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Brea Woman Awakening


(NOTE: my special 2009 Insight Commentary video on this very artwork that I have done can be viewed for you on YouTube right here, available in High-Definition: [link])


Imagine... somewhere in a far-distant prehistoric era, where deep in the well-hidden and endless primeval quicksand-like swamps of such darkest, softest, stickiest, and ohhhh-so-warm melted pitch, you see something slowly rising up to the surface. A huge and viscous jet-black bubble emerging, perhaps? No, but rather something so much more.... if you keep watching, you will finally see before your astonished eyes an ever-so-utterly gorgeous adult female spirit being made entirely out of the purest, living tar itself as she is slowly rising from this vast slime pit of such primordial ooze indeed, her ever-sticky yet quite so silky-smooth body an absolute sight to behold indeed!!! :wow: !

The title of this original digital artwork painting for my 2008/2009 season on dA is called “Brea Woman Awakening”, and it was entirely created over the course of just three (3) days time with a grand total of just 19 layers of work... wow!!!

And the word “brea” is Spanish for tar, by the way. Just thought you’d know that now. :aww:

Look, anyone who has seen the prehistoric history segment of Walt Disney’s own original 1940 animated film classic “Fantasia” can especially notice and appreciate such deep beauty, drive, and passion that I have taken such great pride in *very* seriously in creating my original art piece that you see right here... and also, do notice the stark contrast and melding between the woman and this active tar swamp and all of that determination and heart that I have so passionately poured out into making this whole piece as captivating as damn magnificently captivating can get... a TRULY rare find in these prehistoric asphalt pits here, I gotta promise to you now!!! :floating: :heart: !!

Speaking of which, upon looking at this picture, I am sure you will find the tar swamps themselves to be so stunningly beautiful, with the brief rainbow streaks showing to make it look convincingly oily and quite so viscous and deep, all at the same time. As well, if you look up real close at the top-left corner of this design here, you will see a pterodactyl flying in the background, to really make sure you are transported into a most brilliantly fascinating happening in prehistoric fantasy!! Yep, I DEFINITELY think I did my absolute utmost best to bring it all to such splendid vibrant life as such a rich and utter blessing to you outstanding deviantART community in general... and no, I will absolutely not apologize for any of that at all, either. :D :thumbsup:

And more importantly, I so wholeheartedly dedicate this complete entire piece to these two (2) quite phenomenally excellent artists in this very world-wide art community of deviantART indeed:

      :iconlilyas: ^Lilyas such unforgettably passionate honor of her upcoming birthday in 2008 ( :love: !! ), and the second person here is:

      :icongoor: *goor

...who does such DAMN AMAZING 3d fantasy artworks that I am so blown away by in terms of such breathtakingly stunning quality (his own dA gallery is right here: [link]), and so I dedicate my art here to him as well!!! :cuddle: :tea:

With all of that said and true, you quite splendidly wonderful ladies and gentlemen, do most especially enjoy this original digital work of “Brea Woman Awakening” as now my 6th official HD-quality design right here on dA, and be sure to full-view it in its complete entirety so that you will not miss all the details that I have so lovingly placed into this piece!! And as always, I MUST thank you all so deeply much from the bottom of my most deepest passionate heart for your excellent continued support!!!! :hug: :butterfly: :blackrose:

© 2 0 0 8   A d i g u n   A z i k i w e   P o l a c k .      A l l   R i g h t s   R e s e r v e d .

Please DO NOT copy, alter, or otherwise steal this piece or *any* of my artworks at all, for that matter. This original artwork is the exclusive property and copyright of Adigun Azikiwe Polack and him alone. All rights pertaining to this work are STRICTLY reserved worldwide. Got that!? :D
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es increible al bes ermoso
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More than 10k views and counting! that is quite an achievement! Congratulations!
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I get the feeling that she and the liquid are one, like she's doing more than awakening - she's coming into being, assembling from the bizarre liquid - perhaps its a sentient, life-bearing fluid on a strange planet...

I wrote that before I read the description, too. I guess we both had about the same thing in mind.
AdigunPolack's avatar
You said it!!! :floating: :rose:

And you know what, RushAndRuleIt, that is quite a rather damn interesting comment on “Brea Woman Awakening” especially, because the whole idea behind this entire 2008 digital painting piece simply resulted from me having already studied online for myself about the history and legend of La Brea Woman, a young, prehistoric Native-American woman from the Chumash tribe whose skeletal remains were actually discovered and unearthed in the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits in California, USA way back in 1914... just plain amazing beyond belief, that rare find!!! :wow: !!

