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Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku


Overall Combined Time: 78hrs., 35mins. total
Software Used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7
Total Layers: 93 initial layers + 3 custom adjustment layer additional
Tools Used: Mouse only; ABSOLUTELY NO drawing tablet whatsoever!!! :D !!
References Used: NONE.

O T H E R   N O T E S:
This is Adigun Azikiwe Polack’s most personal, PERSONAL work ever, and also his most longest-created dA art design to date!!! Having been in this art community for just about six (6) years consecutively since his very first sign-on back on November 28, 2006, he rather, rather strongly hopes of making his first-ever ‘purer’ digital painting work his absolute best artwork out of all of his own works in his own dA gallery alone. Period. :hug: :star: !!

So, do go ahead and take an *entire* look at this newest 2012 work in full-view, and let’s enjoy it together!!! :floating: :rose: !!


Right up front, first and totally foremost before we begin: seeing as this is utterly indeed my own most VERY personal work of all of my nearly six consecutive years that I had been on deviantART period, I truly and completely dedicate this rather newest 2012 artwork entirely to these rather tremendously incredible people ( :D :thumbsup: !!! ) who amazingly have encouraged me to just shape and even refine my art creations to be better and better and better as I had went and improved along from over all of those years:

...and also to my ENTIRE :icondigitalbrilliance: group administration staff: well as to ALL of my own watchers, I thoroughly dedicate this digital painting picture as well. :huggle: :rose: !!

Last, but most definitely not least at all, I would like to personally, PERSONALLY give this pure-painted digital picture as a special artwork gift as a token of my deepest gratitude and most wonderful thanks to this special person who in the #digital-artists group has thoroughly opened up my eyes widely in truly showing me how to get my digital paintings much more purer and natural-looking than ever without the need for cheap, filter-based special effects all the time... and thereby made me witness a far, far greater appreciation for seeing the sheer inner beauty of Digital Art than ever, EVER before!!! :love: :+favlove: !! That fantastic person indeed is none other than: whom I dedicate this artwork so undeniably handsomely, as a sheer honor and encouragement to her with all of my deepest, DEEPEST heart, in the way that I totally appreciate her phenomenal help to me in order to make my newer and newer digital artworks even better and purer than ever indeed, beginning with this very piece right now!!! :cuddle: :thumbsup: !!

And finally, this 2012 digital painting artwork — for all its own intents and purposes straight through my own personal artistic vision alone — is for all those who enjoy the great, unspoiled beauty of the desert sands and the well-hidden sacredness from its deepest heart within. Please, thoroughly enjoy it; I promise that you will rather not be disappointed one bit at all...

    Long ago and quite immensely deep within,
    in an utterly uncharted new world that stretches and stretches within the endless Heavenly reaches of the very afterlife itself,
    there awaits a such greatly unfathomable and heat-drenched desert that appears so lonely, so empty, and rather so desolate at first,
    but just look a whole lot, lot closer than that.

    By then, you will quickly discover with enthralling awe the incredible and untouched beauty of these timeless and well-sacred sands,
    as they do become so ever, ever-saturated with such rampantly abundant beauty beyond what our own eyes can even see,
    where the untamed mystical sands stream so plentifully beyond the edges of time and space like great waterfalls,
    traveling freely and ever so magically in their own natural and most completely untainted pureness everlasting,
    its many dunes a magnificent, towering monument of phenomenal splendor after another that shape such absolute grand resplendence.

    Best well-known as no less
    The Neverending Desert Nirvana of Flowing Sands,
    I most mightily rule this enormous place of such blossoming, wildly intriguing richness.

    From the infinite and unspoiled fine-powdered grains that move as bountifully and smoothly as the wind itself,
    to the quite active, creamiest, melted, and extremely viscous taffy-like quicksands at their most bottomless and ever-yielding,
    I have profoundly created them all since the beginning of my existence...

    ...and yet, within, they all are such beautiful, ever-precious individual spirits that connect and interweave with one another,
    knitting together such a handsomest, deepest sanctitude that goes way beyond the mere, pitiful imaginations of mankind.

    So, do learn of me splendidly, for I am the absolute wonder upon such immortal fascination of all this slender, silkiest desert.

