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Shirley - Posing Swimsuit Mannequin

Shirley, a former star of the Ashford Academy swim club, was persuaded to take on a modeling job.  It was a bit embarassing, but with a figure that had been "filling in at all of the right places" in the words of her friend Milly, she was a natural model, and she managed to get over her misgivings to assume a confident pose.  Besides, maybe it could help get Lelouch to notice her as a girl or at least get jealous when he saw all the attention guys would start paying to her.

But Shirley didn't realize the job was more than it seemed.  With the flash of the camera, she suddenly felt strangely light, while her body went numb and her muscles locked into place.  She knew something was wrong, but it felt so good, a pleasure beyond any she had felt before.  She heard someone saying that she was going to make a lovely swimsuit mannequin, but their voice seemed distant, and it took her several moments to grasp the meaning of their words.

No... she didn't want to be a mannequin.  What about her family and her friends?  But then again, hadn't she wanted the attention?  She would be placed on display, dressed in fasionable swimsuits, forever young and beautiful, her sole purpose being to attract the gaze of customers.  Who knew?  Maybe Lelouch would be among them.  Besides, everything felt so wonderful that she didn't want her transformation to stop, not that she had a choice in the matter anyway.  

But all good things come to an end, and Shirley's mind froze as the transformation reached its conclusion, pure biss seemingly stretched out toward eternity, her awareness of anything else fading to nothingness.  No longer did she have hopes and futile dreams, for she was just a sexy figure made of a hollow shell of glossy white fiberglass now and forevermore.  It simply was, existing as a beautiful object and soon to be store prop, needing nothing else.

Shirley fetched a good price for a mannequin when she was sold to a store, £580 plus shipping, about the cost of three ordinary mannequins, as she was a high-quality figure and one of a kind.  She has been there ever since, fixed to a stand by a rod in her ankle, perfectly still and silent while showing off bikinis for all to see.  Indeed, the store considers her to have been well worth the investment, as whatever swimsuits she models seem to fly off the racks, and she is often featured in the store's display window as their best dummy.  Even when the summer passes and swimwear sales are low, Shirley finds good use in the store's lingerie department, only spending short times in backroom storage.  


I really liked the pose on this one, though the face wasn't so great, so it really called for the faceless treatment, although that is increasingly my preference for mannequins anyway.

Shirley lends herself really well to being a mannequin.  She's beautiful, naive, and wears lots of different outfits during the series, including swimsuits.

In current currency conversions, £580 is about $754.52.    
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petedav's avatar
Liking the colorization on this.
Yes, I thought it came out rather well.

FFecchifan's avatar
Indeed, perfect pose to a mannequin.
And a perfect body for one too.
Fntrdy2001's avatar
Love that story!
I thought you would.  Shirley certainly made quite the mannequin, and even came to enjoy her transformation.
Fntrdy2001's avatar
And then she fades away
A mannequin forevermore, getting plenty of attention as she desired, but aware of none of it, simply an inert fiberglass dummy.
Fntrdy2001's avatar
what a price she paied.... to have attentions and immortal beauty ..... but at last she faded in pleasure....
At least she was happy, even if she'll never know if she catches the eye of her crush.  Plenty of other eyes will be upon her, admiring how swimsuits or lingerie look on her plastic figure (she could display the latter in winter months, when swimsuit sales are slow).  I'm sure the employees will enjoy dressing her too.

 And of course the store paid a good price to have her.
Knowing only pleasure as she does so, all mortal concerns forgotten, leaving behind a lovely mannequin for sale.  Her bikini body will be put to good use... I'm sure the store will sell plenty of swimsuits.
Kamon72's avatar
Are all the mannequins going to be faceless from now on?
No, not all of them.  There are some cases where a face works better, and one of the requests in my queue definitely will have faces.
DragonKnight-15's avatar
Now I agree with you that this pose is perfect for one of your mannequin manips and it worked amazingly well! Nice job!
I'm glad that you agree.
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