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Summer Sizzler Display

The latest shipment of mannequins had arrived from the supplier's warehouse, each carefully packed in its own cardboard box and ready for assembly.  Every mannequin from their supplier was unique, and as such cost substantially more than the mass-produced figures of it's competitors, but the quality was also remarkable, and they always seemed to attract lots of customers to the store.  This batch was no different: a busty, redheaded mannequin named Kallen, a shapely mannequin with long orange hair labeled as Shirley, and a mannequin with lime-green hair that was cryptically called C.C.. A few unscrupulous employees couldn't help but "accidentally" cop a feel as they set the new mannequins up, but the mannequins were simply inanimate fiberglass figures, and made no reactions to this.

Dressed and fitted to stands with ankle rods, Kallen, C.C., and Shirley stand silently in the window, modeling swimsuits for the "Summer Sizzler Sale".  They will spend the next several weeks there, though they'll eventually be cycled through the store, sometimes on the floor with their full figures, or sometimes with just their chests out as bra forms, and occasionally spending time in the backroom when they aren't needed, sheathed in plastic wrap to keep them from getting dusty.  But they'll each have their turns back in the main window with time.

None of the employees would ever suspect that KallenC.C., and Shirley had once been real girls before being hypnotized into posing (or in C.C.'s case, bribed with the promise of pizza) and getting treated with their supplier's special mannequinizing spray.  But in any case, the transformation was irreversible, and had been ever since they set into their final poses mere minutes after their treatment.  Even the immortal C.C.'s Code had failed to restore her to flesh and blood, so that fate was doubly certain for mortals like Kallen and Shirley.  But none of the girls would ever be complaining about their new existences as cool, shiny plastic figures that would be pretty forever.  No one would recognize them as their old selves either, thanks to one of the supplier's spells, ensuring that they would stay in the store for many years to come.
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Wait a minute! "failed to restore her to flesh and blood" Does that mean if C.C. was destroyed she would reappear as a mannequin?
I suppose you could say that.
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The altered expression are very visible on Shirley.
Yeah, I suppose so.  I went for a more "neutral" expression on her and C.C.  Kallen had no change because the angle at which she was drawn didn't really provide for a mouth line.
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so the girls are dead? gone? forever mannequins?
They're forever mannequins.  

Whether the fact that they'll never complain is because they have a blissful and peaceful existence as mannequins or if they're gone is up to the reader's interpretation.  But even if they survived in spirit, their old personalities would eventually fade away...

I know C.C. would welcome death… her single greatest desire, next to eating more pizza, is to finally die after centuries of cursed immortality.  Shirley's not particularly lucky, and meets a tragic end in canon, but either way her beauty will endure now instead of being hidden away underground in a casket.  And for Kallen it's a cleaner end than many rebelling against Britannian would face, and it makes good use of her assets too.
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well i know about C.C. but the others were unluky.... so what did they feel during thr transformation process?
They'd feel the moisture of the mannequinizing spray settling on their bodies and a tingling feeling as it's absorbed into their skin.  Then there'd be a sense of numbness, pins and needles, which would give way to a strange sense of pleasure as their skin tightens and starts hardening.  They'd feel very light as their bodies lose mass (a large chunk of which could be in the form of their water evaporating), which would bring its own novel sensations.  Everything would build to a powerful climax, culminating as their bodies set in place permanently.

I suppose that technically the girls are "dead" either way, since their bodies certainly aren't alive after the transformation and won't be again.  It's just a question of whether their souls persist within their mannequinized forms for a pleasant afterlife in the store or if they're consumed during the transformation (as is your preference) and face oblivion.

Of course, then their plastic figures get cut apart so they can be properly jointed as mannequins, but they might not feel that, having already been transformed.
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you know me!
i realy like your descriptions.
of course i don't know why but i prefer when their souls are consumed during the transformation in a rush of pleasure.
my question now is: how did ar this girl chosen to be mannequinized?
You mean how the "supplier" chooses which girls to mannequinize?

Looks, mostly.  I've added a bit to the description, following discussion with Kamon72, stating that he also has the power to make others not recognize the mannequins as the vanished girls (or maybe their old lives would be forgotten entirely), so as long as he can lure or overpower them he can choose whoever he likes without issue.

But after all, if they're going to be modeling clothes, he'd want the best figures for the job.
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so they are basically chosen because they are young and beauty?
Yep.  Mannequins are essentially inanimate models that work for free, and if you're not taking the route of having abstract figures, you'd want them to look young and beautiful, because that's considered fashionable.
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Very nice :icongoodjobplz:
I like how they were taken from the warehouse where they were stored after being 'created' and then shipped to their new 'home' where they would be fufilling their new reason for existing
Well, there's not much point in keeping them in a warehouse when they can be sold and find use in a store.

Most mannequins of their type would run about $200-$300, but given the supplier's reputation and how they are all individually-made, Kallen, C.C., and Shirley would probably each sell for several times that.

Of course, this means that it must be fairly cheap for the supplier to capture girls and turn them into mannequins… otherwise it wouldn't make any economic sense, unless they're just in it for the art.  
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Very true as it would be a waste to have them say in a warehouse rather theh fullfill their purpose of being used as display model

They are most certainly one of a kind  type mannequins

As long as no one thinks this somehow being done with a geass then they can capture girls rather easily and converted them into their product to be sold  off
Well, a Geass would be helpful… though it wouldn't be effective on C.C.  She's explicitly immune to Geass effects.  But maybe a pizza bribe for posing would work?   Whatever was used next as the mannequinizing spray, it's not something C.C. is immune to.
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True C.C is immune to the geass powers  that she gives out however it was never stated about the geass powers given out by another as whose to see C.C is the only  one capable of doing that. There was another immortal just like her so there could be another power giver just like herself. Kallen could be targeted while she having to play her frail persona thus able to really react how she normally would and realize she should have done so far too later, Shirley could probably be tricked into thinking this something to  help Lelouch or something

However when I mention geass powers that was in the vein of someone discovering what they were doing as they could get away with it for a long time if no one ever supsect the manneuin that look like missing girls to be the acutally missing girls themselves 
Ah, some power to make people forget the victims… that would be very handy in the perpetrator's line of work.
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That it would as they could take girls from groups and have them on display while the group is still there. However they would not even notice their friend is gone and now a mannequin that looks just like them is on display

I've added a line to the effect that no one will recognize them as their old selves.
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I like it! =)

What's the name of the girl in the middle? Because I really like her swimsuit.
Yep, as Kamon72 said, that's C.C.  Once an immortal witch with a snarky, teasing sense of humor and an insatiable lust for pizza… and now a mannequin.

None of us know her real name, since the only times it is spoken in-series, a falling water drop conveniently blocks the sound out.  
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Ah. That's good to know.
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If you mean the green hair girl then her name is C.C
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