    My true name is Zhaleeku, and I have just forever risen as Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands.

    :bulletred::bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletyellow: :flame: :blackrose: :flame: :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletred:

Well my absolute, ABSOLUTE dearest ladies and gentlemen, this is it. This is my final artwork piece of my current 2011-2012 season on deviantART, entitled “Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku” (流れる砂の永遠の女神 - Zhaleeku), in which this brand-new digital painting work is mainly the TRUE spiritual successor to my own preciously beloved 2010 digital painting experiment of “Controlling the Quicksands” that I did two just Summers ago as well, first and most important of all:

...and the parallels between those two works here are simple and so straightforwardly clear, as they mean rather one thing and one thing alone: make the quicksand fully represent such amazing new beauty in the glorious resurrection of women in such powerfully captivating form as it just encapsulates such resplendent richness that symbolizes such provocatively beautiful sacredness within the endless yet ever-wondrous desert lands as well as their most purest and untainted flowing sands, adding to the sheer, SHEER originality of it all. That just makes this kind of stuff extremely fascinating quite truly, I am gonna promise you right now!!! :D !!

Not only that, but this brand-new 2012 artwork right here is *also* the actual prequel to my 2011-2012 dA season-premiere artwork of “The Lovers of the Sacred Sands”, on which the Sacred Goddess Zhaleeku was first introduced originally as a main character herself of my own making:

Such being the surefire case, I thought it would be quite rather fitting to end my 2011-2012 season on dA the exact same way it actually began from back on November 29, 2012 when it first originally premiered: with Zhaleeku indeed as the mightiest, purest supreme Goddess of all the sands, dunes, quicksands, and everything else from within this entire and indescribably vast Neverending Desert Nirvana of Flowing Sands... and she is really an exotic and gorgeously beautiful native black woman, too, which adds to the worthily wonderful enhancement of all that spectacular sanctitude and raw spirituality of these endlessly thriving deserts that this newest 2012 prequel picture can fully deliver, I can most DEFINITELY promise you as well!!! :wow:

Oh... did I even half-mention that “Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku” totally represents my newest, newest art transformation ever, hmmmm? Yep, that is right; I am doing something that I have never, ever, ever, ever, EVER done before in all of my about six (6) straight years on deviantART and in my entire dA gallery ([link]): going ‘al naturale’ on my own digital painting works from here on out. To put it another way, I now make the digital painting as purer and more free-flowing as I can without going on-the-nose or gung-ho on the special effects all the time. :nod: You see, I am learning to become even better and more alive in my digital artworks as I go along. Part of my job as a digital artist to begin with, you know that!? :hug: :heart: !!

While I am at it, I will just as well maintain and truly step up my own custom character-design style/quality without copying the style of another artist. Let us not forget that also.

The complete entire creation of this very newest 2012 artwork of mine right here was so wholly inspired to me as a result of having already watched at least the first 20-or-so minutes of a special longplay video of the fabulous PS3 downloadable game by Jenova Chen entitled Journey, which I personally found so phenomenally breathtaking to watch and be swept away by indeed, ever since I first checked it out through the “World of Longplays” official website!! And so, rather than just imitate and rip off the game’s own art style at all, I had to put my very own personal spin, originality, and custom aesthetics on things from throughout my whole design of “Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku” right down to the colors, design, concept, and overall execution itself — including with the whole quicksand portion of it which took just over 20 hours alone for it to get designed in digital pure-painting form without ANY special-effects filters period, which is part of this whole entire work itself... wow, that was quite exhausting, but boy, did I make it through all the way!!! :phew: !!

You know what, with this digital painting of mine right here, even the most immensely deepest, most gooiest, most tar-like, and most softest of natural quicksands (and such silkily quaking, clayey, miry desert bogs like that) do not really even have to be sinister and ominously dangerous on their own by systematic default, because if you look a lot closer than that, they can actually and quite undeniably show their most truest and such immortally divine beauty themselves as they flow like such a gentle, gentle semiliquid sea at its most strangely loveliest from within these wildly exotic, untamed, mysterious, yet most hauntingly intriging dunes. Together, they all become a MUCH greater and never-ending sacredness so infinitely more than we can ever, ever imagine or fathom in our own minds whatsoever... and that is something that goes way beyond the initial skin-deep ugliness about the quagmires of such thick, smooth, rich, ever-yielding sandy slime and miry clay as well. Think about it now, as that is what this digital painting from yours truly is entirely out-and-out all about; rather, rather vitally important here!!!

