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Asuna Mannequinized Remake

A new mannequin has arrived at the store, and has been assembled on the floor.  It has the shape of a beautiful young woman with long light chestnut (or is it strawberry blonde?) hair, and has been dressed in a fetching red and white striped bikini, with a pink towel draped over one of its arms.  According to the box, Asuna is the mannequin's name.  Asuna's sculpt is quite realistic, and at a glance one might mistake it for a real girl, but it remains perfectly still and silent, its skin has an artificial sheen to it, it weighs a lot less than a person as it is hollow inside, and it is fixed to a stand by an ankle.  It may just be a prop for showing off the store's wares, but one still has to admire the work that went into it, especially since it is said that each of the manufacturer's mannequins is unique.  Correspondingly, Asuna cost a pretty price, but a mannequin of such quality is sure to bring in plenty of customers, especially once it is put in the front display window to advertise a sale.

The employee handling Asuna does so with care, as directed, and can't help but smile a bit when he sees Asuna's gently smiling expression.  Of course it's fake like the rest of Asuna, but it gives off just the right vibes for customers.  

Without a doubt, Asuna will see plenty of use in the store in the years to come, never asking for breaks or pay.  It will just stand on display looking pretty in swimsuits and other clothes 24/7, as a mannequin should.  And when it comes to be rotated out of display and to go in the back room for a time, Asuna won't complain either.  It is the store's property, to be used as the managers see fit, and soon enough Asuna will be back on display with a new set of clothes to model.  And so will be the rest of Asuna's days.


A remake of:  Asuna Mannequinized.  The back story can be assumed to be pretty much the same, except this Asuna got sold to another shop.  I got inspired to make it after some conversations I had on its comments.  The previous version is one of my most popular works, and I wanted to see if I could improve the shine effects and put in a better background.  I also varied the facial expression so that she's faintly smiling instead of having a blank expression.

The Japanese text on the box says "Asuna Mannequin - Handle with Care".
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FFecchifan's avatar
Wow, great work, she looks all nice and shiny now.
TiphLaMerveille's avatar
She's a glamourous mannequin :)
That she is, and a mannequin evermore.  
petedav's avatar
Liking the updated shine.
UGSF's avatar
Awwwww.... Great job.
Glad you liked it.

The Asuna mannequin looks a lot cuter with a nice smile.
Curia-DD's avatar
Great description! !
What's your favorite part?
Curia-DD's avatar
Just how you described the mannequin from different perspectives :)
Ah, in terms of appearance, from an employee's viewpoint, and from its perspective as a display piece.  
MWSeraph's avatar
Good, but the set is missing the other half, so to speak. :3
CardGamesInSpace's avatar
This looks really good! I like how shiny Asuna looks now **
DragonKnight-15's avatar
Wow, the remake look incredible. I enjoy the surface of the Mannequin that was Asuna. Very shiny, almost brand new, which oddly was.
That's what I was going for.
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