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International Swimwear - White Plastic + Story

The girls jumped at a chance to model some swimsuits, each hoping that it would help her attract the attention of a certain Orimura Ichika.  And so they each patiently awaited their turn in the studio's waiting room, and put on bright smiles when they were called in to pose.  As the "camera" flashed, they froze in their chosen poses before they could realize anything was amiss.  Not even Tatenashi, the student council president and strongest among them, could resist.  As their skin lost its color, cooling, hardening, and taking on an artificial sheen, and their hair turned into nylon strands, they felt light inside.  And with it, they all felt so pretty and carefree.  That they could no longer move was scarcely a concern now.  If only they could be like this forever, and placed where Ichika - or anyone - could admire them.

All of this only took a few moments each, but it seemed much longer to the girls, who were enraptured with their fantasies, their perception of time stretching everything toward infinity.  But soon time seemed to stand still for them, leaving them with just a blissful instant filled with love.

Each girl in turn was loaded onto and strapped to a hand cart before being wheeled out of the room so that the next could come in.  But those that left were no longer girls - they were beautiful dummies made of hollow fiberglass, and with a bit more work they became fetching figures fit for window display.  They were put to sale, and purchased as set by International Swimwear, which wanted some new mannequins to model its new Infinite Summer bikini line.

There they are now, youthful summer beauties in the window, flaunting their swimsuits for passerby to see.   It will be the first of many such summers for them, and when the season passes they will be sent to affiliated stores to model the latest fall fashions, winter garments, and spring apparel.  Even if their owners change, and some of them are eventually shipped to overseas boutiques or retired from retail service to find their way into the hands of collectors, their beauty remains essentially unchanged from that summer so long ago.  And while Ichika may never notice them on display, they have found purpose and loving care all the same.  


Petedav suggested a while ago I make a version of this one with white plastic so that he could see what it would look like.  It took a long time to do, given that there are seven girls/mannequins, so I worked on it in chunks, and I touched up some of the shine effects while I was at it.  Technically, they're a rather desaturated blue rather than an off-white; this was to account for pane of glass in front of them, which gave a slight bluish tint to everything in the window display.  

I also figured that I would come up with a more detailed story for how they came to be mannequins, since some people asked about that before.

As for the other stories that I'm writing, I have started working on the second chapter of my Code Geass Statue Festival series, which will focus on setting up the festival and the statue baths, and I have also begun work on a long-standing request for an SAO mannequinization story.

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petedav's avatar
Well, I actually forgot that I made the suggestion before, lol. Really appreciate the efforts.

Liked how the new shiny effects turn out. As a whole, it looks good especially when viewed from afar. Not really fond of the slight bluish tint but it's understandable considering the glass pane. This type of white plastic made the joint lines look more prominent on this, and among the seven mannequins the colorization does fit Houki which might due to contrast from her hair and the color of the swimsuit she's wearing.

The story comes out well, and I enjoyed it. By the way, the ongoing conversations in the comments are neat. This series does have things that can 'justify' any scenario the characters are involved in, such as this particular mannequinization. 
Well, I'm glad that you liked the overall effect and the story.

There always was a slight bluish tint to the mannequins due to the glass, even in the previous version, so I was simply trying to go for some consistency between them, though I suppose it's more noticeable here.
petedav's avatar
The number of mannequins on display may be the reason of the tint becoming more noticeable, I guess.
I was working from an older version of the picture rather than the full .xcf file, so I gave it a slight tint to compensate for the fact that I had completely desaturated an area once covered by glass.  Maybe I just overdid it a little.
Kamon72's avatar
Thanks.  Any thoughts on the story?
Kamon72's avatar
I wonder if the moment they all get caught up before the the transformation is complete. Is their ideal life with Ichika and how they want to be with him going forward into the future
It could be something like that... in which case it could possibly resemble their dream worlds in the World Purge OVA somewhat... or perhaps a somewhat more realistic take on it.
Kamon72's avatar
While their bodies are no longer organic their mind have been transport to another place where they exist their in world of their own creation and thoughts. Complete seperate from their bodies as they can no longer house their minds being inanimate plastic now
That's a nice thought.  While their bodies are mindless plastic objects, their wishes create their own personal paradise for their soul, now free of their bodies.  It's a good afterlife for them.
Kamon72's avatar
Another idea I thought up is that the reason Ichika might not miss the girls is because they are now basically always with him. Somehow their own personal paradises are all contacted to Ichika and he can interact with them while he is asleep and to lesser extent while awake. Not only that human version of Byakushiki is present in all their paradise where she has form similar to
Chifuyu but with white hair with one blue eye and one yellow eye
Maybe.  I.S. Cores are capable of strange things.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, their bodies are out in plain sight, serving as mannequins.  I wonder why no one picks up on this...
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DragonKnight-15's avatar
Just wonderful. Are you happy now Ichika? That depends, are you stupid enough to not notice your "bestest friends" all missing? Well he would, but wouldn't know the slightest where they are.

Anyway, this was fantastic.
On the bright side for Ichika, he won't have to put up with all of their abuse anymore. Even Charl, who's the least prone to violence, has a mild yandere streak that comes out on occasion (though nowhere as much as Lingyin's yandere tendencies).  And, at least in the light novels, some of his sheer density is obfuscation.  He's actually more aware of the girl's feelings for him than he lets on, lest they get angry at him for more than innocent obliviousness.  Not so for anime Ichika though... he's just dense. 

Then again, with his luck another violent harem will soon form around him.  There are dozens of girls at the Academy who want him.

Anyways, what was your favorite part of this?
DragonKnight-15's avatar
Haha, that's true, true! So... Manga Ichika is... not stupid to a girl's feelings? Oh... who knew?

Meh, who knows and it might happen.

HMM... How all the girls thought it would be a great idea to finally have Ichika notice them and not realizing he wouldn't either way... and then became mannequins.
He still has his moments of obliviousness, but not quite as badly as his anime counterpart.  

The irony.
DragonKnight-15's avatar
Geez... but that Ichika would have been... I don't know, better. He would grow and realize what's even going on... the anime version has no hope. 

Well, at least they're happy now.
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