If you have come here to this very artwork expecting a quicksand-peril situation at all or even a panicked woman alone dwindling down to her last, last breath in the ever-hungry bottomless mire up to her neck or so with tears frantically welling up her eyes just seconds or less before she is finally sucked under permanently for the count, your day has just *completely* been ruined period and then some by Adigun Azikiwe Polack right here, because you are NEVER gonna find any of that rubber-stamp, mildewed, overhyped, Hollywood/TV/movie-based, catastrophically clichéd dead-zone bullcrap like that, nor will you ever experience any of that cheap, forced, phony-ass, punched-up, on-the-nose emotions or such fakey water-works that come with it either, so just quit while you’re ahead. Because flatly, that is NOT how originality works these days ever when it comes quite mainly to the artistic implementation of deep mud/quicksand/bog/tarpit or anything like that at all in 2012 and beyond, and more to the point, it ain’t gonna even amount to half a damn squat. At all. I know this as a clear surefire truth because I myself had literally seen hundreds upon hundreds of quicksand-related artworks on dA over quite the past few or so years (and also about just as plenty on Fur Affinity as well, more recently!) that are largely built around that constantly over-imitated, outdated, worn-out, and therefore most crushingly boring premise there indeed... even despite the different settings, initial scenarios, and the many different kinds of soft and yielding substances that were used as well in their overall makings!!

Quicksand scenes do not make themselves, after all. I can see right through the façade.

And most definitely no, nude or not, anthro or not, women are not their own ‘anchors’ to be sucked away literally in quicksand either, too ( :no: !! ), which is why I HAD to just cut through all that disastrously repetitive red-tape that was so blatant, pompous, and so in-your-face from the movies, TV shows, reality programs, books, comics, and even on the internet and YouTube collectively from over the many, many, many decades straight, let’s get that the living hell right for sure!! :aww:

Yes, I am being very, very, VERY specific and rather plain dead-serious simultaneously here all at once, for starters. And for God-honest excellent damn reason, too, to be so undoubtedly generous.

In other words... we gotta be a whole lot more creative than to just cave in to such stale and worthless bone-dry formulas like that, folks. Hence, this newest August 2012 art piece of mine of “Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku” that I quite utterly handsomely present to you right here on deviantART, as my most extremely rather personal work of all time in this very art community with a whole ton of special, intimate meaning behind it so immensely spiritually, to be sure!! One look at this painting here, and you can well-easily see that the difference is as crystal-clear as night and day, and also that the wildly revolutionary new artistic use of quicksand of mine in this entire digital-painting picture indeed is so wonderfully damn told in its own making and overall execution, in that instead of the all-too-standardized portrayal of terror, fright, desperation, and/or impending doom like you see in a ton too many quicksand-related artworks on deviantART these days, you get in this artwork a truly mind-blowing new portrayal of this bottomless, active, and most softest viscous quicksand ACTUALLY representing such abundant blossoming beauty and such phenomenally glorious new life in the splendid empowerment of women all as a great, great symbol in order for them (and even you as well!!) to successfully rise up and just overcome all the harshness and rough edges that life throws right at you most unexpectedly... all while enjoying the entire journey throughout!!! See, it is *that* amazingly simple, isn’t it!? :floating: :thumbsup: !!!

