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Hericorn of the Heavenly Night

Come with me now, as you journey deep into the twilight heavens at nightfall. Suddenly, there she is, an intensely beautiful and mystical heron with such elegance and sensuous grace of a grand swan, her body a sparkling white, her eyes a shining sapphire, her radiant wing feathers blending from silver to gold, her long and magically fascinating horn sprouting out of her forehead, and her magnificent headdress a most rare crowning jewel!! Her name is none other than Empress Capria, the supreme ruler of the Hericorns. And the very lovely glimpse of the moonlight beckons her to be gazed upon as well, too!!!

This design was originally created back in 1998 using colored pencils, and was enhanced a couple of years or so later with a few computer-based effects (like creating a custom lensflare effect to give it that special lighting!). So in essence, this design was made much more on paper than on a computer, you know? Also, it serves as such a *wonderful* inspiration to step out and draw a beautiful creature that is something truly original like never before!!! :D

This one is dedicated especially to the MANY unicorn lovers at heart. Please enjoy!!! ^-^=b

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Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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i think this beautiful!! I love what you wrote to go with the picture also. The colors are so dreamy and soft!
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That is *exactly* what I thought originally when I first did this piece on paper back in 1998, bobbijp60!!! :aww: ! I mean, look, I believe this design was one of my VERY best back then, and I think it still holds a candle well today in my humble opinion. :rose:

You know now, it is so hard to believe that this design on paper is almost 9-10 years old today, but it is absolutely true... no doubt about it!!! ;) !

Thank you so much definitely for the EXCELLENT comments... I appreciate them rather nicely now!!! :floating: :thumbsup:
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you are very welcome!!
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Concerning the grass, or general vegetation at the bottom: we can see the mounds of stylized grass, and then some single strands sticking up above. I dig the stylization, and the strands look good too, but together, it gives the viewer a feeling that you started to do strands of grass, but gave up and made mounds instead. They don't go together well.

The colouring style is very smooth and pleasant to look at in some areas, like the waves, but it gets a bit choppy in the darker coloured regions, like the dark blue part of the sky. It looks choppy compared to the rest of the picture.

While I believe the slanting and dramatic curve of the heron's neck is a good idea, the curve of it is extreme to a point where it makes the bend look unnatural. I recommend making the curve slightly more subtle, in order to keep the feeling of grace and flexibility you're looking for, but avoid the awkward stance.

Lastly, while the digitally added bubbles of light appear to add something to the picture, they really just distract us form your hard-earned pencil work. The two mediums clash like night and day. It's just a little distracting.

Hope I was some help. =) Nice piece.
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Thank you for the *very* honest and constructive criticism, Ocarinak, and well needed, I think! :thumbsup: I am sure that I will do a lot better the next time, as I will study a bit more to balance the things out, so to speak.

And yeah, no harm done at all, as this was my very first design finished at around 2002. :floating:
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Thanks so much, Espador!! I am glad you like it very much. :floating:

Do not forget now to check out my gallery section on deviantART, as I got more original works of mine to share with you. :) !

The link is right here: [link]
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Aw , nice concept,Great draw ! keep it up !:thumbsup:
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