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Embracing the Sacred Succubus of Melted Chocolate


(WARNING: this design and comments in this one are *definitely* for mature audiences 18 years of age or over ONLY!! If you are under 18, then PLEASE stay away from this one right now... you have been warned!!! :) )


Overall Combined Time: 34hrs., 46mins. total
Software Used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7
Total Layers: 49 initial layers + 4 custom adjustment layers additional
Tools Used: Mouse only; ABSOLUTELY NO drawing tablet whatsoever!!! :D !!


    Far away and well-hidden in a mysterious and long-forgotten era since ancient time immemorial,
    deep in an ever-extravagant new realm that is completely uncharted to our own imaginations,
    there lived such a boldly handsome and magnificently daring chocolatier named Elganio,
    who had just gotten married to an ever-ravenously passionate succubus named Kahlianuu,
    a voluptuously sacred demoness with a most voracious sexual appetite towards him exclusively,
    her exotic, sensously-designed wings and tail all bountifully alluring sights to naked eye,
    her deepest cravings a more sumptuous bonfire after another that just kindles and blazes nonstop,
    as if ready to consume him quite intimately in her own heat of her insatiable erotic love alone.

    Like a busily-weaving spider to the awaiting insect as it spins and spins its own web,
    she privately lures him deep into a vastly distant expanse of her well-secluded, cave-like quarters,
    its strange twisting walls so impeccably decorated in rock-solid yet rich and edible chocolate.

    Elganio suddenly becomes the succubus’ only loving prey,
    being pulled into her slowly as she subtly presses his own naturally naked body against hers,
    wanting him in a most fetching and rather fondly more consensual manner,
    her whispering voice in his ear more and more smoother than even the thickest oil,
    her gaze so deeply, deeply locked upon his own like such a well-tightened ball and chain indeed.

    As he feels Kahlianuu’s silky soft and intensely sensual body being squeezed tightly around him,
    he becomes more and more completely willing to channel his own sexual energy towards her...
    and feed her quite deeply that, also.

    And all because he truly loves her... as his new and only wife, no less.

    She senses this, and becomes even more insatiably monogamous to him on purpose as they begin to make love,
    their spirits amourously kissing one another while copulating each other slowly and much deeply,
    its delicate, ever-penetrating touch so exquisitely most divine especially!!

    Tapping into Elganio’s ever-deepest desires from within his own mind as a long-time chocolatier that he is,
    Kahlianuu the sacred succubus has spoken her magickal sex chant seconds after as the lovemaking commenced...
    literally turning her entire body into one of such thick, flowing, and ever-yielding melted dark chocolate,
    its hugely viscous, liquefied sweet consistency ever so richest and purest beyond description,
    REALLY turning him on completely as he slowly tasted and kissed her body sexily with his lips and tongue both,
    most definitely exciting her and driving her wild in such untamed ecstasy that she has in store just for him.

    A minute later, she began to morph her own body into a bottomless and great shifting swamp of dark chocolate...
    a lot rather as if a delicate and most active melted mixture of such smoothest quicksand and molasses,
    into which he quite happily began to sink, as part of the magnificent succubus’ strangely gorgeous new form.

    Feeling nothing but moist yet increasingly slimier and already softer and softer chocolate underfoot,
    the rate at which Elganio sinks in this melted ever-flowing goop of the succubus’ body is slow and steady,
    its ever-warming and even gluier substance quite gripping him so strongly...
    yet rather very,
    VERY gently, too.

    It all felt so, so erotically damn good quite unspeakably and wildly!!!

    And that right there just made him want to writhe and sway against his wife’s utterly arousing figure,
    their bodies intertwining themselves in a most unrelentingly enticing dance of sacredest love upon one another,
    most spectacularly choreographed in such gradual and even more penetrating ways of incredible sex and intimacy.

    Elganio felt his erotic passion with her rising and rising big-time as he sank deeper and deeper into her sticky body,
    the greasy and succulent melted-chocolate quicksand oozing and flowing so beautifully around his lithe masculine figure,
    just literally caressing him beyond words as it lazily shifted and bobbed like such a most gentlest, silkiest sea,
    her strong and flexible legs entirely locking him into a perfect, inescapably sumptuous sexual position with her...
    all the better for her to fill him more and more nonstop as great bubbles start to slowly emerge and pop from the goo.

