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February 25, 2008
Pixel Craft - Extra Edition by *AdigunPolack- When this was suggested as a feature, the comments made were "He's made hundreds of ships that are really tiny and still managed to make them all different. Can't you feel the massiveness of it all, just try to imagine them in a mockup" Please press the download button on the left to see the full work
Featured by ShoneGold
Suggested by ZombieToaster
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Pixel Craft - Extra Edition

In my next pixel-art piece that follows up on the original from me (which can be found here: [link]), you will encounter an even huger and much better squadron of so many of my own custom-based pixel craft that came as a result of me tweaking the programming of my own original custom algorithm in on the computer (which first made the original Pixel Craft squadron of mine!! :aww: ! ), and thus, that is how all of these new ships here were so interestingly drawn pixel by every single individually-colored pixel, and each individual ship indeed can now be up to just no more than almost 32x20 pixels, as you will see once you hit the “Download” button on this piece of pixel design!! :heart: And once more, the additional post-work (including the title, copyright notice, and my own custom insignia as well) was all done using Paint Shop Pro 7, and all throughout, absolutely NO translucencies, filters, gradient fill tools, or any other computer-generated special effects were used within the whole complete making of this design whatsoever, and also in the preview image of this at all, also!! And oh, did I mention that at least some of these ships are even insect-like ones that were created, hmmm? :D !!

Once again, the main inspiration for me doing both this piece and the original of “Pixel Craft” of came from exactly no less than Dave Bollinger’s outstanding tutorial on how Pixel Spaceships were made (which first of all led me to doing my own custom algo indeed in the first place, so full credit goes to him on that inspiration there!! :floating: ! ), and you are absolutely free to look at it right here: [link]

The title of my second pixel-based piece on deviantART right here is called “Pixel Craft - Extra Edition”, which most certainly improves upon the original in so many interesting ways, I believe, and I fully dedicate this art as well to this most splendidly wonderful darling:

      :iconshonegold: ^ShoneGold

...and only 11 colors were used in this work, too. :w00t!:

Please enjoy, and I thank you so much for your excellent time and viewing on this piece!!! :cuddle:

UPDATE (on 2-25-2008):
In honor of this splendid Daily Deviation win on this most interesting little piece of pixel work from me (thank you so AWESOMELY much, ^ShoneGold and *ZombieToaster!!! :hug: !! ), I personally invite you all to take a look at my original 2d shooting-game utility program entitled Shmup Pixel Craft Generator, which was *also* inspired by that same custom algo of mine!! :aww: You can access more info on it and possibly a download of it beginning right here: [link]

As well, do not forget to check out “Pixel Craft” ([link]) and “Pixel Craft - Micro Edition” ([link]) for even more squadrons of pixel ship goodness!!! :star: !

© 2 0 0 8   A d i g u n   A z i k i w e   P o l a c k .      A l l   R i g h t s   R e s e r v e d .

This work “Pixel Craft - Extra Edition” is for download and private non-commercial use only. Please DO NOT alter this piece or make money off of it at all, and *especially* do not even dare to claim it as your own at all either, as this original artwork is the sole creation and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Understand!? :D
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© 2008 - 2021 AdigunPolack
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Thank you so very much for such a wonderful comment from you on my DD-winning pixel piece, my most awesome gal Spippo... truly appreciated indeed!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !
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Incredible, this alone makes me admire you.
AdigunPolack's avatar
And with that, Soiden, I QUITE thank you so much... most splendidly appreciated!!! :highfive: :thumbsup: !

This piece was really a fun pixel-artwork experiment where I created an interesting custom algorithm on the computer just in order to draw all these ships pixel by every single individually-colored-and-laid pixel. It was such a challenge to come up with an original one of my own indeed, but it *finally* paid off big once I have done so successfully, thank God!!! :D :heart:

Thank you so much once again, man, and such a great pleasure to meet you on deviantART!!! :hug: !!
Soiden's avatar
Wow, very nice, congrats then! And nice to meet you too :)
AdigunPolack's avatar
Delighted, and excellent looking out as well... and a sheer pleasure too, Soiden, and so I thank you. B-) :thumbsup: !
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great work you made on thart algo up there. I've seen other examples of what can be done with this engine already, I'm sure it takes a long efort and knowledge to achieve the desired result.

