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Brea Woman Awakening


(NOTE: my special 2009 Insight Commentary video on this very artwork that I have done can be viewed for you on YouTube right here, available in High-Definition: [link])


Imagine... somewhere in a far-distant prehistoric era, where deep in the well-hidden and endless primeval quicksand-like swamps of such darkest, softest, stickiest, and ohhhh-so-warm melted pitch, you see something slowly rising up to the surface. A huge and viscous jet-black bubble emerging, perhaps? No, but rather something so much more.... if you keep watching, you will finally see before your astonished eyes an ever-so-utterly gorgeous adult female spirit being made entirely out of the purest, living tar itself as she is slowly rising from this vast slime pit of such primordial ooze indeed, her ever-sticky yet quite so silky-smooth body an absolute sight to behold indeed!!! :wow: !

The title of this original digital artwork painting for my 2008/2009 season on dA is called “Brea Woman Awakening”, and it was entirely created over the course of just three (3) days time with a grand total of just 19 layers of work... wow!!!

And the word “brea” is Spanish for tar, by the way. Just thought you’d know that now. :aww:

Look, anyone who has seen the prehistoric history segment of Walt Disney’s own original 1940 animated film classic “Fantasia” can especially notice and appreciate such deep beauty, drive, and passion that I have taken such great pride in *very* seriously in creating my original art piece that you see right here... and also, do notice the stark contrast and melding between the woman and this active tar swamp and all of that determination and heart that I have so passionately poured out into making this whole piece as captivating as damn magnificently captivating can get... a TRULY rare find in these prehistoric asphalt pits here, I gotta promise to you now!!! :floating: :heart: !!

Speaking of which, upon looking at this picture, I am sure you will find the tar swamps themselves to be so stunningly beautiful, with the brief rainbow streaks showing to make it look convincingly oily and quite so viscous and deep, all at the same time. As well, if you look up real close at the top-left corner of this design here, you will see a pterodactyl flying in the background, to really make sure you are transported into a most brilliantly fascinating happening in prehistoric fantasy!! Yep, I DEFINITELY think I did my absolute utmost best to bring it all to such splendid vibrant life as such a rich and utter blessing to you outstanding deviantART community in general... and no, I will absolutely not apologize for any of that at all, either. :D :thumbsup:

And more importantly, I so wholeheartedly dedicate this complete entire piece to these two (2) quite phenomenally excellent artists in this very world-wide art community of deviantART indeed:

      :iconlilyas: ^Lilyas such unforgettably passionate honor of her upcoming birthday in 2008 ( :love: !! ), and the second person here is:

      :icongoor: *goor

...who does such DAMN AMAZING 3d fantasy artworks that I am so blown away by in terms of such breathtakingly stunning quality (his own dA gallery is right here: [link]), and so I dedicate my art here to him as well!!! :cuddle: :tea:

With all of that said and true, you quite splendidly wonderful ladies and gentlemen, do most especially enjoy this original digital work of “Brea Woman Awakening” as now my 6th official HD-quality design right here on dA, and be sure to full-view it in its complete entirety so that you will not miss all the details that I have so lovingly placed into this piece!! And as always, I MUST thank you all so deeply much from the bottom of my most deepest passionate heart for your excellent continued support!!!! :hug: :butterfly: :blackrose:

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Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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es increible al bes ermoso