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A group for Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000 fans and artists.

If you like the board games, the Role Playing Games or the videogames of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, you are wellcome here.
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In the distant future, there is only war...

Wellcome fellow

This is a group for Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000 fans and artists.

If you want to join, just click "Join Group". If the botton is not working for some misteriour reason ("Call me the Techpriest!"), just drop a note or a comment asking and we will invite you.

Once inside, you can:

- Scavanger DeviantArt, seeking for great Warhammer or Warhammer 40k fan-art and suggest them as favorites. Everything goes, including miniatures painted/personalized, photos, cosplay, digital art, drawing and even stories or fan-fiction.

- Submite your own art. You can submit all you like, including drawing, painting, sculpture, minitare customization, landscapes for miniatures, papercraft, digital art, fan-fiction and even screenshots of your favorit Warhammer computer game.

- Recruit: You can also recruit people to join the group. Just note the group or drop a comment with his/her icon/link and we will officily invite him/her.

Be faithfull and remember: The Emperor Protects!

Gallery Folders

Battle Over The Ocean by LordCarmi
Totanus landscape by LordCarmi
Gladius Class Frigate by LordCarmi
Waghallla! by HarryOsborn-Art
BSGS: Chapter 1 Pg 4 by arafridi2000
The Judge of Aeons by Honeynojuka
Transparency by KarakNornClansman
BSGS: Chapter 1 Pg 3 by arafridi2000
Templar M by wll4u
SOB Repentia and Slaanesh Daemonettes by Sgt-lonely

Mature Content

Nagash vs Keeper of Secrets by Antonissen
Blood Raven by Hokunin
Imperium of Man
Ataxar Mounted Infantry by arafridi2000
Areeb and Aleena by arafridi2000
Junith Eruita by LuisRodriguezBruno
Dark Angels, 2nd Company - The Ravenwing by Elmo9141
Chaos and Heretics
Ishtar by Fluid-Fox
Nurgle by ismartal

