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Shirley Mannequin Transformation Sequence

Yeah, I'm a sucker for mannequinizing Shirley.  But she's just such a perfect victim for mannequinization - she's beautiful, swimsuits (or pretty much anything else) look great on her, she's sweet and a bit naive at times, and lacks special powers of her own that could get her out of the situation.  

But one way or the other, she's not going to mind now.  While the story's purposefully ambigous, either she continues to exist in a dimly aware state of little but pleasure, in which case she'd be thankful, or her awareness vanishes entirely at the end of the transformation, in which case she can't possibly mind at all.  I can go either way and I not really consistent in how I imagine it myself.

Zoom in to read the caption.


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I have always wondered if someone remains as a mannequin ... is she still conscious or is he simply an inert object?

It can go either way, really, depending on what I feel like for the particular story, but usually, if they are conscious, it’s a reduced level of consciousness.

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"give herself over to the plastic" sounds really hot
When she realizes it's no use fighting against the transformation, embracing it and whatever it brings gives a great sensation of release, and allows her to actually enjoy it.

And yes, I can see why you'd like that.
Any links to where I can find more art captions short stories like sailor moon 
Thank you very much but I was wondering if you also knew other artists who do art short story captions as well
There are plenty of people who do captions, but I don't have a specific artist who I'd recommend off the top of my head.
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doing that her mind.. fades into bliss
Yep.  Whether there's a tiny bit left to hang around or if it vanishes entirely is anyone's guess, since no one will be able to ask her and get an answer.

In any case, the transformation of her body is irreversible.  
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But very sexy plastic, soon to be dressed in sexy bikinis and lingerie, and placed in a window for all to see, while her past is wiped from history.
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she experiment the real end of all.. the plastic bliss.. giving herself to the plastic
No responsibility... no need to worry about anything... just bliss... and plastic...
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I gotta say Shirley just has a body made for that and your Shirley manips are usually your best :D
Shirley's Summer Sale Alternate

It's in a different outfit, but hopefully you enjoy this.
gokuthepower-art's avatar
Glad to hear it.
Indeed, she does.  I probably put extra effort into my Shirley manips, as I simply adore her character.
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You love always using Shirley but as we've seen, it's better than death. And she is perfect.

I enjoy the caption even though you would have to zoom in to better read it. Anyway, amazing job again Adi. I can't help but like a mannequin without a face.
That it is, if one's in the camp that she retains some awareness.  And if she doesn't, then it's a far gentler death than in canon, and her beauty will remain.  It can go either way for me.

Yeah, it is meant to be read while zoomed in.
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It is. Impossible to read without zooming.
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She looks beautiful.
That she does, and there's something about those glossy plastic curves that makes her look even sexier.
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