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Carrying the Mannequin - Caption

poserhorror came through with another picture that I had requested of him, so I quickly adjusted the mannequin's skin tone, and put together a short caption, posting it on my page with his permission.  

I'm making good progress with my Gilded Ishtar picture - but gold takes a while to do properly.  Still, I hope to have it for you guys soon, and to start chipping away at my request backlog.
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Posyomismo's avatar
Excellent "epilogue" of a story, this way each reader can imagine how arrive the mannequin to the store, or if she has been a mannequin always ;P
darklordlewis's avatar
It looks grate all the same ni
Posyomismo's avatar
I have always say that there is nothing more "dirty" that the mind of each. Put the ingredients and that the imagination of the reader will fill the hollows ;P
I have no idea why, but this just makes me laugh. In a good way, mind! It's just... it kinda cracks me up.
Yeah, I'm not sure why it would either.
poserhorror's avatar
cool story, thanks for your cooperation my friend :-) 
And thanks for the picture.
poserhorror's avatar
tell me , if you need something special :-) 
Jenna-38's avatar
I love it.  She is lucky and i hope that might be me someday.  Would be cool to see the next scene where she is place in the window.
True, but I'd have to make another request of poserhorror for that.
DragonKnight-15's avatar
Not bad.

Don't worry about Glided Ishtar, take your time.
Fair enough. 

Still, here's how it's coming along (Mature Content):
DragonKnight-15's avatar

Oh wow, looking better every time. 
kitten1221's avatar
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