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I think it's been over three years since I last logged in? I'm not sure if anyone still watches this page, though I've logged into a large backlog of messages about artworks that use my stock (which is fab!). This is really just a note to say I am around now - I likely won't be publishing anything new but my stock is still available for use and I'll be around more often to answer questions around that.
Hey all -

Great to see I've picked up some new watchers in my absence! I hope you enjoy using my stock in and about the place. You've certainly made some really stunning photomanips recently.

Sorry I've not been here. Been a bit too ill for my own good. Should be around on the page a bit more.

As to future stock - few issues. I have a backlog of photos I took in Sweden last summer that I'll upload (you'll see I've already uploaded a few - not quite as stunning as the mountain scenery, but still good for the occasional calm scene), but other than that I'm going to have to purchase a new charger for my camera. Eeek. Watch this space, essentially.

Rapture was published. Gives me a little bit of happiness whenever I walk into a bookstore and see my picture on the cover of a book (you can even find my name on the back!). So that's good.

Hope you're all well, and hope you enjoy the photos I eventually get around to uploading.


My stock is going to be used on a book cover - I was asked about this a long time ago and now that it's actually happening I'm very excited!

Check out the artist's deviantart here and Lauren Kate's official announcement here. I've never read the books but to have my work featured on any published work is amazing.
Urgh. While sorting out this new "works with my stock" album I've been reminiscing.

Does anyone know of any good horse roleplays that are still around? I'd love to get back into it. I'd even give proboards or invisionfree a go.
01 - You must post these rules
02 - Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal
03 - You have to choose and tag a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 people and post their icons on the same journal
04 - Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them
05 - No tag backs
06 - No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this".
07 - No lies either, You must be completely honest.

You legitimately have to tag minimal 5, maximal 10 people

Except no, I'm not going to tag people considering how few people I know on here.

1. I play three graded instruments; Piano, grade 8, flute, grade 7 merit, voice, grade 5 merit
2. My father is South African and my mother is Scottish. Dad has never made a conscious effort to teach me Afrikaans no matter how I bug him, but I know a few phrases.
3. I guess I'm a bit of a hoarder (hesitant to use the term "collector" as that implies knowledge of what you're hoarding), particularly of horse figurines.
4. I learn by creating tasks and games. I can't simply go through a book and write out the important points or read it out loud. I need to reorganise the facts and devise games to test myself on them. The reason, I think, that I'm good at piano is that it's something which involves practise. You can't just read a piece of music and know it.
5. I'm a very typical wannabe-author. I spend most of my life daydreaming, but am horribly self-conscious with regards to writing and refuse to show my original creations to anyone. I also haven't published fanfiction for a long time. However, roleplaying communities are helping to rebuild my confidence in that matter. The next step I think is to ask those who have given me positive feedback for some constructive criticism, so I can improve.
6. I can't stand ignorance. On any topic. I hate it when I come across as so.
7. I don't even know what sexuality is anymore, I'm just winging it
8. That said, I haven't seriously considered getting myself into a relationship for a long time now (though I'm very open if I have a little crush on someone - I know the difference between harmless admiration and genuine like)
9. I have no fashion sense. I have only recently acquired the ability to colour-coordinate. It's an awesome skill.
10. I will never again take for granted the ability to chew.
Ok, so I haven't actually drawn anything since I dropped art last year but seriously, this competition is awesome. Even if I don't make it through the preliminary round at least I had a go at drawing again. I'm doing alright - I've got the pose for Aki sorted, I just need to work out who my last character is going to be. There seriously isn't enough Aki artwork around.

Any Final Fantasy fans who haven't seen, the competition is at Check it out.
It kind of amuses me how all I've ever contributed to deviantart has been some pictures of mountains and some other stuff that no one's ever used.


I swear, one day I'll be more active with this account and get some more photos of awesome places on here. One day.

Sorry to everyone who's deviantwatching me and getting nothing for it. I love you all.
You didn't have to return the llama's. :3
I'm sorry to all my subscribers and anyone else out there who's keeping an eye on my stock for not getting anything new up for a while - there's been restrictions with my school life and work and lalalala, you know the story.

Anywho, I have quite a lot of tomorrow off and Friday is completely free (apart from maybe going to see New Moon and sleeping through Bella's moping), so I'll hopefully get some new stuff up in the next few days. Lots of barren fields and trees, mingled with my first live animals!

Lots of love to you all,

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You guys. You really make my days.

"For the record, I firmly believe Riza should be with Roy for all time, Ed will probably remain single his whole life, and Al will get married and have like 8 kids."

~ *PenultimateUnicorn

And then I come across this:

"So this is Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist (in case I botched him up to much) This is from the Lust vs. Roy fight when he's all like "Bitch step off my woman." and is pretty much a bad ass."

From ~EggrollSupreme

You guys pretty much made my day. You make me realise why I love FMA so much.
I thank you.
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But, just out of interest, did anyone else see this coming way back in chapter twenty-something or so, and then totally forget about it and smack themselves for not emotionally preparing for this?
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Alright, so this account could contain any number or types of stuff. For now it's really just going to be stock images, I think.

Anyone is welcome to use my stock, but please follow these rules and guidelines ;;

- Do not create stock from my stock.
- Credit me and do not claim or redistribute as your own

- On deviantart, a link back to my profile in the description is credit enough.
- Off deviantart, credit on the image is required.
- A link to the created image is always appreciated! =]

- Do not use my work for offensive/abusive means.

Much appreciated!
Quiz taken from Kurissyma's profile.


So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

My results:

Opening Credits: Deceiver of Fools
[Spookeh. I get epic orchestration.]

Waking Up: The Wizard and I
[Lol, I get a solo. First thing in the morning.]

First Day At School: You'll Be In My Heart

Fight Song: FFX-2 Opening Theme
[Oh. Em. Let's pretend that didn't happen.]
Fight Song: Dark Wings
[Yes! More epic orchestration!]

Prom: Haunted
[Ooh. A song about rape. Doesn't bode well]

Life: Granite

Mental Breakdown: Into The West.
[Aha, that'll only serve to depress me more. Or, actually, uplift me by the end.]

Driving: Rockafeller Skank
[Lol, what am I, joyriding? I'm going to be having a mini-rave in my automobile]

Flashback: Mama
[So, my flashback will come during my mental breakdown, I feel. That's a crazy ole song.]

Getting Back Together: In My Arms

Wedding: Sword of Damocles
[Huh? What? My mates' band? That has nothing to do with this!]

Birth Of Child: Warmer Climate
[Aww. I might play this when my child is born, actually. It's so beautiful.]

Funeral Song: All We Are
["We won't break, we won't die?" Oh the irony]

Final Battle: This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arms Race
[OH EM GEE YES!!!!! This battle will be awesome.]

End Credits: Move Along
[Aha. My life seems to be kinda upbeat, really, though the songs are a little iffy. I get to rave alot, including at my final battle, I get heavy metal at my wedding, some occasional cute songs, a happy song at my funeral, and I start off singing. Well, at least Within Temptation got in there. I like that!]
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