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Persona 5 - Last Surprise of Summer

Why just a picosecond ago, clear blue skies, but lightning strikes your last resolve /  It's not an accident that no one hears your cries, as your last strength seems to dissolve!

They never saw it coming!  By the time it's hit them, their last surprise!


Haru Okumura, Futaba Sakura, Makoto Nijiima, and Anne Takamaki are from Persona 5, and the above is a slight rewording of part of the game's battle theme, "Last Surprise".

It looks like the Conspiracy got to the female members of the Phantom Thieves.  I think we can safely say that they never saw mannequinization coming.

As for how they were transformed.... let's just say, "Cognitive psicence, son!"  If anyone gets that reference...…
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Glad you like it!

Oh damn. I couldn't tell you exactly why, but that description makes this poignant as hell.
Glad you liked it.
"Like" is a pretty strong word. "Impactful," maybe?
I'll take that.

Are they still aware of themselves, or are they in stasis mentally, as well?

Usually I imagine them to be in stasis myself, but sometimes I imagine some residual awareness, so it can go either way.

I’ve got an idea: the girls’ consciousnesses have been transferred to their cognitive doppelgängers in this palace, where they, too, believe themselves to be mannequins. Now the guys (possibly including Akechi, depending on when this takes place), need to not only get the Treasure, but snap their friends out of this mental state.

What do you think?

That could work.  I also imagined that it could work similarly to how the statues in Shido's Palace turn the party members into mice when they get too close to them.

I could see that. And maybe there could be options in the palace. You could go straight to the Palace Ruler, or rescue the girls first. Any of them you don’t save becomes an ally (and an exceptionally challenging one) for him in the final battle.

Well, I'm not sure how mannequins are going to do much to help the ruler other than standing there and looking pretty...

I’ve got a few ideas. The boss uses them as shields. You have to find a way to subdue the mannequins without destroying them or it’s “Game Over”.

Also, the boss has them “Pose”, which can affect the team’s stats or even distract one or two them (the distracted dude depends on which mannequin poses).

What do you think?

That could work.

ShapeshiftArmadillo's avatar
I wonder if Joker, Ryuji, Yusuke and Morgana will be able to save the girls before they get stored in a fully guarded warehouse somewhere in Tokyo.

At least they still look adorable, specially Haru and Ann.

Plus Akechi possibly, depending on where in the story this would happen.

Either way, there’s still enough Phantom Thieves to battle the Palace Ruler.


Or at least find them and steal them out of a window display, if they're not able to track them down to a warehouse.
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I think Morgana would be the most sad about it.

Speaking of Persona 5, wouldn't it be nice if Persona 5 Scramble added a fashion themed villain who could turn the Thieves into mannequins, like Shido and the rats in the original game?
Yeah, he's especially fond of "Lady Anne", and gets along well with Haru too.

Yes, it would be very nice.

Well these ladies won't be changing anymore hearts! But hey, now Futaba won't have social anxiety problems with her permanent position as a swimsuit model! :) (Smile) 
That's right!
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A great way to deal with you enemies and put them to good use.
They never saw it coming... 
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A very fun surprise.
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