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Today I'm announcing the game I've been working on: Cold Metal, a transhumanist indie procedural sandbox RPG (and that's the short description!). It'll form the major part of my  BA in Game Design, so I'm writing the game, in Unity3D, as well as creating all the assets for it. Please come and follow me on facebook at where I'll be sharing notes on the game development, as well as pictures, gameplay videos and stories from the game world. Hope to see you there! Dan.
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Hi guys, Looks like I'm not going to be posting much on here for a while. I'm working on a series of game prototypes in Unity3D, each of which is going to concentrate on one aspect of my major project for the next year. My plan is to create these as 'jigsaw pieces' of the main game, and then assemble them into something spectacular. For now I'm making them all using placeholders, so I'm not doing any drawing or modelling. Just don't think I've disappeared, or anything. I still love you guys.
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thanks for the add ^^
Finally accomplished my goal of getting bots to run though a wall, works perfectly inside ut3 and udk, took ages! thanks for the help along the way :)
You're welcome :)

My experimenting with UDK is on hold while I get to grips with Unity. Not as powerful as Unreal, but really easy to use, and very versatile. I'm even using it to prototype my Unreal projects.
Hey Dan, almost got this wall done, I've posted a screen of my kismet sequence which can be found below.

My most recent attempt at solving this has been to add a trigger volume around the wall I want to be jumped through. Heres the kismet code I've rigged up to it which allows for the four middle pieces of the wall to be destroyed:


As pictured there are two seperate sequances, the one on top works but this just simply makes the middle pieces disappear completely, I want them to fall down rather than just disappear.

The one below this I thought would do what I wanted but nothing seems to happen, any suggestions? Thanks

Also I don't have a Skype account so sorry bout posting here all the time :) I'm on msn messenger if u have one ;)
Personally, I'd be getting stuck into the fracture mesh system in UDK. Seriously, there's no good reason not to dump UT3 and build a stand-alone. Hourences has a great tutorial at [link] as well as tutorials on Lightmass and Softphysics.

Also, your link didn't work. Any chance you could send me your msn address?

(You should get Skype though, the ability to chat about technical problems while sharing your screen is invaluable.)
Hey Dan, hoping you can help me out with a problem I have inside Unreal Kismet, basically how can I get a bot to shoot a mesh? Thats it, that simple, I'm just clueless with Kismet, for more info on this if you want check out my post on the unreal forums at:


Thanks for the help ;)
I was thinking about a similar problem recently. My solution would be to either

1. Put the destroyable wall (and trigger volume) across a gap, so that you have to jump at it, rather than be able to walk into it.

2. Create a 'run-up' trigger volume close to the wall trigger volume, with a Kismet script set to time out after a very short time. With this method, the player would have to get a run up, ie. run through the first trigger and hit the second trigger before the timer ran out.

3. The other way would be to create an event sequence in matinee, which would show the player running at the wall.

Hope that's useful