(Pardon me, but I personally for one am just flatly, FLATLY deathly tired of the ever-stagnantly cornball quicksand-scene stereotype of distressed and/or struggling damsels getting sucked down and ending up being pulled closer and closer to being totally swallowed alive towards a permanent drowning death in the quaking slimy mire, and also of the way that that very trumped-up, fear-based paranoia was rather needlessly turned into a so-called ‘quicksand fetish’ mainly by quite some truly sicko porn-fetish community on YouTube (and on the web as well as on Fur Affinity, too!!) who are so blatantly and sexually obsessed like a lewd, restless narcotic to such kinds of things like that on TV, movies, comics, video games, anime, and even on the internet in general... namely to where they actually view and portray women there as nothing more than just degrading sex-objects to be fed to the thick, bottomless swampy muck below that they pass forth as such so-called ‘entertainment’ and throw around names such as ‘erotic’ or ‘hot’ as if to nothing more than just make stuff up as they go along, really — like such an inelegant and hackneyed quicksand movie cliché, only literally a hundred-million times nightmarishly worse and even more abysmally deplorable than before, to me at least!!! :x :puke: Wow, I am just utterly plain glad I am NOT a part of those ghastly, vile-ass perverts at all to begin with; I am 35 years old and I AM MY OWN DAMN PERSON, and no-one else’s. :nod: End of mother-fricking story, period, final... and that’s it.)

To be rather plain real about what I am saying all along, ladies and gentlemen, I *do* have such point-blank serious and deep-rooted personal/artistic morals in such amazing honesty and delicate, sensitive beauty regarding my very own works, and I WILL DEFINITELY STAND MY GROUND RATHER PROUDLY when it comes to me creating my own works on deviantART, too — especially those ones as well that properly portrays sexuality in a most mature, purest, uncommonly very beautiful, completely untainted, eye-opening, and quite smolderingly-loving new light and how it all works specifically, also — and all straight and true right from the very, very heart indeed!!! :love: :+favlove: And yes, I most artistically treat the main area of sexuality with such *utmost* absolute respect in my own creations indeed, such as these ones of mine right here which uses softest, shifting, smooth, viscous, creamiest, and most beautiful oozing quicksand (and such other like substances) to actually symbolize the sheer deep consensual love, smoldering passion, captivating gorgeousness, and such richest white-hot sexuality/sensuality ever-beautiful between male and female as actually husband and wife alone together indeed, while married to each other in such ever-divine wedlock, as their ever-immense and immortally-sacred poignancy for one another completely overcomes the deathly fear and paranoia of bottomless quicksand:

No sexual humiliation of women; no tentacle-rapes; no peeping-toms; no revenge plots; no peril mash-ups; no hyped-up melodramatics; no external bondages in quicksand; no selfish masturbations; no ‘strip-shows’; no one-night-stands; no sleaze; no perversions; no violations; no porn. PERIOD. Just ever-purest intimate honesty, love, and such phenomenally sensual beauty between male and female at its most unusually greatest (and be sure to look at their own individual descriptions behind each of those ones of mine, too!!). Now THAT is called character development right there, folks!!! :D

In that regard, I am quite, quite entirely different. As in, an utterly unique kind of innovative digital artist on dA with a more intimate respect towards women, as well as the rather-so-delicate area of sexuality all artistically in the overall creation of my very own artworks. Hell, I’ve been doing it since way back in 2006, the year that I had first signed up to this most incredibly spectacular magnificence of an art community that is deviantART most indeed... it is my job; THAT IS WHAT I DAMN DO as a thing that I most enjoy!!! :hug: :dalogo: !!!

And yes, purposely, I was completely damn fascinated with quicksand and then some (since I was a wee young boy and also as I was growing up into adulthood at 18+ of age, as well), but I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT channel that towards any brain-dead, so-called ‘quicksand fetish’-porn whatsoever, nor for that matter do I even fetishize that semiliquid substance at all to begin with. No, just no. Instead, I have only used my own fascination with quicksand as rather solely and exclusively a main, full-on enhancement in the way that I create my own digital artworks to be something more and more beautiful and phenomenally original indeed, rather than as a typical cookie-cutter quicksand TV/movie trope that ends up being just total tripe in the long run. In fact, you are rather most wonderfully welcome with open arms to check out this entire related 2011 blog post on #digitalBRILLIANCE that deals with the artistic use of quicksand as well as how I actually overcame the many multiple fears about that very substance itself as I was first growing up in my own childhood years towards being a man myself: [link]

I am Adigun Azikiwe Polack, after all, and I am an almost-six-year digital art visionary on deviantART who just thinks completely original and brings forward something just utterly resplendent in the making of my newer and newer artworks... at least, I am CONTINUALLY learning to, anyway. :floating: :heart: !!!