Mature Content

For the Emperor - mirrored pages by Babymordred121
Army Nurgle by denofimagination
Ynnary Voidship by LordCarmi
Roboute and Yvraine (updated art) by Gray-Skull
Spiritseer by Babymordred121
Amallyn_sketch by MyNameIsRobotJones
Tau Empire
Firewarriors_borkan_ by MyNameIsRobotJones
Tau gunslinger by brushray
Feb Comic page preview by Sgt-lonely
Air Caste Fighter pilot by Sgt-lonely
You have colonized the wrong planet by Gray-Skull
Necron Spider Guardians Vs Orks by Gray-Skull
Brave Guardsman facing the Shard of Star god by Sgt-lonely
DEAD MEN WALKING (by Steve Lyons) by Gray-Skull
Genestealer Commissar by denofimagination
Tyranid kill team by Littletanks-n-people
Genestealers and termagants by Littletanks-n-people
Xenos nommer by The4thAD
Ork Shaman from 40k by brushray
Inside the Gargant by Gray-Skull
Mega Gargant by Gray-Skull
Revolutionary orks by LordCarmi
Humor and Memes
Ultramaneiros Podcast Anuncio by Lucca-Vendramel
Stormcast Eternal by Wanhus
I like yer hat by Zypherartworks
Glorious Battles
Rogue Traders by LordCarmi
40k Landscapes and Space Art
Rogue Trader Voidship by LordCarmi
Fantasy Warhammer
Skarsnik by ismartal
Warhammer 40k Purity seal by Littletanks-n-people
Musics and Literature
DWOAH: Kharn the Betrayer vs AtrocitusDeadliest warriors of all historyKharn the Betrayer vs AtrocitusRage that can stain the galaxy redKharn the Betrayer info:Height: 9 foot 1Weight: 1058lbs (W/O Armour), 10 tons (With Armour)Weapons: Bare Hands, Gorechild, Plasma PistolArmour: Daemonic Power ArmourStrengths: Was one of the Imperium’s finest Marines before his fall to Chaos, Demi-Godlike strength (Is immensely strong even by Astartes standards, Completely ragdolled Azrael, Bested and overpowered multiple Greater Daemons in physical combat before his fall to Chaos, His strength increased with his bloodlust), Demi-Godlike durability (Bolter Rounds barely dent his Armour, Survived being impaled on a Land Raider Spike, Being mobbed by 25+ Berserkers barely phased him, Survived having his heart torn from his chest, Tanked blows from Angron, His Daemonic Power Armour is far more durable than regular Marine Power Armour), Superhuman speed/FTL reactions (Can casually dodge Bolter fire, Is canonically faster than any Marine, Speed blitzed Erebus), Unbreakable willpower (Can withstand the mind breaking mixture of pain and pleasure of a Torment Deal, Can resist illusions through willpower, Rejected a deal from a Slaanesh Daemon), Possesses an extreme healing factor (Can heal even mortal wounds when given access to blood e.g. regrew his heart), The Gorechild is powerful/sharp enough to cut through Marine Power Armour, Has one of the highest personal kill counts of any Warhammer 40k character, Has ten thousand years of experience.Weaknesses: Is prone to psychotic breaks and mindless fits of insane rage turning even his allies into targets, Requires access to enemy blood to heal mortal wounds, Has no true allegiance to anyone but Khorne meaning he will happily kill allies if they anger/disappoint/mildly displease him.Atrocitus info:Height: 6 foot 7Weight: 935lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Red Lantern Constructs, Energy Blasts, Rage PlasmaStrengths: Is the Leader of the Red Lantern Corps and is one of the most powerful Lantern Ring wielders to ever exist, Demi-Godlike strength (Even without his Lantern Ring Atrocitus has shown incredible feats of strength, Can lift several tons without his Ring, Can break free of Green Lantern constructs with his Ring, Broke free of Sinestro’s Chains, Overpowered Larfleeze, Ragdolled Bleeze, Overpowered Kyle Rayner when he was a Green Lantern and again when he was a Red Lantern), Demi-Godlike durability (Routinely tanks attacks from the likes of Green Lantern, Survived a Lightning strike from the Spectre, Shrugged off a beating from a casual Lobo, Tanked blows from Apollo, Shrugged off attacks from his entire Lantern Corps), MFTL speeds (Can casually dodge Laser fire, Fought and kept up with the Martian Manhunter, Apollo and the Midnighter simultaneously, Casually outspeeds the likes of Kyle Rayner), Can fly/open portals/survive the vacuum of space via his Ring, His power increases when in the presence of extreme Rage, Gains the powers of other Red Lanterns via ingesting their blood, His Ring can increase/decrease temperature on an extreme scale e.g. snuff out the heat of a Star, His Rage Plasma/Napalm Blood can burn/melt through near anything and is hot enough to burn in the vacuum of Space, Survived the massacre of his people that caused him to become a Red Lantern, Was temporarily the Host of the Butcher, Nearly killed William Hand, Is a constant threat to Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.Weaknesses: Wearing a Red Lantern destroys and replaces the wearers heart so removal of the Ring is fatal the majority of the time without intervention of a Blue Lantern or extreme medical aid, If Atrocitus feels any major emotion other than Rage his Ring weakens, Feelings of love are fatal for a Red Lantern, His Constructs can be broken by those with high enough strength and willpower, His Ring’s power is finite and must be routinely charged via his Lantern Battery.Battle begin!“DIE HERETIC!!!”.Another Space Marine comes to attack him, another Corpse Worshipper comes to die.UltraMarine, Space Wolf, Black Templar, he cared not of which Chapter his prey came from or how many dared to face him at a time, this time a small Squad of Salamanders had found him and like every time before he dispatched them with ease, a single swing of his Chain Axe both reposting the last Salamanders Thunder Hammer and driving it from his grasp, leaving the Marine open to a brutal left hook from the Traitor, the punch having enough force to utterly destroy the Salamanders Helmet and gib his skull within it causing a visceral explosion of blood, brains and skull fragments to stain his green Armour red before his body crashed to the ground.