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Another Day on the Job

Shirley has picked up an unusual part-time job, and is spending some time pondering her future career options before being rotated to face out to the rest of the mall.

This is meant more as a one-shot, but I figured it had been a while before I did more of a comic-styled caption.  I also just wanted to do a project of my own in between requests for a change of pace.
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Gildsoul's avatar
If it's a magical transformation she's immortal as long as she remains a hollow plastic object. I wonder if the mannequin can be disassembled without any harm. Though if parts get lost or misplaced the transformation is likely irreversible and becomes a permanent position.
Gildsoul's avatar
Of course the powerful magic would teleport, repair and restore all the parts back together again as a safety feature. Being disassembled, reassembled and restored would be a fun and interesting experience she'd describe at dinner parties to convince others to try it.
That does sound fun, but who would believe her?
Gildsoul's avatar
Free demonstrations on non believers!
TiphLaMerveille's avatar
The ideal part-time job, I guess ! :D
QueenAsheofFreljord's avatar
"Should be full time, at least until Lelouch does Zero Requiem... Shirley will be alived and Lelouch can be a nice master and buy her out... same could apply for the rest of the girls b ut Shirley and Lulu is my otp"
That could be.  But really, all she needs to do is be 'working' on the day on which she would have been killed, and she would survive.  That said, there is something nice about the thought of Lelouch buying her out.
QueenAsheofFreljord's avatar
"Yeah, as I mention, the cutest pairing there is in that anime for me"
Yeah.  Shirley's earnest love and outgoing nature really draw me to her, and make for a cute pairing.
Jenna-38's avatar
i love it.  She is so lucky. She should go full time. 
And I think she will.
Jenna-38's avatar
when in mannequin form, is she immobile?  Does someone else control that?
Yes, she's immobile, just a rigid and hollow fiberglass shell until she's released from the transformation... if she's released from the transformation.  
Jenna-38's avatar
I would love to know about how she becomes a mannequin, even temporarily?  Is there a control, or does she just stay still, a plastic uniform or does her skin actually change? When they put the blank face plate on, I wonder what she is thinking.  
Her skin and body actually changes into a plastic mannequin.  I'd like to imagine they have a special alchemical spray that does it... take a brief shower in it before work, get dressed in her outfit for the day, and then assume her pose before the hardening and plasticizing effect kicks in.  For a full time or permanent position, the dosage is strengthened.
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Cool and sweet.
kitten1221's avatar
Your welcome and I hope you have a nice night.
Thank you for the kind thought.
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I wonder is she really part time or is her mind merey looping. Cause her to think that is the case
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