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Infinite Summer - Houki (1st Tie - Expressionless)

As you may have noticed, after petedav showed me a collection of the Infinite Stratos girls in a variety of outfits, I decided to take the opportunity to mannequinize them, and let my watchers vote on which ones were their favorites: I.S. Mannequin Ideas / Voting Closed.

Predictably, most wanted to see them as swimsuit mannequins, and Shinonono Houki tied with Charlotte Dunois for first place, with nine votes apiece.  I decided to mannequinize Houki first since, though I like Charlotte better as a character, Houki has the better body.  

This is actually a preview for a larger picture (in-progress) that will come to feature all of the girls as mannequins modeling swimsuits in a store window.  As the other first-place winner, Charlotte will be previewed next, and when I have some more time, I may elaborate upon their descriptions, as that only seems fair for the winners.    


Anways, the store is calling this swimsuit line "Infinite Summer", and Houki is now one of the star window dummies for it.  Houki once said she had a policy against letting herself be put on display like an object, but Houki has no say in the matter, and is an object that exists to display clothes.  And so she will not make any violent outbursts, even as countless people pass by her and ogle her figure while they admire her swimsuit.  The former I.S. pilot and kendo champion will also never participate in either activity again, for she is simply an inert fiberglass figure and will be forevermore.  Houki just stands there 24/7, fixed to her stand by an ankle rod and facing outward with blank eyes, until the summer is over.  Then she'll be taken out of the window, wrapped in a plastic dust cover, and stored in the back room until she is needed again.  But Houki probably won't be in there for long, as there's a demand for busty lingerie mannequins no matter the time of year, and her confident pose makes her suitable for a variety of casual fashions too.
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meganekko-collector's avatar
At least she got to keep her name...err, title now, I guess. X3
I'm sure she was given some sort of model number, but having a proper name too makes it less of a mouthful when employees have to talk about her / want to know exactly which mannequin to take care of.
Fntrdy2001's avatar
from what i've read here it seems that this transformation will takes the life from her body, levaing behind just an unthinking unconscious sexy plastic figure....
Well, the blank expression usually indicates more complete objectification / a lack of awareness, so I may be inclined to think that way for this version.  In any event, from the outside she's indistinguishable from such, and her life as a human is over.
Fntrdy2001's avatar
i know that is impossible to say, but i think that because of her expression and your description.
anyway if her life as a human is over maybe it would be a sort of mercy for her if her brain is consumed by the plastic during the transformation
Well yes, the description does imply something along those lines.  

Her brain gets consumed by plastic either way… it's a matter of the soul.

But I do need to get back to work… I can't just say I'm going to hold off on making manips until I finish my school projects and then just spent all my time commenting.
Fntrdy2001's avatar
that's right! good work!
petedav's avatar
Lovely, as expected. Nice touch and thanks for doing both expressionless and smiling version for this. Indeed I prefer the mannequin expressionless, although I don't mind either way.

Joint lines on her abdomen looked like a bit off around her navel it seems.

By the way, neat usage of "IS" initial for the swimsuit line.
Ah, you're right.  While I intended it to go down along the contour of her navel, I did it a bit prematurely.  I can fix that.

And of course, the initials were intentional.
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
"Then she'll be taken out of the window, wrapped in a plastic dust cover, and stored in the back room until she is needed again."

Is that me or do I feel something's missing in the description?
Like, they're not going to put her in the back room with her clothes still on, right? And I'm sure dissassembling her would help saving some space.

Just my two cents. Can't wait to see what you've got next. ;p
Well yes, that was left implicit in the description, though sometimes the mannequins could be left standing when they'll be taken out again soon.  And there may be times in which they don't need Houki's whole figure out but when her chest would do nicely as a bra form / her lower torso could model panties, so she'd certainly be disassembled then.
gokuthepower-art's avatar
Tbh I prefer when your mannequins are smiling simply because it kinda makes me believe that they have emotions even though they don't and make them more cute and adorable, but thats just me I guess.
gokuthepower-art's avatar
Actually I tried an edit of mine before you posted yours using the original smile from the original render:… Tell me if you like it. I like yours too :D
Ah, I like that one better.  I had accidentally deleted the original layer on that one and didn't want to try to realign it, so I drew it from scratch.  May I use your version?
gokuthepower-art's avatar
Okay, the new version is posted.  Thanks!
Yeah, it can go either way for me.  A nice smile can look good on a mannequin, given the right pose.  On the other hand, a blank look reinforces their abstracted nature, and I did it this way since I know petedav, who was kind enough to show me the originals, prefers it when the mannequins don't show emotion.
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