Speaking of which, my man, instead of the tar symbolizing death, pain, and suffering (and rather than the tired, copycat quicksand-scene clichés of people being sucked down to the doom like we have seen from decades past, too!), I wanted with all of my heart for the oily black slimy substance to symbolize beauty, resurrection, and purest sacredness in an utterly captivating and more convincing way, even while the VERY beautiful and feminine spirit of La Brea Woman rises from the active, bottomless, warming, gooiest, quicksand-like prehistoric swamps of soft liquefied pitch. As such, this picture well-encapsulates a rather joyous celebration of the sticky, yielding, and naturally-occurring melted asphalt bringing forth new life... an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime event if such a resurrection of La Brea Woman were to truly happen for real in these very tar pits, you know what I am saying now!? :D :heart: !!!

In other words, I surely know how to defy stereotype in favor of producing such sheer, clever originality like this that you see here!! :w00t!:

I am in total, TOTAL agreement with you 115% on your undeniably phenomenal comment indeed, RushAndRuleIt... one of the absolute best ones that has ever been given to me on this entire artwork itself, I will much gladly say!!! :love: !!

Furthermore, you are rather handsomely welcome to check out more of my inspirations here by taking a good look at my special 2009 Insight Commentary video on “Brea Woman Awakening” in its complete entirety on YouTube, currently available right here in 720p HD: [link]

And quite a most definite pleasure to meet you on deviantART, too. :hug: :devart: !!
Ivyel's avatar
Wow it's so impressive and the water effect it's great!
AdigunPolack's avatar
Ivyel, I must thank you for such a splendid comment indeed on “Brea Woman Awakening”, and from the way the thick ripples of the melted pitch were created as part of the details of La Brea Woman emerging from the tar swamps, that really helped in making this picture stand out big-time on its own indeed, you know what I mean? :D :thumbsup: !!

More recently at the start of this current year of 2011, I have created an unusually even more fascinating and quite strangely captivating spiritual sequel to this very picture, and this time, this more newer 2011 artwork of mine is entitled “Erótico Amantes de La Brea”, which is set more than 100,000 years ago in Prehistoric Spain, where the softest and slowly ever-yielding melted viscous pitch of the tar swamps there play a crucial, challenging, and QUITE important key role in bringing together a more unusually sensual and erotically magnificent poignancy between the husband-and-wife couple of the prehistoric times like never, ever before, giving off such a rather damn amazing and intensely fascinating new beauty to what could normally have been a repulsive jet-black gooey substance. :floating: You are quite handsomely most welcome to see this newer digital painting piece right here on dA: [link]

Once again, I thank you for such a splendid comment most truly with all of my heart, Ivyel, and such an ABSOLUTE pleasure to meet you here on deviantART for sure!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !!
Ivyel's avatar
Wow so intresting! I've see it :D i think you're a genius :)
AdigunPolack's avatar
Why thanks!!! :cuddle: :thumbsup: :heart: !!!

Being that I am a serious digital artist that specializes in creating something so unusually fascinating and more beautiful on a regular, artwork-by-artwork basis, Ivyel, it is a surefire pleasure to show you something new and rather exciting to inspire you indeed, I must say truly!!! :love: :peace:

Have you seen my own original Insight Commentary video about this very work of “Brea Woman Awakening” on YouTube yet? It shows you the sheer inspirations and even deeper insights of how I came up with creating that very digital painting piece on dA myself, including valuable insights about La Brea Woman herself that inspired me rather handsomely, too!! :nod: It is all for you to hear and see from me as I most wonderfully share them all with you in this video link on YouTube, in 720p HD: [link]

Thank you so very, VERY much again quite richly indeed, my awesome dear!!! :hug: :star: !!!
Muttlyn's avatar
Cool concept and composition. Nicely done!
POE-R7's avatar
Holy crap this is absolutely amazing O_O!!!!!!! This is definitely going into my favs and the description you placed here was absolutely great!
AdigunPolack's avatar
And I absolutely thank you so much for all of that, EgyptionRevelations, and such a rather awesome pleasure to meet you right here on deviantART, too!!! :D :thumbsup: !!

I really, REALLY APPRECIATE your comment most especially on “Brea Woman Awakening”, my wonderful man... I mean that in quite a big way now!!! :cuddle: :+favlove: !!
Lukay7's avatar
You have been featured in my :new: Journal :spotlight-left::[link] :spotlight-right:
Regards Liane
GypsyH's avatar
Amazing works.
AdigunPolack's avatar
And with that fine comment of yours, GypsyH, I truly thank you so much here... and such an EXCELLENT pleasure to meet you on deviantART, too!!! :D :thumbsup: !!
GypsyH's avatar
:wave: Nice to meet you too.
sirocco-rc's avatar
Glad I found it... It's one of those pieces that make me travel...
Dreamy... Pure magic! :iconpinklilyplz:
AdigunPolack's avatar
It most certainly, CERTAINLY is dreamy and rather magical indeed, sirocco-rc my excellent dear... and that is one of the all-important and most sacredly beautiful parts about “Brea Woman Awakening” to begin with now, you know!? :hug: :rose: !!

