celestial Quicksand Goddess that you see in this current piece entitled “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay” because I just wanted to make sure the details of them were spectacularly convincing as ever while making it flow like a thick, soft, and yielding semi-liquid. And, I have even custom-textured her face and body as part of the painted form on which she is a great living celestial being made ENTIRELY out of the very quicksand itself. Also with her Divine Dragon Husband of Clay caressing her consensually and just about to celebrate their most gloriously intimate bliss of such sacred amourous love together, you got one helluva utter original of a piece right here that is even more phenomenally-painted-and-executed than ever before!!! :D !!

And, when you consider how uncommonly spectacular this new digital-painting picture is in terms of originality, design, and execution, the fact that it has only 14 favorites and less than 300 views in its very first week of release so far kinda annoys me deeply ( :no: ! ), because I most honestly think it deserves a whole lot better and greater than that... especially with me having been creating and creating on deviantART for the past five-and-a-half years myself. :nod: After all, if this art community really *welcomes* new and uncharted originalities that are splendidly painted and executed, then why not my own implementations of quicksand and the way that I had created it to symbolize great beauty and such deep intimate love between husband and wife (instead of fear and terror at all!!) and improved upon it beautifully from all those years, as you are most truly welcome to find out more about in my current new journal piece in which I had already reached my 100th official deviation from just less than a week ago: [link]

Personally, I know good and well that creating brand-new magnificent originality in amazing artworks in 2012 and beyond does *not* consist of a stereotypical, hackneyed, fear-filled, cookie-cutter, one-sided Hollywood-like cliché of panicked people sinking and struggling in bogs of quicksand and tending to go frantic in trying to get out before being sucked all the way under permanently (we’ve seen that hundreds too many times in the media, TV, movies, internet, pop-culture, and art already over the many many decades ago!). No, it is not about that at all. In this day and age, my splendidly dearest Gwendolyn12, we need to create something a rather lot more original and more resplendently captivating in both substance and overall execution than that... hence, my work of “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay”, which, as I said, takes the whole entire, carefully well-crafted implementation of not one, but TWO (2) different types of bottomless quicksands and actually channels that into fully encapsulating such everlasting love and immortally intimate beauty between husband and wife in rather a positive and spectacularly-creative way most artistically. And since it was all created using ONLY a mouse without a drawing tablet period, I feel that this kind of new originality about quicksand should never be overlooked or shamefully ignored by 20 million deviants here on dA, truth be clearly told. :floating: :heart: !!

Like I said, I deserve quite, quite better. I have worked and so heavily improved all that hard throughout those five (5) whole years or so just to get there, after all. :cuddle: :thumbsup: !!!
VelCake's avatar
I couldn´t help but do so.:D you have a very special way of painting, which I admire.

Yeah, I understand you...I´m kinda the same, myself. I put hours upon hours of effort in my paintings but I never get many favs or views on them^^; it saddens me a bit, but there´s nothing I can do about it.^^;

I agree. One of the best things you can find in an artwork is originality.:) it always adds something special to a piece.

Good luck with that, you deserve it.:hug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
And on that, I thank you quite, QUITE so deeply from the bottom of my heart for your most phenomenally-amazing support to me especially, Gwendolyn12... and you are most undeniably damn correct on everything you said just now, too!!! :hug: :+favlove: !!

I will promise you this: there will indeed come a time where I will most surely deserve a brand-new Daily Deviation (DD) feature in the main Digital Art category — the more and more I continue to improve upon the overall originality, quality, design, and execution like this with each newer and newer artwork that I do in that area. :floating: :rose: If I can remember correctly, my *very* first DD was back on February 2008 on a pixel-art piece right here ([link]) which gave me a sure taste of deserving some of that all-important recognition (even though I was first experimenting with some real, solid-colored pixels at the time of me making that very work there!), but then that was as far as it went because even after that, it seems as though that no matter how hugely I had improved and tremendously improved upon the quality of my main digital-painting works being presented on deviantART in the later years up until today, I had NOT had another one at all since then. Ever. :( !

At the end of the day though, it is not so much about getting DDs; rather, it is all about how an artist gets better and better and better in his/her own artworks and *actually* improving himself/herself to more and more first-rate, outstanding-quality levels in concept, design, originality, and overall execution most indeed, with each new creation especially. It is the main bottom line of what really matters period when you think about it now. :cuddle: !!

That and all that I had said above to you right here is how I became an amazingly incredible new Digital Art Visionary with a most brilliant new purpose... I just hope 20 million other deviants in this art community can see it that way as well, so, fingers crossed. :aww: :peace: !!
RainfeatherPearl's avatar
That is amazing! Thank you very much, once again, Adigun! You have been such a great friend and an inspiration! :hug:
AdigunPolack's avatar
You are so, SO grandly welcome, RainfeatherPearl my rather splendid dearest ( :love: :blackrose: ), and I just wanted to dedicate this picture to you entirely as a way of personally wishing you quite a glorious happy birthday indeed this year (something I did NOT get a chance to do so those past couple of weeks ago, and so, I *truly* apologize for the severe lateness on my part!! :( ! ).

I just wanted to get better and better and more original with this work of “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay”, and boy it clearly shows its true colors on that and more!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !!

And my ABSOLUTE greatest pleasure and honor to be on deviantART with you throughout, too... THANK YOU!!! :cuddle: :peace: :+favlove: !!
Letdragon's avatar
Simply breathtaking. :0
Mega-Man-King's avatar
This is just amazing!
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