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Favorite Pony Artist [NG]

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 21, 2016, 11:19 AM

got tagged by sketchymetal !

Who is your favorite MLP Artist?:
Seleniium [ @Vindov is a close second. Check out sketchymetal 's journal for some great opinions! ]

What drew you to this artist?
Obviously I started watching her for her next gen... If I remember correctly, this was the first piece I saw from her: Kind children by Seleniium

What's kept you watching this person?
Oh gosh, everything! I'm in love with her style, and her designs are very pleasing to the eye. One thing that keeps me coming back to her gallery on an almost-daily basis is definitely her story arcs.

What is your favorite piece by them?
Lost? by Seleniium
I always love going back and looking at this one! The background is so pretty too, teach me >:v

Which of their characters are your favorite?
Next Gen : Spectrum by SeleniiumThis dude and... well, her whole SoarinDash family is probably my favorite. They have super "real" problems that some people have to deal with in their lives, and it makes them stronger characters to me

Which of their characters are your least favorite?
NG _ Cheater by Seleniium :iconimadplz: if I had to choose can i choose Flash gdi

What would be your reaction if you met them in public?
Oh god I dunno, i'd act normal i'm not good at guessing these things xD;

Do you tag anyone to do this questionnaire??

TheDiggityDogBecca-The-BakaCarouselUnique , @ whoever else would be interested I'm bad at dis

Seleniium Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... Thank you SO much ! This is so nice of you ! When I joined DA I never thought I could be anyone favorite artist... I just want to thank you so so so so much :hug:
sketchymetal Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Student General Artist
very noice, her art made it really hard to choose between her and Vindhov XD
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November 21, 2016


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