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FGO Mannequin Caption (1 of 2)

A very quick one I started the other day, with Mash Kyrielight of Fate/Grand Order being turned into a mannequin.  I'll do a second part featuring her senpai/Master, the Female Protagonist, as a mannequin later.

Original Part Two (Faceless):…

Alternate Part Two (Face):…
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Well, she's a cutie. :) I like the top's design.
Yes, Mash is very cute, whether in her normal outfit (which this is a variation of, although she normally wears glasses too), or as the Demi-Servant Shielder, where she wears some armor that is impractical in how it hugs her chest and reveals part of her tummy.
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That blank expression.
Mash was the stoic type, so she's a natural at it.
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Indeed she is.
And quite stacked.
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Could be better if she got a little bit more height, but I'm not complaining. Fate/ series keep impressing me with their characters.
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Cool and a cute picture.
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Interesting as I wonder how this would effect them in what they tasked with doing normally 
Well, human history would be incinerated, so let's just assume this is after the Grand Order so we don't have to worry about such problems.
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Maybe someone saw this as their "reward" for doing such good job
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