    All the while, the luscious and edibly sweet quagmire was gradually and gradually rising in temperature,
    turning from pleasantly warm to quite very
    soothingly hot at nothing more than just 105 degrees Fahrenheit period,
    its pungent yet rather so unusually deepening aroma of the viscid mixture eminating and rising to Elganio’s own nostrils,
    flatly enhancing the slowest, serpentine, and most unbridled intercourse between the chocolatier and the succubus both,
    as the two settle themselves willingly into such a magnificent, MAGNIFICENT gooiest oil-slick of thick dark chocolate...

         ...from their kneecaps and legs...
     their bare buttocks...
          their chests and armpits...
                        ...and finally, up to their own necks and chins...

    ...sending scores and scores of shiny, creamy ripples around them together as it became more of an edible tar pit,
    its deep gentle heat radiating from within, making the slime much more stickier and stretchier than even pure honey itself,
    filling Elganio rather more and more entirely to the massive brim as he tightly embraces his own demoness love Kahlianuu,
    causing him to explode so deeply in such wildly purest sexual heaven so madly untamed with her,
    finally transferring his own energy successfully to her in its entirety as her wonderful, wonderful feast that he gives to her,
    consummating their love for one another.

    As for this ever-shifting mire of melted dark chocolate that the succubus created as part of her own body-shape,
    it felt so deliciously hot and gentle quite amourously to him without even burning his skin whatsoever,
    causing him to relax more and more with her as he rests his head against her shoulders and face...
    yet, since this entire chocolate mixture is oddly heavier than water with the same density as quicksand itself,
    he is truly and weightlessly floating neck-deep in it without even feeling a bottom to this softest semi-liquid,
    never sinking any further whatsoever.

    Their real marriage of such everlasting sexual sacredness between each other has only just begun, as husband and wife...

    :bulletred::bulletred: :blackrose: :bulletred::bulletred:

In such a time and age these very current days where deviantART had gotten WAY too many “women in danger”-based quicksand-related artworks on which the premise of them were about helplessly panicked women (nude or not) who are sinking, struggling, and getting sucked down towards their demise unless rescued, I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack, stand utterly and rather most defiantly brave against such stale, me-too, and overly copycat quicksand-scene clichés like that... and that is where my newest digital painting work entitled “Embracing the Sacred Succubus of Melted Chocolate” (溶かしたチョコレートの神聖なサキュバスを抱きしめる) quite definitely comes in, as my very, very first artwork of 2012 right here in this immensely most incredible art community that stands for REAL creativity and fresh, uncharted new ideas implemented into brand-new designs in phenomenal, positive new ways all in terms of concept, design, execution, and overall impact most especially!!!  :D :thumbsup: !!!

Here is why.

First, as a digital-art painter and visionary for at least five years on dA, one of the things I love to do artistically is to portray quicksand in my own creations as nothing less than a great, great symbol of such purest sexual love and beauty completely untainted between husband and wife toward each other in such magnificently blossoming intimacy indeed, all WITHOUT EVER turning perverted or sickeningly pornographic in any way whatsoever at all. :nod: :thumbsup: After all, one of the most, most magnificent beauties of this soft, slimy, and yielding viscous substance rather indeed is that it *can* be used to create spectacular beauty in many unusual and challenging new ways most indeed, as well as letting us in on the raw, powerful emotion so intensely striking in making that very loveliness come alive big-time, as was done time and again in my own previous digital painting works that touched upon that:

...and all you have to do is to SIMPLY have an open mind that just transcends above both all familiarity and movie clichés, and it will surely take us to places we have never, ever been to before!!! That is all it takes. :floating: :heart: !!

Secondly, the quicksand in mention about this picture of “Embracing the Sacred Succubus of Melted Chocolate” just happens to be a bottomless shifting swamp of such viscous and lusciously so magnificent melted dark chocolate that was formed as part of the gorgeous body of the great and ever-sacred succubus Kahlianuu, and with the way that it was used artistically between her and the marvelously handsome chocolatier Elganio that she married, they absolutely do not feel any sense of either hyped-up dread or deathly danger at all. Only purest, utterly divine sexual passion with one another consensually as is between a husband and his own wife alone right here, with the softest melted-chocolate quagmire enhancing it all for them both, its slimy and ever-yielding consistency strangely greater than water (like real quicksand itself), causing them to eventually float so buoyantly and weightlessly for sure even without feeling a bottom indeed... that right there blows away all the tired, hackneyed quicksand-peril clichés and that we have sadly been seeing rather too much of on dA these days, since I am going for the mother-fricking jugular in being a complete, complete original quite brilliantly instead of just resorting to the popular, all-too-familiar belief of the stereotypical fright and potentially-fatal terror of quicksand whatsoever. Ever. :thumbsup: !!

