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Hello everyone, more folders were added today. There is a Featured 2, All Dogs Go To Heaven(For anything from the 1st Film), David, Everything Else, Fanfiction, and Guest Characters. Post to your heart's content.
This is a new group for Bluth lovers as well as cartoon lovers in general. There are so many amazing works here and it would be great to see those at the new group as well. There are so many cartoons out there and so much inspiration to draw from. This group has a folder or section for just about any cartoon, video game and more. So if you have been inspired by films or works other than Bluth, you are more than welcome to join and post there. And remember that you can also post Bluth works there as well. Hope everything is doing well and hope to see you and your art there.
Welcome to the All Dogs go to Heaven Group! Where All Dogs fans of all breeds are welcome to come and share fan art and our love for the original classic, but also the sequels and TV Series. Yes...I do know alot of fans dislike anything other than the original All Dogs Go To Heaven.....however many fans do like certain characters from the sequels and TV Series, such as Sasha and Belladonna, so it was best to just include it all.

If anyone wishes to submit their fan art or fanfiction, click "Contribute Art" and please submit to the right folder! If you have art for a folder that isn't available yet, please send me a note and I will create it right away!

:pointr: Rules for Membership

~ You have to be a fan of All Dogs go to Heaven. Seriously, I don't see why you would want to join if you were not! It would be much appreciated if you add the group icon to your deviant journal/page. It will help advertise and get the club name out there, hence rounding up more ADGTH fans!

:pointr: How to Join

If you wish to join, click "Join our Group" and its done!

:pointr: Rules for Submitting Art

1. For now, there is no limit to how many fanarts are accepted, but try to keep it manageable.

2. Please submit to the right folder! For example, if you have a drawing of Charlie and Itchy meeting Sora from Kingdom Hearts, you should submit to the "Crossovers" folder.

Any comments or suggestions for the group will be greatly appreciated. After all, we're just getting started!

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