however, and please do not take any ofese, but what is the diference between this piece and the use of the spraycan tool in MSpaint?, I make this analogy because we know that all these ships were indeed created by the algorythm you created, inspired by the original author's one, but in the end, all these ships were not made by you and are the result of the algorythm you've coded, in the same way that specs are placed by the spraycan tool in MSpaint. while the 'spray' is indeed placed and distribuited by our own hand, the placement of each pixel is the result of an algorythm too, creating a not so acceptable random effect in the porcess(wich is the main reason why the spray can tool is the only banned tool of MSPaint for Pixel Art works).
AdigunPolack's avatar
About the difference between this piece and the spraycan tool in MS-Paint, Metaru, that is an interesting little question... and I will answer it as much as I can for you. :aww: :thumbsup:

In the development of “Pixel Craft - Extra Edition”, rather than rip Dave Bollinger’s exact algorithm off, I just letted it inspire me to create my own custom algo that draws the ships by plotting down each individually placed-and-colored pixel one at a time in the creation of each single ship, unlike the spraypaint tool which tends to put forth several pixels at once per dab (instead of just one pixel at a time!). An interesting little difference there if you think real good about it, man. ;) !

Also, here is something that I want you to learn: when somebody else just inspires you to create your own custom pixel-drawing algorithm to create a totally original work and make it your own (like I just did here!) rather than ripping it off of somebody else at all, then it is not “stealing”, regardless. You see, there is a very fine, razor-thin line there... not always easy to follow, but it can be mastered with a lot of idea and creativity... especially in knowing the differences indeed. :thumbsup:

So yeah, I am learning the ropes of how pixel-art works, as this is *actually* my first real time of doing it. Hey, I am not perfect, but I am learning to get better and better as I go. :D

And do not worry, no offense taken whatsoever. Thank you!! :hug: :star: !
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of course, if you just directly ripped Bollinger's algo, everything would be just a huge copyright infrigment. but that's not the case here, so that's out of discussion.

but as I read, you mention that you're in the way of learning the basics of pixel art. and well, even after your answer, I feel that we are missing an important point: in pixel art, any kind of automated tool such as blur, brushes, filters, etc. is forbidden, because the point of pixel art is the control over each pixel, both in placement and color. as i see it, the ships were created by an algorythm that you coded inspired on Bollinger's work.

let me rephrase this last sentence:

the ships were created by an-your- algorythm, not by you. even when you are responsible for the algorythm's behaivor and functions, you're not the 'direct' responsable of the creation of these ships. as if a father took credit for he works of his son. as if someone at the doll comunity uses an adopted base without giving credit. the merit is basically shared with an automated engine that created lots of posible combinations based on the programation you're made, but your participation in the art piece ends in the precise moment when you order the algo do its work.
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Grats on the DD.
AdigunPolack's avatar
First of all, Styluxorim, I must thank you on the congratulations there ( :cuddle: :thumbsup: ! ), and secondly, even though the many pixel ships are small in size, they are *sure* mighty in packing such an intense punch, I will tell you right now!!! :D

Thanks so much once again here!!! :highfive: !
Styluxorim's avatar
You mean they want to hurt me, via flailing of fists??? O_o

No i get it.

They are sexy, I agree.
AdigunPolack's avatar
I understand you, my man, and no problems at all too. :aww: !
arrioch's avatar

Though i liked first part better..
atelierashes's avatar
wow. this is amazing. great work.
AdigunPolack's avatar
Thank you so much, and you see, it takes such sure dedication to how pixel art is being done in order for me to pull this piece off successfully, you know? :D !!

And a great pleasure to meet you, atelierashes!!! :thumbsup:
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fair played to being able to create so many mate, grats on DD, nice one :P
strangecolours's avatar
my god, the amount of work you must have put into this,

simply amazing
AdigunPolack's avatar
I no doubt agree with you, strangecolours... definitely!! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!!! :highfive: :thumbsup: !
ZombieToaster's avatar
Congrats on the DD :)
AdigunPolack's avatar
Hey, you’re the one that suggested it for a DD, after all!! :highfive: ! As such, I gotta thank you so GRANDLY much a million for helping to make this great honor happen, and I am very damn serious about it, my most splendid man ZombieToaster!!! :thumbsup: :hug: !!
littlemisskirby's avatar
Congrats on the DD. Awesome work!
AdigunPolack's avatar
And with that, littlemisskirby, I totally thank you very much for the congratulations... I mean, MAN, I never even thought I would finally get a Daily Deviation (DD) win on this one indeed, at all. Totally unexpected, you know? :hug: !!

I gotta be honest with you now, this is my *very* first DD, so I am pretty much on the map on dA, finally!! Top of the world, baby!!! :winner: :w00t:
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