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Kaar's slave by ADFTlove Kaar's slave by ADFTlove
ha ha here is Kaar my OC Villan though he is a meadien stealer and steals madiens souls.


*Name~ Kaar
*Age~ 2,998
*Skin Color~ black with red glowing marks
*Current Residence~ Hell/Underworld
*Eye Color~ Blood Red
*Language~ English/Dragon Language/Demon languge
*Interests/Hobbies~ steals madiens, eats meat and hunts, sleep, reading, killing, Seduce young women, finding new dark magic or weapons, toutur souls, steal powers, loves to hear madiens sing.

*Special Powers~ walking on two, mind control (expert on love potion for evil), transform into a different form, kill in humans or poeples dreams, and speak the dark magic.

*Likes~ Nina, taking over the world, being the leader of Hell, torturing others, having victory, reading horror books, sleeping, looking in the presence of earth from his dark crystal (tells the future, the past, and the presence), eating: sheep, cow, whales, mountain lions, fish, humans,

*Dislikes~ his brother Rado, Nina, when the either the soldiers of the Demons interrupting his slumber or while she's looking in his drak crystal, losing, his parents (which died along time ago), humans (that's why he eats them), eels, not having any ideas, and happiness

*Believes in~ The Dark Spirits, and the Dark Masters not mention the devil

*Family~ He has his twin brother Rado, but he refuses to be his brother, Devil his father, and his mother Hecate

Kaar is a dark snake from hell, who never had the perfect life but nethier did his brother. He was the favorite from his dad (the devil) and his brother Rado was neglated and he hanged with his mom but the devil killed Hecate.
Kaar grew up and heard of the dragoness light which is in the dragon queen Luna. He sneaked into her bed chambers and tried to take her soul but Luna gave her soul to her daughter Exerzona. So he killed Luna by cutting her throat. Then Varg Exerzona's father had a fight (even war) and been killed by Rado Kaar's twin brother. Months later Kaar banned his brother and sented him to the himalyans in India. Years later he heard tha the lost dragon princess was in the form in a human and he found her so he stole her and then along the way he fell in love with her.

Theme songs:
Skillet-Whispers in the dark[link]
Sixxam-This is gonna Hurt[link]
Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven[link]
Varsity Fanclub-Zero[link]
Breaking benjermen-Dance with the Devil[link]
StellasStar Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
Oh wow!
This guy is truly evil! O.o
ADFTlove Featured By Owner May 19, 2012   Traditional Artist
I know;)
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