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Kallen and Shirley - Mannequins in Display Cases

Kallen and Shirley were separately turned into mannequins and spent a few summers each modeling swimwear in store windows. They were then retired from service in the store and inducted into their owner's special gallery, filled with his favorite mannequins, chosen to receive the best of care so they remain preserved for his viewing pleasure.  Kallen is the 12th mannequin to enter the special gallery, while Shirley is the 13th (just her luck, isn't it?).  Dressed up in sexy swimsuits, they remain locked in glass display cases, which keep them from getting dusty or from being bumped into, perfectly still and silent, as they have been for years and will for many to come.
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Both very sexy ladies. :) The clothes just hug those curves. :D
That they do.  
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This white plastic is definitely growing on me now.
I like the white plastic because it looks more like the mannequins I usually see in the store and emphasizes their inanimate nature.  The facelessness is for similar reasons and greater anonymity.  
What happens at the end of their years of service?
This picture happens.

They got brought to their owner's private collection and put in the glass display cases here once they're retired from work in the stores.  They were retired before they could get too badly worn so they were still in presentable condition for display, while still spending a few years in the store so it could get good use out of them.  Mannequins that wear out and aren't lucky enough to be chosen for the private collection get thrown out.
Ahhh. The dates being in the future is what was confusing.
Glad that's cleared up.
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So wonderful early Thanksgiving gift. It's good to see Shirley in that outfit with the one Kallen has on.

And haha, very "unlucky" number hmm?

Now if Kallen is 12th and Shirley is 13th, what are the other number of this sexy Mannequins collection I wonder?
Not that this has any particular connection to Thanksgiving.

Well, eleven in the gallery before Kallen, and who knows how many after Shirley?  It depends on how long they've been in the private collection.  

Yeah, I thought their outfits complemented each other nicely.
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Well to me it is, and happy Thanksgiving.

It would be nice to see the other eleven.

Well, the eleven was chosen just so Shirley could be #13.  I don't have the other mannequinized characters in mind.
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Yeah, you must be really jealous of Kallen there, mannequinized and locked in a glass case.
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OMG yes...!!!!!
And before that, she spent three years (and four summers) on display in a store window.  But now she's just there as a sexy object in her owner's collection, along with the eleven girls turned mannequins who came before her, Shirley, and any who have been added in the years since.
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There were many others over the years, but they were either sold to other stores or used until they wore out.  Kallen and Shirley were among the lucky ones, chosen for being particularly beautiful to join their owner's private collection.  
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They are so lucky...
Always beautiful...dressed in sexy swimsuits...cared for by their owner...always there for him in their glass cases... never to have to worry about responsibilities again...
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