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Shirley - Lingerie Mannequin

Shirley stands by the window, fixed to a stand by her ankle, dressed in sexy black lingerie that contrasts her glossy white fiberglass skin.  If she's embarassed by this arrangement, she can't show it.  As far as anyone else is concerned, she's just another mannequin in the shop...


After dressing up Rin's mannequin, I figured I should do the same for Shirley.  I'd been planning to do this for a while anyway, and then someone expressed interest in seeing it.
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yogurtraisins's avatar
I like the blank face and how it becomes an identity eraser
Jenna-38's avatar
I'd love to join her
Anonymous, but ever so beautiful.
Jenna-38's avatar
when the blank faceplate is attached during mannequinization, it is humbling
Or alternately, when the face is erased entirely.
PoseMe's avatar
very tasteful, yet sexy. another great job!
Indeed.  Shirley was that sort of girl in the series too, so it fits.
Sicrec's avatar
I like them more mannequins with face, good you get used over time.
Fair enough.
Kamon72's avatar
Nice necklace wonder if that's what transformed her
Though on second thought, necklaces probably aren't so practical for mannequins - they're in easy reach of thieves.
Kamon72's avatar
Which could be why that was used to transform her since they are normally on mannequins
Well, at least it looks pretty.  Maybe it's just some imitation gemstone.... that way, it's not something valuable that can be stolen.
Kamon72's avatar
True as if it just a prop then it would not matter if it got stolen however what if the thief is then later returned to the store as they found as a mannequin themselves and consider property of the store at this point themselves
That would be ironic.
Kamon72's avatar
They were attempt to steal something only to get something even more valuable stolen from them in return
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