Furthermore, I am wholeheartedly and most undeniably flat-out honest with myself as well. No excuses. :rose: :bow: :rose:

All of such is the case with “Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku”, which is one of my personal, personal greatest that my own forward-thinking artistic vision has gotta offer. And I am so, so mother-fricking plain glad to be sharing this new artwork with you today, because boy, you have never seen quicksand done like this before anywhere... and ESPECIALLY on deviantART, too!!! :wow: !!

Overworked quicksand peril be most *totally* damned indeed; rather, the only thing that really both counts and stands out simultaneously in the art world (and then some!) are true, freshest, bona-fide new originality and overall mind-blowing execution that are brilliantly knitted together with phenomenal, resplendent design... just in order to completely blow away the hackneyed, recycled, and even stereotype art clichés to kingdom come... SKY HIGH, that is. :love: :thumbsup: :star: I have been running #digitalBRILLIANCE for currently almost three (3) years now and did tons upon tons of digital-artwork reviews as they came to this dA group of mine with `PurpelBlur, `archanN, and `Lilyas, and I know clearly what the rather hell I am talking about. :nod: (If you want proof of this, just take a serious look please at the quite many first-rate digital artworks that are specially front-featured right here in my group indeed: [link])

And with that, this very artwork of “Eternal Goddess of the Flowing Sands - Zhaleeku” shall bring a rather crowning, ever-grandly-glorious end to my 2011-2012 season of The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack on this utterly spectacular art-community powerhouse known as deviantART... you ladies and gentlemen are such fantastically rather wonderful people indeed, seriously!!! :dalogo: :thumbsup: :+favlove: !!!

Be seeing you all again for my most phenomenal brand-new 2012-2013 dA artworks season to premiere this Late September/Early October 2012... watch for it!!! :huggle: :heart: :peace:

:spotlight-left: :blackrose: :spotlight-right:


©2012 Adigun Azikiwe Polack. All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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ariya-sacca's avatar
Looks beautiful!
gnarly-one's avatar
Strange and beautiful...beautiful and strange...
or beautifully strange?

Nice work.
sirocco-rc's avatar
What a wonderful piece of Art this is! Love the concept, the warm colours and the power
this creation declares. Excellent!
Thank you so much for the dedication, I appreciate it :hug:
Mega-Man-King's avatar
As always, your art turns out to be really beautiful, sir!
MalDudemaker's avatar
Awesome and lush imagery! And so much thought goes into your work! Sorry i`m late catching this, Wicked piece of work :clap:
SpaceWeaver's avatar
Thank you for sharing this picture ! Amazing work !
phoenixleo's avatar
Very good. You really do master the silk thing very well with your sand related works! It's like bliss to try to feel the silkiness/velvety feeling of it. o_O
And thank you very much for the dedication Adigun! :)
coby01's avatar
this is sooooo beautiful :clap:
Art-By-Mel-DA's avatar
This is just so gorgeous!! I love how you created her clothing! And thank you for such a wonderful dedication!
JAMsEye's avatar
流れる砂の永遠の女神 seems to be Japanese for «Eternal goddess of sand flowing», right? (I was curious about that.)

Yet another beautiful one of your gorgeously shaped quicksand Queens. I just love the warmth and nobleness of these golden quicksands. I also love the typography of «Zhaleeku» at the bottom as well as the semitransparent symbol behind, I'm curious about the latter.
BeehiveStudio's avatar
thabks so much my friend for such an amazing dedication loving the flow you've created in this art in particular
ImaginedMoments's avatar
A very beautiful creation my friend and thank you so much for including me among your dedications :hug: :rose: :blowkiss: Blessings, Love & Light ~Pam~ xxx
VelCake's avatar
Thank you so much for the dedication, this is gorgeous!:) I love the liveness of the painting.:D
DomiSM's avatar
Very beautiful, Adigun, I love the design in the 'cape' :)
As usual your artwork pushes the boundary for deep, vicous, and gooey, liquid substances. You have not only touched me personally but even in my rping, so all i can say is please do more and make the world of quicksand a better place.
DeniseGarbis's avatar
Amazing work of art Adigun :) Thank you so sharing this & for the friendship! :heart: Have a wonderful weekend :)
Mega-Man-King's avatar
I am awestruck by the intense beauty of this. It's awesome!
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