I mean, ever had one of those wonderful dreams in your sleep where you became a most beautiful female spirit swimming through a lake of such pleasurably warm, endless, thick, softest, and gooiest melted prehistoric tar and emerging so beautifully like the one in this picture, undisturbed, without any harm or fear whatsoever? If you can imagine that well, then this picture is just *exactly* a gorgeous little sample of what I am talking about, I am sure!!! :floating:

Yep, I do have quite a wild and untamed sense of imagination sometimes ( :heart: ), which REALLY comes in handy for me doing such artworks like this on dA... let me tell you right now!!! :D :thumbsup: !!

Thank you most, MOST splendidly very much on a tremendously outstanding comment on “Brea Woman Awakening”, sirocco-rc... I quite, quite appreciate that from the rather bottom of my handsome heart indeed!!! :huggle: :blackrose: :+favlove: !!!
MattSpire's avatar
This is a very nice, lovely piece. I admire your use of liquid here. I tried very recently to do something similar in a piece as commentary on the BP oil spill, but just could not replicate liquid as you have done.

I particularly like the wave/ring around the emerging body suggesting outward motion. Great work.
AdigunPolack's avatar
I gotta tell you, MattSpire, even though I have not seen much of the BP oil spill, what I do know is that it is one of the absolute nastiest spills in world history EVER... even worse than the Exxon Valdez one itself ( :wow: !!! ), especially with massive oil slicks and endless tar balls all covering countless birds, fish, wildlife, and even wider areas of water than ever before. It is quite, *quite* a most utterly horrible event that human eyes have ever laid upon — and there have been a whole rather lot of endless, senseless controversy about that black oil too that is already blown completely out of proportion on that, just adding severely to this massive oil massacre here, if you will! I mean, when will the people just shut the living hell up and rather talk about the solution instead so that the whole entire clean-up of the oil can actually take place entirely from top to bottom, start to finish, hmmmm? I mean, it is already and most severely throwing millions and even billions of dollars right down the drain as it is so far, you know!? Stupidly, stupidly pathetic ( :x !! ), you know what I am saying, my man?

In “Brea Woman Awakening”, however, this takes us all the way back to a most, MOST wonderful event in a far-distant prehistoric era to where such grand and amazing legends are made of... a most beautiful and mighty feminine spirit of the La Brea Woman fully resurrecting from the softest, gooiest, bottomless, quicksand-like, and well-hidden tar swamps, based well-upon an amazingly phenomenal discovery in the La Brea Tar Pits in California, USA in 1914 where prehistoric skeletal remains of her were first found. She was originally a Native American woman of the Chumash tribe, and was eventually the VERY FIRST human being ever, ever unearthed from those tar pits there indeed. And yep, that is the utterly damn fascinating inspiration that led me originally to doing this whole entire digital painting piece back on September 2008, my wonderful man MattSpire... doesn’t that blow you away in complete awe or what!? :love: :thumbsup: !!!

For even more all-important inspirations on how I did this whole piece, MattSpire, you are quite, quite welcome to check out my personal Insight Commentary about “Brea Woman Awakening” right here on YouTube, where you will actually hear my speaking voice as I talk to you even further about what greatly, greatly inspired me personally to create this whole piece on dA in the first place. :D It is available for you to see right now in 720p HD (High-Definition): [link]

Boy, I am telling you, thick warm tar has NEVER been more beautiful than this in the prehistoric times... or more sensually captivating, too!!! Because, in making this whole piece, I *absolutely* wanted to make the swamps of melted, melted pitch more rather damn convincing in its total viscosity, flow, and movement, especially as that spirit woman of the living tar rises gradually and awakens from the tar itself, leaving such highly-viscous and slowly free-flowing ripples behind as the jet-black goop undulates quite beautifully here! :nod: And if you look closely at that picture again, MattSpire, you will notice the woman closing her eyes and tilting her head back most, most happily as she emerges, giving it a more sensual, elegant look that elevates this picture into an entirely new and compellingly fascinating realm altogether, I DEFINITELY GOTTA SAY!!! :floating: :blackrose: !!!

You know something now, even in the wake of that ugly, ugly BP oil spill these days, you gotta expect some absolute beauty to help us all overcome the rottenly, rottenly bad... even when it comes down to the tar itself, too. As such, I am QUITE very glad you have discovered “Brea Woman Awakening” on deviantART. I really am. :aww: :heart: !!

I thank you so very, very for that wonderful comment of yours on this digital painting piece of mine, MattSpire... I most genuinely appreciate that from the bottom of my heart, and that is just why I am personally sharing such vitally amazing insights with you regarding this whole entire artwork. THANK YOU quite handsomely indeed!!! :hug: :star: !!!
MattSpire's avatar
I really appreciate your in-depth explanation of the process and thoughts behind your piece. Now that you mention it, I'm actually familiar with the La Brea tar pits but hadn't made the connection despite the obvious imagery and the title! It's great to see what inspired you to begin this, inspiration can come from the most unexpected places, and that's what's great about art. If you go through life with wide eyes you can find things just about anywhere to share with everyone and increase everyone's perspective on the world around them.
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