“Blood for the Blood God” Kharne growled as he stepped upon the body of the Salamander and pressed down hard causing a fountain of blood and innards to burst from his neck hole.As he enjoyed the gorey display the Salamanders corpse gave him Kharn then turned as the sound of space tearing open sounded a few metres to his left, looking over the blood covered sands of the Desert Planets surface he saw a portal that spewed gallons of blood opening in thin air before a crimson clad Alien stepped through it holding a brightly glowing Red Lantern.“Kharn the Betrayer!” Atrocitus barked as he set sights on the Daemonic Marine “the Souls of millions murdered by your hand cried out in rage! They demand your head in vengeance!” the Red Lantern declared as he drove his Ring bearing hand into his Lantern to charge the Ring before dissipating the Lantern.In response Kharn just glared at Atrocitus as the Red Lantern approached him, eyeing the smaller being from head to toe whilst gripping the handle of Gorechild tighter.Another sacrifice to Khorne.“Your blood will oil my Axe!” Kharn then barked as he raised his Plasma Pistol to fire upon Atrocitus, the Red Lantern dodging the blast with ease before levitating and flying at the Marine, a Bladed Construct appearing upon his left arm which he then clashed against Gorechilds spinning Teeth, the force of their impact igniting the air for a split second and turning the sand beneath them to glass for several metres in every direction.“I can feel your rage!” he growled with a malicious grin upon his face “burning hotter than the brightest Star! It is glorious!”.“My rage will drown you!” the Berserker declared as the Teeth of Gorechild roared louder against Atrocitus’s Construct, sparks flying between them as the Traitor Legionnaire then raised his Plasma Pistol again aiming at the Red Lantern’s head at point blank range before pulling the trigger.As the shot left the Pistol’s barrel Atrocitus reacted by tilting his head to the side causing the blast to graze his cheek rather than hit him between the eyes, the Lantern letting out an angered growl as he then broke their Weapon lock and struck Kharn hard across the head with his Bladed Construct making the Marine stagger whilst he conjured another Blade on his right arm to duel wield the Constructs.Striking the Constructs together to make sparks in a display of force Atrocitus then bellowed at Kharn as the Marine righted himself, the Lantern ‘vomiting’ a stream of glowing red Plasma from the pit of his gut to which Kharn raised his right hand and Plasma Pistol to shield himself.That proved to be a grave mistake however as he quickly felt the unnatural heat of the Plasma burning through the metal of his Armour, watching as his Pistol melted away to nothingness whilst the metal of his Gauntlet began to steam and warp as he was left with just Gorechild as a Weapon.Shaking his hand to shake off the remaining Plasma Kharn then quickly threw his now empty hand forward to catch one of Atrocitus’s Bladed Constructs as the Lantern lunged forward, the Berserker then snapping the Construct in half causing it to dissipate whilst swinging Gorechild one handed across Atrocitus’s abdomen, the grinding Teeth of the Chain Axe cutting deep into his side and stomach making him exclaim before Kharn grabbed hold of the Lantern’s head to drive it into the ground.Releasing Atrocitus’s head Kharn then clenched his Fist and drove it down aiming to cave the Lantern’s skull in only for a crimson red Barrier to form around him, repelling his Fist before Atrocitus shot through the Barrier with enough force to send the Traitor Marine crashing onto his back as the Red Lantern took to the air.As he rose Atrocitus conjured massive crimson red Fists from his Ring before bringing them down upon Kharn, making the ground shake as they repeatedly beat into the Traitor Marine creating a crater beneath him and burying him deeper into the dirt, the corpses of the Salamander Marines soon joining him as the crater grew large enough to take them as well, their bodies being crushed to pulp by Atrocitus’s brutal assault.Bringing his attack to a halt Atrocitus then dissipated his Fists and floated down to inspect the damage of the now blood filled crater, Kharn nowhere to be seen having either been reduced to a bloody paste or being either deceased or unconscious under the blood pool by the Lantern’s opinion.That was until he noticed the blood pool draining away much faster than naturally possible, the crimson liquid giving way to reveal Kharn still standing straight as the blood was drained and filtered straight into his Armour to heal any wound he had suffered from Atrocitus’s attack.“Blood for the Blood God” the Berserker seethed before activating the thrusters on the back of his Armour to send himself skyward with Gorechild poised to cut through the Red Lantern, Atrocitus covering himself in a spherical Shield to block the attack only for Kharn’s sheer strength to power straight through it, shattering the Shield and driving Gorechild’s spinning Teeth against the Lantern’s face before driving him to the ground with it, cracking the Earth beneath him as he then stood on Atrocitus’s chest and raised his Chain Axe high aiming to cleave the Lantern’s head in two vertically.Swinging his Axe down Kharn only made it halfway to his target before Atrocitus threw his hand forward to fire an Energy Blast from his Ring hitting the Marine square in his face, burning his eyes through the Helmets visors making him stumble enough to give the Lantern room to then blast him away with another more powerful shot from his Ring.Righting himself Kharn threw himself