(Speaking of which, personally, I do not do what is even popular at all, and I absolutely do not do it for some sick, twisted, and most rather ghastly “YouTube/internet”-based porn fetish that is largely built around all those quicksand-peril clichés period either. Just plain no. :no: I very, very seriously create my own highest-quality artworks mainly FOR PUREST ART AND SHEER ORIGINALITIES’ SAKE ALONE in terms of me producing something strangely and utterly both fascinating and captivating all at once in many magnificent, fresh, and positive new ways beyond your own imaginations possible, and that’s it. :aww: :rose: !! )

Thirdly, this new digital painting artwork of mine was *originally* supposed to be created for Valentine’s Day 2012 (or in this case, just before February 14, 2012)... instead, I have totally missed celebrating that very day on dA and ended up eventually finishing this design rather a week late from what I had fully intended. :( My apologies seriously for lagging this behind indeed.

Anyway, the entire chocolate-cave background was directly created right out of my rather own imagination exlusively as I improvised and painted it all myself as part of this brand-new work. No resources or references whatsoever.

And, only a mouse alone was used in the entire making of this picture, and also for the proper color-tone of it all to set the overall mood of this one. NO TABLET period. :love: !!

All in all, such amazingly magnificent new beauty of chocolate in only 30,150 colors total.

(Yeah, that’s right, I’ve said it!!! :D I’ve counted the colors myself for this picture!)

Furthermore, I thoroughly present “Embracing the Sacred Succubus of Melted Chocolate” as my belated yet personal Valentine’s Day artwork gift to these following most incredible people on dA:

...because at the time of me trying to finish this work for that day that I had mentioned, I had to think of all of them with all of my heart, to symbolize chocolate and utter gorgeous beauty in unusually more captivating ways like you have NEVER seen before in digital-artwork form. I just want to be incredibly original indeed — something entirely rather new and fascinatingly phenomenal for the many and many masses in this very art community of dA to gaze upon and jaw-dropped in total awe by, completely blowing away the stereotypes and clichés for sure!!! :hug: :heart: !!!

And please, do not forget comment maturely about this artwork on this piece of mine *only* on the basis about what you do think of the whole digital design itself, art-wise... be constructive and honest about it right here!! :aww: :rose:

Finally... did I mention that I FINALLY GOT A BRAND-NEW COMPUTER with MS Windows 7 and 3ghz just from over the last month of January 2012!? :D !! After I got it set up in my own new private room along with my brand-new 1920x1080p ViewSonic LED monitor, I got it running right away, transferred my installation of Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 onto that new machine, and used it to create this very new work of “Embracing the Sacred Succubus of Melted Chocolate” rather indeed in its whole entirety... and look at the results, color and all!!!

A most fantastic welcome again to all of you on deviantART, and for mature audiences 18-and-over only, please quite splendidly enjoy my very, *very* first artwork painting of 2012... also, do not forget to check me out on #digitalBRILLIANCE as always with `PurpelBlur, `Lilyas, and `archanN for even more phenomenal-quality digital artworks that will sure inspire the aspiring artist to create big and brilliantly original in more fascinating and even breathtakingly positive new ways!!! :D :peace: :devart: :blackrose: !!!


©2012 Adigun Azikiwe Polack. All Rights Reserved.

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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First off i am more then pleased to see this belated, Valentine's day piece of art. The tasteful eroticism and chocolate swamp encompasses the holiday perfectly.

2nd of all this pieces captures what your artwork does, the beautiful tasteful and erotic pleasure that only a wife and husband could enjoy. The addition of the chocolate, and succubus wife only adds further flavor to the already magnificent story of a husband and wife's consummation story.

3rd , you kept it consistent and tasteful. You artwork never seems to waver from it's viewpoint of going away from the cliched quicksand scenes that you constantly says undermines the pure beauty of the viscous and bubbly earth

4th and final, i love the picture and story. The artwork itself has great facets be it the rippling made from the love making, the tail coming from the wife and the seamless way the two seem to blend into the surrounding liquid and of course how the stroy ties in the concept

Overall i say bravo and keep up the good work. May your days be filled with gooey, liquid goodness.