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Rival Hidden in Plain Sight

Tired of competing with Rin for Shirou's affections, Luvia has turned Rin into a mannequin in a shop she has bought just for the occasion, hoping to hide her former rival in plain sight.  For her part, Rin is perfectly behaved as plastic, still and silent, fixed to a stand by a rod in her ankle, modeling whatever outfits are put on her like a proper mannequin should.  The employees don't ask too many questions about the new mannequin, lest they incur the displeasure of the store's owner.  Besides, why would they, when the store's wares are starting to fly off the shelves, thanks to the mannequin's effectiveness at showing off a variety of fashions and enticing customers to make purchases?  But what will happen should Shirou ever happen to walk by the shop and see the mannequinized Rin on display there?


Sorry for the long hiatus.  It's been too long, but real life has kept me rather busy lately.

Thanks to Gaitos for making the outfit for me.

Next: Lingerie Manne-Rin

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wellis's avatar
Very nice! As for Rin well no doubt Luvia, a prodigy like Rin, could probably put a bit of magic on the Rinnequin so that her dear Shero won't recognize her~. ;)

And with Rin being away, I'm sure Shirou's employer, Luvia, is more than willing to lend a sympathetic shoulder for him to lean on~. ;)
Long time no see!

I'm sure that's Luvia's plan.
wellis's avatar
And it's great to see you too!

Hmm which route do you figure this would take place in? It sounds almost UBW-ish~. Since Prisma Shirou doesn't know magic and all. :P
It does seem a bit like UBW.
Curia-DD's avatar
good to have you back! :)
petedav's avatar
Won't be surprised if there's magic sprinkled towards the mannequin in order to entice more customers.

By the way, welcome back! Certainly coming with a bang, by this.
That very well could be.
bloodytears297000's avatar
Sicrec's avatar
even after so much time you have not lost the ability, good job
Well, the clothes are Gaito's, as I commissioned him to make that outfit (among a few others), but thanks.
DragonKnight-15's avatar
It has been a DAMN long time huh?
It has.  Real life keeps me busy.
DragonKnight-15's avatar
super-spartan's avatar
Thanks, though again, credit goes to Gaito for the outfit.
super-spartan's avatar
Still amazing piece, oh I was wondering if you are up to do that story for Asuka
I can't make any promises.  I still am quite busy on the whole.
super-spartan's avatar
I know it just a outstanding piece 😍💕
Good to see a new piece from you. :) Rin looks great as a mannequin. And yeah. You got something pushing the merchandise, you don't question where it came from. ;)
Indeed!  Why cook the goose that lays the golden eggs, so to speak?
UGSF's avatar
Wow, looking good there and glad you are still alive.
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