back at Atrocitus as the Lantern rose to his feet, the Marine throwing a viscous punch at Atrocitus who simply shot his left hand up to catch it, the force of Kharn’s Fist meeting Atrocitus’s hand creating a small shockwave as the Lantern was unmoved by the attack, a malicious grin lacing his features as he started to push back against the Marine “your Rage, it feeds me” he stated as his power rose, starting to steadily push Kharn’s Fist back before driving his own Fist to the Marine’s chest sending him sliding back across the bloodied sands.As Kharn secured his heels to stop himself he threw his Fist forward again to clash it against Atrocitus’s as the Red Lantern flew at him, making an impact crater around him before the two began to throw wild crushing punches at each one, Kharn driving the end of Gorechild’s handle into the ground to secure it to free his left hand so that he could throw both Fists into the beat down, the sheer force of their blows upon each other causing the ground to shake and crack beneath them.With every blow Atrocitus landed upon him Kharn felt it resonating through his Armour, each hit sending a deep punishing ache through his bones as the Daemonic Metal began to dent and warp, each punch seeming stronger than the last whilst every punch landed upon the Red Lantern felt like he was punching something with the density of a Black Hole.As stated by the Lantern with every second that passed Atrocitus only grew in strength and durability, fed by Kharn’s unholy rage and hatred as he then grabbed hold of the ‘Horns’ atop the Marine’s Helmet and used them to drag him forward into a crushing headbutt, the blow warping the Metal of the Helmet and cracking one of the visors in the eye holes before Atrocitus then threw him back and with a thunderous roar of “BURN IN MY HATE!!!” breathed an all engulfing crimson cloud of Rage Plasma.Roaring out in both rage and pain as the Rage Plasma engulfed him in an all burning cloud Kharn began to feel his Armour start to melt away, the Metal steaming obscenely as the cloud burned hotter than napalm, magna and Daemonic Fire combined.As the cloud engulfed Atrocitus as well Kharn pushed through it, grabbing Gorechild by its now steaming handle to swing at the Lantern through the Plasma.With every blow the two landed on each other the Plasma Cloud lit up as if from a Lightning Strike, showing off their silhouettes as they struck each other over and over again, each flash showing Atrocitus slowly but surely overpowering and overwhelming Kharn as his power continued to rise as he fed from the Traitor Marines anger, eventually even disarming him to claim Gorechild for himself.As Kharn staggered back from being disarmed Atrocitus reeled the Chain Axe back before swinging it so hard that the air pressure it created blew the Plasma Cloud away, the sound of the spinning Teeth of the Axe striking and cutting through the Daemonic Armour that covered Kharn echoing through the air until the sounds of shrieking Metal was joined by that of tearing flesh as Gorechild met its Masters chest, nearly bisecting him before Atrocitus stopped pushing allowing the Traitor Marine to fall to his knees.As Kharn grasped at the handle and tried to pry his Weapon out of his own chest Atrocitus once again grabbed onto the Horns of his Helmet, gripping them tight enough to rend the Metal before he tore the Helmet clean off of the Marine’s head revealing his face for the first time in centuries, his eyes nearly going blind from seeing natural light for the first time in near one thousand years and his skin a beyond ghostly pale.“Such anger, such burning hatred” the Lantern commented as Kharn glared daggers up at him “you would have made a fine addition to my Corps but no, your victims demand vengeance”.With that he took hold of Kharn’s head in a crushingly tight grip before bellowing in his face again, this time vomiting up Plasma in liquid form directly onto his head, the Traitor Marine screaming in agony as his skin promptly burned away swiftly followed by his skull, his incredibly healing factor without access to fresh blood having no chance to resist and heal back from the Rage Plasma as it then ran into his suit to begin burning away his body from within it.Before long there was nothing left of the Khorne Berserker but a smouldering empty suit of Daemonic Power Armour which Atrocitus released to let crumble to the ground, the Red Lantern sneering at it before opening up a Blood Portal to take his leave.Winner: AtrocitusNow I’m sure I’ve made some 40K fans here quite angry...which is fitting for the match up but let me explain why I sided with Atrocitus.When it comes to both Kharn and Atrocitus both combatants are fairly equally matched in each category save for speed for Atrocitus and sheer experience with Kharn, what tipped the favour heavily in Atrocitus’s favour however is both his Red Lantern Ring allowing him to conjure up whatever Weapon he could ever desire at will and the fact that he gets stronger the angrier he gets along with the angrier his opponent gets.And since Kharn is a literal walking tank of sheer anger and hatred his mere presence would be a power buff for Atrocitus meaning that though Kharn could very well overpower and deliver a brutal beat down on the Red Lantern at the start of the fight it wouldn’t be long until Atrocitus got the upper hand and overwhelmed the Traitor Marine.So this time it was Kharn’s own skull that was added to the Skull Throne.
WH40K - Carmissian Reds, Mechanised Infantry by Diyaru4500
Orktober NEW
Orctober Day 16 by CyrusEarlgrey
Contests and Challenges
Imperium of Man - FULL
Repentia2 SFW by Sgt-lonely
Sister Repentia by thesteedman
Featured 2016-2017
Warhammer 40 K Primarcs The next 4 by Schnedler


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