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TZP: Princess Zelda

It had been ten years since the boy in green came to her with a story about a doomed future that they alone could change.  She had given him the Ocarina of Time for safe keeping, a memento of their time together, and watched as he rode away in search of his fairy companion.  On afternoons like this, she wandered the castle gardens, wondering if one day he would return.

The Zelda Project is a Los Angeles, CA based group of friends who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of Ocarina of Time through photography and film. Our ultimate goal is to create the characters as they would appear in reality to the best of our abilities, placing them in beautiful sceneries true to their Hyrulean counterparts, and creating elaborate photosets, as well as a film short.

Zelda: Joellen Elam Lillyxandra
Costume: Sarah Quillian Scott Adella
Wig: Sarah Quillian Scott Adella
Photography: Jan-Michael Losada
Makeup/Special FX: Sarah Quillian Scott Adella Joellen Elam Lillyxandra
Custom armor: Aaron Granofsky
Tabard Apron: Chris Patterson

The Zelda Project Official Website:
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FFFFFFFF this one was as long a time coming as Fire Temple. Joellen and I have been trying to get this shoot done for forever! I'm so stoked it's finally on it's way to your eyes!  I'm not even kidding when I say I have made 3 of these dresses in order to get this right.  The preliminary pattern worked well, but the first dress had ugly fabric so I changed that up, and then the second dress had beautiful fabric but I accidentally cut the keyhole in the front too deep and it fell beneath the armor.  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ AAAAHHH!!!  Third time was a charm!

The dress is lined in poly 70denier, and the shell and overlay are silk taffeta and silk chiffon.  The armor was a custom craft by Aaron Granofsky, and made to fit a duct tape torso of Joellen that he flew back home with in his suitcase.  I'm sure the TSA scratched their heads over that one!  The wig was probably the most fun out of all for me, and those curls in the front looked so good initially, but in 104F/40F heat, it was nearly impossible to keep any real shape to them, but I swear they looked impeccable when we first put it on!  Lastly, Chris Patterson is an embroidery wizard.  He incorporated some fabulous historical techniques to create the beautiful textures and stitching on the apron.  Can't wait to show more photos!  Hope everyone enjoys these in this series.  We plan on shooting a LinkxZelda series pretty soon.  We are working on getting permission from a local church to shoot the Temple of Time/Captured! Scene!

This cosplay photo was a huge combined group effort that was a labor of love by friends and fans of the Legend of Zelda series. Combining all aspects of art from photography to digital editing, we wanted to bring the Legend of Zelda to life as best we could in a final presentation. As always, this has been incredibly rewarding, and we hope that those of you who view our work are brought a little bit more into the world of Hyrule through our art.

A special thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far! Without all of your support and kindness we wouldn't have been able to make this happen. We only hope that with what we produce, a smile is put on your face!
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Your costume looks amazing! Where is Link?

pookiesaurus4's avatar that you...?
Seriously, though...It's like she came straight from Ocarina of Time 😱
spacenightlytraveler's avatar
Her ears are really big.
kylelusignan's avatar
Play the game, they're supposed to be 
cpmcpm13's avatar
Beautiful photo your cosplay is amazing and you make a perfect Zelda :) very well done
gentleEvan's avatar
Super-Jestar's avatar
Amazing! Literal perfection in every way possible. Gorgeous work!
Lamiaman's avatar
I love this!!!
Contraltissimo's avatar
I am so glad I read all of the comments.

So well done after all your blood, sweat and tears! :clap: :iconfinallyplz:
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SDRseries's avatar
This looks way better than in the game. *O*
Lady-Vudu-doll's avatar
the pads are made of worbla?

It's gorgeous
Adella's avatar
The pads are fiberglass and resin :)
OceanPirate's avatar
I've been searching for a perfect fabric,seems like I found it! This looks stunning,just like you jumped out of the game with the costume. :3
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Very nice!! She has the perfect face for Zelda!!
TriforceChampion's avatar
Whoa, perfect real life Princess Zelda!
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Apparently there might be a live action loz... which sounds great, but I think zelda doesn't look right.
Too bad this person can't play zelda, she looks perfect!
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It's like OOT except MUCH better ''graphics''.
Sakuems's avatar
you are SO SO like the real zelda, i mean, this is how i pictured her !
beautiful :3
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Her facial features are exactly how I would picture a Hylian in real life.
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